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Quinn likely to start at QB Thursday; Peyton on the comeback?

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The Bears will have their final practice later today in preparation for the preseason finale at Cleveland on Thursday. This marks the fifth consecutive summer the clubs have finished the preseason by facing one another.

*** Looks like ex-Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn could get his second consecutive start. Derek Anderson has been sidelined with a concussion. The Browns had 15 players inactive for their meeting with Detroit on Saturday and are trying to get healthy for their season opener against Dallas.

*** Speaking of opposing quarterbacks on the mend, the plan is for Peyton Manning to practice in Indianapolis today for the first time this summer. Manning had surgery to remove an infected bursa sac from his left knee on July 14 and the rumors circulating now are he actually underwent a second procedure between then and say now. Manning is on the physically unable to perform list. He is not going to play in the Colts' preseason finale Thursday vs. Cincinnati but the club is hopeful he will be ready when the Bears come calling Sept. 7.

*** The National Football Post is a new venture that includes some people with background in the league. Former exec Mike Lombardi, most recently with Denver and Oakland, has big props for rookie defensive tackle Marcus Harrison. He thinks the Bears need to get Harrison on the field as much as possible. The depth at defensive tackle certainly is encouraging after the attrition the position went through last season and Harrison is being brought along nicely.

*** Remember, Mailbag Q&A on Wednesday. Submit your questions and include name and hometown.

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Marcus Harrison was a nice addition to the Bears defensive tackle rotation. I like the size Harrison brings to the Bears front four, 6-3 310, hopefully this should help the Bears run defense. If Harrison has found some maturity since his college days, which I think he should, there is no reason Harrison shouldn't prove to be a steal.
I also like what I've been seeing from Israel Idonije, from the defensive tackle position, he seems to have the ability to penetrate, this should also help the Bears up front this season. The darkhorse is Dusty Dvoracek, if Dvoracek can stay on the field, he has shown in limited playing time that he can be a force. Dvoracek's durability problems might be a good reason to keep Matt Toeaina around although. A player like Dvoracek, who can be a special player, you hate to cut, but Toeaina has also shown in limited playing time, that he to, can also be good in his own right. Its certainly going to be a hard call for Angelo, on who to keep. In the end, health is going to determine the success of the Bears defensive tackles this season, because if healthy, this group can, and will, dominate GO BEARS!!

Awsome finally get to see if Quinn can play at this level.

Kevin when did you see Dusty play, I have only ever seen him play half a regular season game myself? Dude I would not worry about DT on this team, maybe worry about keeping all of them but don't worry about the depth. Worry about the secondary and the team getting tired cause they will be on the field to long.

Straight up vs the schedule the Bears should go 7-9. If we have plenty of luck we could be 10-6.

Creighton, I didn't mean just regular season games, I realize Dusty only played in the Chargers games last season of week one. I was talking about last pre-season, and forgot to mention what a difference maker Dvoracek was for the defense while he was in, according to all-pro middle linebacker Brian Urlacher, and I think lach knows best. I heard Urlacher mention Dvoracek in an interview last season, it was like Urlacher went out of his way to point out how the Bears were missing Dvoracek. Creighton, you have to realize, a lot goes on behind the scenes that we as fans don't get to see, or sometimes ever know about, as far as what a player can and cannot do. Sometimes when you hear other players and coaches talk about an individual player, you can sometimes get a good idea about a player. I apologize and should explain myself better next time.
All the same, I realize this last pre-season game has you all worked up about the defense. But Im telling you Creighton, this defense is going to be good, and the running game improved, which therefore should help keep the defense rested. I just hope this doesn't disappoint you to much GO BEARS!!

Our defense is pathetic. Teams have finally learned how to consistently beat us . . . run up the middle and avoid turnovers.

My fellow Bear fans, we are looking at 4-12.


When did I say the defense would be bad? Anyone can look at this roster and see a lot of talent, although I do believe there is going to be a problem in the secondary. What I said was I believe this defense will break down, mostly do to exaustion, I also fell that Bob Babich is a horrible coach. I don't think the defense will be as good as you think for those reasons.

As for Lach, when was the last time he said something bad about a defensive player? Those are called quick quotes Kevin, it's like saying "I just want to help the team", or "we do it for the fans". I don't really pay attention to it. Besides Dusty will be Hurt again,he has already been hurt once this preseason, my guess is he will be hurt again.

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