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Final thoughts on Bears-Seahawks (mostly QB free)

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Re-watched most of Saturday night's game to take a look at a few things. Some notes from the first and second viewings and some loose ends to tie together with Thursday's game vs. San Francisco fast approaching:

*** Offensive coordinator Ron Turner in explaining why Kyle Orton only got two possessions and did not go into the game in the third quarter:

"We just looked at it and said he got in got some reps, got some work and so we just went with Caleb [Hanie]," Turner said. "We moved the ball it was positive and all that stuff. Just the way the game was going we got Caleb out there."

Turner on the shortcomings in the blitz pickup:

"That's something we have to deal with. We expected it. We anticipated it. They didn't come with that much pressure last week, but when they played us last year they did. We anticipated that we would see that much pressure. It's something you have to handle. When a team brings pressure like that you have to look at it as an opportunity to make a play. We have handled it well and we will handle it well."

Took a look at most of the pressures that got to Grossman and the one when he was called for intentional grounding was striking. The Seahawks had a zone blitz on and defensive ends Lawrence Jackson and Darryl Tapp backed out into coverage. That left offensive tackles John St. Clair and John Tait standing there doing nothing. Neither picked up a man. Julian Peterson came through the gap between Tait and guard Roberto Garza. Leroy Hill came around the other side past St. Clair and running back Matt Forte made a marginal effort trying to block him. Fact it, intentional grounding isn't the only penalty that could have been called. Tight end Greg Olsen had a good hold of cornerback Josh Wilson. Peterson, Hill and Wilson eventually all met at Grossman.

Forte also missed Lofa Tatupu on a blitz pickup on the third play of the game. Peterson had come around the corner past St. Clair and Hill went through unblocked on a delayed rush. It was like a lot of the plays--several Seahawks defenders could have notched a sack.

*** Talk about taking advantage of an opportunity, defensive tackle Israel Idonije was all over the Seattle backfield playing in place of Tommie Harris. Idonije finished with two tackles, one sack, one tackle for loss, two QB hurries and a pass defended. He absolutely overpowered left tackle Walter Jones on one move. His effort had to open some eyes.

*** Health beat. If you go off what coach Lovie Smith says, it doesn't sound like tight end Desmond Clark's sprained right knee is too serious. He was limping after the game and could need a week or two. Linebacker Nick Roach suffered a concussion when he banged helmets with long snapper Patrick Mannelly covering the first punt of the game. Mannelly later went out with a neck stinger. Safety Kevin Payne had a back injury. Defensive end Alex Brown had his right arm wrapped but it's not believed to be serious. The Bears got a little scare when Devin Hester walked off the field following a nice catch on a slant route. He was tackled hard by Marcus Trufant.

"I came down on the turf real hard and banged my head and got a little woozy," Hester said. "But I'm all right."

*** Health beat II. Speaking of Trufant and hard tackles, Clark was none too happy with the low tackle by Trufant on the play he was injured. Hill was bringing Clark down from behind and Trufant came in low from in front. It looked like his knee hyperextended a little. He called the tackle unnecessary.

*** Health beat III. Running back Kevin Jones (knee) and defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek (calf) expect to make their preseason debuts vs. the 49ers.

*** Earl Bennett's nifty 75-yard punt return was electrifying, proof special teams coordinator Dave Toub's system isn't all Hester.

"It was surprising, for a rookie to come in and step up and make a play like that," Hester said. "It's not easy to return balls, but Earl came in and made a big play, and that's the most important thing. Whenever you get an opportunity, you've got to try to make the best of it."

Thing is, Bennett isn't going to be snatching return opportunities from Hester any time soon. He needs to catch passes, like the one he dropped from Grossman, to get on the field.

*** Rookie tight end Kellen Davis, the fifth-round pick from Michigan State, continues to impress. His number was called early after Clark's injury and he delivered. He made three catches for 55 yards, including a nifty nine-yard grab from Hanie to force overtime. The game hasn't been too big for Davis so far as the position can make for a tough transition to the NFL with the dual role as a receiver and blocker.

