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Bears acquire G Buenning from Buccaneers

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The Bears have acquired guard Dan Buenning from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a trade. Check back soon for more details.

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Wikipedia says it best. Under "Career Highlights" it says "No notable achievements." Good enough for me.

From the Bucs Fan Forum Site:

"I've got no problem with this trade. Mahan started all 16 games for the steelers last year. He should provide a better back-up at center than Buenning would."

The Bucs traded a 2009 draft pick to the Steelers for OC Mahan, who was a starter in 2007 and then traded Buenning to Da for the 6th pick.
Guess JA Tampa Connection came through? Couldn't really get any info on how good Buenning is though... Better than our backups I suppose.

I doubt you will find much of anything in Wik about O-lineman... It's not a very glamorous position.

From the Bucs Fan Forum Site:

Despite being a fourth-round pick, Buenning was one of only four rookie offensive linemen in the NFL to start every game in 2005; of those four, only Buenning and Dallas' Rob Pettiti were second-day selections.

Gritty, young offensive lineman who displays an imposing physical prowess in the running game, along with skillful mobility as a pass blocker… One of only four offensive linemen in the NFL to start all 16 games as a rookie in 2005… Played in 25 games with 23 starts… Also started one playoff game… Selected in the fourth round (107th overall) of the 2005 NFL Draft by the Buccaneers.

2007: Declared inactive for all 16 regular season games and one playoff game.

2006: Played in nine games Made season debut at Atlanta, helping contribute to 311 passing yards by QB Chris Simms (9/17)… Started at New Orleans (10/8) and helped contribute to 187 rushing yards and 5.7 yards-per-carry average… Started against Cincinnati (10/15) and contributed to 126 rushing yards by Buccaneers… Saw action against Philadelphia (10/22) and at N.Y. Giants (10/29)… Started at left guard at Carolina (11/13)… Started at left guard vs. Washington (11/19) and helped Buccaneers rush for 181 yards, including 122 by RB Cadillac Williams… Started at left guard at Dallas (11/23) and left the game because of injury… Placed on injured reserve on November 27.

2005: Started all 16 games at left guard… Also started playoff game… One of four rookie offensive linemen in the NFL to start all 16 games – Carnell “Cadillac” Williams to break the team record with six 100-yard rushing performances and set a franchise rookie record with 1,178 rushing yards… Helped lead the way for the Buccaneers to total 191 rushing yards and two rushing touchdowns vs. Buffalo (9/18)… Helped lead the way for Williams to rush for 158 yards at Green Bay (9/25)… Helped provide time for Griese to pass for 302 yards vs. Detroit (10/2)… Helped lead the way for RB Michael Pittman to rush for 127 yards and one touchdown vs. Miami (10/16)… Helped lead the way for FB Mike Alstott to rush for two touchdowns and a two-point conversion vs. Washington (11/13)… Helped lead the way for Williams to rush for 116 yards and one touchdown at Atlanta (11/20)… Helped lead the way for Williams to rush for 112 yards and two touchdowns at Carolina (12/11)… Helped lead the way for Williams to rush for 150 yards and one touchdown vs. Atlanta (12/24)… Helped the Buccaneers total 149 rushing yards vs. New Orleans (1/1/06)…

INactive all of last season? Was it recovery from the injury, or being supplanted in the lineup by Joseph or Sears? Either way, a decent run blocker with footwork is not a bad thing to have. Maybe we can put him on the left, and let Metcalf or Beekman play on the right, so we can get "what's a point of attack" Garza out of there.

I thought Bowman would be a staple of special teams this year, but apparently not. Maybe he can be stashed on the practice squad for 2008.

I'll take him and this may mean an injury settlement with Metcalf. And, then 'bye, bye' to Terry

Ok, not bad Bears, I appreciate the effort. Although we would benefit most from having a left tackle, and putting St. Clair back at LG where he was supposed to be and had some success at last year. Cut Metcalf and you will appear all the wiser.

Joe F., if you're gonna switch a lineman around, doing it less than a week before the season opener is not the time to try it. Especially with Beekman who's in the learning process. And please don't mention Metcalf as potentially starting. I know the Bears have made mention of that, but for Pete's sake, it's Metcalf. Besides, no way are either of them an upgrade over Garza.

