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Barton expected back provided he clears waivers

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The Bears are planning to bring back offensive tackle Kirk Barton to the practice squad this afternoon provided he clears waivers, a league source said.

Barton was released Wednesday to make room for veteran Fred Miller.

His best opportunity would figured to be with the Bears if he doesn't join another team's 53-man roster. Barton has learned the offense and at 35, Miller is just a one-year option. The Bears are going to need more young tackles moving forward, even after first-round pick Chris Williams is healthy.

Left tackle John St. Clair will be an unrestricted free agent after this season. Right tackle John Tait is signed through 2009.

The waiver wire closes at 3 p.m. and moves are typically announced about an hour after that. Of course, to add Barton the Bears will have to release someone from the eight-man practice squad. They currently have two linemen on the developmental squad--tackle Cody Balogh and guard Tyler Reed.

Stay tuned.

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Jerry the Joke and Lovie the Mope have had a lot of time and draft choices in order to develop a steady stream of viable OL starters and back ups...

These two trainees have failed to produce starters and back ups and first round choices........

The clock is ticking, if St Clair goes down the Bears are in serious trouble............

I would say Joey LaRocque, Fontel Mines, or Ervin Baldwin should be released before any of the linemen. We need to rebuild this line, not keep a practice squad TE/WR hybrid, or a slow OLB who only has potential as a special teamer. We just spent a bunch of money on Urlacher, Briggs, and Hillenmeyer, and Jamar Williams is the top backup. LaRocque has no future here, at least this season. Kellen Davis, Greg Olsen, and Dez Clark are probably the strongest position group we have on the team, so why keep Mines? He is not big enough to block, and not a great route runner, so he is just taking up space.

Baldwin is mired behind Brown, Ogunleye, Anderson, and Idonije before he even gets to practice for real. No future there. Offensive linemen need to be developed, because next year, all bets are off...

I agree. Putting Barton on waivers was a horrible decision. First thing I thought when I read the headline - please don't let it be Barton, he is going to be stud in my opinion.

I still think if Barton clears then Perry is released. He has been on the practice squad three years. We have Metcalf and Buenning ahead of him and we are short available tackles.

In addition all of the other seven practice squad players serve a purpose: OT Balogh gives us help on the left side if Williams is not ready come November; FB Davis is our only backup to McKie; DE Baldwin gives us DL depth which is needed; CB Bowman is our only DB replacement if anyone goes down; LB LaRocque is probably a special team replacement if someone goes down there in addition carrying only 6 LBS leaves us thin at that position; TE Mines is needed if a TE goes and we want to run the jumbo package as we did when McKie scored; and WR Rideau is loved by all on this message and more importantly provides us with depth at the WR.

So I predict Perry is released if Barton clears.

Who in the world is "Perry"? Do you mean Tyler Reed? Please tell me you were not thinking of Tyler Perry and the Bears at the same time. HAHA. Just giving you a hard time, MD.

I stand corrected. Thanks, Jeff.

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