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Spinning a positive out of the Bears' QB situation

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Veteran NFL writer Ira Miller, who recently relocated to the Chicago area from San Francisco, put together a preview of the Bears following a recent visit to Bourbonnais.

You can always pick up something insightful when visiting with Ira on the sidelines, and in this case you can definitely pick up something insightful when reading Ira on

"Consider that [Rex] Grossman's 19-11 record as an NFL starter, combined with Kyle Orton's 12-6, equals a winning percentage exceeded by only six active quarterbacks, a group that includes Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Donovan McNabb."

That's pretty interesting. Both quarterbacks have been helped by a usually tough defense and a stout running game before last season.

We wrote it last weekend that Grossman could have a slight advantage now given the fact that he'll get the start with the ones Saturday night in Seattle and Orton figures to get a little less time. It will be interesting if they have even performances like they seemed to coming out of the Kansas City game. Stay tuned.

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Just goes to show you how you can lie with statistics if you know how to twist them.

It goes to show you how unappreciative some fans have been, on the job of the QB, head coach, and general manager over the last few years. After 1 losing season followed by 3winning seasons of getting better. lets go Bears! 31 and 17 ain't bad.

orton was 7 out of ten against chiefs so i dont know why everyone keeps cutting him down.Orton also stays healthy grossman also played ok but his touchdown was all garrett wolfe.i noticed that grossman cant complete the ball inside ten yards, orton seems to be more accurate from 5 to 20 yards. Grossman is a more accurate deep ball passer but orton can fix that. i believe orton should start grossman has had 5 years and he either gets hurt or plays inconsistent but i just hope one pans out we haven't had a quarterback since erik kramer.I will support the coaches decision but i hope its orton.

No Mac it just goes to show your and idiot and a negative wannabe Bear fan!! The stats DON'T lie!! When you play great defense and run the ball and you have solid quarterback play without turning the ball over often(which Grossman and Orton did in most of those wins) than you can be successful!! The problem with fans like you Mac is that you will never change, you will always look at things negatively which truly inhibits your ability to ever become a true Bears fan!! GO BEARS!!

Yeah I wonder how many games those two guys would have won without the best special teams in football and one of the Best D's in football. Look at what happened last year with the defensive colapse, take out Hester returning kicks and you would have had 3 wins.

I love the way people give Rex and Kyle the credit for the wins. When it was all defense and special teams, oh and Jones helped out a lot too when he was here, good thing Angelo got rid of him in favor of Benson. Gosh another move of his that worked out really well.

Yeah stats mean nada.

I think all three of those QB's have been helped by extremely tough defenses and much better running backs and receivers. Not to mention great offensive lines too. Rex and Kyle have never played with talent like those QB's, not saying they're as good as them but its just the truth.

Brady's help: Maroney- Dillon plus Moss, Stallworth Welker
Peyton's help: Addai- Edgerin James plus Reggie Wayne, Harrison, Dallas Clark
McNabb's help: Brian freaking Westbrook, T.O., Stallworth

Either, Rex Grossman or Kyle Orton can do the job, and have both proved in the past, with the strong defense and running game, can win a lot of games for the Bears. The key is health, to both the defense, and the running game. I think between St.Clair and Tait, the Bears will be fine at tackle. Yes, St.Clair isn't an all-pro, but I am confident he can man the position for the Bears. If not, the Bears can swap Tait and St.Clair. Matt Forte is the key to the Bears success in 2008. I know its early in Forte's career, but so far so good. If Forte can come in and gain positive yards on a regular basis for the Bears, it will work wonders for the QB's and the entire offense. The key is running the ball and the ability to sustain long drives, and keep the defense fresh, this is key. A good running game makes it easier on the QB, also if the Bears can come in and run the ball, they will not be asking their QB's to win games [like last season], this is also very key. I like Orton, but Grossman can also do the job. I think with time for St.Clair & Beekman to jell [continuity is a key to a good o-line], and they will be fine on the left side. Can't wait till saturday to check the best team in the NFL out GO BEARS!!

i dont think its twisting the stats because football is a team effort. but can either of these qb's win the game? i don't think so, at least on a consistent basis. that being said, i believe orton must be the qb. he has better field vision, toughness, and is a game manager. grossman has some positives, but he cannot even handle center-qb exchange in practice.

I often wonder why quarterbacks get so much attention, when obviously so many other factors determine success or failure. Running game, offensive line, separation and speed of receivers,defense getting the ball back to the offense all have to work together or any quarterback will perform poorly.

For those predicting a 3-5 win season for the BEARS please get some help with either some anti depressants or wake up and smell the coffee.

The BEARS still have a championship caliber defense and #1 special teams and if the offense can move the ball and create field position
with few turnovers the D will be rested and then it is kick ARS time.

