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Rex Grossman Q&A

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Rex Grossman met with reporters Monday following practice at Halas Hall for the first time since Kyle Orton was named the starter a week ago.

Here is the Q&A:


Nothing has really changed for me. I am just trying to get better and I need to be ready. I need to make sure I stay on top of everything and make sure be ready at a moment's notice.


That's not for me really to say. I just have to repeat that last answer.


All I know is I am here to do my job, whatever that is, and I will be ready at a moment's notice. You never know what is going to happen. My plans is to stay ready.


It's my job so I've got to be good at it. That's how I look at it.


I was a little surprised but I've had some time to digest it and I'll be ready to go.


I'd like to be and that's what my goal is and I'm going to do everything in my power to make it happen.


It's not easy. But I'm going to be out here working hard to maintain myself, improving and being ready whenever they need me.


You just have to deal with it. There is no other option.


Right. You know it's something I have to deal with right now. I'm going to make sure I do whatever I need to do to make sure I develop whatever skill I need to develop to make sure I am a great player in this league. My personal goals haven't changed. My role and the immediate future has changed but my outlook hasn't changed at all.


Just make sure you study the film, make sure you work out a little bit extra because you're not going to have the same amount of reps, somehow, some way try to find those throws. Just stay mentally sharp and motivated for your next opportunity. That's not going to be a problem.


Like I said before it's not easy bit that's my job now and I am going to be as good as anyone in the league at it. I'm going to be ready at a moment's notice and I'm going to stay intro every game and every situation because I know that next opportunity could be my opportunity t get out there and show what I can do and have the season that I was hoping to have.


My mind set hasn't changed. Just my role from everyone else's standpoint has changed and that's taken a little bit of time to get over. I'll never fully get over it and I don't think anyone would expect me to. My motivation is to be a great player in this league and a starter again but for right now I've got to be the best quarterback and ready at a moment's notice. So that's my goal and that's my job.


I haven't worried about that because I don't control that. I feel like I have a done a lot for this team over the last five years and I've had some unfortunate things happen to me and some bad games but for the most part I feel like I have been a pretty good contributor to this organization and winning a lot of games. I don't know how many games I've won but we've won a lot of games when I've played so I am proud of a lot of things I've done and I'm not paying attention to anyone or anything that will try to me otherwise.


No. I was in this battle. I felt like this was a great option for me to come back and start and it didn't happen but the season is just around the corner. I am not anticipating anything happening but I've got to be ready because that moment could be the biggest moment of my career and I've got to take off and be ready to go.

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Apparently denial is not just a river in Egypt...

Rex has to realize that his inconsistency after 6 years is what is costing him the job, and could cost him a future in the NFL. Not paying attention to what people are saying is nice-sounding, but in the case of a quarterback with decision making deficiencies, and one who still struggles with fundamentals should be listening to anyone that will still talk to him...

He keeps mentioning that his motivation is to be a great player in this league. What he neglects to realize is that first you have to be a good player, and work to make yourself great. He has good to great physical talent, but has never taken the strides to be a good starting quarterback, making the transition to great all but impossible. Unless he realizes this, Rex will be in the same place Cedric is next offseason...watching the NFL games from his couch.

Keep your head up Rex and you will get a chance to prove yourself. Here is a quote that helps me through tough times.

“Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success.”

From a real Bears Fan.

This interview really shows you what type of player Rex is. He comes off as selfish and self centered with an ego that kept him from improving. I don't recall anything in here about him wanting to help kyle out or help the hanie improve. Or even help the receivers. All he cares about is himself and becoming a "Great QB" even though he never established himself as anything above an average qb. During the preseason games whenever they flash over to the qbs on the sides you see kyle and hanie going over reads and things with pep hamilton. Where is Grossman.....nowhere to be found. Pouting on the bench. He should stay there until the this next year is over and then go be somebody's third string qb or maybe start for san fran. Although he probably can't beat out J.T. Orton took his time on the bench and worked to become better, Rex is just hoping kyle sucks or gets hurt so he can throw a couple more pick 6's. Go Kyle.....i've got your back.

Mel, Rex is entering his sixth season. What on earth are you talking about that hopefully he will get his chance to prove himself? He's had many, many chances. Oopsies! Guess I'm not a real Bears fan because I don't think Grossman is the best QB in the world.

