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Bears make bid to add offensive lineman

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The Bears might not be done reworking their offensive line after the trade for guard Dan Buenning last week.

In fact, they made a move for a tackle on Monday only to lose out.

The Bears placed a waiver claim for James Marten, who was released by the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday, but the the third-round pick from 2007 was awarded to the Oakland Raiders, the other team to submit a claim for him.

Dallas had to clear a roster spot to sign a fourth wide receiver, Mike Jefferson, for its game at Cleveland and the team's plan was to add Marten to the practice squad. It's interesting because in choosing to part ways with a high draft pick, the Cowboys kept 11 defensive backs. That gives you an idea of how he had advanced for them. Marten was inactive for every game last season, and spent some time working at guard this summer.

The Bears and general manager Jerry Angelo have always been high on Boston College linemen and have to know Marten well as he played with Josh Beekman. The team met with him prior to the 2007 draft.

"We always would like to improve our ballclub any time we can,'' coach Lovie Smith said Monday when asked if the team was looking for help at tackle. "But right now, this is what we have and this has been good enough to win."

The club has had an outstanding one-year offer to veteran Fred Miller and that front has been quiet.

What's interesting, and we don't know this, is where the Bears would have trimmed to add Marten had they been awarded him. A defensive back took a hit when Buenning arrived with Zack Bowman getting waived. To make room for another lineman, the best guess is it would have meant trimming a wide receiver or linebacker.

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No way they cut a LB. They are only carrying 6 now. If they add another OL they have to cut a WR. I really like it that Angelo is looking at younger players for the OL. Why he has an offer on the table for Miller I don't understand. If Tait goes down I think Barton would be as good as Miller is now and would improve with time.

Mr. Bradley, your cab is waiting.

I wonder if there will be any other "sneaky" cuts in the next few weeks while teams tweak their rosters for the long haul. Marten was a tackle at BC, so that could have been a nice pickup. Barton and Marten, along with Buenning would make a nice rotation for depth. Long term, Buenning could be the starter on the left, which will also help the transition of Williams when he gets back. Having a solid vet who understands the run game, and will have 6 weeks with Olin to get used to the scheme the Bears run, will help the rookie who right now is not getting any work with the group.

I have to credit Bobby DePaul and Angelo's staff for at least identifying these guys as they hit the wire. Hopefully they will keep it up. It is possible Oakland doesn't keep him, and we could get him anyway, but not likely...

If Jerry Angelo is keen on Boston College linemen why did they cut Ryan Poles, a guard from Boston College? Nevertheless, somewhere during the season JA will add another tackle to the squad. As for cuts for that offensive lineman to stay you don't think the Bears will go the whole season without injuries? The next injured player will give that lineman his spot.

Ryan Poles showed very little to warrant a roster spot.

I doubt we would see a LB cut, but WR and RB could be a possibilty.... Bradley was inactive for the Colts as was Bennett so it looks like the Bears plan on playing only (4) WR's each game unless a specific opponent warrants more (3) WR sets then a 5'th WR would be active. Garrette Wolfe is 4'th on the RB depth chart and it is doubful he would see the field with the offense ahead of AP.

Bennett isn't going anywhere and ditto for AP. AP is much to valuable as a proven backup RB and a special teams ace and Bennett is a high rookie draft pick with lots of potential so if I were Mark Bradley or Garrette Wolfe, I'd be trying to make statements in practice to keep an edge over the other.

Apparently, Marten was awarded to the Raiders who also made a waiver claim on him. Give the Bears a thumbs up for trying. . . though belatedly to improve the OL. They could've beefed up that area in the 2007 draft with the picks they wasted on Bauzin, Okwo and Wolfe. . . Spilled milk, I know.

Speaking of which, how is Jeff Otah panning out with Carolina? At least we will get to have a look-see this coming Sunday when the Bears play the Panthers.

I agree Wolfe or Bradley would be next to go, or maybe even Booker. I still think Rideau will end up on the active roster, the Bears badly need a big wide receiver with some speed which he has. It looked like green bay had about three guys like that last night.

Logically, it would be best to cut Bradley who has done nothing, or Adrian Peterson who is a good special teams player but has shown very little when given chances at running back. He is also 2 or 3 years past a RB's expected life in the NFL and likely to slow down sooner rather than later.

If they cut Garrett Wolfe before giving a real chance with plays schemed for his talents, I think it will come back to bite us.

