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Quick thoughts out of Bears-Browns

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Six quick thoughts before heading to the airport:

1. The first-team defense did play some good football this preseason. It happened between the second possession against Kansas City and the start of the San Francisco game. What's transpired since, I'm not sure how you characterize it. It hasn't been a missed assignment here and a missed assignment there, offenses have gone straight through the defense and running backs have been picking up 10 yards at a time. That's the concern.

2. Wide receiver Brandon Rideau made a nice showing that should help him get a serious look from the Bears (and other teams if he is released). But there is no way the Bears keep seven wideouts, I don't think. That means he has to win a job over Marty Booker or Mark Bradley.

3. Saw Erik Kramer at halftime and asked him about Caleb Hanie.

``What's not to like?'' Kramer responded.

Agreed. But I'm not convinced he has a spot on the 53-man roster yet either. I think the Bears have been aiming toward two all along. They do want t keep Hanie around though. The only way to make certain he stays is giving him a job on the 53.

``He'll be playing football somewhere,'' quipped Kyle Orton.

4. John St. Clair had a rough stretch on the offense's opening possession with two false starts and then a missed block that led to a hit on Kyle Orton and an interception. Orton didn't blame the hit but said he felt he made the right decision with his throw. His intended target Brandon Lloyd had beaten his man. What I'm wondering is if Fred Miller was watching the game. Decision day is just about here for the veteran.

5. If you ever thought four preseason games was one or two too many, last night validated it. The Browns didn't dress 14 players for the game. Some of them were injured. Some of them they wanted to dress as the Bears did with a few players like Tommie Harris and Mike Brown. Cleveland got nailed with some injuries in this game. It seemed like three times a quarter the PA announcer read the name of a new player, a new injury and said the guy was out for the game. The push for more regular-season games and fewer preseason contests is really gaining momentum.

6. Sounds like there is some good news that will come out of Charles Tillman's press conference today at Children's Memorial Hospital. Tillman has had to miss time the last few months for some real challenging family issues and word is things are looking up for him.

We'll try to check in with some more stuff later on. Final cuts come down Saturday at 5 p.m. although some teams, the Bears included, might wait until after that to announce their moves.

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Caleb Hanie!!! This kid is a gamer with a lot of raw talent. He has been a nice surprise in the preseason, and I personally can't wait to see how much he improves after a year in the system.

The fact that Marty Booker might make this team as a receiver really shows how pathetic our receivers are. Okay, he has experience and might be able to teach Hester and the others a few things, but come on. Outside of our TEs, we might have the worst group of receivers in the NFC North. Hester will need to be exceptional if this group is to be anything more than mediocre. Bradley plays like a wimp. To paraphrase Lucy McClane in Live Free or Die Hard, he needs to dig a little deeper to find a bigger set of balls because he's going to need them before the season is over.

Boy, i'm a garrett wolfe fan, but at 170 he gets hit and goes down. He's a 3rd round pick, but i think he's gone.

This was the weakest display of defense I have ever seen, and once again Bears management got suckered by a declining Urlacher and a rusty M. Brown whose time has come and gone, McGowan was demoted because he is always out of position, Manning is also without a clue are you seeing a theme here Ogulyeye got old, Brown is a complemetary player, Anderson is undisciplined, Hillimeyer maybe smart but he is slow, St.Clair's true colors showed last night and now Grossman will probably will not shut up. This is the same mess Angelo left at Tampa and now this franchise will have to back up the truck get Angelo, Smith, Babich, Turner and Phillips out of here none of them appear to have good sense. Don't even think of Cowher he wouldn't come into a mess like this nor would the McCaskey's pay him, the Tuna is busy. We are back to square one just three years after a great run.

Why wouldn't Hanie be guaranteed a spot on the 53? Angelo has a bad track record when it comes to finding offensive talent and Hanie could very well be the "well, well, what were my critics saying?" factor.

Everyone was screaming that we take a QB in the draft. So far Hanie's looked better than Flacco, Brohm and whoever else the "experts" said should be drafted in this round or that one.

Like I've said before, he's a natural leader. You can tell when he walks on the field. He's showed calmness and patience in pressure situations. He has this focus, drive and seriousness that shows he has the mental tools to be successful. Physically, he's a dual threat who has a great arm and ridiculous pocket presence/scrambling abilities. Imagine having two human highlight reels on this team with Hester and Hanie. Anyway, I'm starting to sound like Madden on Favre, "Ohhh, Brett Favre...Brett Favre..." so I'll wrap it up. Put him on the 53!

