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Rideau returns to Bears

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Wide receiver Brandon Rideau, who led the NFL in touchdown catches in preseason, has agreed to return to the team on the practice squad.

Rideau was one of the final cuts on Saturday and cleared waivers, allowing the Bears to bring him back. The team kept six wide receivers on the 53-man roster and he lost out to former second-round pick aMark Bradley.

Rideau has a nice combination of size and speed and did a little bit of everything offensively, although the work was with the second and third teams. Rideau can improve his standing if he can make strides on special teams.

That means seven of the eight slots on the practice squad have been filled.

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Alright! Hanie's with us, Rideau is with us...I only wish Polite would return. But we picked up that FB from Philly. Was there a reason for that Brad? What did the Bears have against Polite?

now will this shut people about about how inept angelo is?

its simple...if either bradley or booker suck it up...they get cut and rideau comes up

Now let's sign Willy Anderson and shore up the O-Line!


Did Rideau get some incentive money to come back, like the Bears did with Garay last year?

Looks like they picked up most of the guys we wanted for the practice squad, Balough, Mines and Rideau are all solid players. what do they like about Baldwin, I know we are young and heavy on the depth chart at DE?

What great luck, I didn't think Rideau would clear waivers. Brandon Rideau has a nice combination of size and speed. Rideau also showed the ability to stretch the field. Although, I can understand why the Bears decided to keep Mark Bradley. One reason, the obvious, draft status, but Mark Bradley didn't look that bad in the pre-season, it isn't like the guy played himself out of the league. The other thing about Bradley is, the guy has big time potential, he just has to stay healthy, so far so good. Here's something to take into perspective, the last two seasons, Mark Bradley has caught 20 passes, he has scored 4 touchdowns, thats a touchdown every 5 touches, can you say playmaker. The Bears are in a good position now with Rideau on the practice squad. If Mark Bradley gets another injury, the Bears should go ahead and part ways with Bradley, then simply elevate Rideau to the 53 man roster, things seemed to have worked out pretty good for the Bears. GO BEARS!!


You ask why not Polite? Brad can answer this better than me. However, I believe vested veterans such as Polite are ineligible for the practice. It is my understanding that the practice is for rookies and players with little or no NFL game experience. Since he was the only vested veteran released by the Bears that would be my hunch. But I could be wrong.


This link is one year old. But it outlines why someone such as Polite is ineligible for the practice squad as he has two years of NFL experience.

Just google "nfl practice squads" and see what come up.


Signing Willy Anderson will require that someone is either put on IR (read Chris Williams) or waiving someone such as Barton and then hoping Barton clears waivers so he can be added to the practice squad. However, even if Barton clears waivers (50-50) and gets onto the practice squad he is a free agent and any team can sign him if they add him to the 53 man roster just as the StL Rams did with LaVoir a few years ago.

I know there are many people here who think the GM and his staff don't know what they are doing (not saying you are one of them) but this is not as simple as many people who post here think.

So if you want Anderson, a 33 yr old with bad knees and slow movement (read a year younger Fred Miller) who goes off the squad? A young guy? A veteran such as Metcalf who plays a different position on the OL? Or either RB Peterson or Wolfe?

We need to develop a younger better OL and that only comes with time. The OL is perhaps the hardest part of the team to assemble from the ground up. Angelo has built his OL with FAs (Miller, Garza, Tait, and R. Brown) in the past. We need to build from the draft on the OL and that is what makes C. Williams injury so tough for us.

I like W. Anderson but I think his time is over. If we were a team thisclose to a Super Bowl I would agree with adding him. But we are in a semi-rebuilding mode. Not a complete rebuild as the Raiders or the Dolphins. Nor not a win this year teams such as the Pats or Boys. We have talent but unless the OL and the O together have an above average year we can only hope for a 9-7 at best.

And that is why we should stay clear of aging Veterans on the OL provided our veteran OT stay healthy. Now if either of them go down (God forbid) than yes sign Anderson.

