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Court win big step in image cleanup for Benson

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The Bears didn't have anything to say regarding Cedric Benson's big win in court on Thursday.

They were relatively confident Benson would eventually be cleared of the charges from the first arrest--drunk boating and resisting arrest. He was adamant following the boating arrest that he had been wrongly accused and even roughed up by authorities. The club stood behind Benson during the middle of the offseason program and the plan was for him to battle with rookie Matt Forte in training camp for the starting job.

Judging by how Forte has performed through three games--he's fourth in the league in rushing--the competition would not have lasted long. Benson lacked the speed and explosiveness to excel, was a liability in the passing game and was never a fit in the locker room where Forte won over almost instant respect.

But as such a touted prospect three years ago, someone is likely to kick his tires. After all, the NFL is full of second-chance stories. Thursday's development allows Benson, who pocketed nearly $13.8 million from the Bears, to move forward with one less piece of baggage. One would have to imagine general manager Jerry Angelo and a few others at Halas Hall are quietly pulling for him.

In an interview with the American-Statesman last week, Benson said each NFL general manager who had talked to him since he was cut by the Bears had focused on the arrests. "There's a little bit of cleaning up to do," he said of his public image.

*** It will be interesting to see whether or not Philadelphia quarterback Donovan McNabb practices today. He's got a bruised chest and has been held out all week. Playing without running back Brian Westbrook would be one thing for the Birds. Playing without McNabb would be an entirely different thing. Keep an eye out for that later today.

*** The other shoe will drop today on league fines from the Bears-Bucs game. Expect news on a few more fines this afternoon. So far, we've learned linebacker Jamar Williams was docked $7,500 for taunting and Charles Tillman got a $5,000 fine for taking a swing at Bucs receiver Michael Clayton that resulted in the critical 15-yard penalty.

*** Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson, a Maywood native, looks like a genius for the nine sacks his defense totaled against Pittsburgh a week after the Cowboys hung 41 points on the Birds.

*** Kevin Kolb would get the start at quarterback if McNabb is unable to play.

Check back later on today for some more updates.

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On one hand my reaction is "Cedric who?".

This is because I think he was a bad running back combined with being a negative influence. I think his second arrest was just a convenient excuse for the Bears to make a move to get him out of the locker room ASAP before he caused even more division. If that is the case then "Cedric Who?" is the way we should think.

I do admit to being a little uneasy though. This is the second case of the Bears releasing players based on their being arrested, but before the legal system worked and decided to not even prosecute them for the things for which they were arrested. In fact, in the sight of the law, both players are now only guilty of being stopped by the law while riding down the road minding their own business.

I want the Bears to be a family oriented team, but hopefully this is the last of these non-football roster decisions for awhile.

Taunting --> $7500

Taking a swing at some guys head --> Only $5000?

The NFL, proving time and time again that they are retarded -->



Cedric was released because he sucks out loud, had no work ethic, could not pass block, and was a complete deutsche bank off the field. Throw in two arrests in the offseason and that will get you axed and rightfully so.

In light of this new information I will cease referring to him as Drinky McTwo-Yards and return to calling him Cedric "Two-yards and a cloud of Bust" Benson.

Bottom line: he was a ridiculous waste of money and the worst draft pick Angelo has ever made and that's saying A LOT. Cedric Benson will always be a lameazz loser with a whole bunch of excuses, no heart, and s sense of entitlement. I would be willing to bet even with these charges dropped nobody is desperate enough to sign this piece of human fecal matter.

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