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Mysterly solved: Williams had herniated disc before he was drafted

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Chris Williams spoke to the media for the first time since having surgery Aug. 6 and he dropped a bomb shell.

He had a herniated disc when the Bears drafted him with the 14th overall pick in April. The herniated disc is the same one he had surgery to repair after being injured on the second day of training camp, July 24.

"I had a herniated disc before I got here," Williams said. "We knew that. Everyone knew that. It just was a thing where most people it doesn't affect. It wasn't affecting me so if nothing is broke, you don't fix it. Then something happened in practice that second day, the disc started moving and that caused some problems."

Williams aggravated the back injury during a non-contact drill and the team thought (or hoped) it was back spasms for two weeks before determining the exact nature of his problem.

The organization has yet to react to the news. Check back later on to see if the team wants to weigh in on it after being adamant it was a new injury.

"What the doctors told me, this was a new injury,'' general manager Jerry Angelo said at Soldier Field after the Bears-Chiefs game Aug. 7, one day after surgery. "He had injured his back approximately three years ago. He missed two or three days of practice. He had no symptoms of any kind of herniation when that injury occurred. He had no missed time in the last three years so it's a new injury. It's unfortunate."

Williams was in a good mood and is quite confident he will be playing football in the second half of this season. That's good news. Unexplained is how the Bears could claim to have no knowledge of a back issue for the player.

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This is classic Lovie Smith.. Wont admit to anything. So what about Williams back. Lots of athletes play with known/non-surgery needed problems. But Williams hurt his back. Get! I truly feel that this is Lovie's last year here. He has totally blown this team up. Agreeing to terrible trades, unable to make decisions, unable to yell at players when they need it. Its time for him to go. This team is headed for Wannstedt-ville if we allow Lovie to stay...

"Unexplained is how the Bears could claim to have no knowledge of a back issue for the player."

incompetence, noun.
1. lack of physical or intellectual ability or qualifications [ant: competence]
2. inability of a part or organ to function properly.

I'm thinking sense 1. is the relevant one here.

Creighton explodes with rant in

Dear Lord,
Please let this be the nail in Jerry Angelo's coffin of a career as Bears GM.

Priceless Mike, priceless. When do people stop calling for Angelo and Smith's heads and start questioning the ability of Ted Phillips to handle a football team. He hires a GM who can draft defense, but has no clue how to draft offense or handle the press. This GM then hires his 3rd choice, a coach with no personality and an inability to pick a decent offensive coordinator. But all this begins with Ted Phillips who is never brought into question and who publicly comments on nothing. Out of sight out of mind. Bad decisions, however, start at the top and since the McCaskeys won't be selling any time soon, maybe they need to put the heat on their president. By the way, where is your rant Creighton??

Can anyone give me an explanation as to why Ron Rivera was let go? When he was DC of the Bears, the defense was Superbowl calibre. Now that buddy bob is running the show with the same players they look incompetent.

Welcome to the straw that hopefully breaks the back of this ownership.
This is inexcusable!

Hey, don't forget about Lovie sh*tcanning Reviera for his buddy Babich. Great move Lovie. How is the defense looking since Ron left?

We are now approaching Matt Millen territory. Honestly, I used to watch th lions and actually feel bad for the fans that they had to indure with such incompetence at the GM spot. But now, I just feel bad for myself. How many years can you continue without offensive weapons. We continually set ourself up for shortterm success (and lets face it) resulting largely from luck. 2001 is a perfect example. We are just not a great team, and he needs to be gone because this injury is just too irritating to handle

This is a major fireable offense. Angelo should not remain GM for one more day.

I sympathsize with people wanting Angelo and Smiths' heads, but what truly concerns me is the lack of accountability for Ted Phillips. Phillips hired the GM who can't draft offense or give a straight answer. That same GM (under Phillips) hired a head coach who has no personality and can't find a decent offensive coordinator to save his life. It hasn't all been bad with Angelo (good defensive picks) and Smith (we did get to a Super Bowl people), but no on EVER questions ownership. I know the McCaskeys own the Bears but Phillips is the man they put in charge. Where is the voice of the Bears ownership in all of this? When does Ted Phillips lose his "ivory tower" status and begin to have to respond to the questionable decisions being made by this organization? Where is the face of the Bears ownership in all of this and why is he not being made to answer? Brad, if you read these comments and have an answer I'd be curious to hear your response.

ahh yes, my rant! well let's see. let me start with 1.) i told you looser bears fans that williams was a bust ans what do you now? man, i am awlays right 2.) angelo, lovie, babich, turner, there children, there families...need to be fired and then thrown in to a volcano for this pick. 3.) vandebilt should be demolished 4.) Go Packers!

but you guys know me, old crap-ton. just tryin to be posative...

Sorry I was redundant people. Didn't remember I had already posted that complaint on this site. Guess it just irritates me so much that I hammered home the same point twice. By the by, Creighton, where are you???

Crap-Ton, thats awsome Brando did someone help come up with that? Then again it could be Kevin who may not be taking the whole Williams thing well. Oh and yes, I am always right and it sucks to be you. If you would like to read my latest rant i posted it on the latest thread here. I am sure Biggs can't wait to read it himself, ain't that right Brad? You may all now go and bathe in the glow that is the greatness of a Creighton rant and Mike remember before you name your children ask we what they should be named first, I would hate for you to pull and Angelo. Now go enjoy the rant, if it is up yet. You all don't have to agree with me on anything but you all know you love the rants.

I drank the Angelo Kool-aid in the past, but can take no more. All credibilty is gone from the Bears front office in my opinion. At this point, maybe it's time to clean house and start from scratch considering this season is going to be a disaster. Thank god baseball in Chicago should get us through part of October after that, it'll be a long winter in Chicago...

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