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Bucs TE Stevens: "People on the Bears got exposed"

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Thankfully, the postgame chatter has moved on from low blows but that doesn't mean shots are not still being taken.

Tampa Bay tight end Jerramy Stevens, fresh off his two-game league suspension, made his debut this season at Soldier Field and hauled in a one-yard touchdown catch to force overtime.

Stevens made five receptions for 61 yards, including a 31-yarder.

"I personally feel like some people on the Bears got exposed,'' Stevens said. "But I'm not going to mention no names.''

Seeing as the Bucs passed for 407 yards, Stevens has a point.

The Bears will go about correcting those flaws today when they begin preparations at Halas Hall to face Donovan McNabb and the Philadelphia Eagles, a team that will come to Soldier Field for the Sunday night game with some key injuries.

More on that later today.

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Is it just me or does Nate Vasher look a tad bit slow since he put on the muscle from a couple of summers ago?

He's talking about how the BEARS cover the TE obviously. Hunter is getting slow and can be beat down field or on isolation as we saw, and Payne needs to take better angles when he picks up the TE, I think Jamar Williams might be able to help out, but then you put another young player on the field who could be exposed by overreacting to mis-direction plays in the BEARS gap defense. It's pick your poison right now for the defensive coordinator. Its going to be interesting to see what adjustments are going to be made. As for Stevens, he still is a punk, I remember beating his azz when we beat SEattle in the playoffs a few years ago, I'm sure some of his comments was payback for that butt whipping he took then. We need to keep Donovan contained somehow this week if we are to get a win, and that is going to be a rough task. The homeboy will be coming home to shine, and make us remember why there was so much talk of bringing him inif Philly was stupid enough to let him go! Go BEARS

It's not just you. It seems Vasher has been chasing receivers more than defending them these past three games.

same ole bears
same ole excuses
no adjustments
sane dropped balls
no pass protection when needed
defense cant hold a lead
very poor evaluation of players

Biggsy - You've written a few articles this year in which you seem to suggest one or many players on the defense aren't playing up to potential since signing a new contract. Would you care to step up to the plate, provide your opinion, and name finally name someone?

I start by saying Vasher clearly looks terrible this year. I've attended 2 of the first 3 games, so I've seen it up close.

In this presidential election year, I say we nominate Mr. Mike Singletary as our new commander and chief. He would have us kicking a** and taking names!!! Hurry before the Detroit Lions take him and kick our a** twice a year!

Mike Vash has looked slow, but it's not just his speed he looks less quick. If you look at his run support this year he has been juked by strait line runners rather easily a few times. He's not as shiftie which is were I think he is getting buned at the line.

Grandpa Todd: Not to speak for Biggs but he is a writer for a paper and his number one job is to report facts. Opinions are for people like Mariotti, he can give his opinion of course but it's really more shock jock journalism. Thats why guys like me tend to beat him to the punch, I can make well thought out assumptions while he has to wait for the facts in most cases before he can write what he may think or assume. Of course I think it would be interesting if Brad did do an opinion piece but my guess is Biggs will wait till the season is lost before hammering the Bears and Angelo.

Oh and Brad I read your Bradley piece today, I am a little shocked you complimented Angelo on finally being able to identify a player who can't help the team. Angelo has been here for awhile now Brad, please tell me you where being sarcastic. By the way Metcalf is still here. Maybe you can run a piece about all the draft picks that he has cut, the blown pick, the traded picks, all his major misses. Then maybe you can explain to the fans why he still has a job. Oh don't forget the injury prone players he drafts as well. I think that would be a fun piece. Maybe it would help push him off the Cliff he is standing on. You know if Angelo had drafted a player that plays as bad as Angelo drafts, Angelo probably would have cut him. To bad he won't cut himself. Two years from now I bet Grossman, Orton, Metcalf, and AP are all gone plus several other of his draft picks, will either be gone or only on special teams.

I think our defensive coordinator has been exposed since the Detroit Lions game last season, but what do I know?

