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Bradley makes it through waivers unclaimed

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Wide receiver Mark Bradley cleared waivers this afternoon, a little more than 24 hours after the Bears released him to make room for cornerback Marcus Hamilton.

The former second-round draft pick had been on the field for just one offensive snap this season, and spent the majority of the preseason running with the second and third teams.

"I don't know about the message," quarterback Kyle Orton said when asked if the release of a high draft pick resonated in the locker room. "I just know we're happy with the guys that we have. We feel like we've got guys that can make plays and win football games and guys that are going to show up and work extremely hard, so that's what we want."

Said coach Lovie Smith: "Always disappointed when you have to cut ties with one of the players that you brought into the fold. Yes, disappointing. Sorry it didn't work out for him here. But again sometimes divorce is a good thing."

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Hmmm, they don't seem too upset that he's gone. Sometimes divorce is a good thing? I wonder just what went on behind the scenes with Bradley. Man, if only I were reporter for a big name newspaper who had access to inside information on the Bears...

Now let's cut Orton and get rid of the whole 2005 draft class!!

This absolutely infuriates me. Bradley would have gone on to 50 Pro Bowls had we kept him. Rex will be a 50-time Pro Bowler if we keep him around another 20 years.

i think bradley was good actually. bears dont do well with their better players. first they say we should have played him more last year. then they cut him.


It would be interesting to get a comment from Tommie Harris now that his Okie team mate cleared waivers. Evidently no other personnel department thought Bradley was such a great player that they had to move right away to get his rights. He may still fill a spot for someone later......

I'll say it a again - this makes room for Earl Bennett to be active on Sunday! It is time to relieve Nate Vasher of punt return duties. Vasher is a very good punt returner but in a game there may be 7 punts for him to field while there will be 30-40 pass plays to defend

Just think Bears fans.....Lovie, Jerry, Sweaty Teddy all have their contract extensions. And we know how the McCaskey's love eating bad contracts for their management personnel.

It would be so nice, next time, to have an EXPERIENCED Head Coach and G.M., instead of being the charter franchise of the N.F.L that thinks nothing of on-the-job training for coaches and G.M.'s.

I have a feeling it was something behind the scene, as far as why Bradley was cut, the comments Kyle Orton made make me believe this theory even more. The comment Orton made about players that will show up and work hard, lead me to believe Mark Bradley was lazy. Like I said before, "there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes that we as fans will never know about," and Im sure Bradley being lazy was something Chicago didn't want eveyone knowing. I still think the guy had potential, Bradley showed flashes of being a playmaker as a rookie, and in what little time he has played since. Take the last two seasons, Bradley has had 20 catches, 4 tds, thats a score evey 5 touches, so the big play capability was there, I just dont think Bradley was willing to work for it. Good move by Angelo to unload Bradley, one less lazy player the better. GO BEARS!!
side note: Creighton, theres no way Bradley could have gone to 50 Bro Bowls, maybe 1-3, but the guy just wasn't willing to work for it. Also, Creighton, get original, Brando already came up with the crap-ton thing [which is down right hilarious by the way] and now you are copying him, [stalkers tend to copy the people they are stalking, just watch A&E if you don't believe me] a guy you say is stalking you on the internet, but yet you are copying HIM with the Kevin Bumstead & Brandum or whatever thing, guy, this leads me to think it is you that is doing the stalking, or your just mad everyone does not share your negative opinion on the Bears, well guess what guy, GO BEARS!! Oh yeah, Chris Williams was in pads today, one step closer to getting on the field, enjoy him being down while you can...GO BEARS!!

Kevin A man I hate to tell you this but that guy ain't me, I will say anything to anyone I don't need a cover. But at least I know what you where talking about after the colts game now when you refered to me as Kevin Bumstead. Also Brandum isn't me either, actually I think I know who Brandum is and I think he and Bumstead are one in the same.

Here is a question for you Kevin, when have I ever been afraid to speak my mind to anyone? I don't cover up anything I say right or wrong. Besides look what they posted no stats, besides I would never copy anything Brando does you know that. Looks like you got yourself a fan. Besides Kev I told you before I actually like u, I just like busten your chops. In fact today I even paid you a compliment, and here you are thinking thats me, I thought you knew me better than that. I'm hurt Kev. Now stop being so strait and narrow and have some fun.

