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Line play gives Grossman no chance whatsoever

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SEATTLE--Now that first deadline for the print edition has passed, a few thoughts on this game as we sit here late in the third quarter.

*** Will Rex Grossman even get a chance to get back into the quarterback competition? He didn't have a chance here tonight, not throwing the ball from his backside. The offensive line was porous. Pressure came from all directions and left guard Josh Beekman had two penalties. This was a thorough, across the board breakdown by the offensive line.

*** We've had a Ricky Manning Jr. sighting. He got onto the field with the first team for a little while.

*** This right knee injury to Desmond Clark needs to be tracked. He's a critical component to the running game.

*** Earl Bennett had a nifty 75-yard punt return for a touchdown in the third quarter. He also dropped a pass from Grossman earlier in the game. Bennett isn't going to supplant Devin Hester as the punt returner and he's not going to play receiver if he can't catch the ball.

*** Linebacker Nick Roach (concussion) and safety Kevin Payne (back) left with injuries. Payne had a nice hit on running back Julius Jones to force a fumble. Problem with the forced fumble play was there was a huge hole around the left side.

*** Caleb Hanie's second outing didn't start so well. The Bears held the ball for less than four minutes in the third quarter.

*** Has anyone seen Mark Bradley? Brandon Lloyd stepped forward with a strong showing in Kyle Orton's two-minute drive.

*** Off soon to catch a red eye flight. Share your observations and we'll re-visit what right now looks like it might be a victory with the Bears up 19-12. But make no mistake about it, this was a loss all the way around.

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Orton looked better than Rex but it was in a two min. offense and the Seattle D was playing back. So I am not really share if it is fair to Rex, what the heck happened to Orton though, I htought he would start the second half?

The Bears D looks much better, but I have to remind myself this is not an elite offense and well it's Frye at QB, a practice squade QB.

1st team to 1st team, they beat us and the destroyed our offense. If not for the play of the second team D and special teams the Bears offense has managed 3 points. Also our defense has given up 19 points to Charlie Frye so far, which worries me.

I can't believe how bad the offense looks, I thought they would be bad, but aside from Lloyd, and Forte they have been horrible. The oline looks horrible on the left side, Beekman has 2 false starts a hold and gave up the sack on Grossman. Let me remind people that Kerney didn't even play, imagine if he had, Grossman would be dead.

If we have to count on our special teams and defense to score over 16 points a game to win, we are up the creek.

On a final note Bennett looked good on the return but as a reciever he has looked really bad. Also Wolfe stinks.

I think our O-line is impossiable.
Can we get at least 4 seconds to throw the ball? Maybe?

Happy Feet.Not the pengwin but Grossman.Happy Feet. Anothe PRE-Season game in the books.TE Davis clearly the offensive star of the game. Orton looked good in the 2 minute drill.

On another note: Brad Biggs great interview on Sirius radio at 12:03pm central time. You told nothing but the cold harted truth. Brad you sounded like a natural on the radio! Keep it up. I wouldnt mint hearing ya as a regular on a local radio station.
P.S. Great tidbit on how Grossman and Orton combine in the last 3 years have 6th best winning percentage then anyothe QB in the NFL.

People want to blame our QBs for all our offensive woes, and while our QBs may be nothing special...our line is worse. That Angelo and Lovie didn't realize what a disaster our line was last year is mind boggling. No greater indictment of them could be even considering bringing back Fred Miller.

Swap Grossman for Tony Romo and Romo is mediocre to bad behind our O-line. This season will be crushed by horrid line play and low talent at the reciever position. Look for Turner and all offensive coaches to be shown the door after this year.

No victory, Biggs. We lost. Much more of that to come in regular season, unfortunately.

the line didn't look great but lets face it rex sucks. plenty of qbs are under pressure and they still make the throws. rex runs backwards and screws up. he just just stand there, throw the ball and take the hit (he's going to get hit anyway).

lets stop with the excuses and just come to terms that what we've seen is what we are going to get from rex. a horrible qb makes the whole team look bad.

any team in the league knows that you can stack the box with rex and he won't be able to beat you. that kills the run and since rex tries to run away in the opposite direction that pretty much kills the pass.

i do blame ron turner too because any other team would trow a quick slant to stop the blitzing. maybe he doesn't because rex is too short? i don't know?

orton was ok. his two minute drill looked good and hester should have caught that pass. hester is making big boy money now so he should make big boy catches. i get the feeling that the team doesn't like orton too much, maybe it's just me but he doesn't seem to gel with the other guys as much, a little brian griese syndrom.

hannie probably looked the best again which doesn't say much for the bears. he made mistakes but at least he came back with another td. no way do i think he can start but he should be pretty solid given time. he's a leader, i'm not too sure if orton is and he's not a pansy like rex.

kellen davis looked good, so i'm not too worried about losing clark. the defense and special teams looked great, well at least the 1s and 2s.

i'm seeing shades of 2005.

cut grossman and pick up sims.
seriously when will the rex grossman experiment end?

I agree. The O-Line is a joke. Rex had no chance but still made good reads and throws. Brandon Lloyd said the only reason they were able to move the ball before halftime was because they knew what coverage Seattle would run in the two minute drill and they didn't blitz. I think Rex showed a lot under that pressure and has more talent.