I miss Rex :(

How you Rex haters can boo someone like Rex is beyond me. Boo Cedric Benson, boo David Terrell, boo Cade McNown. Boo the guys who take the NFL for granted and have no heart. You Rex haters make me sick. The guy tries hard and has had success in the league. 3000 yards and 20 TD's in a season for a Bears QB is pretty good. What some people don't get is that all Bears QB's are going to have bad games just because of the weather and wind and Soldier Field. This guy has been our best QB in the last 20 years and you want a change? Wjat jelp has he had over the past 3 seasons? Average OLine, average to below average WR's, and a decent RB (Jones) Berrian needs to break Rex off with a couple of mill for that contract because he sure wouldn't have got that kind of money catching 3-7 yard slants from any of the other Bears QB's he played with.

What is the saying? Be careful of what you ask for because you just might get it.

Go Bears, Go Kyle, Go Rex!

These are pretty stock answers and I don't think you can read much into them. To interpret these comments as selfish just because he didn't say that he would be fetching water bottles for Kyle and telling Caleb which pages to focus on in the playbook is ludicrous. I'm not sure what else everyone is expecting him to say?! "Yes, I've played terribly and am lucky not to be stocking shelves at Walmart." How on earth would that response help his teammates? Plus, time and again we've heard players and coaches say that footage shown of what happens on the sideline is hardly representative of everything that goes on there. I'm pretty sure the above comment makers would have been ready to chime in with those criticisms regardless of what he said. I think it's perfectly fine for Rex to still have a goal to improve himself. He'd better because it'd be a miracle if Kyle isn't injured with our O-Line vs. the first 4 teams we're playing.

I don't understand the fascination with Rex Grossman. Name one other team in the league that called itself a super bowl competitor that would have given a first rounder so many chances to succeed? At what point do we accept that Rex is Tim Couch part 2. First round pick who will never pan out. He's been injured, he's too short, has small hands, has POOR decision making skills, is not accurate on short to mid passes and has poor pocket presence. Yeah he throws a great deep ball, but this isn't a video game.

Sorry Rex, you shouldn't have signed on to stay with the Bears if you weren't comfortable with the fact that you could be the backup. You had your chance, you played behind a very good offensive line two years ago with a good running game and good defense, and you stunk after teams figured you out. Thanks Rex but your time has passed. Time and tide wait for no man...

What the majority of you guys do not consider is how the coaching staff utilizes Grossman's skills. Rather than trying to force him to do things that he is not good at they should try to develop a game plan that utilizes his strongest assets. He has a great arm that is accurate. To utilize this you need a great "O" line and skilled blockers at backs. Neither have been there for several years. Stop calling long developing plays when the other team is blitzing 90% of the time. There are many other hings I could say, but you should get the idea. Get the most out of your players rather than trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

LOL, man you fans are really something. One person calls him selfish, for not helping Kyle and Hanie??? We'll how could he when he got no help. This is not an issue with QB skills, the issue is there is no competent coach in place to get ANY QB on this roster to where they need to be. Lets not kid ourselves, has there been ANY development of a QB on the bears roster in 20 years? No, Rex has been the best QB since forever, but yet now its just that Rex isn't improving, well if you are an NFL QB and you have to improve on your own then you are in trouble.

Look at all the other young QBs in the league who have great teaching and mentoring coaches who are getting the best out of them. Well guess what folks, those organizations with those high draft pick QBs are also building a foundation around them by solidifying their O lines, and giving them playmakers at the WR and RB position. In chicago they just throw the QB out there and say you just make it happen, but were not gonna surround you with any talent, well just take castoff's from other teams after their prime and make so. Thats the reason chicago will never have that "franchise" guy, because they would rather spend all the important dollars on defense and just hope for the best on offense. Those who don't learn from history, are bound to repreat it. Seems we are stuck in an episode of groundhog day. Thanks Lovie and Jerry Angelo.

While I agree that the coaching staff could have done more to help him, the book is out on Grossman. What he does well is throw down the field, so defenses do not give him that time. They send the kitchen sink because they know he does not see the field well during his drop-back. So they get a guy in his face right away, so all he can do is take the sack or lob up a lame duck and hope for the best. The coaching staff cannot leave 7-8 guys in to protect him, or we would be even worse off as far as INTs because there would be no one in the pattern to catch the ball. Rex left them with no adjustments to make. No matter what they tried, the opposing defense never gave him a chance. On top of that, he still stares down his receiver, and won't look off him even when he is double or triple-covered, and you have a recipe for failure in the NFL.