Thrilled Rideau is on practice squad, he'll be activated in quick work when Bradley gets hurt. Then promptly catch more passes then everyone except Rashied Davis.

MD Kevin your a big fan of Angelo right, I mean you were talking about what a good job he has done, in fact a few days ago you were talking about how Okwo and Bauzine where going to be productive players for this team and talked about all the great starters he has drafted, you also talked about his talented free agent finds like Hunter and Garza. Now your talking about him just needing to develop an offensive line from the ground up. Is that all. Well he has bee here drafting sense 02. So lets see what he has done.

Columbo: drafted a RT to play LT and got hurt because of it, had some health issues before the draft Angelo of course got cute and drafted him anyway. Then he got cut because of injures.

Williams: Drafted a LT who had a bad back and then lied and said there was nothing wrong with his back, until the kicked spilled the beans and Angelo had a temper tantrum and said he never lied. Smart pick for a team desperate for Oline help.

Metcalf: Injury issues, no talent never maid it as a starter still on the team for no reason other than we we have no talent on the oline.

Beekman: Last year at the end of the season with no chance for the Bears to make the playoffs, this young man never dressed for a game, not even when Brown, Miller and Metcalf were all hurt, thats how much they think of him. Also totally collapsed in the preseason against the only decent defense the Bears played.

Garza: A stop gap who can't pass block to save his life.

Tait: a decent player in his prime drafted by the chiefs, has gimpy ankles and is at the end of his career

Barton: Taits backup, the team thinks so highly of him that they want to bring back Miller.

St. Clair: Career swing man backup, nicknamed the Human turnstyle, don't have to say much more than that.

Olin drafted by another person and developed under another regime, is at the end of his career and has lost a step or two, a leverage player playing in a power O. His back up is Beekman the starting LG.

So we currently have 6 healthy players on the oline. 1 backup for 5 positionS and 8 total offensive linemen.

We have 9 healthy players on the defensive line that means we have a backup for every player plus one extra guy.

Here is your first clue, Angelo could care less about the offensive line or the offense as a whole. All you have to do is look at the offense too know that it is the bargin basement offense of the NFL.

Look at his 14 year record at Tampa of drafting offensive line players, I think he drafted like 3-4 decent players in that time and either 1 prowl bowl player for the line or zero, can't remember, I think it was zero though. His idea of a qb is Trent Dilfer.

He is bad at drafting, bad at evaluation, bad at choosing coachs he does almost nothing well.

The Chicago Bears are pretty much the most famous franchise in the NFL, and in my opinion should be the best period. They are top three in fan base, sell more Jerseys than just about anyone and yet we constinatly bring in guys like Angelo who were fired by other teaams. Turner, Angelo, look at Lovie his defense in St. Louis stank.

Not to mention as a matter of NFL history the best coaches tend to come from the offensive side of the ball. So do the best talent evaluators, not all of them but a greater majoriity for sure.

As for developing offensive line talent, Angelo's regime has failed to develop a single player and now you want him to start doing it 6 years after he got here with a history of never being able to do it. So basically you think a Leopard will change it's spots. Like those great offensess he assembled in Tampa. In 20 years of drafting he has come up with maybe a dozen good players. If he would just stop missing with his 1st, 2nd and third round picks, learn to evaluate talent at more than just the defensive side of the ball, and actually learn what a good coach looks like he would be a fine GM. Outside of those small problems everything is fine, give him ten years more and he may actually find his first decent QB, wont be able to develop him but at least he will have found one. He would be fired from any other team in the NFL for the amount of misses he has on the first day of the draft.

Rideau should have made the team and Booker and Bradley both should have been cut.

