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Orton not far from perfect himself

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Is this the Kyle Orton you have been waiting for?

The winner of the Bears' quarterback derby was dynamic in the first half, throwing for 147 yards and two touchdowns on 10-of-15 passing. He was accurate, efficient and a dropped touchdown pass at the goalline by Rashied Davis from being perfect himself, probably.

Orton matched J.T. O'Sullivan of the 49ers just about pass for pass. O'Sullivan threw one touchdown pass and had a 158.3 passer rating.

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Cmon Brad thats a pretty sad statment coming from you. I said eartlier this week that the 49ERS have no pass rush, just look at there front 4 on D, there not a team who could put pressure on the QB Orton had no pressure on him all night and the 9ers almost always rushed 4 with little blitzing in the first half. Ortons biggest play came on a busted defensive play to a guy who was wide open. Oh and Brad they lost again and looked real bad again. They should have won this game and they didn't, thats how bad they are, there offense killed us on time of possesion and total yards. This team won 5 games last year and how many linemen did they have out of this game. I'm sure Orton is the next big thing, Ha dream on this team sucks.

I was more impressed with Hanie's last plat than anything Orton did. It's the 9ERS Brad, the stinking 9ERS and they still beat us. D looked like garbage. Lovie and his crew should all be canned, they suck.

Orton looked very sharp. His throws wernt perfect spirals but they were crisp and on target.The D diserved a D grade, they stunk it up.
Special teams play was great.D.Manning seems to be a good fit.
Did anyone see the horrible passes Rex threw. He again was all over the place.Cant wait untill Sept. 7th.

I told you so.

Kyle Orton is a good quarterback, always has been, ever since his college days in the Big Ten.

What "Creighton" doesn't seem to understand is that MOST good games played by Quarterbacks are the RESULT OF the QB being able to get the pass to where it has to be WHEN there is a man who "gets" open, whether via the wr's talent or a defensive lack of close coverage. Only a VERY few will throw successfully "into coverage" and moreover, even when they do (ie:Brett Favre) most coaches prefer they dont.

The DIFFERENCE demonstrated by top qb's are:

They can FIND the open man without "signaling" they are going to throw it there - so he STAYS open.

They can MAKE the throw.

They can make the throws WHEN they count most; IE: on 3rd downs and for touchdowns.

For the record, some of Orton's throws - especially the touchdown in the back of the endzone to Davis required a PERFECT throw that was exceptionally 'placed' where it had to be. And, moreover, he threw with exceptional "zip" - by ANY QB standards.

Also, the alleged "bad" 49ers in 07 were due to a bad OFFENSE. If Creighton had a clue what he was talking about, he'd know most NFL scouts and coaches consider the 49er defense one of the better units in the league, So much so infact, that this years espn panel projected the 49er defense as the TOP #1 defense to get for fantasy -predicting the 49er def will score more fantasy points (for sacks; interceptions and yards held) than defenses of Chargers; Vikings or Giants.

The reality: Orton looked outstanding. He's always shown that he had the maturity to manage a game (his winning record.) But the big suprise in the niner game... Orton demonstrated that he's developed SIGNIFICANT arm-strength. And, THAT cant be "faked" (preseason or not.)

Now the fans have to stop talking like losers.
This QB isnt one.

No pass rush for Orton again??? What gives with the cream puff D for Orton? I like Kyle but somethings fishy. The good news is he looked good in the pocket and his passes were on. Is it possible for Da to get an actual blitz? Babich better not stink up the place with the D this year Their the only Bears I have on my Fantasy Team and I picked them high!, If I have to eat my words on R.R. - I'm gong to be upset.

woah, woah, woah...its Crap-ton here again. well, i saw nothing posative from this all. orton was terrible. sure, he threw two touchdown passes and had a rating over 100 but stil. the 9ers are a bad team with a bad defense so wat orton did wasnt impresive. look at alex smith, just like orton he had al day to throw and he mised wrs who were wide open. but orton didnt miss. so wait, what was i s ayin?

but u guys know me, ole crap-ton. just tryin to be posative...

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