"Anytime you get an opportunity to make a play ...," Davis said. "I just want more opportunities and hopefully going out there and playing well tonight will help further that."

*** Quick hitters ... If reserve linebacker Darrell McClover hasn't nailed down a job yet, he's got to be close after his blocked punt. ... The good news is wide receiver Mark Bradley blocked a punt also. The bad news is it came late in the fourth quarter when starter types are not on the field, especially on teams. ... On Payne's strip of Seahawks running back Julius Jones, someone was way out of position because there was a huge hole created when nickel back Danieal Manning blitzed right by the play. ... Referee Tony Corrente was caught in a bad spot on Hill's interception of Grossman. Tait turned to pursue the play and bowled over Corrente, who went you-know-what over tea kettle. ... Forte looked elusive and powerful at the same time on a semi-successful screen play, a rare thing in these parts. ... Was that John Shoop's playbook in action when Olsen ran a three-yard out route on third-and-five and was tackled two yards shy of the sticks? ... Rookie linebacker Joey LaRocque played hard on special teams. Ditto second-year safety Leonard Peters, who made a few hard hits. ... Anybody see Mike Hass lately? ... If there were any questions about Brandon Lloyd, they might have been answered when he did well on four consecutive sideline passes from Kyle Orton in the two-minute drill. ... The Seahawks ran 83 offensive plays to the Bears' 54. Been there done that. ... The Bears' offense had six three-and-punts. Been there done that. ... Reserve safety Josh Gattis also made a few plays on special teams.

*** Final observation. Veteran Seahawks observer Mike Sando of said Seattle blitzed more than he could ever recall seeing in a preseason game by the team. Why? Maybe they wanted to help out No. 3 quarterback Charlie Frye, who played the entire game with Matt Hasselbeck out with an ailing back. You'll see the blitz soon enough. Might as well work on it now.

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Boy oh boy...What are we going to do with that offensive line of ours? I hate to say this because I feel Grossman can be a fine football player, but the team is going to have to start the season with Orton. Not necessarily because Orton has outplayed Grossman. No instead it has everything to do with the way defenses are scheming when Grossman is in the game. Teams throw everything at us when he's in there and for some reason decide to back off when he's not. We saw it last year when Griese came in the game. As long as the team seems incapable of blocking more than 4 players, the bullseye on Grossman looms large. Lets pray that teams don't realize that if they blitz any of our QB's the way they do Grossman we're doomed...What kind of revamping of an offensive line is this? What happens if we lose another player? No depth, and the starters look rough to say the least. We may want Shoop back in here just so we can get to 4th down before too much serious damage is inflicted. (please scour the waivers for offensive line help!!!!)

Anybody see Hanie break a tackle and avoid that sack? I tell ya', you can't teach that stuff. With the performance of the offensive line last night, my vote would be for Hanie to start b/c we NEED a scrambler back there.

Ohh noes! He's just a rookie...he was playing against third stringers...blah, blah, blah.

And who else on our team has the mobility to avoid the blitz/rush like this guy? That's what I thought. Hopefully the coaches start Hanie against San Fran and we can really see what we've got.

I hate our O-line. I really can't say much more. They will be the sole reason that this season will be pointless. Orton probably will start. I probably will choose not to watch a single game.

It's a good thing we have two first place baseball teams because Lovie and the O-line are trying to kill Rex and Chicago sports in general.

At this point if they want to start orton then go right ahead. I'm so sick and tired of everyone blaming Rex for this offense inability to block, catch passes and run the ball. When Orton starts and more of the same happens i'll be right here ready for all those hypocrites that are bashing rex and praising orton. Then it will be oh let's put Hanie in maybe he can win games for us. The truth is Jerry Angelo was incompetant when he never gave Rex any offensive weapons. instead he gave the guy hand me downs old school vets with very high mileage. If i was Rex i would tell them to trade me now. He don't deserve this and to think Taits fat@ss was on the sideline laughing it up just burns me even more. When did the bears become the federal government because at this point they're just handing out social security checks to a retired offensive line that can't pass or run block for to save rex's life.

