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Miller to pick between Bears and Bucs; Manning Jr. headed out

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The agent for veteran offensive tackle Fred Miller said he expects him to make a decision today between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Bears.

Harold Lewis said the Bears have offered Miller a one-year contract for the minimum of $830,000, and the Bucs have an offer on the table that is believed to be richer. Miller's family lives in the area and he has business interests here.

The Bears are also expected to part ways with cornerback Ricky Manning Jr. later today, one way or another. Manning was told to leave Halas Hall after he was removed from a meeting before practice. The Bears will grant him his release or trade him.

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Why, Why, Why, Said Fred?

Why in the world would the Bears bring back Fred Miller (aka 'Da Drive Killer')?

Did any of the Bears coaching staff watch any film or actual game when Miller was being 'Speed-rushed' into and on Rex Grossman last year?

Did they watch as Miler routinely was flagged for a false start?

Were they watching when Miller locked as though he was on the pot dumping before he slowly got out of his stance on run plays?

YOOOOOOOOOO, Angelo! Wait for castoff OT Mark Levoir (Rams) to hit waiver wires or be put on a practice squad and pick him up. And, if not Levoir, please, please pickup someone else besides 'Grandpa' Miller on 'cutdown' day. At least, Levoir has upside.

Oh boy! Let's get rid of our only capable nickelback and bring in "Drive Killer Miller" (Thanks for the correction on that one Creighton and Da Coach) a player whom we cut b/c he sucked.

Looks like were really serious about returning to the SuperBowl!

Who cares about Fred Miller? The Bears cut ties with him for a reason. If we have to go grovel back to Fred Miller, this is going to be a long year....

And the Bears really offered him 830k? So if he comes back, we're holding a spot open on the 53 for "Drive Killer" Miller, Terrence "Violent Retard" Metcalf, Miller's understudy by the way, and Chris "uhma me, me ,me that's all folks!" Williams who for sure will be gone half the season but in all common sense should be shelved for all of '08.

Things have been bad enough this offseason. For example, Angelo didn't even try to get us any linemen, our most pressing need, after drafting Williams. But now he's continuously picking at the scab and further exposing it to infection by taking Miller back and giving Manning Jr. the boot. Looks like Creighton has been spot on with his criticisms.

Let's just hope neither of these guys are in a Bears uniform tomorrow. Miller doesn't help us any, and Manning is obviously becoming a liability from an attitude perspective. Sad considering the Bears stood by him after his legal issues, and did not push for a void of contract.

PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE, Don't resign falsestart Fred. I'd like to see the Bears try to make a play for the Bills LT Peters who has been holding out and the Bills seem to be content without him with a capable backup. Give the Bills a 2nd rounder and sign him and move Chris Williams to RT next year.

Offering turn-style miller a contract is insulting to Bears fans. That's the best they can do? It seems that they are more worried in saving money than they are building a championship team. He was let go for a reason- let the Bucs have him. They should gun for the Bills Peters- the Bears should should at least a valiant effort to make a decent offensive line.

It's always the money with the Bears. Never the Fans, never the Team always the Money.
Why Miller? cuz he's cheap! not good, cheap!
I thought they were on the right track after picking up KJ but now I'm beginning to wonder again.
One can only wonder what goes through the Owners minds to pick up a RB and no Linemen. Miller, hmm wasn't he here last year when our line sucked? And no additions from last year, to speak of, think we'll be any better?


Quick somone tell Orton his shinning Knight is on the way.

Hey Lovie if our line looks good to you why bring back a guy you cut because he stank so bad.

I have figured it out this is Lovie and Angelo's plan to kill Kyle Orton. First they get rid of Columbo, then they get rid of Monk. Two great detectives who would foil there dasterly plot. Then they shelve Rex Lovies boy who everyone hates and boos, then they make Orton the starter behind the worst line in the NFL. The to finish him off they Bring in Killer Miller. They must be sick of the Neck Beard.

'The Baltimore Ravens traded for Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end Marques Douglas on Wednesday, reacting quickly to defensive lineman Dwan Edwards’ season-ending back injury.'

`REACTING QUICKLY' would be the key phrase here Chicago Bears!

I am wondering why we can't trde Briggs for a top Olineman? We supposedly have good backups. I have not been impressed with Briggs play for a couple years now, and he has not shown much in the preseason, ok maybe a good Olineman then.

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