It is good to get offensive lineman a left guard with power is good, however the Left offensive Tackle position is really still suspect with no back up (ready to play) unless Tait moved back to the left side?

This move made sense to bolster the line. Maybe he will become an immediate starter on the left. Good move JA

This was a great move by Angelo, I just wish he would of done it earlier, instant upgrade none the less. Dan Buenning is a dominate run blocker from Big 10 country, his rookie season he started all 16 games and help pave the way for Carnell Williams, who had over a 1000 yds and a 4.1 yd avg. Dan Buenning was one of the best young guards in the league before the injury. Dan Buenning injured his knee in 2006, by training camp 2007, Buenning was not ready, rookie Arron Sears came in and played well, this was probably the reason the Buccaneers felt no need to rush Buenning back. The fact Buenning was inactive all last season is a good thing, this allowed Buenning to fully heal from the knee injury. Now the Bears have a young dominate run blocker, with great size for the position, 6-4 320lbs. I say bring this guy in, familiarize him with the playbook, and put him in the starting lineup, maybe by week 2 or 3. Jerry Angelo is building an offensive line, and this trade was a great move to help get the Bears in the right direction. By seasons end, the Bears o-line should look like this, left tackle Chris Williams, left guard Dan Buenning, center Olin Kreutz, right guard Josh Beekman, and right tackle Kirk Barton. I might be rushing Garza and Tait out, they will probably still be in the lineup, but none the less, the Bears are headed in the right direction GO BEARS!!

I don't beleive the Bears will go very long into the regular season feilging on (4) true CB's. That makes getting Bowman to the Practice Squad imperitive.

If we can add him to the PS we can use it like Joe stated, stash him away but I doubt he would remain there all season. As it stands now we have (4) safeties in Brown, Payne, McGowan and Steltz plus (5) CB's including Tillman, Vasher , McBride, Graham and the ever evolving hybrid DB/Safety/nickle back/ Special teamer Daniel Manning.

Guess I should have put it as (4) CB's (4) safeties and D.Manning as an emergency DB.

Or maybe since McGowan is slotted at nickle back with Payne starting opposite Mike Brown I should have put it like (3) safeties, (4) CB's and a nickle back in McGowan and DB Manning....

Arrghh, I just confused

Finally, a young, big O-lineman that's mobile, strong, and aggressive. Great! I'll take Dan Buenning for my team.

I watched him play at Wisconsin and he was solid. Buenning played on a Badgers line with Cleveland first-round pick OT Joe Thomas and C Donovan Raiola (Detroit's Dominic Raiola's little brother). Raiola was recently cut by St.Louis and hopefully Raiola is on the Bears radar as well

Buenning may have missed last year with an ACL injury, but, what football player doesn't have that injury anymore. And, medical technology and rehab today is a lot better than it was when Dennis Lick and Dick Butkus played in the NFL. He had surgery over 1 1/2 years ago and that's the new timeframe for ACL recovery.

We just might have another steal like we did with Roberto Garza,. Though, Garza needs to 'turn it up a notch' and start being more aggressive and smart on the field.

Does the acquistion of Buenning mean the end of the Terrence Metcalf era in Chicago? Let's hope so.

Will the Bears put the 'injury-prone' Metcalf on IR now or waive him and give him an injury settlement?

Buenning is not comming in to replace Garza, he is comming in to replace Metcalf and Beekman. He may not even do that he may be Olin's backup which is probably the best guess. He is an ok player but he does give up the sack a bit in blitz pressure. Also Beekman is not replacing Garza, there is no chance of that. At least Buenning fits the mold for a Power O guard unlike Beekman, Olin and Garza.

If people have not been keeping up with the Bucs, Joseph broke his foot in pre-season and the Bucs decided to go with rookie Jeremy Zuttah at guard over Buenning who he did beat out. Tampa has started 4 Rookie Guards at the same spot for 4 seasons. Buenning is supposed to be the backup signal caller for the Bucs according to Gruden. The other reports I say from Tampa press mentioned that Buenning has lost a step and some strength.

I mentioned earlier this week how thin the line was and that the Bears only backup at center Beekman(now that Oakley is gone) was playing guard, he had to do it and as it stands they are still thin in terms of depth. The guy is a decent backup for the Bucs but I don't expect him to help this line much.

