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UPDATED: First-round pick Williams has back surgery

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The organization that has had three first-day draft picks spend their entire rookie season on injured reserve over the last two season has had another serious injury.

First-round draft pick Chris Williams has had surgery to repair a herniated disc in his lower back. The plan is to keep him on the 53-man roster at this point, but when the offensive tackle will be able to return, no one can say.

The Bears are considering adding a veteran, including ex-Bear Fred Miller, and have already cleared a roster spot by placing running back Matt Lawrence on injured reserve.

The Bears are comparing the situation to what cornerback Charles Tillman underwent last season. Tillman had surgery following Super Bowl XLI to repair a herniated disc. That surgery happened in February and he was not cleared to fully return to drills until June.

If Williams follows a similar timetable, his chances of playing this season would have to be considered slim. Tillman is a cornerback. As a lineman, Williams is taking pounding on every play.

Williams was injured July 24 in the second practice of training camp, a non-contact drill. The team said it was a muscular issue but when that issue calmed down, they detected the disc issue. Team physician Mark Bowen and Dr. Srdjan Morkovic performed the surgery late Wednesday night.

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I caught a little heat for calling Williams a bust on here a couple weeks ago. Creighton and I have been right all along. Angelo absolutely needs to go.

Holy cow! So I guess the rumors during the draft about Williams that the Bears said was not true were very true. I'm always so optimistic about the Bears but Angelo should be fired for such a disaster. Enough of this bunk!

this is a blessing in disguise as long as it marks the last ever draft for jerry angelo in chicago.

it will also expose the rest of the offensive line, qb, receivers.

we need someone who knows something about offense to be the next gm of the bears. and we need them prior to next year's draft

see you later jerry, please take lovie with you...

Nice pick Jerry. You can't even get the safe first round picks right.

You got that right Don, I don't blame Williams, kid has a bad back, but drafting him was a mistake. What really ticks me off is they waited two weeks before they sent him to a doctor. When you are a multi million dollar Athlete and your back is sore for more than a few days to the point wear you can't practice, you go to a doctor period.

Angelo cannot draft offensive line, just look at his history it's brutal.

Ruben Brown's name surfaced a couple days ago and now - Fred Miller. Does anyone have Revie Sorey's number? Jimbo Covert had to retire because of back issues. This could be devastating to the franchise.

Why must I go through this with the bears.... I love ya Jerry, but ya have to go! take Lovie with ya with his QB Rex and lets get bill cower in here before the D gets too old

Where are all those guys who were telling us we were wrong to criticize the drafting of this guy with the 14th pick? You don't take the 6th best guy at a given position with the 14th pick! You have to draft best player available, not reach for needs.

Angelo should be fired. Lovie, too. I could do a better job with a blindfold and dart board on draft day...

Don - Williams is not a bust. He signed two weeks ago. A herniated disc is not a career-threatening injury. You and Creighton were not "right." You don't know anything special, you just come on these boards and write smut like Jay Mariotti so that you can pretend you know jack diddly about football. It doesn't fool anyone.

Fred Miller? Are you kidding me? While we're at it, let's bring back Kordell Stewart! What a joke!

In football, it all starts up front, and the Bears' offensive line doesn't look any better this year than last year. It matters not who's at QB or RB or WR. You cannot run an offense when you can't block people. It's sad that the Bears (especially Angelo) can't figure out this simple fact.

wow @ how fast some bears "fans" wanna crucify someone...this had nothing to do with angelo getting it wrong...the pre existing back injury had nothing to do with a herniated disc...thats extremely easy to spot in a physical especially when you back isnt swollen from a camp injury...

furthermore...all the tackles were gone in the 2nd round...who were they to pick up?

alberts been injured the entire offseason and hes not even a natural move up to get clady you would have had to give up something in return and the bears have nothing of value to give...playerwise at you give up ANY of your 2nd-3rd rnd you want the DT fiassco again? are you really happy with our WR's? what would we have done w/o forte now that benson got the heave hoe?

chris williams was the right pick but he was clair played well tonight...and i dont want to proclaim the skys falling until at least after game 3 of the preseason...

calm down kiddies

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! right on moolander!

