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Benson cleared of all charges in Texas

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Cedric Benson was cleared on all charges in Texas today stemming from his spring arrests.

Two grand juries in Travis County returned a no bill on each of Benson's cases meaning he will not go to trial for his May arrest on charges of drunken boating and resisting arrest or his June arrest when he was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.

"Cedric is grateful to all who have supported him,'' his attorney Sam Bassett said in a statement. "It was particularly difficult for him to lose the job that he loved with the Bears. He is eager to have an opportunity to again demonstrate that he is a quality running back who can contribute to a winning team. More importantly, he intends to demonstrate that he is worthy of being a positive role model in his community. He has learned much from this ordeal."

Benson has had tryouts with Detroit and New Orleans, most recently with the Lions, but remains a free agent.

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Well here's a story that makes you go "huh." I wonder though, if Benson wasn't charged will he then go after the LCRA? He did after all allege police brutality on them. Not that it matters b/c he's no longer a Bear, but again: huh.

In other news, the Lions, fresh off their liberation from Matt Millen claim to have a sole focus now:

As if Millen's departure will turn them around like that. Ha!

"It was particularly difficult for him to lose the job that he loved with the Bears"...
Well, yeah, I guess I would love a job that paid me millions in exchange for me doing nothing.
No, there's nothing about his job with the Bears that Benson really LOVED, or else he wouldn't have half-a$$ed his way through his time here. With the legacy of great running backs we have in Chicago it makes me sick that this loser's representation is claiming he loved his job. From the greats like Sayers and Sweetness and even now with Matt Forte, we all see what real love of the game looks like - every down on every Sunday fighting for that extra yard and giving it all until the whistle blows. Benson never loved his job with the Bears, and he probably won't love his next job too much either.
"Hey Ced... can I get some fries with that?"

Who really knows what all this crap is down there, but it sure does make the Texas Police look bad.
I would like to see Ced catch on with another team so we can see what he does somewhere else.

Benson SUCKS.....thats all that needs to be said. He couldn't carry Forte's jock even with the help of Curtis Enis. I thought I would take it back for everyone. Go BEARS.

Woah, 3 games and Forte has Enis carrying his jock?

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