Let me ask you has Angelo ever one a super Bowl as head of player personel or GM of any team? The answer is no. Does he have more winning seasons or loosing seasons under his belt? The answer is more loosing season and thats by alot. While he has been in charge of the Bears draft and team(he took over in 2002, Hatley did the 2001 draft and assembled that team) does he have a winning record? The answer is no he has a loosing record. Is the team getting better or worse with a higher amount of his draft picks on the team? The answer is worse. So why is this looser the GM of the most historic franchise in the NFL? Shouldn't we have the Best of the best, best coaches, best GM, best team.

chitownbear, baldwin is a beast. this guy not only has a motor but his speed is OD. once he develops more hey may get some playing time next year. he's a bit undersize but with his ability he's going to be a beast. you heard it hear first i'm calling it. Rideau, is a very good wr i've been saying this since last year. it looks like they are finally noticing his potential. I just hope at some point this season pep hamilton calls the plays when turner gets the boot after sucking it up with orton in there.

"Will this shut people up on how inept Angelo is?"

Are you kidding me?!

His first round picks and offensive picks have generally been horrible, but it is always countered that later in the draft and on the defensive side of the ball he makes up for it.

Along with Rideau getting cut, Mike Okwo and Dan Bazuin got cut. Second and Third round picks from last year... both on defense ... both cut in one year, without doing anything on the field to help.

Second and third round picks getting cut one year later is another reason to call him inept, not a reason to shut anyone up.

You cannot consistantly miss that horribly in the top of the draft and hope to field a competitive team.

Thanks for the info Kevin, I would have to disagree on the Bears building the Oline from the draft as opposed to FA though, as the Bears have been unable to build an Oline from the draft for years, what makes you believe they will all of a sudden out of the blue be able to do it now? The best Oline we had (since 1985!) took us to the Super Bowl and some came from Free Agency. Sure they got old and are inneffective now, but they are lots better than the ones we drafted and `built' on since then. I would happily let Peterson/Wolf go as they were so expendable that we had to draft/sign more RB's. so why not sign a FA Oline and let them go and win now as opposed to keeping them and losing now?
Would you just keep on doing what the Bears have been doing that got us 1 trip to the SB in over 20 years? I for one am tired of waiting 20 years between SB stints - I may not be here in 20 years to see the next one, so I am all in favor of FA Olinemen! You say yourself we can only hope for 9-7 this year due to our Oline, hey thats the same Oline that JA put together for us and he saw the Oline getting weak and did not draft oline, so why do you feel he will have a revelation and start drafting great Oline now??? There are more options out there than Anderson, but have the Bears explored them even knowing they have no oline? Semi-rebuilding?? Dude maybe you have no problem waiting for the team to finish `semi-rebuilding' but after waiting since 1963 for this team to do something more often than every 20 years - I assure you the team is ready now - not next year as we have heard for years. I give JA/Lovie alot of credit for taking us to the Super Bowl and I like what they did up to then, I feel thay dropped the ball this year big time, to sign our own FA, they threw away a shot at the SB this year, and who's to say we will not have D players lost next year? not to mention how many Oline will need replaced next year due to age - then we will be semi rebuilding AGAIN due to MORE Oline draft needs....Spend a little more now and we're there now, `hoping' for next year is bs.
I believe we were 2 players from the SB this year, 2 good OLINE with this D and we were there! Forte/Jones could run amok with a Oline, and the same QB that took us there last time is still here.
1963/1985/(2006) add the numbers (lose)but hey we don't need FA Oline do we???
The days of building through the Draft are long gone, teams that win build via Free agency and the Draft and use both methods to build a winning team.

Thanks MD Kev, I figured there was some rule like that. Anyway, I was hoping Polite would have made the 53! He did a lot of nice things, better than McKie. But still, you know how Lovie's "competitions" work.

Anyway, for a run first team, why wouldn't we have 2 RBs? If we really are a run first, we need our HBs to run the ball, our FBs to run the ball, and even our QB to run the ball.

And why again did we keep 6 wide receivers? We did that last year with Hass as the 6th guy and he pretty much never saw the field. At least Polite helped out on STs when he was activated.

I did not feel he would clear waivers either....although I agree on Bradley, Bradley has shown he can do it if healthy, and if not then Rideau is in.


