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Lovie's Friday press conference

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Lovie Smith just held his presser at Halas Hall and said not much had changed since Thursday night:

*** Linebacker Rod Wilson will be placed on injured reserve with a broken right arm. That's going to open up spot, most likely, for Mike Okwo or Joey LaRocque. Ultimately, it will come down to who can do what on special teams. Or Okwo's draft status as a third-round pick in 2007 could be the trump card.

*** Smith said they will have "training-camp style" practices coming up, presumably to straighten out some of the lousy play on defense. They don't practice again until Sunday.

*** He didn't blame poor tackling alone for the bad defensive play. Effort was also mentioned.

*** Brandon McGowan remains the starter at strong safety but the team wanted to get a good look at Kevin Payne and that is why the rotated series. Payne had made big strides, according to Smith.

*** Kevin Jones looked good at running back to Smith.

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I, too, thought Kevin Jones looked good, with the exception of the play where there was no blocking and Jones was bodyslammed in the backfield. I like Kevin Payne and I hope he can stay healthy because he looks like he can be a good player. Rod Wilson's broken arm must be pretty severe to be placed on IR because I didn't think the recovery time was that long. Maybe they just want to "redshirt" him because they have so many other linebackers that they don't want to get rid of.

Rod Wilson did have potential, but unfortunately, he has spent most of his time with the Bears recovering from various injuries, I think its time to cut ties with Wilson. For the same reason, durability, I would go with Joey LaRocque over Michael Okwo. Although, both Wilson and Okwo might be more athletic than LaRocque, what good is it on IR? I say keep the player that can contribute. Yes, I might be jumping the gun calling Okwo "injury prone," but during his time at Stanford, he was hurt a lot, then again last season as a rookie in the NFL, this just does not bold well, especially at such a physical position like linebacker. The good, linebacker is the Bears strongest position B I T L !!!!![best in the league]. GO BEARS!!

"Training camp"-style practices? Wow, there's a threat. An hour and a half of running around in shells and shorts doing non-contact drills will surely fix the problem! Lovie, who you crappin'?

I wish they would start to tackle. There is a difference between tackling in games and tackling in practice. They don't have to be "violent" tackles (around necks, ankles, chopping at knees, etc.). They, should be tackling.

It is good for both sides. The backs and receivers get used to hitting the ground. They get used to making a move (attack, dive, spin, cut, etc.) against live action more often. Develops reflexes. The defense obviously gets to tackle, but they must be prototypical tackles (shoulder pad in front of momentum with arm wrap and drive thru).

Plus, this would actually prevent injuries, if you think about how the body works. Take a casual weight lifter. He goes to gym 16/20 days and his muscles grow. You can see a definitive difference. Then, he only goes 3/20 days, and his muscles shrink. The law is USE IT OR LOSE IT in the body. It is called Wolff's Law, and it means the body will adapt to whatever stresses applied to it. You work out a muscle, it reacts by getting stronger. In other words, you get used to working that muscle out.

Translate this concept to getting USED to live action in a game. Tackling, and reflexes are learned experiences via on-the-job-training. The more you do it, the better you will react to it. If you get tackled 4 times a week in practice, then you will be used to it way more than a "light contact" practice. AND ... if you tackle 4 days a week in practice, you will react to tackling someone better.

Don't you ever wonder what the incidence of "nagging" vs. catastrophic injuries are the last 25 years in the NFL? I also wonder what the injury histories are of all teams the last 5 years. Compare the type of practice (full contact VS light/moderate contact) with game starts lost due to injuries (catastrophic vs nagging).

This would shed some light on it. B/c I think not hitting in practice is a bad way to prepare someone for a collision sport. My hypothesis is there are just as many injuries now as there were 25 years ago, and that teams that employ full contact practice have more wins/less injuries in the last 5 years than teams that do not employ full contact practice.

I will look this up and post later.

Anyways, GO BEARS!!

You can't run the ball and you can't defend the ball. When are you going to learn how to stop the run, Mr. Babich? When are you going to use the correct plays in the run game, Mr. turner? It's the same old...same old every year. We need some coaching here. You have the correct players.