Oh as for Williams, wow four weeks into the season and he finally put on some pads. Stop your blowing my mind. We all already know he is suppose to be back around the begining of November, this is not a real shock to me. I am sure a finnese LT with a bad back will help the power O run game. Oh do you think he can beat out St. Clair or Barton for a spot on the line? Barton get it, that was your starting RT by midseason this year. Kev your just a little too sensative but don't worry I'll toughen you up. Go Barton. Also Kev Williams being in Pads doesn't change the fact that before the draft I said he had a bad back and then when he got hurt I was the first guy on this board to say he probably needs surgery and that Angelo drafted a guy with a bad back. So it's hard for me to be wrong about a guy I was already right about. You on the other hand claimed he would be starting by game one and be named a All Pro and Pro Bowler this year. So who was right man, you or me?

Hey cheer up Mendenhall is starting this week and will find out if I was right or wrong about him now. SO if I am wrong you can hammer me on Forte all day. Which you have already done several times.

Listen, this is a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT. Mark Bradley is the true Gladiator story. Not only am I one of his best friends, but I'm a fan also. Some of you go by and recycle information posted on various sites and then form a "General Opinion". My guy has talent in his blood. This guy played, well let me say dominated every sport during his school years. Football was his second or third passion. He enrolled in OU and played with the best of them and then was fortunate and blessed to play in the pros.

I want speak on the mediocore quarterbacks that CHICAGO has to deal with, but you get on the field and run plays and let your 9 yr. old son throw you passes? Your quarterback is the heart, and everybody else are the veins which run routes throughout. If the heart isn't operating right, there will be bad blood flow? Come on guys. Guys like Bradley don't have to try to be good, HE IS. Keep in mind his father Danny Bradley who also played at OU and in the NFL. This guy was born ready.

It just upset me to see you guys throwing your life away, downing young talented indiviuals because your wife is out having ladies night again with the guys? Wow that was funny.

Anyway, it takes guys like you to keep internet gurus up in running. They sit back laughing at you guys, while viewing your personal info and thinking of there next big idea. Don't spend your whole life discussing other peoples careers while yours is going down the drain as we speak? Go Vote.

Creighton, I think you are the sensitive one, why do you even keep bringing up that I wanted the Bears to draft Matt Forte, who cares?? The Bears brought him in and he is good, end of story. You were the one who started with me back in april, now one of the players I wanted is having some success, you are going out of your way to bash me for it by bringing up other players I liked who fell on their face or got cut, again who cares??? I never claimed to be any kind of expert, Im just a fan like you. Creighton, you ever notice I support every Bear player, notice a trend hear??? I told you once, and I'll tell you again, I will always support the Chicago Bears players, no matter what. Also, again, I am no football expert, never once claimed to be, Im just a die hard Bear fan, end of story. Also, Creighton, you bring up Barton, I can bring up the Bears starting left guard Anthony Oakley....oh wait, never mind. Point is Creighton, you have also put your foot in your mouth a couple times also, only reason I bring this stuff up, is because you start with me first. When its all said and done, the Bears brought in Forte, he is good, to me thats all thats counts, not that I wanted him, I just want the Bears to improve by any means possible, and I still think they are a good team GO BEARS!!

Vegas Konnection, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Jerry Angelo reached for a 2nd-round pick of a guy with known knee problems coming out of college who was fast but not the most productive ... Now everyone is saying he finally is "getting it" by releasing guys like Cedric "2-yards and a cloud of BUST" Benson and Mark "Too Ouchy" Bradley. If he "got it" he wouldn't have drafted these guys much less used his 1st-round pick this season on a pre-injured tackle when Rashard Mendenhall was readily available. No offense to Matt Forte who looks good so far, but I think our offense could use a couple able bodies instead of a good RB and an empty roster spot ... but that's just me.

The real questions are why Earl Bennett cannot seem to get on the field, and why is Greg Olsen underperforming?

Vegas you have some issues to deal with,don't you.
Bradley is a huge disappointment particularly since the Bears have nothing left from 2005 draft except Orton.

Creighton lets give Williams a chance before we label him a bust, although I do agree that JA has not done too well with the first day of the drafts for which he has been responsible.

Bears are 1 game back in the division, it is now time to crank up the D and finish the games like they always say they should.

I am stil holding out for a 10-6 campaign and the playoffs.

Personally, I thought Mark Bradley could have helped us this year, but judging from Lovie's comments, there was stuff going on behind the scenes that we all didn't know. I agree, it's time to get Earl Bennett on the active roster, if for nothing more than to return punts until Hester comes back. We can't have Vasher back there when he's going to have to play tough pass D on 40+ plays a game. Plus, I think Bennett will be a real tough receiver in a year or two.


orton will catch on, he's already shown more ability in the pocket than grossman ever has.

if you actually watch last game you'll notice orton slipping out of tackles and getting rid of the ball, something grossman could never do.

also orton didn't get a lot of time to actually work with any of the wide outs a lot. lets think about it

the team didn't have a #1 until llyod stepped up last week, it looks like sheed will be the number 2, unless he drops the ball more.

running routes and timing takes chemistry and you can't develop that over night. orton has the skills but the timing is off. trust me when his timing is back he'll be fine

the defense is getting paid the big bucks so they need to step up and make 24 points enough to win a game.

