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A lot has been made of the dismissal of Ron Rivera for Bob Babich. What are the main differences between the two, both on the field and off the field?

Hey Brad,

Just wanted to ask what you think about the Kevin Jones/Matt Forte combination. Are the Bears considering Kevin Jones as a starter in the future or has Matt Forte done enough to secure his job spot? I saw a lot of potential in the last game from Jones. He seems really hungry and eager to prove people wrong!

Also, have you heard anything about the locker room being divided between Orton and Grossman backers? I understand unity is a major necessity but I wondered if certain players backed either of the quarterbacks. I also wanted to know if you also think that it was totally unnecessary and unwarranted that the fans booed Rex Grossman at home. I believe the guy took a bad fall and is a scapegoat for what was a bad offense. Anyone that has played the game(myself included) would agree that Grossman was easily pointed at as the blame for all misfortunes, when in truth much would have to be decided upon. For instance receivers running bad routes, offensive line not blocking well and the running game never opening up the passing game.

Thanks for answers!

I understand its the pro football writers who decide who get into the pro football hall of fame. So I have two questions, 1. do you have a vote? 2. Why do you think Richard Dent is having such a hard time getting his rightful due, induction into the pro football hall of fame? Dent seems to becoming the new Art Monk. GO BEARS!!

Hi Biggsy!!

Do you think the bears will scan for any late pre season roster cuts like an OT or another QB? How about some defeenders with a little drive? Any big surprise cuts? Rex, Booker, Bradley...that would not be a surprise.

It's no secret that Terrance Metcalf has been a huge dissapointment and a borderline bust. Now he is nursing a knee injury and Josh Beekman has replaced him in the starting line up and has shown possitive signs so far.

Is there any way you see the Bears cutting Metcalf once he is cleared medicaly so they don't have to pay his hefty salary he gets for doing squat ??

If so, is there any inside rumblings that the Bears are looking to add some veteran depth particularly for the OT position once the rest of the teams trim their rosyers to (53) ??

Barton and Balough look promising but both are true rookies and our depth is already paper thin with Williams out for another (6) to (8) weeks rehabing his back.

Are Garrett Wolfe and Mark Bradley really good enough to make the Bears think about keeping only two QBs? I would think some team would sign Hanie off of the practice squad.
Crest Hill, IL

Is there any chance of Columbo coming back? I think his contract is up at the end of this year.

Has any made any movement towards terry glenn?

What are the rules for other teams signing players off the Bears practice squad? Can other teams just sign one of those players without the Bears having any recourse to keep that player. I'm just worried about some team stealing Caleb Hanie if the Bears put him on the practice squad. Cliff - Clinton, Indiana

I think the biggest problem last year for the Bears defense, (and therefore the Bears success as a team), was their consistent inability to make a play to get off the field on 3rd down. They seem to often get favorable down and distance situations after first and second down, but can't close the deal. That trend seems to be continuing in the preseason.

On that note my questions are: Is Mike Brown OK? He is not playing at a very high level in preseason. Also, is Danieal Manning going to get it done at nickel? Again, it doesn't look that great right now.

Those two positions are absolutely vital on 3rd down, and right now I for one am worried. What say yea?

Cliff, I think I know the answer to your question.

The Bears can match the offer so long as they put him on the active roster or offer the player more money to stay on the Practice Squad, basicly giving up more dough to retain his rights....They did the latter with Antonio Garray a while back.

well of course my first questin is WHY ISN'T ANGELO FIRED YET?????? he screwed up thwe williams pick, just like he screwed with up columbo, grossman, benson, and...well u guys have sen me write this list befor. i only wriete it in every post ive made. he needs to go brad, just like lovie, babich, turner, philips, macaskey needs to be shown the door.

did you know brad? i am alwasys right. i think if they wrte a sequel to the bible, i will be in it.

with much love, Crap-ton

Do you think it is the failure to stock and staff the offensive line that is more to blame for the Bears' offensive woes or is it the utterly predictable Ron Turner scheme that is at fault? Turner still tries to establish the run first and if it works you can then pass. But, with the weak line you can't run on anybody and then you can't protect the passer either. Perhaps if we made teams defend the whole field we could open up some running lanes.

Why aren't the Bears making more use of Olsen?

Who will be the Bears Offensive Coordinator next season?


Why is it that we never see trades during the regular season? Have the Bears been in any rumored trade talk during pre-season? I know Manning Jr. is supposed to be on the block, what could he possibly bring in return at this point?

Brad what do you think of the Bears secondary? I look at it and relying on Brown is looking more and more like a mistake, Peanut has been off his game so far, and the remaining safties seem like a lack luster group. Also why do you think Peanut does not get moved to saftie, his natural position. I think it would elivate his game and really help out the defense. I know we would be loosing a corner but he tends to have up and down games a lot.

Crap-ton once again you mock, but you don't disagree. Thats ok Brando I figure u need to vent given that everything you have said about this team and players this off season has been wrong. Like "Angelo is the best GM in the NFL", "Metcalf is a stud", "Wolfe is a stud", "Benson will have a break out year", "Grossman will go to the Pro Bowl", "Braley and Booker will have 1000 yard seasons", "Williams is a sure thing", "The Bears will Return to the Super Bowl", "Lovie is the best coach in the NFL", "The Bears will have a top 5 offense" and "the Bears will have the best defense in the nfl". I could go on and on about your claims. I figure your mad because everything you say is wrong and pathetic and you need to vent your frustration about the Bears on other people. Thats cool, cause at least deep down you know how stupid you really are and how much better than you I am. Live with it chump. Go ahead and tell me where I am wrong looser.


What are the chances that the defense gets back to its attacking style in 2008? They seem too content to sit back and try and prevent the long pass, so teams have been willing to be patient and drive all the way down the field on us. We toughen up in the red zone, but Great defenses are tough between the 20s, not just from the 20 in...

Why can't the Bears find coordinators that can cyphon through the terrible players and firm up the solid players they do have and create a winning team?

Hey man, I read your stuff everyday, great job. The offensive line played terrible against Seattle, but was part of that because Rex was the QB? It seems like teams love to blitz Rex, and they usually have good results forcing turnovers and sacks and whatnot. I know he's just a backup now but I'd still like to know, is Rex just not good at recognizing a blitz coming or what is the problem there?


What is the status of Reuben Brown is he still available.
With the left offensive guard position still in flux with Beekman and Metcalf. Would it not be prudent to cut Metcalf and sign Reuben for another year?

2nd Question

Who knows more about the Bears, Crapton or Creighton?

Ok, so you got the naysayers who believe the Bears will win two games this year, and then the hopelessly delusional who think we'll go undefeated and that Rex Grossman will make it to the pro-bowl. I'd like to hear what somone with a college education thinks on this. Wwhat are your predictions for the '08 season?

Do you think the Bears would consider picking up Chris Simms if/when he is cut on Saturday and release Grossman?

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