The issue of tackling in practice is getting over blown. The game has changed. All that hard tackling in practice will accomplish is injuries. Doesn't anyone remember how the Bears use to fade in December?

Kevin A. I usually agree with your assessment, but the LB's being the best is suspect. In the 49er's game I saw them taking bad angles to the ball and where Urlacher and Briggs use to explode through the hole to tackle the back behind the line I saw them missing the tackle. It's early, but when was the last time we saw a LB with an "oh wow" tackle?

Also, it is dissappointing how Bauzin (DE), Okwo(LB) have not progressed.

I have been a Bear fan for over 50 years, and the SF game was the worst defensive 'performance' I have ever seen. 'Stink' and 'suck' are not strong enough words to describe the defense's 'effort'. The coaching? What coaching? The game was unwatchable, and I watched it all. Not one guy, not one, had a good game on defense. Usually, during a bad game, at least one guy is trying and playing hard, but in this game, not one. I live in Wisconsin, and you could smell the sewer fumes from Soldier Field all the way up here. The second and third string defense were as bad as the so-called first string. For a while, I thought the Bears were playing Tom Brady and the Patriots, the way they were moving up and down the field, and then I remembered the Bears were playing the dismal 49ers and JT O'Sullivan, or whatever the hell his name is, and then I said 'Uh, Oh'. It crossed my mind watching this game that the guys at ESPN could be saying that after the Bear-Houston game on Dec. 28 the 6 words that no true Bear fan wants to hear - 'The Bears are on the clock!"

'Smith said they will have "training-camp style" practices coming up'

We can't tackle on defense, we're two weeks away from the season opener and after three whole preseason games players are still "competing" for jobs. So Smith's solution is to regress to July's training camp!!???

Soon we will all be asking, "Hey friend, do you remember the glory days of Jauron and Shoop?

Ahhh yes, now there was some real coaching talent."

Can someone please buy Brain Urlacher a little pink dress? I mean for God's sake, of course your back and neck feel great, you haven't hit anybody in the first 3 pre-season games. Vasher and Tillman played like 2 guys who could give a crap less in that game. When Cory Graham and Trumaine McBride are mentioned more in game for tackling and coverage, there is a huge problem. One more thing, Devin, you got paid, now prove that your worth the money because an undrafted player, a rookie and a second round Safty have all out reutrned you and out caught you. This is a 6-10 team at best. Loser Smith, Dusty Babich and Wrong Turner are for sure the tree stooges.

Windy City Guy, you said it best yourself, when you said the game has changed, and how hard tackling in practice will accomplish nothing but injuries and wear down the defense as the season goes on. The same thinking was probably in the heads of the Bears linebackers, why go full throttle in a pre-season game, when it is more important to make it through the regular season, especially for a veteran group? Also, I can guarantee the Bears were running a vanilla defense, schematic wise, this also probably had an effect on the effort of the Bears the other night. Here's something to take into perspective, take the pre-season back in 2006, the year the Bears went to the Super Bowl. It was Aug, 11 2006, Bears vs 49ers, that night, the 49ers had there way with our defense. Come regular season, when it really counts, the Bears were good to go, and had a hell of a year on defense. I think we are all over reacting, come regular season, one more time for emphasis, when it really counts, the Bears are gonna be fine GO BEARS!!

Kevin didn't you watch a single game last year, the Bears have been running a Vanilla sense Rivera left, notice you have to go back to 2006 to say they had a good defense. What about last year Kevin, they were ranjed in the bottom of the league and don't give me any of that injury garbage cause lots of teams had just as many injuries and still did just fine, like the colts. If regular season is not important then how come so many team work hard in those games? Your worse that excuse maker Baker dude, it's nothing but excuses with you. The last time the Bears looked this bad in preseason was 1998, they finished 4-12 that year. 9ers and Chiefs are both predicted to finish last in there divisions, they both came in to Soilders Field and beat the Bears. Let me guess they were trying and the Bears didn't, or they got Lucky, or the Bears stink. What did you tell me before the preseason began? Oh yeah, Williams will be a All Pro LT this year, Bennett will be the next Hiez Ward, Forte will be the best running back in the Draft, Beekman is a stud, Tait will be great at RT, Either QB will be great, and the defense will be the best in football. These are your claims. No offense Kevin but your claims are suspect.