I believe the time has come for the next 'logical' step in the QB shuffle.

Let's see what Caleb can do with some first team reps. And put him in with the first team for several series in one of the next pre-season games against a first team defense.

I believe this is a question that needs to be answered. The sooner the better. This might light a fire under Rex's and Kyle's arse!

And btw... for the Bears AD agency (Two by Four) here is an idea....

"We are the quarterbacks, shuffling crew......"

They need to put together a QB shuffling video with Rex, Kyle and Caleb! You think that wouldn't create a stir!!! Use it our ADvantage!!!

Feed the Bears some fuel! Gotta have fuel to play at a high championship level of intensity in the NFL!! Just ask Michael Phelps or the 85 Bears!

Thoughts for the day:

I was optimistic about this season until C. Williams has been written off for the season and reality is mediocrity is the best potential for our line this year.

Hanie looks promising but leave him alone for this year. Don't kill him long term when this year is a .500 season anyway. Let him develop.

We are destined to see D's stuff the box on downs 1 and 2 and blitz like h*ll on 3rd. Get ready for a big dose of predictable three and outs.

Not sure about this Hester at WR thing. For one, we don't have a line or QB to consistently get him the ball (little upside). Second, odds are he's going to take a hit over the middle and get hurt (lots of downside).

Yikes, no Oline, no running game and no ability to handle a blitz. The QB situation is of concern. Whats new?

Out in the bay area the local sports radio station is advertising the 49ers and Bears game stating the Niners should be happy with their QB situation because the Bears have never had a good QB?

I can't stand the NIners, I hope the BEars kick their A.

Well the Bears better learn how to deal with the blitz because it will be coming every game and every game there will be 8 in the box.

I still believe Rex is the better QB, it would be nice if he had any help from the O line, running backs et al. That interception was the O line breakdown not Rex's.

UGH!!! Bears I still believe. D and Special teams better come up big this year, because the offense is too inconsistent.

Three ways to take some of the heat off the O-line and thus helping out the QB's....

Start the game off running the (2) TE formation and stick with it.. Pass and run out of the same formation to keep the Defense guessing. As the game wears on and the blocking gets established start mixing in the other formations.

Have the O-line shorten up the gaps in there stances.... If the Lineman get there heals together and make a smaller pocket it will be difficult for the pass rushers to get to the QB around the ends if... BIG IF, our QB's step up instead of retreating like Rex loves to do. It can also clog the middle up so long as the Gaurds and Center can hold there ground.

Run more pass plays using the 3-step drop. Turner has to get the quick passing game going sooner becasue everyone and their Grandma knows that the Bears QB will take a 5 to 7 step drop on third and long. When the blitz's come like Seattles blitz package they brought most if not all the LB's thus leaving the middle of the field wide open. Let the WR's run go routes to tie up the CB's and safeties and have a TE chip block and release quickly right to where the blitzing LB left unprotected. If you hit it right you gain plenty of yards and force the defense to adjust their blitz scheme.

OK, Bear fans take heart, we still have some Rookies that might solve the O-lines faults, LOL. I believe we need to move Tait back to the left tackle and then give Barton a chance at Rt. Tackle. He is always on his man and seems to be a little nasty. Also, let's see what C. Adams can do at guard with the starters. At this point we have nothing to lose, and we need to get rid of Turner, I'm sick and tired of this 1950 offense and let's utilize some of the talent we do have. Take note Ron Turner, see the way New Orleans uses R. Bush, let's see who do we have that we might be able to use that way??? Answer Mr. Turner, Devin Hester...Try it you might be surprised. I know it is only the pre-season, but teams that don't always have the best talent need to be creative to get there playmakers the ball. No more 1950 offense and try something different, because what your doing isn't working. Even I know what the next play is going to be Ron, and when your predictable it's easy to blitz and it's easy to figure out the play. Try some miss direction and start moving the pocket. I'm sick of it, let's change a coach not the O-Line.

