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Lineman Oakley added to cuts list

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Reserve guard/center Anthony Oakley, who originally got a look at left guard when Terrence Metcalf went out following a scope on his right knee four weeks ago, has been informed he will be placed on waivers.

Five more cuts remain unknown.

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Sorry Creighton, you guessed wrong on Oakley. See, maybe if you were talking about a competent football team you would have been right.

As it stands, Oakley was cut while we are still using possibly THREE very crucial spots on the 53. One for Chris "Uhma me me me that's all folks!" Williams. One for Terrence "Violent Retard" Metcalf. And maybe one for Fred "Drive Killer" Metcalf.

What a colorful crew! But wait, we've given our players nicknames before like "Sweetness," "Samurai Mike," "The Punky QB" etc. What could possibly go wrong this season?

Hey it's not all bad. It looks like Barton will be on the active roster. He had a good preseason and looks like he could be a player.

Williams on the active roster makes no sense. Put him on IR, get him healthy and in shape for next year.

Lets see what happens with Adams. I would put him on IR to "redshirt" him for a year.

Forget all this QB crap. GO OUT AND GET Willie freakin Anderson and any other lineman. This line blows! Bradshaw, Favre or any other QB would get killed behind this line.

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