If the Bears are good to go like you say how come they can't win a preseason game at home against two really bad teams? For that matter explain the offense and defense last year sense like you said they are good to go once the season starts? If there so great why can't they win a game? Imean look at Orton people are so desperate for a good QB that there pretending Orton had a good game, all 147 yards. Even Biggs was sasying he matched Osullivan throw for throw. Witch I find funny because JT only played a quarter and Orton played close to 40 minutes almsot 3 times as long and got 20 more yards than him against one of the worst defenses in the NFL, no one mentions the field position special teams gave the Bears in the first quarter, oh no it was all Orton. Kevin your a nice guy but you have no idea how bad this team is, I think your letting your fanhood overide your common sense and perspective. Thats cool though man it happens to everyone look at Biggs, I swear he thinks Orton is Ben Roethlisberger. 147 yards Biggs?? And 55 of that came on a broken play to an uncovered Bradley. Oh and it was against the 49ers whos best sack man had all of two sacks last year. I can't believe the Bears line was talented enough to stop Justin Smith, thee Justin Smith. And Kevin yes it's true I may just be the Devil.

What the F### the Bears named Hester as a starter, are they nuts? Did they watch him at all this preseason? He stank, I understand Lloyd, and I hear Booker is pretty much gone(by the way to all you looser Booker fans, I told you he sucked). But how is Hester starting above Davis who earned the Job by out playing Hester? He's starting cause he has a big contract thats all I can figure. Oh and where is Mark Bradkey for all you Bradley fans out there. Didn't I say he sucked? Oh yeah I did. Looks like I was right again.

Can anyone name all the nad draft picks Angelo has made sense he has been here? How about first rounders Like Benson, Grossman, Columbo, Danieal Manning(2), Mike Haynes, David Terrel. How about 2nd and 3rd picks, Dan Bazuin, Wolfe, Okowo, Dusty D, Bradley, Tank Johnson, Berrian, Rosie Williams, Metcalf, A Train, Mike Gandy, bit you know what he did Draft Hester so everything is ok. We didn't need all those picks anyway. The only first round pick Angelo has been right about so far is Harris, I am leavig this years draft class out of it, but it doesn't look all that good so far.

What's the big deal about being named a starter? If this was Varsity High school then that's another thing. It's not like whoever is starting is going to be the only one out that. What matters is who is left on this team as a whole. With a lot of untested WRs maybe it's best to start your most dangerous one. Davis is a slot receiver who does his best against a nickle-back. Guys want to see more of him like they want to see more of Hass but you can't always get what you want. Creighton my man. Please,please please ease up on repeatedly dogging on Angelo. You brought up a lot of vaild points a long time ago but you keep bringing them up and it gets lost on anyone who reads your posts. Guys, let's wait until the games matter before we keep start talking about what's going to happen in the 2008 regular season. We all want the best team but we won't see it if we can't give them a chance. Burning your jerseys because of preseason is a waste of time. Kumbaya.

You know what really stinks is that the Bears used to have a defensive scheme that used to work. Now we don't have any scheme at all - not even a vanilla one. You can just see the defense shaking its head at what the "coaches" are calling. My question is - How long do we have to wait? How many seasons do we have to waste before we get a real defensive coach? And Hester starting makes us worse on offense AND special teams - Great call Lovie!


If you go back to 2006 you will find this starting in Mid-Novemeber Creighton:

NE: 352 yards, 20 first downs, 17 points
Vikings: 346 yards, 21 first downs, 13 points
Rams: 433 yards, 28 first downs, 27 points
Tampa: 357 yards, 11 first downs, 31 points
Loins: 327 yards, 18 first downs, 21 points
GB: 373 yards, 20 first downs, 26 points

That's a rough average of giving up a whopping 365 yards, 19.7 first downs and 22.5 points game. Granted Rex gave up (14) points to GB so the adjusted points per game would be 20.2 for the Bears last (6) games heading into the playoffs.