As for the walking, talking piece of human fecal matter Jerramy Stevens, I think this is all you need to know about him (straight from Wiki):

-- On June 2, 1998, Stevens was arrested on charges of second-degree assault armed with a deadly weapon and fourth-degree assault. According to a police report, Stevens and a friend engaged in a fight with a 17-year-old and witnesses said Stevens stomped on the man's face. Stevens agreed to a plea deal of a charge of misdemeanor assault.

-- On July 10, 1998, Stevens tested positive for marijuana and served a day in jail.

-- On July 27, 2000, Stevens was arrested for the sexual assault of a 19-year-old University of Washington freshman. Stevens initially denied having sex with the accuser, but later admitted to having sex with her in the yard of a fraternity house in the early morning hours of June 4, 2000, after a fraternity party, but maintained it was consensual. However, a UW student who walked by and witnessed them having sex called 911 to report it as a possible rape, noting that the woman appeared to be drugged; he described her as "half passed out ... eyes glazed ... no one home." Stevens's semen was found in the victim, who was penetrated vaginally and anally, and numerous witnesses testified that she acted as if drugged at the party. Police suspected a date rape drug was given to the woman at the party, but blood samples were taken too late for testing.
Despite these suspicions, the King County prosecutor declined to file rape charges against Stevens due to "confusing and conflicting statements".
A civil suit, which resulted in a settlement, was later filed by the victim. The civil settlement was not publicly disclosed, but according to published reports included a $300,000 payment by Stevens to the plaintiff. The investigation and aftermath of this incident and the subsequent decision to not charge Stevens were reported by the Seattle Times.

-- On May 4, 2001, Stevens was cited for reckless driving and hit and run after crashing into a nursing home. Stevens pleaded guilty to hit-and-run and causing property damage and was sentenced to 240 hours of community service.

-- On April 3, 2003, Stevens was stopped by Medina, Washington police and was charged with reckless driving and driving while intoxicated. He pleaded guilty to reckless driving and was fined $1,000 and was sentenced to two days in jail because the judge ruled Stevens violated his probation from the hit-and-run case.

-- On March 13, 2007, Stevens was arrested in Scottsdale, Arizona for suspicion of DUI after his blood-alcohol content was measured at 0.204, over twice the legal limit of .08 and considered "extreme DUI" in Arizona. He was later found guilty in a court trial, and was subsequently sentenced to 12 days in jail and fined $3,160. This sentence was later decreased to 10 days by a Scottsdale city judge.

-- On March 20, 2007 the Seattle Times report that multiple complaints were raised against Stevens by other residents in his condominium complex. The complaints include, vomit on their doors, used condoms on the back porch, loud parties at all hours of the night, and various noise complaints.

Vasher and others are suffering from "I got my big payday and have a soft head coach so why work so hard?" syndrome.

That bottom-feeding slime must be rolling around laughing at all the (non)issues y'all are throwing around. This reaction is exactly what he was hoping for with such a gutless comment.

The only thing exposed here is who the real fans are. I'm disappointed in all of you who took the bait and disappointed in Brad for letting the ST be used in this way.

Amazingly, a lot of us "real" Bears fans feel that we have an overpaid defense that doesn't show up for all four quarters, and a head coach who has a scheme and style that no longer works.

Count me as another long time fan who thinks that Stevens makes a good point. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, it seems.

Oh man not another real Bear fan, so tell me MS which is your favorite Bear, Polar, Grizzly? It can't be Chicago cause with guys like you the team would be fine just the way it is no matter how bad it is. Some of us actully prefer to see the team improve and get better. Some of us would like to see a consistant franchise that wins on a more regular basis and just maybe a franchise QB. I know dare to dream right? You realize when fans actually get mad enough ownership tends to do what they want and try a lot harder to make the team better instead of zombies who run around saying how great guys like Mark Bradley and Ced Benson are.

Thanks Da Coach for that info, it sheds alot of light on his comments.
And we think Ced is bad, ok

You know, JS you won a..h... leave it at that

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