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Miller waiting, watching

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Touched base with Harold Lewis this evening, the agent for veteran offensive tackle Fred Miller.

Nothing is new on his front. The Bears have an offer outstanding to Miller for the veteran minimum at $830,000. That would take advantage of the minimum salary benefit, meaning Miller would count only $445,000 vs. the salary cap.

Lewis has also been in touch with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers today and the other known teams he's had contact with include Baltimore, Houston and Washington. Lewis said a new team entered the mix earlier today.

But the feeling at Halas Hall is if Miller plays this season it will be for the Bears and Bears only because his ties to the area are strong. It's tough to put a price on coaching your son's youth football team, after all.

Waiting another day or two cannot hurt him. Miller's bargaining position would only increase if the Bears suffer an injury Thursday night at Cleveland.

Stay tuned.

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And the plot thickens to kill Kyle Orton.

By Creighton on August 27, 2008 9:56 PM
And the plot thickens to kill Kyle Orton.

Creighton is very, very funny!

Too bad it is true, Angelo the Dope and the Lovie the Mope had over a year to fix the O-Line and they are clueless.

Where is all the talent that is ready to step in and do the job on the O-Line???????

When will the D-Line tackle someone????????

Lovie the Mope and Angelo the Dope are trainees. High priced trainees!

Basic blocking and tackling is beyond the Mope & the Dope.........

But killing Kyle will not be as easy as it sounds...It reminds me of the Austin Powers scene where Scott and Dr. Evil are in the support group...."Actually, he's right..I am trying to kill him, but unsuccessfully...he's wily, like his old man"

Orton can do what Rex can't do...He can see it coming and do something about it. He takes responsibility for one of the blitzers, and calls out the others so Olin can make his adjustments. He also can choose a hot route and shorten his drop, where Grossman was too robotic, and delusional enough to think he could burn a defense deep as punishment for blitzing him.

Orton still may not survive the year with this o-line, but he at least has a chance to be hit in the chest, not the back. It is going to take a stretcher for him to give up the job to Grossman now that he has a legitimate chance. He will take chances where he needs to, and keep the chains moving better than any guy we have put back there since Kramer. If he loses 3 years off his life from the line play, that's not too bad...he has been sitting for 2....

This is so typical. The Bears are looking to bring in a retired player to fill a weakness. They drafted OG-Reed a couple years ago, OG-Adams this year and RT-Barton this year. In the preseason Barton has looked alright. Why not keep Barton on the active roster and speed up his development. If successful they might not have to draft an OL in the 1st or 2nd rd next year. If they bring in the veteran then they have to try and put Barton on the practice squad. He probably will get signed by another team and they will lose another OL prospect like they did last year.

I don't know about all that Joe, I have yet to see Orton face any pressure this offseason. Besides your forgetting the part part were Orton calls out the Blitzers and Miller looks at hm and goes whats a Blitz. 9er's never blitzed kyle and don't have the personel to blitz anyway, Seattle was playing Prevent against him and brought no pressure and KC couldn't apply pressure to a zit. However you will not here me disagree that he can do things Rex can't. Kyle can hit the Dump off man if given time, but against the 9ers his big game Kyle had all day long to get rid of the ball, most QB's even Rex when given time should be able to complete a pass to a wide open target. Against any teams with a decent defense or better the Bears will get shut down. Orton could be Brady but if teams know your offense better than you do and you are predictable which they are, your gonna get chewed up and spit out. Orton was outperformed by the 9er's starting QB who only played one quarter, JT O'nobody it took Kyle 3 quarters to catch up to what he did. Think about that and against that horrible defense he put up 140 yards, special teams gift wrapped two scores for him and special teams kept the Bears in the game. I just keep thinking Chicago fans are so desperate that they keep proping up guys like Orton instead of actually fixing the problem. I remember when fans around here where high on Cade McNown and were comparing him to Joe Montana(I will still never forget the media making that comparison, which could also tell you how much most reporters know about football). People got Worked up over Moreno, and Stenstrom, Hutchison and Krenzel. Anytime a QB has a good game in this town the guy is named the Saviour and then he falls flat on his face. Basically whenever I want to figure out who I think is a good QB, I look at who the Bears didn't like and I choose him. Remember the first few games of 06 everyone said Rex was the next great QB, he just got benched and after his behaviour on the field of the 9ers game he should be Benched and booted. He deserved to get booed for that performance. Look at the Browns they stink at applying pressure 28th in the league last year in sacks. So everyone will be talking about how great the line is against a offensive based team with a weak defense. A guy can have a few good games in chicago at QB and bomb the rest of his career and Chicago fans will sit there wondering what happend. They think one good game means the guy is a great QB. Heck you cn make one good pass in this town and people will talk about it for years. Personally I just think fans are desperate, so desperate that they are reaching for Orton to be the next big thing.