No QB can excel behind that pathetic offensive line of the Bears. Orton reminds me of Shane Matthews and Steve Walsh - slow, weak-arm, game managers. At least Grossman has a strong arm and big play potentials. Nonetheless, it may not matter who the starting QB is because he'll not last long behind that hideous offensive line. Get ready for a long season boys.

Rex should have bolted. With this line/play calling the only thing that is going to happen is his rep is going to get even worse. HIs INT risk could be offset by deep passes but a mix of no protection and no deep play calling means that we wipe out what he and Hester could do probably a couple of times a game.

Ok well games over and the Bears lost again.

The Good

Kellen Davis looks like a better TE than Olsen
The Bears Passing Defense looked good(I would say great but it was Frye)
The Bears Special teams was awsome
Lloyd looked good but it was in the two minute drill against a Defense that was playing soft at that point, Same for Orton
Forte looked decent considering the line, he's good but I don't think he is a special player.

Izzy was really solid in pass rush.

The Bad

Josh Beekman stinks in fact the whole left side of the line stinks

Olsen sucks

The Oline looked really bad

The Dline couldn't stop the run to save it's life, same problem they had last year.

Wolfe is a Joke

Offensive play calling was a joke

Payne and Des getting hurt, I feel bad for Des hope he is ok, Payne is brittle.

The WR corps looked pretty bad for the most part and was shut down for most of the game, then again the run didn't do much better.

For all those Bradley fans out there, get a clue the guy stinks.

Now for the

The Ugly

Rex Grossman, I don't like Rex but even I felt bad for the poor guy. If Kerney had played, Rex would have been taken off the field in a BODY BAG. That Oline is a joke, Angelo drafted Rex and now it appears he wants to kill Rex. He's a sick man that Jerry Angelo a sick, sick man. What nest? He gonna bring back Drive Killer Miller to finish him off?

I can see why Kyle would be selected, He does not give the Bears the chance to win from the QB position.
Let's have the gunslinger we had in Rex. Rex problem stems from a poor Oline and running game, he can manage a game alot better than Kyle if given chance.
I watch these preseasons games and can tell that Ron Turner gets beat most of calls in critical situtions, blame him.

Once again the sub-par team of Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith once again shows why Angelo was shown the door in Tampa and Lovie did not have anyone beating his door down before Jerry gave him an extension. The failure to draft a NFL caliber QB and a offensive line to protect him is unexcusable. This coaching staff has not develoed anyone and Angelo has drafted no offense of any consequence. And who in the heck is Pep Hamilton? Both Lovie and Angelo should be shown the door this whole staff blown up and carted off. How do you cultivate a offense without contact? How do you keep a defense sharp if they don't have contact? And last but not least how do you justify keeping Grossman on your roster? Other teams seem to have thought Leftwich still had something in the tank Culpepper is still out there can't be any worse than this mess now. LeCharles Bentley was out there Jerry stands pat, you already took a gamble on a injured Jones why not on Pettigrut even if he is not ready for the first two or three games he is better than what we have.

I don't care who is at QB for this team because the O-Line is awful! If you think it is the QB that is the issue for the Bears then you are sadly mistaken. Still no running game and lines whether they are offensive or defensive that are still getting pushed around.

The Bears have other issues again besides QB

Starting to feel bad for any back Grossman, Orton, or Forte being behind this line. These guys need to start sucking it up and start playing with some pride. I am sick and tired of watching this offensive line give up sacks, pressure, and penalties and this city blame the qb. Enough already. Bear's brass needs to spend some of that loot and realize what every other team does in the NFL except the packers. Pay for big men up front that can get the job done.

I really don't see how the coaches can make any comparison between Rex and Kyle based on last night's game. As you point out, the O-Line was terrible and Rex had little to no time to make any plays. The starting field position was terrible, there were too many unnecessary penalties and the running game never got going. I also think that Bennett dropped a near first-down pass in the opening series that could have given the offense some momentum. Orton was given the best starting field position of the half and went three and out. Then for his second series, the Seattle defense was basically in a prevent, sending very little pressure and willing to give up the short yardage which Orton was able to take advantage of -- at least to give Gould a 39-yard field goal attempt. Clearly, the two quarterbacks faced entirely different situations, but Orton's first three and out was indicative of the rest of the half. If Orton wins the starting job based on last night's game, then it would appear to me that the team had already made up its mind before the game who will be the starter.

What you don’t seem to realize is that our 3rd string QB was out there. An unknown like Forsett eat you up. Our “special” teams with guys who will not make the team gave you points. The bears will be pathetic this year. You should fire your owners, managers, coaches and entire staff and start over with people who want to win

It won't matter who is at QB if the OL doesn't improve quickly. Beekman looks good pulling and trapping, but doesn't have the size for straight ahead blocking. He should not be at guard. Barton has looked good at RT, plus he seems to have a nasty temperment. He might be able to handle guard.

I don't see this line improving with other teams cast offs. I would rather see them play the younger players and see if they can work through it.

Hey folks, it wasn't Grossman or Benson last year it was Jerry Angelo, Lovie smith and his coaching buddies, poor game plans, and a pathetic offensive line. There is no way you can judge the QB's based on the Seahawks game. If the BEARS bow to the media and start Orton, we are stuck with an average (at best) QB and the offense will suffer for years to come. In that scenario we are doomed to 7-9 or worse records forever. Sack Angelo and Lovie along with his pretender coaches and get real football people to run the BEARS.

