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Mailbag: Training camp Q&A coming Wednesday

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Fire away with any questions you have.

We will do our best to get to as many as possible and post a Q&A Wednesday after the Bears break away from Bourbonnais for the preseason opener Thursday vs. Kansas City.

Ask all you want but it's doubtful we will be predicting a winner in the QB derby. Include name and hometown.

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I have not heard anything about Marcus Monk so far in camp. Has he done anything to give himself a chance at a roster spot?

Also, has Ryan Poles played at all in camp, and how does he look?


Love the twitter updates from camp, really helps us out-of town fans to get a feel for camp.Do you have information about the breakdown of hester's or tommie's contracts? There are mnay different reports of the size of the bonuses and incentives. Thank you and keep up the great work.

How is Tait doing back at RT?

At What reciever position are the Bears using Hester?

Is Forte still practicing mostly with the second squad?

Brad who do you think has looked better Rex or Kyle and yes I know I am asking a reporter for an opinion? Then again given todays media opinions seem to weigh in more than facts.

Is Chris Williams faking it? I never heared of a back injury that goes unamed, that a person can run around fine with but can't lean over a little with. Also being out for a week or more and the Bears say it's minor but don't put a name on it. I say he either has arthritis or is faking it. I expect he will miss more practices next week and the the KC expo.

Is Ron Turner as dumb as he appears to be?

How many TD's has REx and Kyle actually scored in practice? Any idea? After all it's about points winning games. Any idea how many passing yards accumulated by each? Yards per catch? Any thoughts on that aspect? Who is more mobile, accurate with throws, surveys the field best?

Last year most of the media reports out of training camp were about how awesome the Bear's offense looked. I even remember reports saying that the Bear's defense was getting beaten by the offense much of the camp. That being said, the regular season started and the offense was absolutely atrocious. Can you please provide an objective evaluation of how the offense looks thus far in training camp and whether or not it has a chance to be above average this year?

Is Hunter Hillenmeyer a lock as the starting strong side linebacker, or does one of the young backers look to supplant him?

I read an article in the Sun-Times today that basically said the Bears plan to use Garret Wolfe as a third-down back. This worries me, as Wolfe is very small and I'm concerned that having him pass protect against 250 pound blitzing linebackers at full speed may not be such a great idea. Are the Bears seeing something I'm not seeing here?

"Is Chris Williams faking it?"

What a jackass question. Not a smart one either. What would anybody possibly have to gain from Williams faking a back injury. Plus, it's not unnamed, the Bears called it back spasms. Sometimes backs tighten up, it's a minor injury and can last several days or more.

Let me be the upteenth person on this board to say that I have found your posts unrealistically negative, biased, unbalanced, more concerned with being "edgy" or "acerbic" than accurate, and at times just out of line or displaying poor character. I'll leave your level of football knowledge for everyone else here to decide.

Now that I've weighed in on the value of your posts, I will kindly ignore them from now on. I know that won't make you change your style, but it's all I can really do to protest other than posting this. Many have complained about your posts for a reason. You can call me the latest.

since no body else has asked i will. why the hell arent the bears making a play for favre? do you think he would be a better QB than rex or kyle? also, do you think the bears fans are getting sick and tired of the bears never spending any money to get superstar players?

Brad, who is going to start at QB vs the Chiefs in the pre-season opener coming up here?
Secondly, I realize Josh Beekman has been struggling at center, I myself figured he would, especially with only three starts at Boston college at the position? I think the Bears would be better off putting Beekman at guard, a position he is more use to playing. So my question is, how has Beekman looked when he has played guard? I read Beekman got first team reps friday night, how did he look with the first team at guard? GO BEARS!!

What does the o-line competition look like to date? Who is performing well, earning a roster spot, or really disappointing to this point? What does the o-line depth chart look like currently?
Same thing at wide receiver? Where are Rideau and Hass in the mix?


It seems to me like we are having some problems with injuries, and frankly ability, on the O-line (specifically the left). With this is mind, has the front office considered signing a free agent? Take LeCharles Bentley. He has a world of talent, if healthy, and experience at left guard. Why not give him a Kevin Jones type deal and if he regains any semblance of his old form it would do wonders for the line, and if not it wont cost too much.


Have you heard any rumors about bringing Reuben Brown back or somehow picking up more depth at left guard? The Bears seem extremely weak on the left side with williams in question and Metcalf a constant no show when it comes to performance.

What is the Bears plan for the Left offensive guard position?

Why do the Bears have this undying commitment to Terrence Metcalf? What has he ever done worth keeping him on the team this long?

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