This is not how you rebuild an Oline by picking up another teams backup who is 3rd on the depth chart at guard. He sat behind Joseph and the Rookie Zuttah beat him out. I hope we didn't give more than a fifth round pick for him. I figeure he has to be Beekmans replacment once he learns the playbook and may even be Olin's backup of the future. He is very strong with the run blocking but his pass blocking has been a problem, can get burned by speed guys.

Well he should help what is a bears dismal line, but again this is not how you rebuild a line. Well not for most people at least, for Angelo it is the only way he knows how too. Sense he can't spot talent ot save his life. This Oline is far from rebuilt, if you want to see a good Oline look at the Bucs who are able to plug guys in every year, or the Colts. Whats really sad is that this guy is probably the best guard on the team now. Considering the starting five on the line all need to be upgraded and I doubt Barton is the answer at RT maybe RG, that leaves Williams who I say won't be in the league for 5 years and Olin who is entering the end of his career and both guard positions. What is funny is this guy meets all of Angelos requirments, has a knee problem, was a backup to a backup on a another team, didn't play a single down in 07 and got beaten out by a rookie backup. Perfect. Probably traded a first round pick for him, which in Angelo's case would actually be an accomplishment. It's strange I thought Angelo said he was happy with the line. Glad he is still being honest.

On a side note I would much rather have Zuttah and wish Angelo whould have drafted him instead of Bennett who is #5 on the reciever depth chart and slated for special teams.

I hate to say this, but I think this is Angelo's way of throwing the fans a bone. Jerry's saying, "Look, I did something to help out the line, so would the fans and media please paint me in a better picture?" This may give us needed depth. Heck, this gut could be an upgrade, but this really just looks like another smoke and mirrors move designed to take the heat off of the management. Don't look behind the curtain.....Iignore the man behind the curtain and focus on the Great Oz....

I didn't realize Zuttah beat him out. I liked him a lot coming out of Rutgers. But let's remember who the Bucs are. They are a passing team who runs the ball effectively. Buenning was at his best when they were a running team behind Griese and Cadillac. He's a Wisconsin O-lineman, which means he knows how to run block. He also has 23 starts under his belt, which is more than our entire backup depth chart has combined. So while I think he is being brought in to be a body on the roster, I would not be surprised to see him on the left side by next week's game. Especially if we are bringing Williams back this season, we need to have a solid veteran presence on the left with him. Wisconsin does a good job with fundamentals with their O-line, and most that come out (Aaron Gibson notwithstanding) are solid technicians, and have a little bit of an aggressive streak. I for one would feel better having a little beef inside, since Beekman, Kreutz, and Garza are all on the lighter side, and not very stout. Buenning is a significant upgrade on the left, but that's kind of like saying Webster is taller than Mini Me. But if he surprises and becomes the 2005 player he was, then I think Angelo deserves a lot of credit for the move. All it cost him was the 6th round pick we took from them for Griese, so essentially we can call this Griese for Buenning, which would be a steal if he pans out.

Creighton, sorry, but I disagree with your above blog. Jeremy Zuttah didn't beat Dan Buenning out in anything, I'll give you a couple reasons why. First off, on the Buccaneers depth chart, Dan Buenning is the second team center, Jeremy Zuttah is the second team right guard, Davin Joseph is the starter at right guard. Creighton, don't you think the Bucs would replace Joseph with his understudy, Zuttah, who got all the reps at right guard with the second team, before they would put Buenning in, who they had at center? The Bucs wanted to convert Buenning to center, thats why you saying Zuttah beat out Buenning makes no sense. The Bucs have been wanting to convert Buenning since early 2007, after his injury. Also, Creighton, don't you think its kind of weird how the Bucs kept Buenning on the roster after the final cuts were made, before trading him? This tells me one thing, they were probably planning on trading Buenning the whole time. The fact Zuttah came on probably made it easier to do so. The Bucs are pretty well set at guard with Joseph, Sears, and now Zuttah. Buenning lost his job to injury, in early 2007 Buenning was not ready to return, Sears got the left guard spot and never looked back. That is how Buenning lost his job, by default. Because of their great depth at the position, they tried moving Buenning to center, but in the end, the Bucs really didn't need Buenning, not with Sears, Joseph, and now Zuttah. So other than cut him, they kept him on the roster till after the pre-season to trade him, because the Bucs knew they could still get something for Buenning, there was still value there. Fact is Creighton, this was a good trade by Angelo. Buenning should come in and help the Bears o-line get better, and help make the Bears a better running team. GO BEARS!!