Alot of u guys forget that rex was a big part of our 06 season.we haven't seen a QB that good or that bad since 85.In 07 our oline was horrible also not to mention our recievers droped mor than half the passes thrown by rex,also backs fell apart and ron turner sucks.we should give rex more credit instead of booing him.

Lets just say the Bears organization are banging there heads starting with JA. The offense looked like what everybody expected, Rex really didnt have anytime like Orton. I like both Rex and Orton, either one can succeed if given the time, and just like Orton did get the time, Rex really didnt get his share of time to read....and it all starts on the offensive line. I can agree that defense with games, but if our defense stays on the field too long, were going to see the same injuries happen all over again. Lovie Smith should be very concerned that the offense is going to look horrible, and sure the defense is going to dominate again, but if he doesnt make thing work on the offensive side of the ball it can be his ticket out of Chicago....

Chicago Ownership and management should be ashamed. As a Bears fan I am yet to see a silver lining in the clouds. Year after year it seems they are content with mediocrity and doing just enough to keep the fans buying tickets. I hate to say it folks but you want change then stop buying tickets and merchandise. Start hurting the ladies pocket and things will change.It is simply unacceptable for a market as large as Chicago to put utter crap on the field year after year. The Super Bowl team won in spite of Rex and the Offense . The D a special team were just that good.

With this offensive line, it won't matter who the starting QB is. Unless we run a 2-minute offense the entire game to keep opposing defenses from stacking the box and blitzing every play, neither QB will last because they'll both end up being carted off the field due to injury. Guys and gals, you can be as optimistic as you want, but with an offensive line that can't block anybody, this is going to be a 4-12 season at best. If there's a silver lining, it will hopefully mean the end of Angelo, Lovie, and Turner in Chicago.

Don't worry boys and girls, the human garbage also known as Jerry Angelo will be gone on December 29, 2008, the day after the Bears complete a 3 and 13 season. With any luck his butt buddy Lovie Smith will accompany him into oblivion.

Jerry Angelo time and time again continues to breathe Blue and Orange dust on what figures to be a dying Chicago Bears francise. Let's take a step back and look at the big picture. Out of the 3 to 5 skill positions that are needed for a decent offense in any NFL franchise, the Bears have taken zero stance as tho who they will start the season at Wideout, Running Back, and the all important QB position. The O-Line counldn't protect any QB. Give Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and or Tony Romo our wideouts, rb's, and o-line and I guarentee more int's to Td's for all three. Don't let Angelo and Smith use the offense as an excuse this year, each chose to draft 6 defensive players and 2 offensive players at this years draft. Remember folks, there is Zero O in AngelO PERIOD. Boy, Malcum Kelly, Robert Mechum and Brian Brohm look pretty good now huh guys?


Let's not forget when Orton starts the season is over. Rex is a "victim of circumstance" the O-line played the same as last year. The one thing that makes me believe more in Rex than in Kyle was the year that Rex was hurt and Kyle started all those games. Never once did they win a game because of Kyle. Rex came in, in the Atlanta game and it was a whole different offense. Then Rex started hot the next year with good O-line play. Rex had a few horrible games after that everyone does maybe not to that extreme but they do. Then had a few more good games. Plain and simple you can't blame Rex for everything bad that happens and give him no credit for the good he did do. Bottom line Rex does give them the best chance to win regardless of what happened last night.

From beginning to end, this game was painful to watch.

Actually, I wouldn't know about the ending because I turned it off and went to bed early in the forth quarter. Usually I'd turn on the stereo in the bedroom and listen to the radio broadcast as I fell asleep, but I didn't. This game was so bad, I didn't want to risk having any nightmares.

I'm not a Grossman fan or an apologist, but that kid didn't have a prayer. If he's going to bury himself, at least he should be able to do so on his own, without an extra shove into the grave from the 'O' line.

That the Bears were able to take the lead in the third quarter despite holding onto the ball for all of one minute, speaks to the frustration that the defence and special teams will have to endure for the rest of the year.

My deepest condolences to them.

Dont Panic it was a pre season game. the worst things that happen was the Injurys and it is not who starts the season it is who finshes.Rex is are best bet.

Rex never got time to show what he can do, the o line is terrible as I have ever seen I think they all should be released except Kreutz, we'd have better luck with free agents. Drop passes again hurt Rex, several first downs and possible touchdown could have been made if we could just catch the ball "hot hands" bennett. Also Orton should have been easily getting a touchdown with the defense he played against late in the 2nd, he had all day to throw with no one blitzing but he showed everybody his true colors and that is a lame armed purdue product who dinks and doinks around for 3 yards a pass and has know emotion as a qb. Rex may not be the best in the league but he is the best we have at least right now until the oline sends him 6 feet under before the regular season can start. Jerry Angelo did a bad job drafting and should have tried to get another top OL prospect. Williams will have an impact when he returns but one guy doesnt give a qb 4 seconds to throw when the line today gives Rex enough time to say hike. Grossman is better off having Kreutz steping on his foot and taking the sack rather than puting his career and REP on the line for an oline and offense that is filled with mediocrity and overpriced players.

I believe if Jerry Angelo, Lovie Smith, or Ron Turner say anything about being comfortable enough with their offensive line in the off-season not to make any additions, they should be stoned with charcoal from the tailgaters in the Soldier Field parking lot.

Oops!! Getting rid of tailgaters was more of a priority to the Bears than improviong their O-Line.