Look at the difference when Kyle approaches the line of scrimmage, and that will tell you all you need to know. He is calling out signals to the line, helping Kreutz alter the protection. He is naming the guy who he is responsible for, which helps the OL block for him. And he is calling out hot routes, so he can get a yard or two, instead of trying for the home run on every blitz. That is why teams don't blitz Orton as much. They know he can throw short, and he can adjust on the fly. Griese did this too. Rex never does this, and seems genuinely shocked when he gets hit every time back. That is not coaching. You think Pep Hamilton, Greg Olson, and every other QB coach we have had in the last six years knows nothing about reading a defense, or calling an offense? They may be marginal, but they aren't that bad. It is largely on Grossman. The organization coddled him, protected him, and handed him opportunity after opportunity to take the steps necessary to be a great QB, and he has not taken a single one, so now that he gets sent to the bench at the outset, he's shocked?

This guy just doesn't get it, just like every Spurrier QB before him didn't get it. They never had to read the field, they just had to choose option a or option b in a passing game. That was all he learned to do in college, and has never gotten beyond that. If Rex had gone to a different school, and been taught by someone who actually cared about making his players better (and ready for the NFL), maybe this would have been a different story.

But like anything else in life, you cannot continue to blame everyone else for your own lack of progress (yet somehow, people still try). Sooner or later, it is on the individual to get better and move forward. Rex has not done that, and still seems unaware of how he ended up where he is. He said the same things when he was playing poorly in 2006 and 2007....he couldn't figure out what was happening....Didn't that scare the crap out of anyone else? It sure did scare me. And the coaching staff finally couldn't in good conscience name Rex the starter, and somehow people still find a way to say the coaches were wrong. If Orton bombs, we can consider that an option, but at the same time, would Grossman be any better back there? We know where that path leads after 6 years. Let's see what Orton can do. We already know we have to rebuild the QB position going forward, but what if we have a serviceable guy on the roster while we groom the next guy? Let's find out for once, instead of having a question hanging over us like we do at every other position.

Don't worry Rex, you will be back playing sooner than we think.

Joe you bring up some great points. BUT, like you said.

"What he does well is throw down the field, so defenses do not give him that time. They send the kitchen sink because they know he does not see the field well during his drop-back. So they get a guy in his face right away, so all he can do is take the sack or lob up a lame duck and hope for the best. The coaching staff cannot leave 7-8 guys in to protect him, or we would be even worse off as far as INTs because there would be no one in the pattern to catch the ball."

Ummmm according to lovie, we get off the bus running remember??? So it would seem that all those down the field passes, and long developing plays would not be needed, if we were the running team this incompotent staff says we are. This about this, you KNOW the weakness of Rex is ability to stand in there with pressure, so why don't you get an NFL caliber O line to help him out. Do you think that might actually help in the run game as well?? I guess thats just too outside the box though. Its not like all of a sudden they are going to call those deep passes for orton. The play's will be with Max protect and fewer WR's running patterns because the O line wont be able to block 4, let alone 5 or 6 defenders. At this point in time I could care less about the QB, as opposed to this terribly run organization. But as far as now, Rex can say he helped guide this team to the superbowl, something Kyle will never be able to say. And the saddest thing is the fact they went to the superbowl 2 years ago, and now the city has just completely turned on the guy they were so excited about just a few years ago is insane. Chicago doesn't deserve a superstar QB because they don't know how to treat one even if there was one here. Here today, gone tomorrow, but the boo birds will always show their true colors.

Selfish players only care about themselves. Team players do whatever it takes to help their team win. If you're team needs you to run a short passing ball control offense you do that. If you need to look like a mediocre qb to win thats what you do. Whoever said the weather is the cause of his woes is retarded. One of the worst quarterbacked games i have ever watched happened in arizona. People talk about how Grossman wins.....well. That game counted as a win for him and i would like to meet the person who thinks he deserved the W for that one. The best thing he did was go 3 and out or turn the ball over so our D and ST could get back out there. I also agree that the coaches aren't great. Ron Turner sucked at Illinois and somehow that earned him a job in the NFL. I need to start sending out my resume....I've won tons of superbowls on madden.

Joe you got it all right. Nuff said pay Joe his respect. Last year was the nail in the coffin because predictable Benson was his featured back. Get off the bus running? How with one trick pony Benson? No one wants to give the guy a chance because they don't have to anymore. The book is written.

For once, I would just like to see bears fans back up one of our quarterbacks. The fans are so quick to jump on their backs as soon as they have a bad game or as soon as they throw an interception. Help the guy keep his confidence by supporting him instead of booing him everytime you get a chance. I for one am a huge Rex Grossman fan. I think he could be better if everyone including the media (yeah you too Jay Mariotti) would back him up a little more. Even during the superbowl run, he was still criticized. I think if they had won the superbowl he still would have been critcized instead of praised like he should be. What does the guy have to do? For Rex, stick in their, some of us real Bears fans still support you. Make the most of it when you get your chance and to H*#* with the press and the pretenders.

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