Playoff numbers were not good either:

Seattle: 306 yards, 18 first downs, 24 points
NO: 375 yards, 15 first downs, 14 points
Colts: 430 yards, 24 first downs, 29 points (22 - Rex's pick six)

That was an average of 370 yards per game, 19 first downs and 20 points per game in the playoffs....

In the Bears last (9) games under Ron Rivera's leadership they surrendered an staggering 367 yards, 19.4 first downs and 2001 points per game when removing Rex Grossman' (3) int's returned for TD's......

Bob Babich's Defense averaged 355 yards per game and 22 points.
Seems pretty similar and Babich lost (2) starters after week (1) in Mike Brown and Dusty Dvoricek, Vasher after week (4) and (3) DT's along the way in Adams, Walker and Garray plus Kevin Payne went to IR after his only start. Ron didn't lose Mike Brown until game(7) Arizona and Harris until game (12) vs the Vikings. Babich runs the same scheme that Ron did which is Lovies defense he installed when he became the Bears head coach............

Just sayin

Meant 20.9 points per game not 2001...LOL...

Creighton, didn't you say all off season that the Bears were going to hand Rex Grossman the starting quarterback position? Wasn't Anthony Oakley suppose to be starting at left guard by now? Oh yeah, according to you, isn't Adrian Peterson suppose to be the starting running back, what gives?? Oh, how can I forget, Marcus Harrison will never never never play nose tackle, ever, how dare I think such a thing!! Creighton, these are prime examples of suspect claims.
Creighton, yes, injuries killed the Bears defense last season. Heck, I don't think the Bears went three weeks in a row with the same set of defensive backs. You cannot lose your top safety, Mike Brown, and have no true nose tackle, Dusty Dvoracek injured & Tank Johnson off the field issues, and expect to compete.
I never said Chris Williams would be an all-pro this season, I said, "give the guy a season." And yes, I still think Chris Williams would be starting if not for the injury. Josh Beekman is going to be a good guard for the Bears, like it or not, isn't Beekman in the starting lineup right now? [ha ha told ya so] I never said, "Beekman was a stud," I just wanted the Bears to give him a shot at left guard, and they did. Whats up with the Hines Ward comparison to Earl Bennett, I never once made that comparison, feel free to go through the archives. Creighton, stop making things up. Matt Forte is the best runner to come out of this years draft, but you can't prove me wrong till around December of 2010. As for Tait, again, wait till around mid season, still to early to say he sucks there.
Creighton, you are way way over analyzing the Bears back up quarterback [just kidding at your expense] Kyle Orton. I never said, "either Grossman or Orton would be great," maybe either could do the job, and I would support whoever the Bears went with. Again, feel free to go through the archives, I said all off-season that I thought Kyle Orton was the best QB for the Bears, and would be named the starter, and he was. Orton did look very good the other night, and is going to be a good one.
Creighton, yes, I am a die hard Bears fan, and will support them. What I won't do, is sit there and nit pick there every move that I think is the wrong one, and dwell on all their past mistakes, I admit, Im not a cry baby. Creighton, you can sit there all day and talk about the bad moves that YOU think Angelo makes, but the stone cold truth of the matter is, under Jerry Angelo, the Bears are a winning franchise, you can't argue with that. Creighton, I also have no problem with you, and do not think you are the devil, what you are, is an overly [with a capital O] pessimistic fan. My only advice, NFL Sunday ticket GO BEARS!!

Last Thursday night’s game was embarrassing. It was totally pathetic. I don’t care if it is a preseason game; you have to have enough pride on the “C” on the side of your helmet to give it your best Mr. Ulacher, Briggs, Harris and the rest of the statues on the field watching the 49ers run up and down the field. I hope you guys take some time from counting your money to care about how bad you looked.

With the 4th pick in the 2009 draft the Chicago Bears select...
Tim Teebow!!! This year is going to be rough if the Bears don't start showing up on Gameday.


Remember that the Bears D not only had the injuries last year they were on the field way to much due to a team that could not run the ball. Cedric was a waste, so the Bears were three n out and lost time of possession constantly throughout the year. The D will be back this year strong and you know as well as I do that preseason means nothing. There are Superbowl champions that were poor in the preseason, pleanty of them.

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