I see a couple of options for us on the o-line for the remainder of the preseason:

1. scrap the plan, and cobble together something that will work like we have been doing. This could involve signing LeCharles Bentley or other unemployed vets, moving Tait back to LT, and hoping they stay healthy and effective. More likely this will mean Barton at RT, Tait at LT, and Metcalf back at LG.

2. Stay the course and rebuild the line the way we need to. This means our QBs getting abused this year (like that's anything new). We leave St.Clair at LT, use Metcalf/Beekman/Addams at LG, and hope Tait gets used to the right side quicker. In the long run, Tait is gone after this year in all likelihood, Garza is not long for this team, and St. Clair is a stopgap. And you have to wonder how much longer Olin will hang around if we aren't contending for the Super Bowl. You get as much experience for Beekman, Addams, Barton, Balogh, Oakley, and Poles as you can, and hope a couple of them are ready to contend to start in 2009 when Williams is back on the left side (no pun intended).

3. Let's go all youngsters and let the season be a learning experience. You put Tait at LT, Addams at LG, Beekman at RG, and Barton at RT with Kreutz and see how they do. You bench Garza, since Beekman is more of a RG than a left guard at this point (and not like Garza sets the world on fire anyway), and you put Forte, Orton, Jones, and Wolfe at the mercy of the defense. You keep Kellen Davis in there all the time as an extra blocker, you keep McKie on the bench, and you motion Davis to the side of the blitz out of the H-back position. We hope this is enough to protect the QB and give us a shot at the run game, and going in to 2009, we have more options at OL than we do today, and some legitimate experience to go with all this potential.

I would love to see us go all youth, but I am not ready to give up on the season just yet. So I say try St.Clair at LG, Barton at RT, and Tait at LT. Let the youngsters try and beat out St.Clair, and move Metcalf to RG. Let's see what happens.

Greg Olson may be the Bears best vertical receiving threat down the field, but, it's about time he sqaures up and holds his ground and blocks someone. Who's idea was it to put him in the backfield on passing situations to block? Ron Turner? Fire him and bring in Hooch

If the Bears run the play-action Naked QB Waggle ever again the person responsible for calling it should be fired? Is it Turner? Fire him and bring in Hooch.

Is communicating the play with a QB so laid back Pep Hamilton can stuff his mouth with sunflower seeds? And, did Hamilton teach Rex Grossman how to do the 'jump-spin-a-rama' pass in coaching Rex fundamentals? Who hired Hamilton, Turner? Fire him and bring in Hooch.

The Bears ran for 175 yards against KC, so, why did they try to establish the pass without play action against Seattle? Who's idea was this, Turner? Fire Him and bring in Hooch

The Bears ran three series in Seattle's end of the field. Once after a punt block, once in a two-minute drill, and the other with under 5 minutes left in the game. Who calls the plays for the Bears, Turner? Fire him and bring in Hooch

Will John Tait stay at RT and John St. Clair at LT after each stood around and either watched guys race towards the QB or guided them to the QB? And, if they stay at the same positions against San Francisco, who's decision will it be, Turner? Fire him and bring in Hooch

Are the end zones on the north/south or the east/west side of the field? I couldn't tell as the Bears completed four passes vertically against Seattle. Who's fault is this, Turner? Fire him and bring in Hooch

One day soon, in their correct ineptitude, the Bears will name Kyle Orton the starting QB----IF they do so this year, he will proceed to have a 14 td/16 int, & throw for 2170 yards in 2008 (if he last long behind the o-line), and the Bears will go 7-9 or 8-8, and the team, along with half the fans, will be left wondering "isnt this what we did last year?"...Rex Grossman will be off the hook if this is the case, and the "Chicago Media" will be left with noone else to blame since Grossman is an unrestricted free agent after this year.....