Though, in the Seattle game, the tackle play wasn't the most glaring weakness on the line. The inability for the guards and center to 'switch-off' to pickup blitzes/stunts and to get movement of the defenders off the line of scrimmage were the biggest problems. And, Matt Forte's impersonation of a 'knock-me-down-clownie' doll' as he was run over a couple times didn't help the quarterbacks.

Also, I believe now might be time to address the offensive line and bring in 'just-released' veteran OT Luke Pettigout (failed Tampa Bay team physical because of unheeled ACL injury) in for a look. The Bears signed Kevin Jones with his ACL injury and he plays a more mobile, demanding, and difficult position that Pettigout.

I hope the Bears forget bringing in Chris Simms from Tampa Bay,'the left-handed version of Brian Griese' (the similarities between both QBs are extremely evident, especially both being 'prima donnas'), and continue to go with Caleb Hanie as the #3. The better pickup from Tampa Bay would be Pettigout.

And, let's hope Earl Bennett can contribute on special teams as a returner because he has the case of the ''drop-zies' like Lew Barnes, Dez White, and Mushin Muhammad all had before him/

you can't judge a preseason game in it's entirety, you have to do it in segments. if anybody cares to look the defensive starters and second stringers did an outstanding job. without tommie harris!

they only allowed 9 points in 3 quaters
3 sacks
the seahawks only ran for 39 yards in the 1st half

forsett blow up in the 4th quarter but that was against 3rd stringers and guy who might not even make the team.

the starting front 4 (without harris) pressured frye the entire first half and the seahawks line isn't a joke.

as for our 0-line consider this: the book on beating grossman is out there, all you have to do is stack the box and blitz. by stacking the box the running game is shut down and blitzing exposes rex's weakness. this doesn't work against a good quarterback because they can hit the hot read and make the other team pay for taking that gamble.

rex is not able to do that, he has no presence in the pocket. it's simple math they send more then we can block. i'm sorry but even an all pro line can't deal with that.

as long as teams don't honor the pass our offense will suck. but why should they if rex can't expose their gamble?

i'm so sick of the rex grossman excuses. oh it's the line, oh it's the running back, oh it's the wide out's oh it's the play calling. at some point it's his fault. i don't care how much talent he is sopposed to have or how well he did for the first half of 2007. the dolphins in 07 laid the blue print on how to beat rex and he didn't adapt and every team since has done the same to shut him down.

i don't know when the bears are going to realize this but it's over!

with our defense all we need is a decent qb and that's it.

Is John Tait serious?

To premise this, I am not a Rex-hater. I see the good and bad and here's my take on this situation:

First, Rex is too slow, not too short. Grossman is a shorter QB with the HUGE arm and lots of big play potential. But he does not possess feet good enough to slide around in the pocket and create good passing lanes. His sight is limited because teams - especially last season - realized you stack the middle to shut down the run and the pass. Benson couldn't bounce outside to save his schlong and Grossman is stuck trying to look over huge bodies which forces him to pass outside the hash marks.

It's not rocket science. If you're going to be short in the NFL you need to have good mobility and good pocket presence. Grossman has neither. A lot of you guys say "just give him 4 seconds", well you guys saw what QB's can do against Chicago's defense with "just 4 seconds" during the Greg "Sacks aren't important" Blache period where he'd drop 10 or even 11 guys into coverage and watch some journeyman turn into Peyton Manning.

Second, the o-line is terrible. I watched John St. Clair play tackle in St. Louis and Miami and called him "the human turnstyle". Beekman may be even worse. Chicago needs to move Tait back to left tackle as more than evident by last night. We can then bring in St. Clair to left guard which he does very well. Next, I don't care if he's a 7th round pick or not, Kirk Barton is impressive so let's see what he can do.

Finally, IR Chris Williams who has proven nothing except he cannot make it through an NFL practice. We can use that spot to protect Caleb Hanie (our '09 starter) or pickup a veteran swing tackle to backup Baron in case he falls on his face or Tait in case of injury.

I didn't watch the game, but a saw a few highlights (or lowlights) on NFL Network. The plays they showed were all 3rd down attempts by the Bears. There were 3 of them, all with Grossman. The Seahawks sent 5 each time, and each time more than one lineman got beat, including Kreutz and Tait.

However, I don't know how the flow of the game went. Can anyone say:
1. Did they try any playfakes (play action, screens, TE hot reads, draws.)? In theory (at least in Chicago), these are the things you want to do to an aggressive penetrating defense. Did you see any of these plays?

2. If yes to #1, then were there players open and Rex never saw them?

3. If NO to #1, then either Turner failed to adapt (what a surprise), or he is purposefully running a vanilla look in the pre-season.

4. How did the defense look? I heard from Creighton above that the starting D-line was allowing too many rushing yards. But when I read the drive chart's on espn, there were no long drives for the Hawks in the first half. Longest was 36 yards. So what really happened?

I do agree with some of the statements regarding the recurring theme that we are OK with the QB position. We haven't been OK at QB since Jimmy Mac was a starter 6 years in a row. I think Kramer made it a season and a half, and (going farther back) Jim Harbaugh lasted 3 seasons. When are we going to get a QB? Wow. I know fans say don't blame Rex, or Blame Rex. But the fact is there is not an average QB on the team this year. There hasn't been since Jim Miller for one year (2001).