Reading this blog is embarrassing. I swear some of you guys don't have a clue. Go be a fan of the Vikings, those fans seem pretty dim, you'll feel right at home.

Come on people, I know it's way to early to scream the sky is falling, but the issue with Williams is NOT good. I'd say he is gone for the rest of the year.

I am much more concerned about the defense. That first drive by KC made the defense look terrible! Of course they played better after that drive but come on, this was KC!

So far, I like the play of Forte. Let's see how he does with the next two games.

You never know Williams might end up being a Pro Bowler, as stated Tillman came back fairly fast and you can not compare Covert as Medical science I would hope has improved. But I am thinking that the Bears should have seen this long enough back to pick someone up before now. That is the wrongness of the situation. We in fact needed some help BEFORE Williams went down, now what, we need 2?? OG/OT??
I agree JustIncredible the other picks are as you called them, But the Bears should have drafted a OG high as well, I do hold them accountable for that!

I find it amusing when I some of this stuff.

How can someone say Williams was the 6'th best O-tackle in the draft ??? Every report I read had him either listed (2) or (3) on the draft board at O-tackle and many had him as a (1) based on his potential to be an NFL ready O-tackle his rookie year. Go get a clue before you tpe crap like that. And to say Angelo should have taken the best guy available would have been a huge mistake, why take a player you might not need when you have gapping holes on the O-line.... If Angelo drafted like you suggested every year we would be the Detroit Lions and have drafted (4) fist round WR's that stink in a row not to mention over $100 million in wasted salaries !!!

Also, how can anyone call this kid a bust when he hasn't even played a snap in an NFL game yet. You all need to lighten up and give Williams a chance to prove himself before going their... All those draft day rumors of Williams having a bad back were just hot air about his injuey he played through his Sophmore year in college.

The facts are he had an injury unrelated to a herniated disc so the comparissons are not founded in truth.

The facts are that Willams checked out just fine during his physical prior to the Bears drafting him.

The facts are that he participated in ALL of the OTA's and mini-camp practices with no issues.

The facts are that he passed his pre-training camp physical and was cleared to participate after inking his (5) year rookie conrtact.

Let the kid heal and come back before throwing him under the Bus and if you think Williams is now a bust becasue of this surgery then I guess Tillman and Urlacher and many others asr busts now to after having minor surgies.

Moolander, I'm not going to respond to your personal attack (the "smut" you so curiously accuse me of--LOL!!) since it's not a real argument, but it's people like you and Kenn that are the real reason why we keep seeing these types of things happening on the Bears. You keep supporting incompetence in people like Angelo, and surprise, surprise that's why we keep getting it. You're probably not bright enough to think that far, so I'll end it there. :)

First of all, what's w/ all the LOLs and smiley faces? You write like a girl.

Second,injuries happen! This isn't hopscotch (which you probably play) this is FOOTBALL!! You can't blame Angelo for a guy getting injured and no, this waz not the same injury Williams waz rumored to have before.

Randy, you made an example of my Covert comparison - if there have been any major innovations in the way of medical back treatment since the early 90's - I haven't heard about it. A herniated disc is still a herniated disc, regardless of what year it is. Williams injury should be of an even greater concern given that NFL players are much larger, faster and stronger. Best of luck with your next post.

It's amazing seeing comments from people that have no clue about football. Moolander for example should stay home and watch cartoon network and stop commenting on football. Buddy, Jerry Angelo's first round selections: Rex Grossman, Michael Haynes, Cedric Benson, Marc Columbo and Chris Williams. Enough said, but you just wait and see when you have Tait and St Claire playing tackle and Beekman and Garza at guard, that my friend is what I call worst o-line in history. Angelo said that Beekman in "undersized" how do you draft a player thats too small? Was he like 6 6" at combine and then he shrunk? Angelo is a moron!!! Pat and Kevin Williams and Jarred Allen will eat us alive when we play them. Goodbye Jerry and please take Smith with you.!!!!!

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