Not arguing with you regarding Angelo's shady O history, but I feel it fair to mention that Lovie's St. Louis D was tops in the league the year they won it all. Regardless of his questionable decision-making at times, his D has been fairly consistent as long as everyone is healthy (which is most certainly was not last year).

Just a thought, but I would be plenty pleased with an O-minded GM to compliment our D-minded HC. At least he might fire Turner (at last!) and bring in some decent playmakers. We'll all see this year when Turner posts a third straight lackluster O with his vanilla game-calling and then tries to blame it on everyone "not executing." There's a reason you got fired at Illinois, Ron, and it wasn't just your crummy recruitment.

Creighton - I think you are making a good point about the inept drafting in rds 1-3 over the last couple years. If you look at franchises like the Colts and Pats they typically do not miss in rds 1-2 and start gambling from 3-7.

However, the quick collapse of the O-line is exactly what happens when you don't build through the draft and add quality players every other year. I believe both the Colts and Pats have drafted their starting OL and backups. The trick is to identify who physically and mentally fits what you do and then get them on the field. Angelo and Smith have failed in this area.

I think Angelo has done great resigning the core players, but poor drafting has put to little competition behind them. The drafting process has got to be improved.

thats right md kevin! even thogh you mentionned nothing abot angelo i'm stil going to bring him up and attack you. just like i attack everyone else on this blog. see, since i have no life, i go back months (even years) and read all the old posts. than wen someoe right somthing like i like bazuine or i like wolf the day they were drafted, i can say today SEE SEE how wrong you where you idot! like i have some specil nowledge.

anyway, its tim for me to bring up all of angeloes bad draft picks, like i do all the time. hmmm, lets see...benson, columbo, grosman, williams, metcalf, hitler..yup, angelo is the worst gm ever. ok, maybe not the worste ver. hes not as bad as tom donaho the gm who drafted kevin everet. yea hes the bills player who got paralized. gues what?? BUST!!!!

of course, wenevr i critisize angelo i conviently lesve out hester, tommy harris, anderson, olsen, alex brown, briggs, vasher, tilman, oh, and the good undrafted players like mcgowan, hanie, gould, idonije, hunter, davis, oh, and the good playuers he traded for like clark, tait wale, jones...

blH BLAH blah blah blah blah blabh blah blah blah blah blah blah blayb blah blah b;aj blah b;aj blah blah blah...yea thats prety much what my riting look like when you reed it.

but you guys now me, old crap-ton. just trying to be posative...

Build the offensive line from the draft at this point? Is someone nuts?

Guy's, come on, lets give Jerry Angelo a chance before running him out of the windy city. Don't get me wrong, I am by no means defending Angelo for building our offensive line, most recently, with a bunch of stop gaps. But I refuse to throw in the towel just yet. After all, we are only two years removed from a super bowl appearance. I think the pieces are there for the Bears to build an offensive line, you just got to have a little patience. Yes, the injury to Chris Williams was a major blow, but at least we now have a left tackle waiting in the wings. The injury to Williams is nobodys fault, not even Angelo. Players get injured, this is the nature of the beast. Williams will return, put it this way, right now, it is just like we drafted a later round left tackle, say, 3rd-5th round, that late of a round left tackle would not have been ready till late oct earlier nov, right around the time Chris Williams will be back. Also, this Kirk Barton kid could be something special, and he was a 7th rounder. Yes, the Bears might sign Fred Miller, but the fact that the Bears kept Barton on the roster shows they must see something in him. I think if they sign Miller they will cut cornerback Zackary Bowman, and throw him on the practice squad. Danieal Mannings versatility would allow the Bears to do this. Give Barton a season, he should be good for the Bears on the right side, and we still have John Tait to help hold things down while we develope our young tackles. Inside at guard, give Beekman some time, he hasn't looked that bad in the pre-season, I think he will continue to get better. Going into next season the Bears should have a new set of tackles, and a good young guard inside, then in next aprils draft, just draft a first day guard to go inside with Beekman. It takes time to build an offensive line, at least now the Bears are doing it the right way. You guys can't seriously want the Bears to clean house, we still have a good team, yeah, we sucked last season, again injuries, they happen. I say give this team a chance to hopefully stay healthy and show what they got, I think they won't let you down.
Also, come on guy's, yes, the Bears haven't exactly been regulars in the super bowl over the years. But at least we made it a couple of times, take teams like the Browns, Lions, and Cardinals, all of their fans have went an entire lifetime without a super bowl apperance. I am proud to be a Chicago Bears fan, I love the smash mouth, cold weather, take your lunch pail to work, tough guy image us Bear fans and our team have, this is who we are, and I love it, wouldn't have it any other way. GO BEARS!!