The best 3 out of the 5 current starters are St. Claire, Tait, and Kreutz. None were drafted by Angelo. Metcalf is injured, Columbo (who is now good as everyone thought he was) was traded b/c of injuries, and Williams is out for half the year. Throw in Grossman, Bradley, Dvoracek, Baziun, and Okwo, and you have 8 players drafted in the first three rounds that have had major injury problems so far, or that led to the end of a Bear's career. Now add Benson and Haynes who were both just bad, and Tank Johnson who had to leave, and that makes 11 players who are darn near worthless to the team.

Jerry Angelo needs to stop taking chances on guys with injury histories. It is killing him. Picking players that don't pan out b/c of talent is normal, but he is handicapping himself bigtime by continually picking players in early rounds that have injury histories. Pick a guy that won't get injured, and at least you have a chance.

I do think that Angelo is good judge of talent, and Lovie is a good coach, but picking talented guys with injury histories should be reserved to the later rounds.

Hope they shape up in a few weaks, or we gonna get creamed bad. They start out 0-2 against a sub-100% Colts team, and a sans Steve Smith Carolina team, look for Lovie to start changing line-ups to see if he can find anything that will work.

Anyways, Go Bears!!


I was writing my post at the same time you were. Glad to see someone recognizes why Grossman struggles at this level especially when he had Cedric "2 yards and a cloud of bust" Benson.

However I do agree with others in that if we do not fix this o-line we could have the friggin' ghost of Johnny Unitas back there and we'd look mediocre.

Also the term "hot read" seems to be missing term in Ron Turner's play book. I don't believe I've ever seen a Bear QB in the Ron Turner era execute such a thing in the face of a blitz.

It's not a coincidence that The Bears bust out a new advertising campaign. They're going to need all the propaganda they can get as they try to force another load of crap down the throats of their fans.

Looks like I'll be stubhub'n my season tickets again this year along with everybody else.

Great job Dusty... I mean Lovey.... I mean Dusty..

Yikes this was bad. The O line is beyond horrible, the D line can't stop S#%&, the receiving corp is bad, we need to lose Bradley. Forte did not have a great game look at the numbers...he better learn to bounce it outside. Wolfe is a waste of time, don't give me a change of pace back...Michael Turner was available...he had 4 carries for 113 yards!

QB's..Grossman was SOL. The guy was running for his life. Please stop this Orton was better BS. They both played equally bad, but Orton did not face the pass rush Grossman did. I think part of that is Rex's reputation for getting scared...teams know they can bring the heat to rattle him. However, Orton was in a 2 minute drill and Seattle was in a prevent D...which we all know only prevents you from winning. Big deal he drove down close enough for a FG. GOODY! Also, I know the Bear fans can be tough, but does anyone else think its a lopsided "competition" if Rex is "starting" in an away game and Orton gets two starts at home? It was loud in Seattle...Not an excuse for poor play, but i'm not sure this is apples to apples. So glad I signed up for the NFL ticket!

yay!!!!!! you guys finally see what i've been seeing!!!! it's always been the o-line and offensive coordinator's fault!!! i personally like lovie cause he did turn our franchise around so don't put blame on him!!! to determine who should start at quarterback they should NOT look at these preseason games!!!! they should look when they were starters in the past and when you look at those clips we all know who the starter is... REX!!!!!!!

The line play last night was so horredous it looked fixed. How can any professional NFL team collapse so completely? When the "starting" OL was on the sideline, I watched in horror as Kreutz, Garza, St.Clair, and Tait giggled like a bunch of girls. What was so funny? Were they playing Bunco? Pattycake? Kill Rex? If they are trying to speed along the QB decision by dooming Rex, what kind of professionalism is that? If this is the best they can play, then they should be ashamed to take a paycheck. Many here have commented that no QB can succeed behind this line, and they are correct. The entire city and country at large has known this line has more holes than a collander - there is just no excuse for the coaching/GM staff not to acknowledge it in the offseason. Disgraceful play by the OL, preposterous play calling by Turner, and that confused look on Lovie's face is an embarrassment to the city, organization, and to us - the fans.

Alright, I admit, I was wrong about Josh Beekman, he might be to short for straight ahead blocking. But in my defense, there have been other guards as short as Beekman that have pulled it off. With that being said, I say give Beekman another chance, if he continues to struggle, its time to reshuffle that line. Although, I did think it was cool on one of the Beekman holding penalties, he headlocked the Seattle defender and threw him to the ground, at least Beekman showed nastiness if nothing else. But again, if Beekman continues to struggle, I would move Tait back to left tackle, move St.Clair inside to left guard, and bring in rookie Kirk Barton for right tackle. The Bears are simply going to have to work with what they got till they can get this line straight.
I didn't think Forte looked that bad either. Forte had a big run called back because of a holding penalty on Dez Clark.
Lastly, guy's, I'm sorry, make up all the excuses about Kyle Orton you want, but the guy simply looked good executing the two minute drill. Which, by the way, should have ended as a touchdown pass. If you go back and check out the pass in the endzone to Hester, you will see Orton threaded the ball between two defenders, and the ball was right in Devin Hester's hands, this is a play Hester is simply going to have to make in the regular season. Also, some of you guy's keep going on about how Orton had no pressure in his face, no kidding, they were all back covering Ortons receivers. You Orton bashers fail to realize Orton was throwing completions in double coverage, not bad for a guy with a weak arm.....not!! [as far as the weak arm] Most of Ortons passes looked like lasers going to the receivers, I don't understand how some of you guys figure Orton has a weak arm???? I think its time to name Orton the starter, which the Bears are probably going to do anyways sometimes this week, and give him all the first team reps, with this, Orton is going to become a good QB for the Bears GO BEARS!!

