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Smith confirms Manning missing from practice

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Coach Lovie Smith confirmed that veteran cornerback Ricky Manning Jr. did not attend practice Tuesday morning.

When asked if Manning was still a member of the team, Smith replied, "He's not here. He didn't practice. If there is something official to announce, you'll hear with everyone else."

Manning did attend team meetings at Halas Hall this morning.

Now, there are a few possibilities:

1. He is in the process of being released or has been released.

2. The club is working to trade him. It will be difficult to find a team that wants to take on the remainder of his deal.

3. Manning had to leave Halas Hall for personal reasons.

Stay tuned.

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or someone at Denny's needed his butt kicked.

There has to be someone on the lookout for a young, physically talented corner with starting experience. Maybe they don't want his current deal, but they could easily convince Ricky to re-do his deal for the chance to be relevant to a team again. Hopefully, Jerry can convince his favorite trading partner, Buffalo, to do a deal for him....

Ricky Manning, Jr. should grow up and appreciate the Bears gave him a lot of money back in 2006 for a 'nickel back', special teams player , and second-string(and later to be third-string) cornerback.

The Bears signed him to a 5-yr, $21M deal in 2006 and what have they gotten in return?

Manning, Jr. can't cover a receiver in man coverage and gives no run support. It's surprising the Bears didn't cut him in the off-season. And, which player did Denver's Jay Cutler attack on the first play of tied game late in the 4th quarter last year? None other than Ricky, Ricky, he's not so fine.

In fact, on this blog and Bears SuperFan blog on NBC5, I suggested these players should have been let go after last year:

Dump the contracts of Adam Archuleta ($5M), Ricky Manning, Jr. ($3.3M), Fred Miller ($4.7M), Mushin Muhammad ($3.1M), Brian Griese ($2.5M), Rueben Brown ($2.2M), John Gilmore ($870K), and Terrence Metcalf ($1.486M).

After Manning, Jr. is gone, only Metcalf remains for now. But, Josh Beekman has been one of the Bears most consistent players in camp and pre-season. So, Metcalf should be on notice.

This whole situation with Ricky is ridiculous! He is the best nickel corner on this team and one of the best in the league. This seems to me to be politics at work. Anyone who falls out of favor with Coach Smith or the staff is not given a second chance. The fact is that Ricky made HUGE plays for us going through our super bowl run in 2006, and like a Mike Brown or Charles Tillman he always seems to make a big play in a big game. This is the Bears loss on this one and even though I am the #1 Bears fan even I am a bit embarresed in how they handled Ricky's situation! I wish you all the luck their Ricky and congratulations on your second baby!!

Manning, Jr is not long for this team. Not because he can't play but because he and the coaching staff are on different pages. Considering the track record of management moving players (Thomas Jones comes to mind) means one of three reasons why he has stayed on this team when he was not in the future plans.

A) No one wanted to give up what Angelo wanted for him (look at how Angelo held out Griese for something just before the bonus deadline);

B) Manning Jr's contract has a big hit in 2009 and therefore no one wants him at the 2009 contract price (most teams are at their cap number this year and they may not certain what they will get out of Manning making 09 too risky); or

C) Manning would not renegotiate trying to extract the highest amount of money he can (something any NFL player should do with such a short life span. Manning's next contract will probably be his final contract unless is he a freak of physical nature not too many CBs are in the 30s for the nickel position).

Since he is still with the team and NFL teams always need CBs I am willing to guess that is all of the above. It is at least two of the three and more than one.

MD Kevin: Good points

Manning, Jr. is scheduled to make $1.85M this year and $4.7M in 2009. I doubt if any team in the world would pick up a cornerback for any of those amounts. How much of the amounts would the Bears be responsible for to him, if any is guaranteed? How much is against the cap? And, if a team picked him, are they responsible for any of his contract? Or, do they sign him to a new contract?

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