Kevin: hang in there man. You made some good points about how the line can be developed, Barton should have been drafted higher, but he did not possess the intangibles they look for at the combine, but he stareed 4 yrs at O-state so he plays at a high level. Beekman has shown some grit and feistyness iside, he's young and mean and could develop with playing time. I think the other guys have a point about how you pick a lineman, sht system is important, the Bears seem to be a drive blocking team, instead of zone blocking team. The try to drive people off the line of scrimage, and let the back pick a hole. Zone blocking seems to attack a side and overload blockers against the defense to create movement. The Bears need size and strength to run their system, a lot of the seasons success lies on Hiestand's shoulders if he can coach he should get this line together. I will not throw out Angelo either at this point, he has made some mistakes, but at least he got them off the roster and brought someone else in, he does seem to do better in the later rounds as a GM, offensive playmakers are needed still, but this year we look better on paper than before, now let get some good coaching and see what we can do.

Jerseyboy; thanks for the Baldwin update, I'll stay on the look oout for him.

matt: not sure about a Super bowl appearence but playoffs should be a possiblity. Need to go 1-1 on this fisrt road trip to set the tone, and win our home games, BEARS lost too many game at home last year to compete, protecting homefield is critical to our hopes of returning to the championship round.

Kevin, I would love to share your optimism. Last month I was thinking the Bears D will be unstoppable, Orton will continue where he left off at the end of 2007, Hester will be our #1 receiver and for sure will be in the playoffs.

But there's so many things that I've seen since then that have crushed my hope. For one, our defense is ranked 32nd (dead last) after all 4 preseason games. Last year we were 27th. Unlike some other guys, Mike Brown is honest and he said they were in fact trying to do well. Personally, I blame Lovie and Babich. They're the coaches. They're supposed to motivate guys and put them in the right position to make plays. Funny how Rivera's two year tenure coincided with a top 5 defense in '05 and '06 and a winning season. When interviewed after being released, Ricky Manning was asked about Rivera. Said he really liked him. Then the radio hosts asked about Babich. Manning took a deep pause.

Don't get me wrong, I want the Bears to surprise everyone and humiliate the Colts on national TV. I want them to trounce through the NFC and return to the big game. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, polishing my rabbits tail, even dumping extra chemical fertilizer on my lawn in hopes that the three leaf clovers will grow an extra petal. But from what I've seen lately, man oh man.

Kevin, here's hoping you're right, and that everything I've said about Lovie, Babich, Turner and so forth is dead wrong.


you wrote that I have said in an earlier:
" fact a few days ago you were talking about how Okwo and Bauzine"

I did not. You have me confused with someone else.

As for being a fan of Angelo. Yes, I am, esp. when compared to the drafting of the Bears since Finks left in 1982. Finks drafted 19 of the 22 starters in Super Bowl XX. Finks' players got to the Super Bowl nine years after he was hired. Angelo did that in five years. Yes, Angelo had M. Brown, Urlacher, Kruetz (sp) already on that team. But Angelo is better than most GMs.

Some people here have cited Andy Reid as the expert of picking players. This is the same team that released its 2003 first round Jerome McDougle and released him this week.

No draft is perfect. Again I ask you must lead your fantasy football league by a wide margin every year since you are quick to criticize draft errors.