Da Church of Da Coach-

I agree with every word about Vegas' rant.

To me, Bradley was unwilling or unable to learn how to go get the ball. Lloyd showed this past weekend that if the ball is close, he'll go get it. Those are playmakers. Folks like Bradley are a dime a dozen. They can make a catch when the ball is perfectly placed (except for Rashied Davis), but can't come up with anything else.

To Fazsha --

I don't know if Olsen is underperforming or they don't have any plays for him. Watching the Cowboys Jason Witten play sure makes me think that we are not appropriately using Olsen. He is a mismatch for any defense. He SHOULD have a big game against the Eagles -- they blitz, dump off to Olsen -- but I'm not sure he will. Witten has more catches than all of our TEs combined. Folks are going to double team Lloyd if he continues to be a "most favored" target. That should make Olsen even more of a threat, but between Turner's play calling and Orton finding the TEs more often, I'm not sure whether we will take advantage.

Kevin I said Oak should be the starting LG you said Barton would be. There is a difference. Beekman stinks by the way, in short yardage downs he is the guy always getting bowled over. You ever notice he is always rolling around on the ground. That whole line stinks, Forte and a three step drop are making them look better than they are. Yes you are sensative just look at your posts after the Colts game. Also look at your post here, I was clowning around and you start talking about me doing some goofy Brando type stuff that I never did. So yes you are sensative and you have no sense of sarcasim. Dude if you support all the players why where you so hard on Benson after he got cut? Me I just call it like a I see it from the begining. I don't need someone to tell me thay are bad, I can figure that out all by myself.

As for starting with you in April, what are you talking about??? Do you actually think about stuff from all the way back then. Like I said dude, sensative. As for Forte, you where right Kev he is good, everyone Kevin was right.(See Kevin thats just goofing around, you should be laughing at it, not taking it personal, cause it is not meant as a personal attack). How could you even take something like that personal? Or the Bradley thing, cmon man look at, does it look like malice is intended? Even Brando don't take that stuff seriously.

Dali, I am going to give Williams a chance, I didn't say he was a bust, I said he was hurt. I also said drafting a player you know to have a bad back is a stupid move. Considering they need as much line help as they can get that makes the move even dumber. I already said I think he can pass block, I also said his back will shorten his career and that he is not a good run blocker and lacks drive.

Vegas Konnection:

What the He!! are you babbling on about?

I want speak on the mediocore quarterbacks that CHICAGO has to deal with, but you get on the field and run plays and let your 9 yr. old son throw you passes? Your quarterback is the heart, and everybody else are the veins which run routes throughout. If the heart isn't operating right, there will be bad blood flow? Come on guys. Guys like Bradley don't have to try to be good, HE IS. Keep in mind his father Danny Bradley who also played at OU and in the NFL. This guy was born ready.

Do you even know what language you are typing in? If your so called pal Bradley is anything like you no wonder he got cut. You are right about one thing Bradley was born ready. Born ready to be cut from a bad recieving team. Yes we are all wasting our lives posting here, just like you apperantly, cause you are taking the time to read all this and the time to post. So yes it is a waste of time, but I gotta find something to do at work to keep me from falling asleep. Sense you have some time on your hand maybe you could take a class like English 101. Then you can post here again and I might actually know what your talking about. Me now go throw ball pass to me some 9 year old son child for water like flow catch sky funny, born to run dog vommit. See I can just spout out words too.

Creighton I went back and saw that Clint Eastwood scene you posted. Pretty funny stuff! Now, am I "Bad Mike?" And if so, when do I become this "Bad Mike?" Is it when I disagree with you that I am "Bad Mike"? Makes me think of the Domino's commercial with "Bad Andy."

Vegas you gotta tighten up dude. When somebody like Creighton is able to notice your bad grammar, you are on the bottom rung. That's like having Paris Hilton chaperone your teenage daughter.

Creighton I don't think the line sucks, but we are about to find out. Philly had 9 sacks and gave up only 33 yards rushing to Pittsburg and Fast Willie. Let's see how the Bears stack up.