Right now, Ditka woulda cut:
1. Mark Bradley (too fragile to play football)
2. Ricky Manning Jr. (why are the Bears currently delaying the inevitable?)
3. Mike Okwo (injured and apparently can't get on the field)(Besides, LB's are stacked).
4.Craig Steltz (so far, has looked like Archibad with more hair = SLOW).
5. Garrett Wolfe (Ditka thinks he's too small).

Ditka would:
1. Put Chris Williams on IR (take his losses and hope he can rehab good).
2. Do what someone above already suggested. Move Tait back to Left Tackle, St. Claire move to left guard, and Barton move to Right Tackle. This is clearly a more physical line which Ditka loved.
3. Bench McKey, and start Politte at FB. The guy is a 255 lb monster truck.
4. Start Hester and Lloyd, with Davis in the slot, and Mike Hass as the 4th receiver.
5. Employ more wing T formations. They did it often in the 80's with Suey and Payton flanking McMahon. It made it simple for the O-line. If there was a blitz, they always slide inside, and the backs protect the flank. Also, the backs could run to the flat for a short hot pass. This would benefit a duo of Forte/Politte in the backfield. Both are well adept at pass protection (Forte did fine last night), and catching the ball.
6. Do more sets out of shot gun. Gives the QB a chance to see where everybody is. They would run out of the formation as well.
7. He would start Kyle Orton. He wants a game manager out of this group. He would have a heart attack with Grossman. He would also sign the first QB cut from Tampa (either McCown or Simms), and maybe cut Grossman.

After this season he would draft/sign/trade for 3 OL, QB, 2 safeties, and another running back. Probably a bigger running back.

Come back Ditka, and make the Bears a smashmouth team again!!

In all seriousness, Bears look unsettled this year so far, but can make some moves from with in to make them slightly stronger on the line.

Here is something nice for all us Bear fans today though. Detroit still sucks. Aaron Rodgers looked awful against SF. Tavaris Jackson sprains MCL. The NFC North is weak right now. The best QB in the division right now is, LMAO, Kitna!! The division faces the AFC South powerhouse. Expect that division to dominate the NFC North 12-4 or something like that. GB has to play Dallas, and Seattle. Minn has to play ARZ and NYG. Bears get St. L. and Philly.

It could be something like:
Bears 9-7
Minn 7-9
GB 5-11
Det 3-13

Bears would get slaughtered in the playoffs, but they could win this weak NFC North Division. I say this b/c they will face a Colts team not at 100%, and a Carolina team w/o Steve Smith. 2 opportunities to get off to a quick start that is doable.


Couldn't agree more Kevin. art of pass protection is the quarterback recognizing the blitz and adjusting the protection. A lot of the time the center can't see stuff happening on the perimeter, so it is up to the QB to help him out and call out the blitz. Not only does Rex not call it out, but he seems to have no idea where the ball is supposed to go until he gets to the back of his drop. I could understand if he was getting blindsided by bad play on the left side, but a lot of these hits are coming from overloads on the offense's right side, which means they are coming right at Rex's face.

It is time to put an end to this competition. Rex obviously doesn't want the job. He had every opportunity to step up and take the job. The entire organization from top to bottom was begging for him to take a few steps forward, and he simply hasn't done that. He may have all the physical tools (except for height), but he still lacks the mental maturity to run a team effectively under pressure. He drops back and plants his feet when he is being blitzed, and takes it on the chin. He doesn't call hot routes, he doesn't dumpt the ball into where the blitz came from. He tries to go for the end zone every time he gets blitzed, and doesn't have the time to do it. Orton looks markedly better than his limited audition last season. Let's not forget that he was the third string QB last year, which meant the majority of his practice reps were simulating the other team's offense, not learning ours. He looks poised in the pocket, is delivering the ball all over the field, and is assuming the mantle of leadership. Whether anyone believes he is the guy for the future is irrelevent. Orton is our guy this year, and god help him the way this line is playing....

My hopes for this season

Greg Olsen gets benched for Kellen Davis

Hanie turns out ot be a legit QB

Barton turns out to be a legit RT, I don't know if anyone noticed but Tait who is better at RT than LT has looked pretty bad so far at RT.

Angelo gets fired

Turner get fired

Babich gets fired

Bret Farve Wins another MVP award and leads the Jets to the playoffs.

Green Bay wins ZERO games and Rogers looks like the worst QB in NFL history.(Im a sick man a sick, sick man.)

Forte survives behind this oline.

Funny how I wrote about this topic two weeks ago under the blog "Stop booing Grossman". It looks like I was exactly right in my assumption. Bottom line is the O-Line is pathetic! It's gonna be a long season guys.

Kevin and Joe great breakdown on the Orton vs. Grossman battle. Its just to bad the rancid meat was sandwiched between your two post.

Ryan the game has evoled way to much for Ditka to even be help as a TE coach in the NFL. With that said Ryan, why not the Dolphins bring back Don Shula???

Back to reality.

Grossman showed his true colors during the Seatle game. He cant see or feel the back side pressure at all, locks on to receivers, overthrows the out pass and still has yet learned that the ONLY QB in the NFL that can throw off his back foot is Favre.He a #2 QB in my books......well put him on th 49ers he might have a good season.