The Plot has again thickened, latest word has it that Lindsey Lohan is interested in Kyle Orton. Femme Fatal enters the picture, red hair killer body, famous, wealthy and crazy. Oh course she will distract Kyle during the game and outside of the game as well. Just like Kim Basinger did to Redford in the Natural, it's a plot I tell you, a plot to kill Neck Beard. I would tell Kyle to make a run for it but we all know he is too slow to get away. Jerry Angelo has brought in a black widow. Goodbye Kyle.

Biggs, I see in your Q&A blog you told someone it made no sense to sign Rueben Brown, because the Bears need to get younger on the o-line, I agree. This is why I don't think the Bears should sign Fred Miller. I also think its time to start building an o-line, and signing a 35 year old tackle is not the way to get younger and start building, thats called stop gapping. Kirk Barton was a four year starter in the Big ten, and has looked good in the pre-season. I say place Barton on the 53 man roster, that way he can work with the second team offense, and in the event of an injury, Barton can get on the field, which is the best way to develope an o-lineman, actually playing. This is also the way the Barton and the other young o-linemen will be able to develope continuity, which is important when developing an o-line.
A lot of you guys on this board got to realize, Angelo did bring in some young o-linemen. Chris Williams [trust me, Williams will be good when he returns], Josh Beekman, Kirk Barton, and Chester Addams. You guys got to give these young linemen a chance to develope, you can't expect a player to come right in and be an all-pro. Take Josh Beekman, give him a little time to play and develope continuity with his line mates, and I think by mid-season, Beekman will be a pleasant surprise. Also, by then, Beekman will have enough time to where the Bears can place Chris Williams into the left tackle spot with Beekman at left guard. One good out of the injury to Williams, it will give Beekman time to develope, then by the end of the season, the Bears will have a young, left side to their o-line. Kirk Barton might also make his way into the starting line-up, if the Bears keep him on the 53 man roster, them the Bears will have a young right tackle to go along with their young left side. I say give these young linemen some time to develope before saying Angelo did not bring in any young linemen, because he did. Hopefully the Bears will give them a chance to play, Beekman in the starting line-up is so far so good, hopefully the Bears will continue by putting Kirk Barton, and not Fred Miller, on the 53 man roster GO BEARS!!

I'm terrified that Fred Miller might be back on this team. But that title, "Miller Waiting, Watching" makes it even more frightening Brad. He's like a prowler, waiting in the bushes...waiting to jump out (before the ball is snapped of course) and mercilessly cut the throat of any drive we have on offense.

Oh, and here's another chilling thought. If Beekman is starting at LG, may I ask what happens if Kreutz goes down?

Mike let me answer the Olin question if I may. This is why I think the Bears will keep Oakley he plays center and guard just like Beekman.

Kevin, trust you? Why? Even Olin, his line captain and teamate said he didn't know if the guy was any good. So how do you? So far he has been a disaster at LT. I am sorry man but all of your off season predictions have been wrong. I mean Tait looks horrible at RT, Williams did have a back problem and is injured, even though you said he didn't have a problem and would be an All Pro this year. It's kinda hard to be a all pro when your guy is injured most of the season. The only time Beekman has looked passible is when he plays agaisnt really bad teams with horrible defenses. Chester Adams looks like he will be cut. I do agree about Barton but he is not ready to start maybe at RG you could use him to replace Garza. The only game in which this team faced a good defense the line got crushed and Beekman was a train wreck. 9ers have no pass rush and niether do the chiefs, there defenses are brutal.

Creighton, whats up with all this prediction s***!! Yes, I was optimistic about the Bears off-season moves, what of it??!! I think your still holding a vendetta on me because the Bears drafted both players I wanted, Chris Williams & Matt Forte. And I know you are loving the fact Chris Williams is hurt, [pathetic] get over it. Again, I never said, "Chris Williams would be an all-pro this season." I said, "give Williams time and he could be a good tackle for the Bears." I also know it is killing you that Josh Beekman is starting, again, get over it. All I said this off-season about Beekman was, " I think the Bears should give him a shot at starting." I want to see the Bears get young on the offensive line, this is the main reason I was pushing for Beekman to start. I can't for the life of me understand what your vendetta toward Beekman is? Creighton, if you know as much about football as you say you do, you got to know an offensive line isn't made over night. You act like these young linemen should come right in and be all-pro's, sorry, it doesn't work that way, Creighton, its called PLAYER DEVELOPMENT!!
As far as predictions go, No Creighton, the Bears did not hand Grossman the starting job like you said. No, Adrian Peterson is not the starting running back, like you said. No, Anthony Oakley is not starting at left guard, like you said. Sorry Creighton, No Mendenhall either, like you said on draft day?? Remember on draft day night when the Bears cut Benson, like you said???????? I could go on but Im getting tired of typing.
Creighton, the only thing Im trying to say is give the Bears young linemen some time to develope. Creighton, a fan is suppose to hope the best for the team that he roots for, not constantly hope the worse. Its one thing to have a vendetta toward Bears management, but you are taking it to a whole new level. Creighton, again, like I told you earlier, NFL sunday ticket GO BEARS!!

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