Creighton, Im replying to defend myself by the way, I never once said, "Kirk Barton 'would' be in the starting line-up," everytime I said anything about Barton cracking the starting line-up, I would say only if Tait or St.Clair went down, again, go through the archives if you don't believe me. And yes, you did say "Oakley would be the starting left guard." During the pre-season you gave a lineup of players you thought would be the starters on the o-line, and low and behold, ole Oakley was your starter at left guard. Creighton, Beekman does not stink, if that were the case, don't you think Metcalf would be starting by now, also, why is newly acquired Dan Buenning listed as the second team RIGHT guard, don't you think if Beekman stank, the Bears would have Buenning at LEFT guard?? Creighton, how in the heck do you know on every short yardage run play, Beekman is getting bowled over, how can you tell that by just watching a game on tv, to know this for sure you would need actual games tape that the coaches use, and I doubt you have that kind of access. Creighton, face it, Beekman is the starting left guard, like I said in the off-season, ha ha!!
As far as my post after the Colts game, DAMN straight I was gonna let you have it, come on guy, you spend all off-season bashing the Bears, then they beat the Colts on national tv, so yeah, I was gonna let you have it either way, talk about being sensitive??
As for Benson, Creighton, listen to what you said, "why were you so hard on Benson AFTER HE GOT CUT." If a player isn't a Bear any more, I aint got no love for them anymore, they become just another guy on the street to me.
Creighton, don't give me this 'what is april sh#t' you know what Im talking about, why would you keep bringing up Mendenhall and the fact he is starting this weekend???? Why would you even care that Mendenhall is starting, are you a Steelers fan or something?? As for Mendenhall, I could care less if he runs for 3 yds or 150 yds, he is a Steeler now. Creighton, think about this, put Forte with Illinois or any other major football program last season, and I can guarantee he would be wearing an Oakland Raider uniform right about now. Creighton, bottom line, I don't have a problem with you either [I actually like arguing with you] and yes I did say Forte was gonna be rookie of the year [just kidding] but I did say that GO BEARS!!

By Joe I totally agree with all that was stated. 1st week Orton made throws 2nd week he missed 3 week he made throws when he had time and the recievers dropped them. I agree our defense gave us great field position but we also are seeing that a running back changes the whole complexing of the offense (remember thomas jones) The defense does have to win us the game thats how we put this team together so 20 points is more than enough. Timing and touch with the recieving corps comes with time. Hard to throw deep routes to guys when u cant guage there speed but I took pride in the fact that the balls were over thrown not under thrown hell hard to get intercepted that way and for a guy with no arm how is he over throwing recievers 25 -35 yards down the field. These are the warmup weeks and you want to win but right now penalties have beat the bears. With all the issues people had coming into this season who would have imagined that the bears main issue would be penalties. The offense has played more than fine with the amount of time they've had together thats a fact. Orton is a NFL quarterback thats a fact. Bears can run the ball with a makeshift line and 8 in the box give our line time to improve and it's scary what could happen. Bears running back fourth in the league with yards from the scrimmage who would have thought it. Orton two interception one took from orton and the other was in self defnse where was our line lol. REAL BEAR FANS I implore you to stay positive they're starting to get it upstairs and they're playing it well on the field we are improving and Our defense is the real deal we just need a lot less drop balls to rest our defense hell the plays have been there. GO BEARS

Creighton and Kevin your exchanges are interesting, Kevin you are sensitive. Maybe you will remember my old screen name djssr, I used to be right in the middle of those exchanges and never took it personal. But in my opinion the real weak link on the line is Garza and it also looks like Kreutz is on the down side of a great career. I think some of the play calling is part stupid and part lack of confidence in that OL. It's time to move the OL to the right with Bruenning in for Garza, Beekman moving to center StClair moving to left guard and Williams when he is ready at LT they still need to draft a heir apparent for Tait oops my bad he got away and is in Miami now. I still also believe this entire staff with the exception of Toub should be fired. This team has no fire and what ever Lovie had is long gone like some of his sideline expressions. A regime of Holmgren (GM) Singletary (Head Coach)and Mariucci (O.C)would be ideal. But reallity check the McCaskey's would never spring for a real football staff who just might bring some character and some offense into the equation.