Kevin A. and Creighton good exchange so here's a little spice, If Angelo wants to really do the right thing get Willie Anderson in here get at least one to two years out of him and maybe just maybe Williams, Barton and Balough will be more NFL ready and we have a o-line for years to come. Garza not only is on the light side but he get's beat like a drum at the point of attack, it's time for him to move on (note: Garza is a great community service guy). But to get off the bus running you need a line of big mean nasty linemen not light and quick this isn't Denver.

so let me get this straight,

the buccaneers trade their 7th round pick next year to get a solid young offensive tackle from the steelers. then, instead of dropping buenning, they call the most inept front office in the nfl and get jerry to bite on a guy that the bears could have picked up off waivers anyway. not only that, but the bucs get a better draft pick (6 for 7)!

wow, talk about stupidity. why couldn't jerry have gotten the tackle (the position we really need) from the steelers for our 7th rounder???

then again, it's not like the bears know how to draft anyway, so it's just another moot point.

more concerning is that the bears think tommie harris has a major knee injury now!?!?! the defense was gonna suck with him, but now they don't stand a chance...

the bears have to get a new gm in before we have the first pick in the draft next year!!!!

Joe Felicelli: I wonder if you put a balloon between Aaron Gibson and Qasim Mitchell that each were strong enough to break it. Let's not forget Stan Thomas, Brian Robertson, Mike Gandy, and DAN JIGGETS.

Deputy Dawg: As far as the Bears signing Willie Anderson and Fred Miller, I say NO!, especially Miller. Both are past their primes, have injury or conditioning issues, and want 'starter' money for being a backup or 'emergency' starter. I have to agree with the Bears not to sign either of them if 'starter' money is the main issue in reaching a contract agreement.

I suggest the Bears see if G/T John Welbourne still wants to play and sign him to be a backup. Welbourn was released by the Patriots not to long ago

Well I hate to break this too you Kevin but if you want the article I can post it for you. It's from a Gruden interview in which Gruden states they are in direct compitition.. Buenning startedd at RG before he was hurt and became the backup center last year in order to try and find a spot. You will note I did mention he may be Olin's new backup. He is a a RG by position and Zuttah did beat him out according to Gruden. I did not say he was a bad player. I said he was a good run blocker, but he was third on the depth chart also Zuttah plays center as well. He was third on the depth chart at guard. Thats just a fact Kevin according to his former head coach, they also traded to get another backup center rather than go with Buenning. Thats why the Bucs didn't need him. Think want you like Kevin but this guy is decent not great and this is not how you build an oline. St. Clair, Buenning or Beekman, Olin, Garza, Tait. Not a single draft pick on the line if they brought in Buenning to replace Beekman which I said they may have done. I f Beekman starts that gives them one draft pick on the line. Thats your idea of building an Oline Kevin. Burton is a backup Williams has back issues. Wow what a great plan. Dude he may not even be put in as a starter which would mean he is a cast off. Trading for backups and making an Oline up of backups is not building a line. We have a very very bad line Kevin just deal with it. Kevin you like every single draft pick the Bears made and you seem to think that all of them are great players. There not, a lot of them suck.

As for Buenning yeah he did get beat out you want the interview I 'll post it for you.

So Kevin you realize that there is now a blog talking about how Buenning was made expendable. Talking about Zuttah and Sean Mahan who was brought in to be the backup center.

Also here is an articel from the St. Petersburg Times who cover the Bucs. Notice the part were it says Buenning and Zuttah were in direct compitition. Ok told you I wans't making it up. Kevin I don't give rumors or speculation, I give facts. I wasn't making that stuff or guessing at anything.

I got question about Harris has anyone heared anything about him being injured and not playing against the Colts this week because of it?

heard harris was questionable on espn2 this morning. tribune has a vague article about it as well. he hasn't practiced in over 2 weeks...

everyone knows we won't get a straight answer out of halas hall. as someone posted earlier, they'll tell us everything is fine until right before gametime and then we'll learn he had season ending surgery...

