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Two offensive linemen added to cuts

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Undrafted free agent offensive linemen Cody Balogh and Ryan Poles have been informed they will be released.

Balogh is a strong candidate for the practice squad, which cannot be formed until 11 a.m. Sunday. Poles showed well during camp and has some versatility and could also wind up back in that role.

Quick note: The release of defensive end Dan Bazuin bodes well for defensive tackle Matt Toeaina and his chances of making the team, but that's just speculation on the part of the Inside the Bears staff. More cuts when we get the information.

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Hmmmmm...with the release of Balogh I believe we are down to 3 offensive tackles on the entire roster...we may not be able to field a team by Week 3 - an NFL first.

I think it would be a good idea for the Bears to plant as many of the offensive linemen that they can fit onto the practice squad. Poles would have been a decent draft pick if not for the injury his final season, and Balogh showed he is capable of developing (unlike Aaron Brant and Rob Droegge in past years). Addams will be on IR or receive an injury settlement, and Poles and Balogh could be on the practice squad. You add in Beekman, Barton, Oakley, and Williams, and we have a pretty deep group that will be still very young with some experience next year. Kreutz and Garza are not going to be here forever, and Tait is probably gone at the end of 2008. We will have some guys to choose from in 2009.

While it doesn't help much this year, the offensive line appears to be slowly rebuilding, and could be a strength of the team in 2-3 years again.

Joe nice work on the notes on the O-line. I hope that it will be the strength soon. A lot is going to ride on Williams being able to play and if Tait is gone next year we have no one at left and right tackle. Could get a little scary. Go Bears.

Yeah, Joe, good work on the O-line stuff. Though, I would like to see OT Mark Levoir (ND) brought back if he's cut by the Rams and be the swing tackle and possible starter in 2009 for Tait, sign another guard, put Terence Metcalf on IR or waived and given an injury settlement, and convince Tom Thayer to become the Bears O-Line coach next year. Though, Thayer was way off on his assessments of Rob Droegge

I also like what Joe said. Even if Williams turns out to be the real deal down the road, we need to have more than that. Good things need to start happening behind these older vets. Barton and Adams look to have some upside. If he isn't hurt too bad, it could be a silver lining to be able to park Adams on IR. It gives him another set of OTAs and preseason to devolop.

The good news is that there are a LOT of late rounders and UDFAs playing very good football on the Oline in the NFL. The bad news is that they usually take a year or two to develop and it's hard to tell until you invest the time. Metcalf and Oakley have had their "development" time. They either need to play like vets NOW or be jettisoned to make room for more prospects. The Bears need to start getting this right or it could get really ugly in the next year or two. It was ugly enough last year.

Joe, thanks for always being sober when you make assessments.

Joe you do realize our offensive line has gotten worse sense the super bowl, in fact it has gotten worse two strait years now. Were rdo you see the improvment? Let me put it to you this way. This offensive line is really bad, I think we can agree on that. So how bad is a player who is not even good enough to start on this line. Thats how bad the offensive line situation is. Beekman didn't even beat out Metcalf, Metcalf got hurt and Beekman took over. Tait looks really bad and Barton is still backing him up.

Part of the problem is we have not seen Barton with the first team really. SO he may not even be able to keep up with them for all we know. This proably the worst offensive line in football. Not to mention this unit has no depth. The line is bad and very thin.

My guess is Miller is coming back. If thats the case what does that say about Barton. There both RT's along with Tait. We don't just need to get younger, we need to get better. With Angelo at the Helm and not a lot of money for the offense over the next several years, I would say 6 years to build are own line. Fire Angelo and bring in Cowher, and I would say 2 years. It's also not just about having good players, the last offensive lineman the bears developed was Olin. If we can't develop what we draft, talent won't matter either.

This is a critical period for the BEARS, who have not shown they are ready to compete with the season starting next week in primetime. What the cut list is showing is that some of the FA's are outplaying the draft picks and the team sees fit to have them on the team in depth positions. When you look at some of the cuts they make sense, Bazuin,not able to play special teams, Okwo, has not been able to stay healthy, and has not shown much when he's been on the field, Peters flys around but we have depth at Safety and youth there, Reed not even on the 2nd string o-line everyone seems to complain about on the Blog, Balough and Poles were destined for practice squad this season from the start, they want to get them cleared early so they can immediately bring them back. I hope this is sending a message to the team that you must produce or you will be let go ! I like Rideau, he can catch the ball and play special teams, I think he makes it now that Haas is gone, wolfe is big question mark at this point, he can only be a 3rd down back and returner at this point, not sure if he can play on coverage team, if not he could be gone also. Two coaches have to produce and that's Hiestand and Babich or it will be a long season....Go BEARS

Joe, valid points and good looking out, lineman take 2-3 years at least to develop, because of all the little tricks to footing and hand placement and the speed changes coming up to the nfl. Now, if only we could find a way to solve the two-headed Creighton problem...

1) He only logs on to blast the Bears 24/7 and has never uttered a positive thought on the internet

2) I think my one year old could help him learn some grammar and spelling.

sense = since
are = our

Young players not yet quite at a starting level = prospects for the future to replace our now over the hill linemen. That is the entire point Creighton, they will develop into better players with time on the practice squad, time with the team, and time in OTA's/training camp. That's how you improve a line.

Joe Felicelli, thank you, give the Bears some time, and they will have a good, young offensive line. You can't fix an o-line over night, it takes time. I believe by the end of the season, the Bears will have their two future tackles in the line-up. If Chris Williams has a healthy return, he will be in the starting line-up. There is also a good chance Kirk Barton could start, but only if he makes the final 53 man roster, I'll keep my fingers crossed today. Josh Beekman is already in the starting line-up, this is a good thing. I think with time, Beekman is going to be a good player for the Bears. With Williams, Barton, and Beekman, hopefully all in the starting line-up at seasons end, the Bears will be headed in the right direction. The one last thing I would do this off-season, is spend another 1st day pick on another offensive lineman, probably a guard. As of right now, draft wise, Oklahoma's Duke Robinson is the creme de la creme of the guards that will be coming out. The guard position, definitely, should be at the top of the Bears wish list going into next april. With the above mentioned players, along with a stud first day pick at guard, and the Bears could be on their way to having a great o-line again. GO BEARS!!

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