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Pennington era ends in New York, Bears unlikely suitor

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The Chad Pennington era has officially ended with the New York Jets.

They cut ties with him this afternoon after acquiring Brett Favre from the Green Bay Packers. Pennington, 32, is on the street looking for a job and there has been some speculation he will find a home in the NFC North. The Palm Beach Post has reported that the Miami Dolphins have touched base with Pennington's agent, Tom Condon already.

It's unlikely the Bears will kick the tires on Pennington and give him a look and it's for a number of reason.

First, the team is publicly committed to the winner of the Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman competition. Remember, offensive coordinator Ron Turner said the Bears didn't need Favre, that they had two good quarterbacks. If they don't need Favre, they really don't need Pennington. The team's stance is the winner of the QB derby is going to lead them on a successful campaign. The loser will serve as an able and ready backup. What's Pennington in that scenario besides an upgrade over Caleb Hanie?

Second, Pennington is going to be seeking an opportunity to play as soon as possible. The Bears simply are not going to offer that.

Third, he can't be considered a potential quarterback of the future.

Had an interesting chat with a scout about Pennington's game and specifically his arm strength. He's always been considered to have a weak arm. The scout pointed out that doesn't mean he cannot throw the deep ball. Pennington can fire the ball deep down field like any other passer. Where it comes into play is on the short to medium routes where the receiver is crossing the field and there is a small window to deliver the ball. Those are the passes Pennington can be tardy on because he doesn't possess, well, a Favre arm.

Still, Pennington has long been considered a top leader and has a career completion percentage of 65.6. For the sake of comparison, Orton is 52.0 and Grossman is 54.3.

The first Bear out on the field this afternoon was center Olin Kreutz, who visited with a few Chiefs. We'll try to come up with a few updates before kickoff.

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You have got to be kidding? The bears managment better look at Pennington. If we don't because He is too old then that sends the message that we are rebuilding. Farve was maybe too expensive, I will give them that. But with all those quarterbacks sliding on the draft board and the Bears didn't pick one. Used the top pick to draft a man with a bad back that the rest of the Scouting world knew about, too bad Bear managment didn't. I thought the complete disregard of drafting a quarterback was because they wanted to win now and would find a vetran in free agency. If the Bears don't even try to get Pennington then I think they are rebuilding. Grossman is been around too long to still be bobbling snaps. Both quarterbacks were signed to deals lower than more than 1/2 the backups in the league make, further enforcing my free agent quarterback theory. What else would make sense? If the Bears 'managment wants to get off the top 10 worst owners list this is not the way. In not persuing Pennington or Chris Simms they are dooming Bears fans to a worse year than last year.

The Bears treat the Quarterback position as if it is just another offensive position. Most of the offense makes more than the quarterbacks. This may be a good thing to say in the lockeroom, 'were 45 men and we can do it!'.

Superbowl victories can be had with a average quarterback like Dilfer or Hostettler but that was only 2 out of 40 superbowls.

Every other Superbowl victory had a top rated passer.

We have a Guy who has now fumbled more snaps than I have seen one Quarterback accomplish, high school included. In fact, He had more bobbles per snap than the quarterback at my High School.

If the Bears didn't have intend to sign a veteran quarterback given the recent signings and lack of quarterback drafting, they I have to believe that they really believe the statment 'we like our quarterbacks.'

So do opposing defenses, who wouldn't like to have a guaranted fumble or 2 from the quarterback.

Orton is a backup, Grossman wouldn't get picked up if put on waviers.

Pennington just seems like a good fit, accurate passer, good leader, only one bad season on a worthless team.

Ah! I got that off my chest, now I can breath again.

Amen to Confused bear fan . I second every word because we've seen 4+years of what Kyle and Rex have and it is not enough to win in this era or any other.Pennington is a serious upgrade over either at this point. Did anyone see the game last night. Sheesh.

While I agree that Pennington may be an upgrade, I am still hoping that Rex will loosen up and have fun this year. We've all seen what he can do (good or bad) and I believe that he can be a great quarterback in this league if he learns to have fun and handle the pressure. (i.e. stop making stupid middle school mistakes) It doesn't matter who we have at quarterback if the OL doesn't stay healthy, but that’s football. I also liked what I saw from Hanie in the game last night. (pocket presence/movement, accuracy, arm strength, speed) If he can take a year to learn the system we may have a new starter next year. I'm just going to trust in Lovie and see how things play out. It was only the first preseason game....They'll tighten up the screws.

I think what a lot of people are doing when a quarterback comes on the market is jumping to the immediate conclusion that said quarterback will fit into the Bears' system and all will be well. Wake up people. The reality of the situation is, Orton and Grossman have a one-year contract each and Caleb Hanie looks like he might have some talent worth developing (based on his play last night, anyway). My guess is that if one of the two QB's does well this season, it will earn him at least a three-year contract while the other is sent packing, leaving Hanie and whoever is left and a probably second or third-round draft choice QB.

I agree with Biggs completely. The chances of Pennington ending up in Chicago are as close to nil as one can get, especially considering that at best, he would be a second-string backup.

Bears fans need to face the facts that we are going to have to continue suffering with mediocre-at-best quarterbacks until we find the right one. Personally, as a life-long Bears fan, I'll take my chances waiting for something special to come along instead of trying to give the situation a temporary fix with a "band-aid" quarterback.

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