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Barton claimed by Dolphins

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Kirk Barton will not be returning to the Bears.

The rookie seventh-round pick, who was waived Wednesday to make room for veteran Fred Miller, was claimed off waivers this afternoon by the Miami Dolphins. He will join the Dolphins' 53-man roster.

Barton, a four-year starter at Ohio State, was the No. 3 tackle almost from the start of training camp with top pick Chris Williams being injured, and he played extensively in preseason giving the Dolphins and every other team plenty of tape to scout.

The Bears liked him as a project down the road but felt it was important to add Miller, a veteran who knows the offense. They chose not to have 10 offensive linemen and instead kept six wide receivers.

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Real smart. Waive a potential long term OL starter from a good college program and resign a broken down vet at the end of his career. I guess the Tuna has a different way of judging offensive talent than our GM. Should have cut Booker or Bradly and kept Barton.

Let's see, we have a non-playing Chris Williams but lost Barton. That's smart.

Gee, who could have seen this coming? Doin' a heckuva job, Jerry!

Hey Guys, we do appreciate it! Sounds like Barton maybe a keeper. We need all the help we can get. You have no idea how brutal it is to watch your team go 1-15. Dolphins will need a lot more than Barton I can assure you.

I would have prefered that Angelo tried to deal Bradley to a team in desperate need of WR help say Seattle for a 2009 draft pick or perhaps cutting long time useless backup OG Terrance Metcalf, but, in the end the Bears were lookig for a Veteran 3'rd OT.

Lets be realistic here, Barton has never taken a snap discounting pre-season. He is a raw prospect who if pushed into service this year may not have been able to handle the position. Sure he looked promising in pre-season lined up opposite other 2'nd and 3'rd team players of whom most probably are not even on an NFL roster right now.

Barton was a 7'th round draft choice and now has to be put on Miami's 53-man roster. Odds are good that Barton won't even play this season, He probably will be inactive each week so lets be fair and wait for all the Angelo bashing until we see Barton actually on the field for the Fish this season shall we.

This is a typical Bears move. Keep an aging veteran over a young guy with a future. Did anyone else see the Colts pick up Justin Forsett the RB from Seattle - who ran wild in preseason against us?

Why is Adrian Peterson still here instead of him? AP is a decent player, but he is has had many chances any never showed much as a RB. Other guys could do just as well on special teams, so why not pick up a talent like Forsett?

Jerry and Lovie are just too attached to veteran players. Over the long haul, that hurts your team.

I posted this on another thread but it bears repeating:

For Idc and others (B P. Zion) who harp that preseason means nothing ... you're very wrong. Preseason sucks for evaluating a team mainly because teams don't really give a sh!t. However, players care because they are being evaluated. Preseason is the best time for player evaluation of non-starters. Saying that Barton (or anyone) only looked good because they were playing against 2nd or 3rd stringers is five shades of stupid.

First, HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars each year are gauranteed to rookies who have looked good in COLLEGE games. College games where they are playing opponents far less skilled than a professional 2nd-string team.

Second, preseason is for evaluating talent. The drop-off from starter to 2nd-string is rarely severe unless you take into account star players. How many of you saw a DISTINCT drop-off in the play of our d-line when Marcus Harrison subbed in? Or the secondary when Manning subbed in?

Third, there are such players as "preseason warriors" - guys who can play in the preseason but lose it come regular season. That's probably more of a mental block than lack of ability especially at this level. These do happen but they are rare.

The general rule of thumb is, if you can play at an elevated level in preseason (regardless of opponent), you can play at the NFL level. It doesn't mean you can be an instant starter but you do belong in the league.

That is why I think getting rid of Barton will come back to bite Chicago - namely Jerry Angelo - in the a$$ ... not that there is much left back there after a litany of bad decisions.

Please remind us one more time. Exactly how much effort went into the draft to rebuild the weakest unit on last year's team? Oh, that's right one stiff .... back...and now because of your latest brain fart no one else! So much for the future let's bring back last year's reject. Sure Fred was injured last year but that is what happens to old players.

Mean while up north there is a GM and Coach that put it all on the line and cast off a Hall of Fame veteran who happened to have a great season last year just to move forward.

Happiness must lay somewhere in between

The really ignorant part of this move is that we didn't even have to give up any player to keep Barton and Fred Miller on the roster. All we had to do was put Chris Williams on injured reserve, where he really belongs anyway since he will be out most of the year. The only advantage to keeping him on the active roster is that IF he gets healthy before the end of the season, he can start practicing with the team, theoretically giving him a head start on next season's learning curve, but losing a draft pick (albeit a 7th rounder) with some potential just to allow that to happen is insane.

One other general comment is that this kind of thing happens because of the owners' greed a decade or two ago when they decided to cut the active rosters from 60 down to 53. Basically they collectively decided they didn't want to pay as many players with free agency starting to drive up salaries back then. Those were also the days when you could place a player on injured reserve for 4 weeks at a time, and not have it be an automatic season ending roster move. With so many specialists in the game and the seemingly more frequent injuries, they have got to increase the roster size again.

Oh well, whats done is done, the Bears still have Cody Balogh, and he can play left tackle, Barton could not, and left tackles are hard to come by....we all should know that. I think the Bears still have some young players to help them long term wise. We got Beekman at left guard, he is young and is starting, Beekman should only get better. The Bears have Chris Williams when he returns, I think he will, Angelo would not have put him on the 53 man roster other wise. Don't forget Dan Buenning, who the Bears have at right guard, although Garza has not looked that bad lately, Buenning has only been in the league for 4 seasons. If Chris Williams can be the left tackle the Bears think he can be, and I think we will find out late season, the Bears will only have to concentrate on bringing in a right tackle, maybe in the draft. This won't be as hard as trying to get a left tackle. But like I said, "Williams success when he returns is key," I think Williams should be a good one GO BEARS!!