Orton has impressed me throughout his career. He has been a stand up guy. Never once in 06 did anyone hear a peep outta him. When he was replaced in 05 he didnt cry. In 07 he just did his job and waited his turn. His turn has to be now. Since comming into the NFL he has had one system one coach. That doesnt happen to often.Everytime he stepped out on the field he has done nothing but improve. I say going out on a thick branch that Orton might become the 08 version of Browns QB Anderson. I can see Orton having a 18-20 TDs season with 15 or less INTs. Heck if he Breaks the 3,000 yard mark I would be surprised.

So lets hope the Bus that the Bears are ridding in has a RUNNING BACK in it, so they can get off the Bus running this year.

Explain to me this, how is it that Orton goes out against KC and only throws for 56 yards. Yet everyone raves about how good the O-line looked. Yet when everyone agrees that the line played horrible when Grossman started, yet he threw for 76 yards, And everyone annoits Orton the starter? I actually thought Grossman played pretty good, considering the dropped passes, penalties and no running game. I just don't understand how one could say that one Qb outplayed the other. It simply did not happen.

It baffles me how every year we struggle with the offensive side of the ball. Every single year! One poor coordinator after another. I really don't care who starts for the team, because it's not the issue. Piss poor play design, piss poor play calling accompanied with a piss poor line, will continue to doom our offense.

I like Grossman. I truly do. But I'm at a point that says maybe it's time to see what Orton can do if given the support that Grossman has received. Maybe, just maybe he can actually do something with this offense. If he's named the starter, then I'll support him 100%. But I just didn't see him play any better than the other. They both did the best that they could do in this inept offense. What matters to me the most is Da Bears winning football games and looking like a formidable opponent to any team it's matched up against. Not looking like a team that is unprepared and poorly coached.

Go Bears!!!

It is preseason, however it has been painful to watch.

Ryan, I like some of your O line suggestions and getting smashed mouth football back on the offense. Also the Norris division is pretty poor this year. The BEArs could still win the division and in the playoffs you just never know what could happen?

You would think the Bears would be the best team in the NFL HANDLING THE BLITZ with all of the practice the team gets.

I agree to not panic. The Bears have some very strong areas such as D and special teams that will keep them in the games.

Congratulations Orton fans you got your wish. Orton will start ahead of Rex even though he hasn't earned to start ahead of him. I hope you all understand what's happening here. Rex was never going to get the job. He was promised a chance to compete for the starters job so that the Bears wouldn't have to spend a high pick for another QB! They are giving Orton the job to save there butts and to be able to show that they gave the meatball fans favorite guy a shot. Orton is going to dink and donk and play it safe all season and the first time Orton checks down to Jason Mckie on 3rd and 11 you same meatball heads will be complaining about something else. Lovie and Bear fans are to blame for this, Grossman should have never lost his job at the beginning of last year and the only reason he did is because of the same dumb meatball fans demanding that Griese(remember him)or Orton plays. Then we had to go out and watch Griese lose twice to Detroit! No matter what, the fact remains that Grossman got this team to a SUPERBOWL and we bench the kid three games into the next season. That's more than I can say for Tony Romo who's playing with freaking pro bowl wide recievers.

Can anyone of these Rex haters tell me if the competition was fair, why was Bennett who won't be starting on the field with the first unit ? Kyle has started with the first unit last week with no pressure, and could barely convert a 3rd down conversion. This preseason has had Two possesions at mid field and no points on those drives. With all the talk Rex has scored more points than him 7-3. Facing that pressure a year ago or maybe 2,Rex probably would made some awful reads, to me it's clear he is getting better. Some fans have to let go of the past.

This is such a sad and amazing discussion.

I don't think there can REALLY be an open competition for the bears starting quarterback slot. Utlimately, Kyle will probably get the job because he's a better fit for a shorter passing game. The Bears have to shorten the passing game because of their inability to consistently run the football and protect the quarterback.

Rex's abilities are truly negated by a poor offensive line and inconsistent running game. Rex needs PLAY ACTION, which doesn't work if there are ends and linebackers grabbing at his arms before he's even finished his five or seven step drop.

Both quarterbacks have strengths and weaknesses. I would prefer Rex as my quarterback as long as the Bears can surround him with appropriate talent, which apparently, is impossible. As such, I will root for anyone who gets the starting job...even Ryan Leaf.

This is a sad time for Bears fans. Good luck to Orton as the dink-and-dunk, field-position starter and Rex to come in and try to make a big play to win a few games in the fourth, ultimately throwing a pick on a 3rd and 18, and subsequently being made fun of on this blog and SportsCenter by people who aren't really paying attention.
Bears 6-10 for 2008—Go Bears!

As a life long Bears fan born and raised in Chicago, now living in FLA, I have to agree with all of you. It all starts up front on offense, and we don't have one. I feel bad for the season ticket holders who spend alot of money and have to watch a pathetic offense. At least I can just change the channel. The Bears management are not committed to winning, they are committed to raising ticket prices and collecting alot of revenue. They feed us a mediocre product because they know everyone will continue to spend money and support the team. I can't remember a team looking so awful after it went to the super bowl. Angelo is a good judge of defensive talent, but has absolutely no business trying to pretend he knows offense. Also, if you have a defensive minded coach, should't you try to bring in a high profile talented offensive coordinator to balance the staff? It's ashame because we all love this team, and they know we will continue to support it no matter what. This team has become what the Cubs were, stuck in a place of just being content. As long as Angelo is in charge and has the support of the Mc Caskeys you can forget it. Hey, at least the Cubs look good!