Don't you guy's think its kind of weird how Anthony Adams went from being a starter in the pre-season, to being inactive sunday....just a thought. To me, thats a little to much of a free fall on the depth chart, and I haven't heard anything about Adams being injured. This regime has been known to unload a player that gets on its bad side i.e. Brian Griese, and the Bears kept Toeaina [who also plays nose tackle] when nobody thought they would. I have not heard anything about Adams getting on the coaching staffs bad side, just speculation, but a lot goes on behind the scenes that we as fans never hear about, so who knows? This is why my guess would be Anthony Adams, maybe Terrence Metcalf.
As far as James Marten, Im not exactly heart broken that we lost out, although Marten would have added nice depth. The fact Dallas was trying him at guard, shows, maybe Marten might not have ever cut it at tackle anyways. The Bears have Kirk Barton, who they thought enough of to keep on the 53 man roster, I can see Barton being the Bears future at right tackle, and rookie free agent Cody Balogh, who the team was impressed with during the pre-season. GO BEARS!!

sometimes I wonder if some Bears fans think before they post, Bradley is on the team for a reason, they know what he can do when he is on the field. Posters don't want to cut Wolfe 'cause he's a home boy but the Bears will probably keep him anyways. If they add a lineman they are going to cut a lineman. they are not trying to add depth, thet are trying to add a starter so they know they can do better than what they have.

Tom: "Logically, it would be best to cut Bradley who has done nothing, or Adrian Peterson who is a good special teams player but has shown very little when given chances at running back."

I wholeheartedly disagree with your take on AP. This kid is a very good special teams player and all-around team player. He plays hard and is a role player that makes the team better. With the loss of Brendan Ayanbadejo Peterson became our top coverage specialist.

If you're looking for someone to cut, Mark Bradley who was inactive his last game, caught all of 6 passes last season, and doesn't play special teams.

Or maybe Wolfe who seems extraneous on this roster with the emergence of Forte backed by Jones. With Manning as the 2nd returner, Wolfe is bascially an unused scat back who needs to carve out a niche on coverage teams ASAP; he falls behing AP on both the RB pecking order and far less in the special teams department.

I think Booker would be the best choice to send packing if the Bears can score an O-tackle. The other WRs are younger and should be improving. Book is on the downhill side of his career. Keep the youth.

I think A. Adams was inactive because the gameplan for Indy was pressure, Pressure, PRESSURE on Payton Manning. Adams is a good hole plugger but not a big pass rush guy. I loved seeing Izzy in the rotation. He was disruptive and all over the place. Harrison and Dusty were active. I'm a little alarmed that Tommie was on the sideline as much as he was. Anthony Adams may be trade bait for an o-lineman when other teams DTs start to get banged up. Adams can play, he just may not be what the Bears need for that position.

JA needs to find help at O-tackle. I think in next year's draft he'll have to address the O-line again, early. The line has to get even better than what they showed Sunday.

I'd like to give Ron Turner a big chuck on the shoulder for the game plan he developed Sunday. He kept the backs and tight ends in to chip on the DEs to help in pass protection and the true committment to the running game. Keep up that philosophy.

Killer Kane,

Look at the next post: Biggs writes that Harris was on the field for 44 of the 66 plays, which is the most of all DTs.

Wheres' my post? LOL Was it the fact that I was smack on about Matt Forte? Or was it my being a die hard Saints fan from New Orleans that I was allowed to post before the bullets started being live now? I see, It was just my being used for my inside info on Forte.
Thats cold blooded. Well I also got some info on Gregg Steltz, but I am not saying a thing. No post, no info. LMAO. just kidding guys. :-))) Matt looked good though huh? Freaking awesome. Like I had mentioned, the dude runs with his eyes, can take a lick as well as dish one out. And he likes to dish one out. LOL Plus the hommie has good speed. Don't be deceived by his 40 time in the combine, which was still excellent for a guy with his size. 4.46 in the 40. He won't get caught from behind many times. He has another gear.

Later all and Good Luck until ya'll see us in December
Mike from Slidell, La.

Well, I was just looking and reading some of ya'lls post in here and I think they are excellent. A great runned board. Also, I don't get any news down here in Slidell, La. on Matt Forte. I was just curious if ya'll remembered what I told ya'll about Matt before the season started and wondered what ya'll thought of my hommie now that he has a couple of games under his belt. Was I right about him or am I off my rocker? Yust curious to see what ya'll thought.

See ya'll
Mike in Slidell, La.
Home of them dern hurricanes. (sheeesh I am getting tired of that)

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