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UPDATED: Benson makes statement

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A day after two grand juries in Austin, Texas, cleared former Bears' first-round draft pick Cedric Benson of all charges from his two alcohol-related arrests this spring, he released a statement through attorney David Cornwell:

"I appeared before two grand juries yesterday and finally got the chance to tell my side of the story," Benson said. "I am grateful that the grand jurors agreed that I did not commit any crimes.

"This ordeal is finally behind me, but I will use the experience to continue to grow as a person and as a professional football player."

That was it.

It will be interesting to see if Benson gets a little more action now that his legal woes are behind him. He's probably on some emergency lists around the league for teams that would consider him if injuries mount.

Now, he might move up some of those lists and get a legitimate look somewhere.

UPDATED: Benson's attorney Sam Bassett reports that Austin judge Elisabeth Earle signed an order this morning removing the requirement of a breath-monitoring lock on his vehicle.

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Benson SUCKS...He was the biggest bust since Curtis Enis. If any team takes Benson we all can just sit back and laugh. Benson couldn't move the pile and never will be able to. His legs stop running before he even gets the ball. What a waste.

On another note.....Go Bears. Let's get to 2-2.

Isnt it amazing that nothing was ever his fault. He didnt know why his teammates hated him. He couldnt believe that he was convicted of leaving a preseason game early. He was not captain of the SS Loser, nor was he driving intoxicated. Of course when you sign him for all that money you can pay your way out. Way to go BIG Jer!! Angelo says "Maybe we missed on Cedric Benson." Oh do you think? What about Tommie Harris....and the list goes on and on.

Who cares

I bet Ced cares.
and I care that the Police were wrong, and don't forget it could happen to you someday...
The Police overall do a good job but when some Police try to take matters in their own hands instead of being justful then you/I/all of us should care.

oh yeah, moving the pile wasn't part of this headline? or did I write in the wrong blog?

I would love to see some of the bloggers write in here that THEY were WRONG as well when they were prejudging Ced w/o a trial. AMERICA !! innocent untill PROVEN guilty. Dude if he was legally intocicated don't you think the Grand Jusry would have indicted??
Haters are allowed trials as well.
If you don't like Ced bc of his Bears miscomings then fine, but don't cornfuse that with the fkin blog headline.
And as long as this blog is being used differently than the headline: MAYBE you should look at JA wasting a 4TH !@#M PICK on Ced maybe? and the other wasted picks JA has had over the years...

Hey Randy ....what does cornfuse mean? Isnt that something you put on your corn to make it taste like chicken?

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