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Dollars and sense: Bazuin & Okwo

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Before it gets too far out of our minds, we'll take a look at the finances involved in the decisions to release defensive end Dan Bazuin and linebacker Mike Okwo in the final roster cutdown Saturday. Bazuin was a second-round pick in 2007, the 62nd overall selection, and Okwo was a third-round pick, the 94th overall selection.

Click inside here for a look at the numbers:

Dan Bazuin

Signing bonus: $764,000
2007 salary: $285,000
2010 salary guarantee: $421,000*

Total: $1,470,000

* The $421,000 guarantee was a one-time bonus that Bazuin must be paid.

Mike Okwo

Signing bonus: $617,500
2007 salary: $285,000

Total: $902,500

So the Bears had $2,372,500 invested in two players who did not play a down for them as both were on injured reserve for all of 2007.

*** Dollars and Sense Part II: A league source calling to check on Ricky Manning Jr. informed us the one-year deal he received from the St. Louis Rams was for $1.25 million. The veteran cornerback was due to make $1.85 million from the Bears this season and was on the books for 2009 for a little less than $2 million.

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OK Brad, you have a major point here, these investments went straight into the toliet and have hurt Angelo's reputation some as an evaluator of talent. Still they made a wise decision but cuting there losses quickly, how much more money would they have lost had they kept them around for one more year, maybe that would make the decision look more prudent.

What's wierd to me Brad is how the BEARS do a better job evaluating late round talent than in the earlier rounds, I think they made up for it a bit by picking up Harrison as long as he stays out of trouble. Pick-up like Graham, McBride, Davis show they can evaluate talent, but they must do better in the ealier rounds next year. If Forte has a good year and Bennett comes on late they will take some of the sting of these mistakes.


I keep hearing this "late round talent" being referred to but I really would like someone to clarify it for me? Do you mean guys who are basically roster-fillers that stay on in the later rounds? What talent?

Also, I have posted before Angelo's utter failure on the first day of the draft where the missed picks can - and have - damage the team for years to come. See Haynes, Benson, and Grossman just to name a few.

"We like OKWO", "We like BAZUIN", Angelo kept saying this on and on about these picks. I'm just glad someone talked some sense into angelo and cut the cord on them this quickly. Something they hate to do, admit their big mistakes!

Da Coach: see the earlier post to Brad...Graham, McBride, Vasher, Davis, Anderson; mostly late round (talent) I'm referring too, people picked on day two of the draft that play and make major contributions. It is well documented that you are not one of Angelo's fans in the blog, and that you spend more time looking for negative's than positive's with the team. Yes, those picks you mentioned were busts, the jury will have to make up their minds about Orton this season, I think he'll do fine, but then people like you will moan that he's not the next Brady, I'll settle for him being as good or better than Bulger, Garrard, or Hasselbeck in two years. I'm always looking for the positive anything is better than 3-13.....Go BEARS


You're right. But Graham, McBride, and Davis are all huge question marks. These guys are drafted last year or this ... it takes 3 years to evaluate a pick.

The only picks I have seen from Angelo in the late rounds are:
4 Nate Vasher
4 Alex Brown

The jury is still out on (though it looks good from what I've seen):
4 Kyle Orton
5 Mark Anderson

It is WAY too early to evaluate Graham, Davis, Beekman, or McBride (who looks like he has regressed from his rookie season). Of the 23 second-day draft picks we can evaluate (not counting 2007 or 2008) he's hit on four. Three of which were 4th round picks.

I have heard others say he has a better record in the later rounds but 4 in 5 years, none in the late rounds? His best pick was 6th-rounder Chris Harris who he quickly traded away for a 5th-rounder that got us ... Zack Bowman! You know, the guy we just cut and put on the practice squad?

Ok Da Coach I'll go with the three year evaluation period to truly show value, but these players I refered too made the roster and contributed positively in year 1. As a life-ling Bear fan I have seen GM's in chicago who could not get it done, Angelo gets beaten up a lot in here for his errors in judgement, but does not get credit for making the BEARS a relevant team again. REX has been given every opportunity to succeed, Benson also....Haynes could never find a position in Lovie's scheme, he was too slow to play end, and not stoudt enough against the run to play tackle, Anderson and Orton should play better this season also. As for Orton, he has been developed slowly in our system, this should give him a chance to make some plays, but the real question for Angelo is does he have the right guys around Orton to take advvantage of his skills, Forte, Hester, Book (if he gets out the rocking chair), Jones, Clark , and Olsen can make a major difference in our record this season. The o-line may be better than we think, and if so 9-7 or 10-6 is not out of the question. Most pronostigators say the Bears can't score enough to make the playoffs, I say it's up to the defense can they be stoudt and shut people down. That will be the telltale sign of this season's success.

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