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Back from vacation, Harris admits there is chance he doesn't play

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Tommie Harris missed his third consecutive day of practice Friday and there is a chance the three-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle will not play Sunday against Philadelphia. He is listed as questionable on the injury report.

"However you put it,'' coach Lovie Smith responded when asked if Harris was injured or just sore. "He's not in position to practice right now, whether that's injury, soreness or all of the above."

The Bears have been disappointed in Harris' production thus far. He's registered two tackles and one stop for loss through three games.

Harris said he would "see you on the field Sunday'' before going third-person on the situation.

"Close," Harris said when asked if he was near where he should be. "He went on vacation and I think he just got back this week. We'll see how he goes.

"Hopefully I can get all you guys back on my bandwagon when I make a couple more plays. I miss you guys. See you guys later. Tommie just got in from vacation this week and hopefully he is ready to play because he has been taking some time off. Hopefully everything is alright with him. We'll see what he does Sunday. I'm excited for him."

Asked about the possibility that he might not play, he acknowledged it was a possibility.

"[Harris] has to show up though, no question," Harris said. "No question. They gave him all that money. I guess since he plays for the money he better do something now since they paid him all that money. That's what they say, right? `He got a new deal, he shut it down.' I've always played for the money? Get out of here. See you guys Sunday."

As for the rest of the injury report, Brandon Lloyd (hip) and Devin Hester (rib) are questionable. Both had limited participation in practice. Defensive end Alex Brown (left ankle) and cornerback Nathan Vasher (shoulder) had full participation and are probable.

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Tommie Harris, Brian Urlacher, and Mike Brown all look like shells of their former selves. None of them has made any impact plays, which is what elevated them above "merely good" players. Due to age and/or injuries, their bodies are probably shot and the Bears cannot look forward to them getting better. Tommie Harris has the best chance, as he's at least not "old" by NFL standards. I think Brown's and Urlacher's bodies are telling them to retire. As great as they were and as much as I loved them as Bears, maybe it's time.

TOMMIE WAS MAKING A JOKE.. I wish brad would have put at top he was being sarcastic,,,, and I hope brad realized that..

Harris, Urlacher, Hester and Brigss held this team hostage during the off-season. The only guy earning his money is Briggs. I mean Harris and Urlacher come off the field with the cleanist uniforms. So far, all of the pundits have been right about Brian Urlacher. Hester is nearly done with his "injury" recovery. To bad the biggest injury is between his ears. Manning and Vasher have completely outplayed him and together they are making less than Hester. Most underpaid on the team: Matt Forte, Dusty Dvorcek, Brandon Lloyd. Most over paid: Urlacher, Harris, Vasher, Hester and Rashied Davis.

It's sad, but nobody plays for the love of the game anymore!! Show me someone on the Bears that does and you'll see that he'll be rookie of the year.I just hope that when the Bears pay Matt Forte what he is worth in a few years, that he doesn't end up like the rest (#'s 54, 91, 33, 31, 23, 57, 92,.......etc) #55 still rocks!!

I really wish Tommie Harris would shut up and produce on the field. Also, there is nothing more annoying than talking about yourself in 3rd person.... at least that's what Dave thinks.

Harris=Benson. Big money, no performance or heart. Bench him for the wake up call. If third person Tommy continues at this pace, can his a*s at the end of the season. Free agent scrubs would perform better.

The Bears really need to figure out some basic things. First if a guy like Harris is in to much pain to practice or to injured to practice in non-contact drill. Then what makes them think he is going to be ok on game day to play? This has been going on for weeks, the guy needs to sit and get healthy. So sit him and let him get healthy. I mean really how do they come to that in there heads? Well Harris has not been well enough to practice in non-contact drills, but he is good to go for game day. Yah that makes sense.

Geno: How do you figure Dusty is under paid, he has been getting paid for two years to do nothing, or did you forget this is his third year and he has played in all of 4 games. Forte is under paid but he is a rookie, Lloyd should be greatful any team took a chance on him and still needs to prove himself; he has been kicked off two teams.

Dave: I think that's a little harsh. Harris has been a dominant player in the past and played through injury. Benson never once showed anything and was a walking vaj-jay.

I agree with Creighton if he's too hurt to practice then don't play him on Sunday. His production is next to nothing right now. Give Harris a week or two off and let the young kid Harrison, Dvoracek, and Izyy let loose to see what they can do. It's not like Harris is setting the world on fire so maybe a week or two of rest can get him back to Pro Bowl form.

Quote by Creighton

" Lloyd should be greatful any team took a chance on him and still needs to prove himself; he has been KICKED OFF TWO TEAMS."

WRONG Creighton he has not been kicked off two teams. On March 11, 2006 the Washington Redskins had traded a 3rd round pick that had went to the 49ers. Get it right Creighton you know Im all over that kinda stuff, and I love to correct you sence you never seem to be wrong.

I would like to elabrated on that Creighton. I say the Bears are greatful that they took a chance on him. Everything that sent him in the dog house with Gibbs is fixable. His attitude got him kicked out of Washington not his lack of production. He didnt realy have much production because Gibbs did not like him.