Do youplan on getting congress to pay the salaries of those you say to hire....Pipedream my friend these are the BEARS, paying top dollar for caoches will not happen, they low-balled Lovie during the Super Bowl season and took a lot of heat from media around the country, your suggestion simply will not happen in Chicago.
Secondly: why get rid of everyone at this point, the team has lost two games it should have won, if they did win the games would you be asking for a raise for Lovie and Angelo, I think not...This is a long season the current staff has these players playing better than most expected, the record does not reflect that obviously. I think this team is still in flux, and will make some tweaks over the next few weeeks with the playing time to shore up some areas of deficiency. I still beleive we will see a shake up at LB, with Williams coming in for Hunter to add more speed and ability to cover the TE, who has been killing us all season, also look for more playing time from Corey Grak=ham who played well last week when he was in the game, Vasher still does not look 100% to me, I think that's why they also brought in Hamilton from Tampa who looked to have some ball skills as well.

Kevin the Brandumb is also me. I do that when I make a mistake or didnt put my name up. That would be Brando being Brandumb. I like to poke fun at myself sometimes its fun for the readers.

Kevin you might be sensitive or whatever no biggie but on the other hand Creighton, Crap-ton or even Creightdumb has multiple personalitys witch one is a better speller then the other, Im just a bad speller all the way around.

Lets talk some Football.
Boy I realy wish the Ford Family would have kept Matt Millen as the GM. It was fun and entertaining that a QB GM would take so many WR in the first round year after year after......

I know Jerry Angelo has had his moments but Millen just makes all GMs look like a genius.

For entertainment only. Just think if Millen was the Bears GM then everybody would have to agree with Creighton! Ouch thats like ripping a 3 day old bandaid off on the leg.

what was taht brando (who reeks)? you dare adress me? i am lord and king of everything in the universe, how dare you even think of sayin anythig to me!!!

besiddes, everryone already agrees with me sense i only give facts and taht means iam always right. (man, ia malaways right.)

brando your a looser, a wimp, a joke, but i wont say anything further because i dont believe in caling people names.

BUYT LEts talk fpootball...eagles 75, bears -55. you will see becuse man, iam always right!

but you guy now me, old crap-ton, just tryin o be posative...

Mark Bradley has not been able to stay healthy, period. Whether he was lazy or had any other behind-the-scenes issues are thus irrelevant. Yes, he had great potential, but that's also irrelevant because he was rarely healthy enough to actually play. I don't understand all the talk of laziness or behind-the-scenes issues; if he can't play because of injuries, why do people have to start generating rumors about character defects or other things?

It's idiotic to blame the Bears for risking a second round draft pick on someone with so much potential. In what little I saw of him, Bradley reminded me of Jerry Rice in his YAC abilities. He was a risk well worth taking, he just didn't pan out.

DeputyDawg, I don't quite agree with your offensive line moves. I think at left tackle Chris Williams will be a good left tackle for the Bears once he returns, I agree with that part. At right tackle, I say use a first day draft pick on one, a right tackle will be a lot easier to bring in than a left tackle. The Bears currently have Cody Balogh on the practice squad, I can see him as the eventual swing tackle. Inside is where I don't agree with you, at center and left guard. Yeah, Kreutz is up there in age, but he is still one of the leagues better centers, the Bears have been spoiled the last decade with Kreutz, heck, you could say the better part of two decades with Jay Hilgenberg, and a little stretch there in the early 90's with Jerry Fontenot, he wasn't bad either. Point is, a good center is hard to come by, there is a lot that goes into playing the position that people don't always realize, the centers are basically the QB's of the line. When Beekman got his chance at center early in camp this last summer, he was overwhelmed at the position. Beekman only played center for a couple games while at Boston college, to me, thats simply not enough experience to just jump right into the position. Not saying he couldn't eventually develope into a solid center, but I don't think he is ready, I like Beekman right where he is at left guard, his more natural position, Beekman was primarily a guard while at Boston college. A lot of people don't realize going into his senior season, Beekman was one of the highest rated guards, I think he fell because he played some center, so a lot of scouts felt he was strictly a center prospect, also the fact he is only 6-2, but people also forget he is 300 plus lbs, so it isn't like he is a midget. I think the Bears got a steal when he fell to them in the fourth round. If I were the Bears, I would keep Kreutz at center, and use a 3rd or 4th round draft pick on his eventual replacement. Bring in a player who has experience at the position, a more natural center. Another reason it might not be a good idea to ditch Kreutz right now, is his leadership he brings to the team, a lot of players look up to Olin, might not sound like much, but it is. I've read where even Beekman has said, "Kreutz has been a big help in my development." Like I said earlier, "the center is like the QB of the line," he helps guide them, and with Chris Williams coming into the fold in a month or so, Kreutz will also be a big help to him also. I agree with you on Dan Buenning, I say put him in at right guard as soon as possible, the guy is a great run blocker, his power would be great inside to help Matt Forte the leagues best young running back GO BEARS!!

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