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Tight end Mines expected back on practice squad

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Tight end Fontel Mines is expected to be signed to the practice squad later today provided he clears waivers.

The Bears typically carry a tight end on the developmental squad and Mines was on the practice squad all last season before being promoted to the 53-man roster before the season finale vs. New Orleans.

One other tight end who could be of interest to them is Keith Zinger, the rookie from LSU who was drafted by Atlanta and waived by the Falcons Saturday. The Bears had a pre-draft visit with Zinger, but he could be likely to return to the club that is familiar with him.

Offensive tackle Cody Balogh is also a possibility to be signed to the practice squad. He was undrafted from Montana and showed well in preseason. The Bears told Balogh to stay in the area when they informed him Friday he would be waived. Other familiar faces for the practice squad could be defensive end Joe Clermond, cornerback Trey Brown, who got work at nickel, and linebacker Joey LaRocque is also a strong possibility.

Teams can establish their practice squads starting at 11 a.m.

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Cody Balogh might be the Caleb Hanie of the offensive linemen. One of those players who kind of slipped threw the cracks for whatever reason. The fact that the Bears told Balogh to "stay in the area" is probably a good indication the Bears are gonna sign him today. Im glad, Balogh could prove to be a steal, with time and development. While Balogh might not ever become a starter, he could become the Bears new swing tackle, which is an important position in its own right. Although, never say never as far as Balogh becoming a future starter, you just never know. If this were a perfect world, next seasons starters at tackle for the Bears would be, left tackle Chris Williams, right tackle Kirk Barton, and swing tackle Cody Balogh. I can see this happening GO BEARS!!

I really hope Brandon Rideau is picked up for the practice squad so the Bears have recourse when Bradley is inevitably hurt, and Marty Booker is benched for not being able to out run defensive linemen.

PS-fire Angelo and pray for the McCaskeys to sell the team to Jerry Colangelo.

Along with Brandon, they should also get back Haas if its possible to sign him to the practice squad. Too much talent just to let him go.
I agree with firing Angelo. Along with Angelo, they should also fire Lovie and his buddy, the defensive coordinator. And lets not forget that Lovie should take Rex with him wherever he should land.
Headline for January....Lovie Fired, Rivera Hired !

Jim, your absolutely right about rideau but knowing these coaches they'll probably not sign him. Remember there's never any real competition at halas hall and signing rideau to practice squad would definitely have booker or bradley looking over there shoulder.

Booker has not done one single thing since this preseason but he's getting special treatment because of Jerry Angelo. Lloyd on the other hand has shown he can make tough catches but rideau not beating him out has to be all Ron Turner.

i totally agree jim! if they dont bring rideau back to the pratice squad its a HUGE mistake!

roflz @ competition for your 5th and 6th wr...

bears fans kill me

our perpetual call for the underdog is starting to get old...

i mean how many people were screaming for monk?

the hanie calls have already begun

now we're screaming for 3rd string tackles and a 3rd/4th string wr

i liked rideau...i liked haas...but they didnt crack the lineup for very good reasons...they werent that good...

and dont give that crap about haas winning awards in college...grossman was 2nd in the heisman and you see how far thats gotten him in his ability


justincredible, I see you are mad people are pulling for some of the 'underdog' players, the fact you mention people screaming for a third string tackle, indicates you were referring to me, and my above post.
First off, Balogh isn't even the third string tackle, that would be Kirk Barton. If I were "screaming" for Balogh, I would of been going on about how Balogh should of made the final 53 man roster, I didn't. If you would of took the time to actually read my post, you would of seen that Im glad Balogh might make the practice squad, so he can eventually develope into a starting caliber tackle, probably a swing tackle. Again, I didn't say anything about Balogh making the 53 man roster, or starting this season. As a matter of fact, the practice squad is the best place for Balogh during his rookie season, so coaches can work with Balogh on technique, and the fundamentals of playing offensive line in the NFL. If you have a problem with underdogs, you probably don't like Rocky, how can you not like Rocky?? Underdogs are part of sports, they make it fun to watch, the fact you don't like underdogs is just incredible to me GO BEARS!!

it's been 24 hours rouhly since the 53 man roster has come out. Willie Andeson and Chris Simms should allready have contracts in hand.

Rideau has to clear waivers first and will bet there are a few teams like the chiefs looking at him. Same with Balogh, although I don't think he is much more than a practice sqaad guy myself. Rideau should have made the team flat out, and Bradley should be gone. It shocks me that Balogh didn't make the team either given that we only have 6 healthy linemen on the squad as of today. Williams, Metcalf and Adams are all hurt. What is a real shock is that the Bears went with 9 defensive linemen. Team has no offensive line and they go with 9 defensive linemen.


Good posts and I agree with you except you forgot Tait as a tackle, he still has some playing time left. Also nice pun with the just incredible line.

Creighton I also agree with you however who on the D line would you cut of the 9? I think you take a chance on losing too much value in any of the D line if cut?

I would love to see the Bears cut Metcalf and sign Willie Anderson for a year or two, a guy with 5 pro bowls and 33 years old (cut by Bengals for cap room). Then you can go with Tait back to the Left OT, Anderson at Right OT backed up with Barton. The line left to right would be Tait,Beekman,Kruetz,Garza and Anderson. Then you have the backups as noted St.Clair for either OT or OG, Barton for Right OT with Williams hopefully back by November backing up Tait.

The other option would be starting O line of Tait, St. Clair at OG, Kruetz, Garza and Anderson. The backups would be Williams at left OT hopefully by November, Beekman at either guard and Barton at right OT.

Creighton, the Bears will then win the Superbowl, they will fire JA and hire the three of us to run the team as GM's right?

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