Miller looked completely out of shape last season. No way he's in any kind of football shape, given his past work ethics.

You blew it again, Angelo.

The signing of Miller tells me that the Bears are committed to trying to make the playoffs this year. That's encouraging.

"looks like tarzan, plays like jane..."

that was one draft magazines take on kirk barton. i agree that we have to wait to see if he plays/makes an impact before killing jerry for this one. truth is, we have enough to hate jerry about. starting with his horrendous draft history...

i think this move may indicate that the bears front office doesn't trust the health of john tait. maybe that ankle is really in bad shape and they anticipate him missing some time.

i would have been all for waiving marty booker. why did they bring him back anyway??? bears are now so hardup that they're taking receivers off the dolphins scrap heap...yikes!!!

YOu think Parcells and Sparano know a couple of things about O-Lineman??? We have zero to show for lineman from this years draft. Realistically this Bears team is not going anywhere this year. Tait's contract runs out next year, St. Clair runs out this year, Miller runs out this year. So we have to draft/sign and develop three OT's. IF Williams comes back, we'll still need a RT, a backup LT and a swing tackle. But we're carrying 6 or 7 WR's every week.

Angelo stinks. This is a terrible move. You gave up a 4 year starter who won a national championship at a big time program for a guy coming off of surgery who hasn't practiced in 10 months. And Tait or St. Clair can't play LT- Tait couldn't handle the speed rush last week at RT, you think he can handle the speed at LT?

problem with the Bears is we have other O-lineman who look like Tarzan and play like Cheetah. I think Jane would be an upgrade at this point.

Let's also not forget that Garza and Kreutz are not youngsters any more. This line is getting up there in years, and Olin is starting to see the results of his time in the trenches. We are going to need at least 2 new starters after this year, as they probably will not bring Tait back for his final year, and St. Clair/Miller will both be gone. I expect to see Buenning in the starting lineup before long, which would mean either Beekman or Garza is coming out. You figure Williams, Buenning, a new RT, and possibly a new RG for 2009. Maybe Balogh can step in next year and be a solid RT for us. Considering how many good pass rushers there are in the NFL at LE, we need two left tackle-type players on the field to handle it.

As I see it, our best lineup would be moving Beekman to RG, installing Buenning at LG, and riding it out until Williams is ready to contribute. Buenning will help St. Clair now, and will be a nice partner for Williams on the left. Beekman has more upside than Garza, and seems a lot better at holding the point of attack. Tait can help him as well. That also puts our two highest potential guards on the field flanking Kreutz, and with Pat and Kevin Williams coming soon, I would much rather not trust Garza with blocking them seem to have a serious problem with Garza. He is only 29 years old, and if you look at the scouts analysis of him the past couple of seasons, he grades out consistently as the best lineman the Bears have, even better than Olin. I agree with you that Tackle is our biggest concern, as well as eventually developing Olin's replacement, but with Beekman seeming to be doing fairly well so far, and Buenning on the roster. For 2009, I would see a line consisting of Williams - LT, Beekman or Buenning - LG, Olin - C, Garza - RG, and ??? at RT. In the draft, we would need to draft another Tackle (maybe a 2nd or 3rd round type guy) and a center, but the good news is that centers, even the best in the country rarely get drafted very high, so we probably don't need to look for one until the 3rd or 4th round.

Come on DCODC...

If you truly beleive that that level of play between a 1'st stringer and a 2'nd stringer is is rarely severe then that my friend is (6) shades of stupid.

Were not talknig just any 2'nd string here, were talking about a raw rookie who you want to entrust to step in an play solid Left or Right tackle in the event of injury... Comparing Barton to Harrison
is apples and oranges. OT, specificaly LT is one of the premium positions in the league next to the QB. Of course Harrison (who happened to be a 1'st round graded talent before his college issues by the way) could play well when called upon a DT. TO think that a true rookie 7'th round draft pick could man either O-Tackle position is dangerous and border line idiocy if your a GM who is seriously trying to field a team for a playoff run.

If Angelo was content on rebuilding this team for the future he wouldn't have invested nearly $200 million on extensions to core players and he would have gutted the O-line completely and started from scratch.

I never harped that pre-season means nothing by the way. I did say many of the players that Barton played against are probably not in the NFL right now. You do have to grade players by the level of competition they faced otherwise many teams would be starting a bunch of previos backup's or rookies who happened to excel in pre-season games against lesser competiton.

There is a huge difference in teams starters and it's backup's. The backup's generaly are not good enough to unseat the starters, that's why they don't start. It's not rocket science coach. Just look how the Colts O-line looked with several back up's pushed into the starting line up. Look at our Defense last season after we started dropping starters like fies due to injury. Ditto for the Offense when the O-line started breaking down, when we went through all (3) QB's on the roster....

I did aslo say I wished Angelo could have moved Bradley or cut the ever useless Terrance Metcalf to make room for Barton but alas, myself or anyone else here can only second guess the decesions made by the Bears GM.

It is obvious that Angelo fully expected Barton to clear waivers so he could sign him to the PS and he was nearly dead on because the only team that put in a waiver claim for Barton was the Dolphins. That means (30) other teams in this league did not think enough of Barton to claim him and add him to their teams 53-man roster. Miami is one of the teams fighting for the worste record in the league this year, they are rebuilding completely so it makes perfect sense for Tuna to add a potential promising rookie prospect to his inventory.

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