I agree with you that he should have drafted more OL and I have mentioned that on more than one occasion. But look at the level of talent before he got here. Next to nothing albeit the three players I mentioned earlier.

Still if ranting here keeps you from going postal out in the real world. Then good for you.


I am not the Kevin A. who wrote the piece on the offensive line but I do tend to agree with his points.

Mike, I too am concerned about the D esp after the last two games. And the fact that we have only one healthy backup on the OL concerns the heck out of me. My guess is Angelo is looking to trade his better assets on the DL where he has 9 lineman and use it to acquire serviceable OL which we clearly need.

I knew going into this season that we were going to be team that needed to stop them on D and use the Special Teams to give us field position and then get a first down so Gould can kick a FG. That is a high risk way to win in the NFL. Now that the D looks suspect it could get bad, not 2-14 bad but bad enough that we will never be out of the NFC North (it is weak) but never with a strong chance.

I still think our best case is a 9-7 record; worse case 5-11. That is not the way to go into the season.

They need major upgrades on the OL immediately which means stop gap. And hope that their scouts can find the FAs on the OL as they did with LB Hunter, PK Gould, DL Toenia (sp). And then long term address OL in the draft in 2009 and the next few drafts as well.

Hey Md Kevin,
Don't worry, I don't have you mixed up with Armstead. I wrote something to the both of you. I thanked you for the info. on Polite and I responded to Armstead on his optimistic outlook.

This is what teams that win do. The Bears need Oline now not next year, Oline is available now (see below)but they are not doing it.
Yes JA/Lovie have done a lot of good bringing us back, I am not saying fire them but take it all the way, not to the 1 yd line and then drop the ball. LeVoir may not even start but he's not injured and he's not Miller/Metcalf/St. Clair. None of whom have done the job.

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (AP)�New England coach Bill Belichick usually knows which players are likely to be released by other teams. So after two-time Pro Bowl cornerback Deltha O�Neal was cut, the Patriots signed him.
The Patriots keep tabs on other teams� preseason rosters and usually are ready to pick up a player they like once he gets on the waiver wire.
�I can�t think of anybody that was on that wire that we kind of hadn�t talked about as a possibility,� Belichick said.
The Patriots also claimed two players off waivers�tight end Jason Pociask from the New York Jets and offensive tackle Mark LeVoir from the St. Louis Rams.


Don't put too much wieght on the team playing well in the preseason even the 85 BEARS who totally dominated the league were 1-3 in the SuperBowl year.

Keep the faith and don't listen to all of those naysayers!!

Anyone posting on Angelo's ineptness, look no further than the one SB appearance the Bears have had since '85. Before the current regime, the Bears were a talentless team with no direction. At least Angelo and Co. have drafted, signed, and/or traded enough talent to make at least one postseason run. With that said, his inability to draft on the offensive side of the ball has hindered the Bears from making a sustained run at success. Just look around the league and tell me how many teams have sustained success? They're the teams with franchise QBs.


Randy: I guess OT Mark Levoir isn't good enough to get picked back up by the Bears, but, good enough to get signed by New England. I think they feel safe with 'the great' Terrence Metcalf coming back in and to dominating at guard next to John St. Clair and pushing Josh Beekman to the bench.

Hey, I just had an epiphany...the Bears are 'no gooda' at evaluating offenseive talent

Rideau leads NFL with most TD catches in pre-season but clears waivers. Must be an abundance of 6'3" receivers who can score in the NFL.

That or other teams weren't too impressed with his performance against 2nd & 3rd team units.


Creighton? Crap-ton? To be honest, I can't tell the difference. Well, maybe one has shown greater intelligence and has a better grasp of spelling and grammar. He also does not rip the Bears so often. That one of course would be Crap-ton.

Since as long as I have been coming here to read news on the Bears I have never seen such a hate-filled, pessimistic "fan" as Mr. Creighton has proved to be. Please, end the charade and just go to a Vikes blog already!

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