Creighton, wrong again, Buenning played left guard before his injury. In 2007, after Sears came on at the vacant left guard spot, the Bucs wanted to convert Buenning to center, but never got a chance to do so because Buenning never returned that season. Buenning then went into this season as a backup center, Zuttah was the second team right guard. Arron Sears got the left guard spot because Buenning never returned in 2007, Sears came on and played well. With Sears and Joseph there was no need for Buenning at guard, but the Bucs still like him enough to get on the field, so they tried him at center. Buenning probably wasn't ready to make the position swap, not every guard can play center, so the Bucs really didn't need Buenning any more. This and the fact Zuttah got all the reps at right guard are probably the main reason Buenning was never going to see the field as a starter for the Buccaneers this season. Buenning then became expendable, and the Bucs delt him away.
Creighton, yes, I like the players the Bears bring in. Im not gonna sit there and cut down every player, especially one who have never even seen the field i.e. Josh Beekman, and say they suck. Im smart enough to at least let them see the field and see what they got first, and no, a few meaningless pre-season games don't count either. Creighton, fact of the matter with Buenning is, he was a good starter at LEFT guard before the injury, he has been out the last season and a half recovering. Which is good, Buenning should now be fully recovered. Buenning lost his starting job because of injury, not being out played. The fact Sears came in and played well when Buenning was injued is not Buenning fault, its just bad luck. Just because Buenning had the knee injury doesn't mean he is shot, take our own Roberto Garza, he hasn't been hurt since his injury in Atlanta. Buenning should be a good guard for the Bears, give the guy a chance, and the rest of the young o-linemen for that matter, before saying they suck. I think this o-line is headed in the right direction. GO BEARS!!

Creighton, thanks for the article, but I got a different take from it than you. Basically in the article, it goes on about how Buenning was the 2nd team center, like I already knew, and how he did very well, and was still an impressive run blocker. Creighton, it said nothing about Buenning playing guard, the Bucs were trying Buenning at center. I think the direct competition line was about Zuttah and Buenning going for top reserve, nothing about Zuttah beating out Buenning at guard. The fact Zuttah came on at guard, and he is the younger player, made Buenning expendable. Also, Tampa already has a lot of money wrapped up in their center position with Jeff Faine. I think the fact Zuttah was such a pleasant surprise made Buenning the odd man out, teams will always go with their younger players. So they aquired Pittsburghs Sean Mahan, to be their reserve center. This, on top of the fact Zuttah came on at right guard and is younger, made Buenning expendable. Again, Tampa already knew Buenning could play guard, they just wanted to see if he could play center. I think the fact Zuttah came on at guard, being the younger player, thus cheaper, there was no need for Buenning any more. Going into the pre-season, Tampa probably didn't know what they had in Zuttah, when he showed Tampa he could play, Buenning bacame the odd man out. Again, I think the direct competition was about them going for top reserve, nothing about them battling it out for guard, that would be hard to do with Buenning playing center, not guard. I still like Buenning, he should prove to be a good player for the Bears GO BEARS!!

Creighton: "I give facts."


Creighton, you're little more than a joke or a punch line on these boards. Your opinions, 99% of the time, lean toward an unrealistic negative slant that has all the marks of an unbalanced, uninformed hack. Then, when you do try to present "facts," they're not accurate. What a joke.

I even remember last week you writing in to Biggs asking why the Bears don't move Tillman to safety. Biggs basically replied that that wouldn't make any sense. You act like an expert, but unfortunately, you're just a football fan like the rest of us who doesn't get paid for his opinions because they're uninformed, untrained, and well, not very good.

If you're looking for acceptance or for people to look up to you for your knowledge, I think you've picked the wrong skill and the wrong place to find that acceptance. My family would love to take you in and give you the love you need.

Go Bears!

Moolander....You got me LMAO....funny post, but old Creighton likes to play devil's advocate for the blog....that's his thing even though he goes overboard quite a bit with the negativity.....