If Jerry waives Caleb Hanie and tries to put him on the practice squad he should be fired immediately. This is the first time I've seen a young, promising QB in the years I have been a Chicago fan. You don't gamble with this kid. He's got good feet, pocket awareness, an NFL arm, and more upside than anyone on this team including roster-spot no-show Chris Williams. IR Williams and give Hanie the 3rd spot to protect him for the 2009 Caleb Hanie era.

... This being Jerry Angelo I think we all know what's going to happen. We'll go with 2 QB's and Hanie will end up starting and having a nice career for Green Bay or Minnesota.

Brad I usually find Kramer to about as Dull as water, however I will say this, he is very good at breaking down the game, if he could just try to be a little less monotone.

If the Bears send Hanie to the practice squad he is as good as a Gruden Buc. No way he lasts on the practice squad he has looked to promising. By the way Mel Kiper loved this kid and considered him one of the better QB's in the draft. Way to go Mel you still got the touch.

Glad to hear Peanuts daughter is doing better.

This is the second time St. Clair has looked brutal this off season, also did any one notice Beekman and Olin getting slapped around last night? Olin has not looked good this pre-season.

Did Orton really say that about Hanie? Ha he sounds like he doesn't want him around, I wonder why? Maybe cause people like him and he has talent.

Payne was named the starting Strong Saftie today, this has to be a joke. Payne got burned on the TD and kept getting caught on the inside and blowing coverage.

The Browns mediocre defense slapped around are offense and there stripped down offense slapped around our defense. Nice, Lovie and Angelo should be proud of the team they have placed on the field.

It's funny the more so called Angelo guys we get on this team the worse it looks.

fire babich and hire ron rivera
it's a no-brainer

Re: thought 4. Hahaha!! Yeah, we can definitely count on Fred Miller to put an end to the false starts of John St. Clair. Anyway, best regards to Charles Tillman and family.

I think your dreaming if you believe Caleb Hanie will be a here
one more day let alone a year from now.
It should be obvious that he has the most upside of any quarterback
the Bears have had in a while but I don't think Jerry Angelo has
the cojones to keep him on the roster and there isn't any way he
will get through waivers to make the Bear practice squad.
Can you say Bobby Layne ?

Anonymous: I am sorry but you are actually wrong, Angelo did not leave Tampa, he was fired. So he didn't leave, he was thrown out. Ummm for sucking, or as the Glazer family said, they were now serious about winning. So a team get serious about winning and they fire Angelo, and win a Super Bowl. Interesting.

It's interesting, Angelo was in charge of player personel there and the team sucked for like 10-11 years with him doing that. Then Dungy arrived and things suddenly got a lot better.

But Dungy who is now with the Colts seems to be doing rather well for himself again while Angelo ruins yet another franchise. Note that the Colts do loose players all the time, big name players, yet they still manage to plug guys in and win consistantly. Strange how that happens.

MARVIN: Bobby Layne.

Da Coach, I like Hanie as well but I am not ready to crown him anythign yet, besides he needs to fix his release and have talent around before any era begins.

Mr Biggs the bears are leaving a roster spot open for Chris Williams in the hopes that he returns this year, late in the season and has a big impact on the team even though nobody knows if he is any good yet. They are so confident or desperate that they are leaving a roster spot open for him. Do you think it is actually a good idea for this kid to come back and play this season with that back, a back that will take a sever pounding everytime the ball is snapped. It seems to me that for a team that wants this kid to be there LT of the future they are not very concerned with his health, but it does seem Angelo and Lovie are concerned with how they look and don't care if they destroy this kids future or the future of the oline. Seems a little desperate to me for two guys who claim to be happy with St. Clair at LT. Didn't Angelo do something just like this with Columbo? Aside from the fact that Angelo thought Columbo was a LT and not a RT, again ooops on Angelo. You know if you think about it, it sure doesn't make much sense to rush this kid back from an injury. Unless of course someone is desperate to make themselves look good. OOOOPS again, to late I forgot he knew about the injury but didn't know about the injury. He would tell us if he knew he didn't know he knew nothing about something he knew nothing about.

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