T Rex or Orton can win with the BEARS it has been done as Ira Miller
noted and the Bears had less offensive talent then than they do now.

So why can't the BEARS do it? Win the division and get back to the big dance.

We have got to believe! Do you?

Oh for those people talking about Rex and Kyle taking care of the ball. Well they both have more INT's than TD's. In 18 games started Orton has 12 TD's(wow fewer TD's than actual games played) and 15 int's to go along with 14 fumbles. Wow what a stud QB, how could I have not seen his greatness, he also averages what a whopping 130 yards a game passing.

Lets take a look at Rex now, In 32 games he has 31 TD's (wow what a stud just like Orton fewer TD's than games played) and 33 int's to go along with 19 fumbles. He also averages 184 yards per game, heck thats not even that far below the league average for starting QB's. How on earth could I not see the greatness that is Rex, he has always carried this Bears team.

Him and Kyle going at it is like watching Brady and Manning, no wonder the coaches can't decide who is better.

Rex and Kyles Ratings are 71 and 62 respectivly for there careers. Maybe we can alos bring in Alex Smith to compete he just got benched in San Fran and his numbers are comparable too these two goofs. We could complete the trifecta of suck this way.

Oh and as for the ungreatful Bear fan comment, last I checked is the fans that pay for the teams, it was the fans that gave these men there jobs that pays them all that money and all that fame, so excuse me if I think it's the players who should be greatful to the fans who afford them there way of life.

Creighton- please stop living in the past and forget about T. Jones. He wasn't good at all last year, but everyone seems to believe the Bears would've been better with a terrible line, underachieving defense, and quite possibly the most inconsistent receivers in all of football. Nothing at all could've helped them win more games, get over it already. Forte, K. Jones, and Wolfe will solidify the backfield while St. Claire is playing well with his first, real starting opportunity. Beekman might win the LG job after the next couple of preseason games. Who knows, the line might be better off without an inexperienced Williams.

No doubt that Jerry Angelo and Lovie can put together great defensive talent, but we need a co-GM to handle offense and a change at O-Coordinator for the bears to eventually have a prolific offense.

When it comes to offense, Jerry is a jackass. Chris Williams?! Are you kidding me? The pilsbury doughboy cant stay healthy for 2 days, and other teams dropped him off their boards cuz of his status as a fatso softie. Gah...I'm suprised, even for one of Jerry's Kids.

We should never have a pick earlier than 25, because we dont know what to do with them. We're great at finding hidden talent in the 2nd and later rounds, but as far as 1st-round offensive blunders go, Jerry really knows how to pick em'.

Good point Joseph, and that is exactly why the BEST case scenario is 10-6. Orton maybe won a game against NO in 2005 20-17 in week 8. Grossman maybe won a game in Minn in 2006 19-16. Besides that, neither one has shown that they can lead their team down the field in a pressure situation to win a game. That is why they will lose at least 6 games.

But the O-line will be fine on account there is no way it could be worse than last year.

The RB's are better than last year right now.

The defense is healthy.

The Colts have a banged up Harrison, Manning, and Freeney. They may need a couple of games to get "in sync". We could steal one there. Then Carolina is w/o Smith, their best weapon. Defensively we should win that game. They could start out well and with momentum with 2 road wins to open the season. Then Bucs and Eagles at home. The Bucs have an "iffy" QB situation, and the Eagles have started slow the last 3 years. Then @ Det (who sucks), and @ ATL (who also sucks). With the showdown week 7 at home against Min.

Our team has issues, but so does everyone else. The NFC North has no team with a clear cut starter at QB except the Lions, and the rest of their team is bad. Kitna isn't a great player by any means. Plus, Chicago has the most playoff experience in the division.

So overall, I do see the Bears reaching 10 victories if the defense and O-line stays healthy, and the running game averages 125 yards per game and 1 TD per game. GO BEARS!

Come on now Creighton, you are really out there on this one, the QB position around the league is not in great shape, not just the BEARS, when a 39 yr old can bring a 2nd round pick you know there is a problem at the position. With that said, the article states that Rex and Kyle win the games they start, this is what we want truly as Bears fans to win games, now if we can get a stud QB it would be someone who would do the same thing we want and that is to win the games. What do you mean when you say can these guys win the game, are you talking about running a last second come from behing 2 min drill, throwing for over 300 yrs a game, or throwing 4 TD's in a game? Which is it? None of that is Bears football, true fans know how we win, we score between 20-27 pts and hold you to 10-17, most teams in the league would be successful with the same formula, the QB's you always mention Brady and Manning's teams have to score 27-34 pts to win beacuse they give up so many points. So yes, Kyle and Rex win because of the defense that's the way we want it here in Chicago. Take a positive pill man and come to the blog with something positive about the team for once, show that you are truly a fan and not a complainer, you come into to the blog too much to be so negative sometimes I think your a Pack fan.

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