I glad to see that some people can interpret the quarterback position better than these so call experts and analysis who quickly was to say Rex played bad and Orton outplayed him. But my friends I'm not here to blame the O-Line...its much much more than that...Will the real Ron Turner please stand up...In 2006 after the 7th game of the season when Arizona get to Rex by blitzing up the middle this guy has done NOTHING to make any kind of adjustments to deter defenses from doing so...its now the start of the 2008 and none of these so called ESPN OR NFL Network analysis have mentioned or ask what in the Hell is Ron Turner doing...its always Rex's fault...Lovie Smith better get a grip on the situation or he will getting off a bus running...running for a new JOB!

Smart Bears Fan? Hmmmm hard to start this one out. I am one of those meatball fans that was praying for a change last year. How can a TEAM stick with a guy that had 1 TD in 3 games. On top of that John St. Clair made the freaking catch. Grossman has proven that he can not handle the blitz. His improv skills are next to none. He hasnt been consistent throwing the ball over the middle.
Basicly he is a mystery bag.

My question to you Smart Bears Fan is do you take the sure thing, the prize that you know what your gonna get. Or do you take the mystery bag and not know what the heck your gonna get.

Mystery bags in my past experience have been a bag half full of crap or half empty.... whatever. Thats just what Grossman is, a mystery bag that could either be better then the sure thing or a bag of CRAP.

Successful NFL teams don't have QB competitions.

when will the fans realize Ron turner is the problem? I have never seen a team waste so many plays, these are profesional athletes that are often forced to give up by turners play calling. on third down and 10 or more he seems content to give up and punt. give grossman a chance, he's got the arm. The offense is paid to score points not to just not get beat. enough with the lets play to be in it in the fourth. Ron turner watch Indy or New England they play to score every time they touch the ball. you will never win a championship by playing not to lose. Ron turner please get a clue!!! GO BEARS!

Brando is spot on "Smart" Bears fan. In fact, naming yourself "smart" isn't the death of irony, it is kidnapping, asault, and rape of irony.

Seriously, why do you think Rex was benched after the first three games? No really, why? Heck his problems that season started when he faced the Colts in the preseason.

But I know. It was the lines fault, the WRs fault, the RBs fault...and then when Griese comes in, it's all Griese's fault.

Also, coaches and management have given Grossman years of undying support. What exactly do you mean that "Lovie is to blame for this?"

Go Orton!!!! ha ha told ya so

We pick a OT first then nada untill all the good ones (even half decent)ones are gone. How many TE's do we need that we couldn't pick an OG with that pick? Will Bennet really help as much as a OG would have with that pick? How about Steltz? All decent picks to be sure but WE NEEDED OLINE! FA made sense to me but the Bears passed up on all the FA Olinemen as well, Kevin Jones will not help w/o an Ofensive line. Mushin was right - were just too much of fans too admit it.
This is going to be an interesting year to be sure, watch the seats go empty if Da Bears start out as bad as it looks right now.
We had alot of important player contracts up this year, and we ignored Oline to get those guys signed, I wonder if the guys who signed for all the money and the owners that didn't spend any more money, would want to give some up for a Super Bowl? Cause this team will get old asap, and an Olinman or 2-3 will not help when the D starts breaking down due to injury/age next year.
KC didn't blitz, Seattle did, big difference huh? Makes you wonder if Lovie set the QB competition up huh?

Ray wrote: "...Will the real Ron Turner please stand up...In 2006 after the 7th game of the season when Arizona get to Rex by blitzing up the middle this guy has done NOTHING to make any kind of adjustments to deter defenses from doing so..."

It's exactly as Ray states it; Turner has had over *a year and a half* to come up with plays to counter blitzes and he has proven entirely incapable. Such blatant incompetence is both incomphensible and inexcusible.

Ray wrote: "...Will the real Ron Turner please stand up...In 2006 after the 7th game of the season when Arizona get to Rex by blitzing up the middle this guy has done NOTHING to make any kind of adjustments to deter defenses from doing so...

I would agree with that, of course we have all noticed for some time that even Half Time adjustments are not in the game plan. In the Supewr Bowl , I thought sure Lovie/Def Coaches would have somme half time adjustments but they came right back out and ran the same plan that didn't work in the first half.

I have been saying lets wait and see what goes down during the real games and I still follow that thinking but it's getting real hard right now....

I saw a Olineman released the other day...maybe injury prone but hey, he would fit right in. lol

Rex will be back as the starting quarterback this season. Orton can play well at times, however, how can you decide to name him as the starter based on two short offensive sequences? I will tell you why:

Grossman did not help himself. Take the sack, don't try to get rid of the football while backpedaling for your life (and get hit, anyway) and throw the ball to the closest receiver, if at all possible. Now I'm sure Grossman hardly needs my advice and it seems as if the (so-called) head coach wanted to name Orton the starter from the beginning. Though I am making an educated guess here he was looking for something--anything--from Grossman and Rex did not provide any spark.

Grossman may actually be the winner here. Who in their right mind would want to play behind such an O-Line? Anyway, here is Grossman's opportunity to become a better player behind the scenes and then apply himself to game situations. Best of luck.

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