And lets talk about your lack of production Creighton, Try looking things up before spouten out rumers just to make a player or the Real Bears fans to make them look bad and yourself look good.

P.S. Insted of Real Bears Fan Im now going with a TRUE BEARS FAN!

I personally think that the contract provided here was square due to the fact that it is filled with clauses that secure the organization from getting ripped off by the players. a lot of these player are worth their money, some more than what they're given, but unfortunately plenty also have the skill of hustling the organizations. Hopefully Harris will ultimately produce what we all would like to believe he can, and end his self-pitty and brooding. Then again that is my opinion I could be wrong.
GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously there is something wrong with Tommie Harris, his lack of production should be the tell tail sign. As fans all we can do is speculate what is exactly wrong with Harris. We know it is soreness in the knee. I have a feeling whatever it is, it will require season ending surgery, just a gut feeling. I highly doubt Harris wants to go down this early, so the Bears are probably going week to week with the situation. Tommie Harris is the first defensive tackle in the Bears storied history to go to three straight pro bowls, so I think the guy can play, and I doubt sitting Harris all week during practice is going to hurt him. Chicago probably figures the same thing, rest the knee, come in on game day [when it counts] and see what you can do to help. Lets just hope Harris will get better.
The good out of all of this is Jerry Angelo used the extra third round pick to bring in a defensive tackle, and I think an emerging star in rookie Marcus Harrison. Harrison is currently third among defensive linemen in tackles, the guy can make things happen. I think Harrison along with Dusty Dvoracek give the Bears a strong inside presence, Chicago should be fine inside.
An underrated defensive lineman who is probable, is Alex Brown, I think things would really get ugly if Brown ever went down, glad to see he is fine GO BEARS!!

Geno, I agree, they are not earning their money,and the Bears should be glad they have the other players to make up the difference, I really don't care what the big 3/4 did 2 years ago, they are blowing leads now.
If you were screwing up your job like that do you really think your boss would not say anything?
I would think we should bench these guys in the last part of the 2nd Q to rest them and maybe the first of the 3rd. Cause we need someone in their that can holod a 4th Q lead for sure.

Although I feel Briggs may be playing alrigt. Anyone have his tackles/assist numbers?
Conditioning seems to be the problem and I would think anyone making that much money would be in an off season Conditioning program maybe not though by the looks of these guys in the 4 q. Harris needs to learn to talk on the field not off of it. Talk is cheap - their contracts are not.


Your "google-fu" is pretty weak so I will help you:

Lance Briggs 20 tackles (15 solo, 5 assists), 1 fumble recovery, 1 INT.

Solid numbers with two turnovers in three weeks ... let's hope it keeps up.

Brando you do realize being traded off a team because of your attitude and the fact that you throw your helmet at your QB is the same as being kicked off. Why do you think they traded him you idiot. You know the 9er's hated him right, they traded him for a reason. So yes he was kicked off.

My lack of production??? What are talking about moron?

This is like you claiming Metcalf is a full time starter. Once again you have no clue what you are talking about.

Yah they traded him cause he was so good and had such a great attitude.

Here this is from the post moron.

The Washington Redskins released wide receiver Brandon Lloyd yesterday, ending his tumultuous and unproductive two-year tenure with the team. Lloyd, who had a reputation for disruptive behavior with San Francisco before Washington dealt two draft picks for him, caught just 25 passes with the Redskins and scored no touchdowns.

Do you even read the SUNTIMES? They covered all this when the Bears signed him. Man you are dumb, I mean you are just plain stupid. You are so desperate to be right about something that you just run around grasping at straws all the time.

Hey look I found something, I am gonna be right for a change, oh wait, Creighton was right again. Me so stupid me Brando. Me no likey Creighton.

Yeah, I have URL on my Fantasy Team, but may drop him..
The Bears D should be at or near the top in Fantasy Points! Of course the D picked it up last night! Orton was terrific xcpt the Int in the End Zone, the Offense let down in the second half.
Dont' forget though the D let them right down the field untill that tremendous goal line stand!

I tried to watch URL during the game, he seemed a little weak, I am wondering if maybe he wasn't able to work out as usual over the summer getting over the neck injury?
Nice Goal Line stand though, particularly liked Ogunleye standing up the RB, watched that on tape several times. He really did a great job on that play.

Hey Creighton thanks for clearing or waite fogging up what I had posted. Just because I was just stating a FACT a FACT that Lloyd was Traded and not kicked off the 49ers you dont have to make yourself look even that more football dunce. The Cap go's out to you Creighton.

I also know that Lloyd was cut from Washington. That was a great thing for the Bears. Worked out to the Bears organization and for us True Bears Fans.

Creighton You know I dont realy need to call you out anymore because you are doing the job for me. Now thats production.

Orton Pro Bowl? Its early but he sure does look like a NFL QB with big time play ability. How long has it been since a Bears QB went to a Pro Bowl?

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