Kevin: Good take on the o-line, I agree too we not only have to get younger, but we have to get guys to fit the philosophy for the the line, drive blocker guys that can move people of the line of scrimmage with attitude Barton, Beekmen,and Buenning fit this mode, I also think they look at bringing back Big Cheese once the injury settlement period is up in place of Reed...Go BEARS

Kevin again you miss the point, Your he played LG not RG, he's an interior linemen ok, however he did get beat out for the job which is what I said, didn't I. I also said he was in direct compitition with Zuttah and he was. You said he wasn't. Which part was I wrong about. Also he plays back up center but the brought in Mahan to replace him there as well. If you look at what I wrote I said Buenning was probably ther best Linemen right now but wouldn't start because he doesn't know the playbook yet. I also said he probably will not replace Garza but Beekman. You said he would replace Garza. As ffor building an offensive line I disagree with you, you have to be able to draft the talent. Look at the Bears starting line today. St. Clair, Beekman, Olin, Garza, Tait, Anglo has managed to get 1 starter on his line in 6 years that he drafted. The line has been shaky at best and you yourself said you were wrong about Beekman after the Seattle game. Age plays a factor so Tait and Olin will not be around for long, depth wise you have Metcalf, Barton and now Buenning. Williams is hurt and can't play I don't care if he is on the roster, if Buenning replaces Beekman there will not be a single draft pick starting for the Bears. How can you say thats how you build a line. This line has played very weak compitition and has looked bad. If you think this is a good line thats fine, I just don't, you know I said they should have drafted more help for the line this year but Angelo just like he did last year got clever and wasted a bunch of picks. One question for you is, if this is how you build a line why is it such a bad line, it's thin old and lacks talent. You won't even admit Metcalf is bad, and he just flat out sucks.

Moolander your a joke, what I said about Tillman I said for next year, next time read it. I also stated that Angelo had a decent knack for finding corners so it may not hurt to do a switch and draft a corner high next season, which will be a rebuilding season. Anytime you want to question what facts I put up thats fine. But show me where I was wrong first as for acceptance, you would think I would be nice to people if I wanted acceptance on a board. Just name one thing that I have missed on. Season starts in a few days and we will see how good this team is. I say Colts will walk all over them and that the line will be brutal. I have been right about everything I posted reguarding this team. Funny moonlander I never notice you really talking about football. It is a football blog so why not put your money where your mouth is. At least say something about the team. I f you know anything about football.

Chi I am supposed to go over the top, most of it wouldn't be funny if I didn't, however as for this line I still think they have done a horrible job rebuilding it. Some people just don't get the sarcasim or haven't been around long enough to know that I like Kevin and I like to bust his chops, Kevin knows it or I wouldn't ask him his opinion on actual topics. But this line I can't agree with him on, I can't it look horrible and the depth is a joke. How do you draft a guy you need desperatly to start knowing he has a bad back.

Oh and I will never stop bashing Angelo until he is fired, worst GM ever.

Ever post must have an Angelo bash.

Anyway will see how the line does in a couple days.

Moolander it's funny you remind me of someone, I have crazy fan on this board who actually stalks me. He loves to take little zingers that I throw out there and comments I make like when I called him hack. He also likes to change his name and pretend to be other people. Your new right? The other thing is he says he hates me but has memorized everything I have written and he is really angry because he keeps wanting to catch me making a mistake and he hasn't yet. Which drives him nuts, his name is Brando and you really remind me of him, if your not him maybe you should hang out with him. It's interesting how you remember things I write and I'm the hack, I don't remember a single thing you wrote about the Bears. If your not Brando you should talk to him, you have a lot in common, you can talk about me. Oh by the way that Tillman thing has been something that I have been talking about for awhile now, drives Brando nut. You know I think you might just be him. Oh god what a looser. Keep trying man it entertains me. Brando if you want to say something just be yourself, also try to be original half the things you said in your post I slammed you with last week. God at least be original.

Creighton, my only point was Zuttah did not beat out Buenning at guard, that would of been impossible with Buenning playing exclusively at center, like it said in the article you showed me, that was my point. Also, you said "the Bucs chose to go with Zuttah at guard for the injured Joseph," my point here was, of course they did, Zuttah got all the second team reps at right guard, and probably showed something, again, Buenning was at center, the fact Zuttah came on while at second team guard made him the logical choice to replace Joseph. You made it sound like Zuttah beat him out at guard, he didn't. Yes, Zuttah is the Bucs new top reserve, but again, teams will generally go with a younger player. I think the emergence of Zuttah made Buenning expendable, so the Bucs delt him, there was probably no need for 4 guards on the roster. This is probably why they signed Sean Mahan, because they were going to deal Buenning off. Creighton, fact is, before the injury, Buenning was an upcoming guard, he is not that old now, and should be fully healed. I think it was a good trade and should help the Bears. Creighton, I say give these young linemen a chance, they might surprise. Oh yeah, I do enjoy arguing with you to GO BEARS!!

