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Bucs plundered too when it comes to fines

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Tampa Bay right tackle Jeremy Trueblood, the man the Bears claim started the pileup in the overtime session that led to a penalty against Charles Tillman, has been fined by the NFL.

Trueblood was docked $5,000 unnecessary roughness, striking Adewale Ogunleye in the head. Tillman was also fined $5,000 for that play.

Tampa left tackle Donald Penn also picked up a $5,000 fine. His was for unnecessary roughness related to the 15-yard penalty he received on the Bucs' first play from scrimmage.

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Unbelievable! Trueblood got away with one. He should have been fined ten times as much. Guess the NFL prefers sweeping conflict under the rug to assigning responsibility fairly and holding players AND REFS accountable.

A of this is irrelevant the game is lost move on. That game should have been won long before that incident it just a excuse for blowing. A winner takes the game a loser tries not to lose. This could cause a "oh no here we go again" effect on the defense and destroy their confidence for good. This is a serious time for this team the games up until the bye are going to decide the rest of the season. Lovie needs to find some fire he looks like a man just not in to it, no animation at all, and that's how the team looks.

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