Regardless of all bs - we got a OG thats better than our depth, and a backup OC to boot, not to shabby - We need, need, need. Word.
But it's game time and I doubt very seriously the cavalry is coming so lace em and get em.
Kill The Colts them Pansy Ponies!
Beat that horse dead!

Kevin one last thing and I all most forgot to mention it. You insinuated that maybe I shouldn't judge aplayer before he plays a down in a real NFL game, you said you don't judge players before they play a game, and that would be nice if it was true. But you judge players all the time who have never played in a real NFL game. Look at what you say about the oline, like "I just know Chris Williams is gonna be great" how could you know that unless you were judging him. So what your really saying is it's ok to judge them if it is good but if I judge them to be bad than I am being a jerk. Thats the pot calling the kettle black dude. Just think about that, I have never told you not to like a player or to like a player. Ok I have told you to hate Angelo but he's not player and well I know Im gonna win that argument in the end.

Creighton, actually what I said was, "I'm not gonna cut down the young Bear players" I never said anything about not talking them up, I'll always do that. Heck, I don't know who the Bears 1st round pick is next april, but I can guarantee one thing, he is gonna be one of the best, and you know how I know, BECAUSE HE IS GOING TO BE A BEAR!! Like I said, "give these guys a chance before saying they suck." I think as a fan of a team you should support the teams players, not say they suck, again, especially before they even play a down. Anyways, Creighton, my only question is, WHY IN THE HELL WOULD YOU WANT TO CUT DOWN THE PLAYERS OF THE TEAM YOU ROOT FOR?????
Oh and before I forget, there is a chance, by mid to late season, the Bears could have three players they drafted, as in Angelo, on the starting o-line. Olin Kreutz, [I know Angelo didn't draft him but the Bears did], Chris Williams, Kirk Barton, and maybe even Josh Beekman, think about it.
Its like the great Kevin Bumstead once said, "Id rather watch a Bears game where they are getting blown out, than watch Brett Favre win another Super Bowl." as always GO BEARS!!

Hey boyz............ You guys need to buy a couple of CASES OF BEER AND BRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fire up the BBQ and KISS/BEARHUG and make up!!!!! This sunday night would be perfect. You all have good points.... It's fun at first reading your thoughts...BUTT!!!!!!!! I lost track of WHO said WHAT and WHERE and WHY and I just don't care anymore!!!! HECK..... I'll buy DA BEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!! Bottom line... WE ALL LOVE DA BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!SOOOO............ CHEERS!!!!! "BLOG" UP THOSE ARTERIES... IT'S A LONG SEASON!!!!! GO BEARS!!!!!!

:) Moolander is Moolander, Creighton. Brando, me is simply me.

I think Moolander cracked everybody up with his post and now your sour. By the way how did you put that?.... "Slammed with last week." Slammed me into next week, Slammed Brando's last weeks post...????? What are you trying to say? Thanks for only driving me nut and not nuts.

Ohhh yeah you also mentioned that I try to catch you in mistakes but havent yet?

Guess what Creighton I fluffed up that Metcalf Pillow, put on my Tom Waddle sheets and 85 Bears blanket while slipping into my special made Jerry Angelo jammies and had a wonderful sleep last night.

Thats right Metcalf lets take a trip back to memory lane. I know Biggs I keep on dragging this thing on and on and on....

You first stated he started NO games. I had corrected you. Then you came back with he only started a couple of game while playing in 26. I then put up his Career starts and games played. Thats just one example.

That also was the first with many other that followed.

And Kevin Armstead is correct Creighton.

Creighton to defend Moolander and myself Moolander is Moolander and not me. I think mooland while cracking us all up hit a sour spot with ya. Keep it up Moolander that was a great post.

As for me I fluffed up that Metcalf pillow, put my Tom Waddles sheet with the 85 Bears blanket and slipped into my special made Jerry Angelo jammies. I had the best sleep in some time.
Ohh yeah that mistake you put up with Metcalf, remember my first correction of many more that I made because I didnt want reader to read faulty and incorrect stats, Yeah I think we all remember.

What size baseball cap are you in now Creighton a 9 and 1/8.

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