Rex will soon then go to a team such as the Detroit Lions (with Kitna getting old) or someone like the Vikings even.....when the Lions allow Kitna to be sacked 20 more times in their first 2 games in 2009 and gets knocked out, Grossman will step in, coincidentially in Chicago, and he will proceed to torch the Bears for 360 yards and 3 td's with REAL receivers in Roy Williams, Calvin Johnson, because he knows the Bears do NOT blitz much on 3rd downs and play the cover 2 shell, compared to first downs when the bears MAY blitz and play man/2 deep safety coverage....the whole crowd in Chicago will proceed to chant "We Want Rex BACK" for 30 minutes and Rex will revert into the "sexy REX" we all learned to love in the first 2 months of 2006 that could smile his way out of any interview he came across.....Devin Hester will be crying all the way to the trading block as he gets sick of Orton/Ron Turner's ineptitude and the Bears O-line, and holds out in 2010.

The Bears could avoid all of this madness by allowing REX to be the starter and get killed by our O-line in the first 4 games of 2008, so that way he at least has a say in his ticket out of the media hellhole that is called Chicago....or if REX does survive the 2008 season intact, he will have his 23 td-19 int season, throw for 3050 yards (which IS better than 14td-16int season that Orton will have), and Chicago MAY go 9-7 and at least GET to the playoffs!

Then REX gan go somewhere, preferably in the NFC West and be a STARTER (where Marc Bulger cant survive behind his own offensive line, either)with the Rams, or to San Francisco and a possibly Mike MArtz pass-happy offense and torch the Bears too in 2009 (since the niners cant decide on a QB either), since the Bears play the NFC West in 09.

the reoccurring theme here is that, in any of these 3 scenarois, the Bears have the best chance with REX, because whether or not he is "entirely consistent" or whatever, the THREAT OF A BIG PLAY is always there. The 2 scenarios that I listed above without REX, and Kyle Orton in his place, basically shows that the Bears are F***ED!!

Mike: I saw Hanie break that tackle, but I wouldn't say he broke it or slipped it so much as the defensive player bounced off his chest like a small child crashing into a stone wall.

Joe I don't think Beekman is a RG or a LG, he is bad and I have said this for awhile now, Metcalf also stinks. With Williams hurt and Angelo not properly addressing the oline in the off season and draft, they are thin in terms of depth. I have watched Tait this pre-season and watched him at the end of last year. He has not looked good at LT or RT, I am pretty sure before the season is over that Barton will be replacing him and Tait will be retiring. That said Barton is not ready to start yet and I have not seen enough of him to say if he is good enough to be a starter. As for your comment on Davis, he needs a lot of work on his blocking so does Olson, personally I think Olson will prove to be a bust for a first round pick, Davis is a better reciever than he is. I still Don't know why you like Wolfe, he stank last year and he stank against the Seattle third team, the only time he has looked good was against the KC third team. He also does not fit the Bears power run game at all, Jones is a better option as a change of pace back, Wolfe would be better served in a Walsh style offense. Your Oline choice doesn't work for Metcalf as he is not a good run blocker and lacks the power and explosion to play the right side(weak legs). I say Barton should try RG or LG , I say RG because that is his natural position in the NFL, leave Tait at RT it won't help to switch him to the left side, plus you could probably run behind Tait and Barton, St. Clair is a back up and should not be starting on the left side but there is nothing that can be done about that now, the Bears possible onlt LT is Williams, LG is also a wash Beekman and Metcalf don't have it and never will. The Bears will need another 2 offseaons to address the line and 3 to address the offense, by the time that is done, the defense will be a wash. RT, LG, C, SS, WR, QB and FS will all need to be addessed in the next 2 years. That is of course if Williams can play and Forte can Play, if not include those as needs. Thank you Jerry Angelo. I am sure he would like to grab a few more DT and CB to his draft picks instead of actual needs.

Re the O-line, roster cuts are looming. One team's trash may have to be the Bears' o-line this season if they don't improve markedly during the SF game.

Can't play rookies/youngsters on the o-line this year. This team has too many veterans who believe they are "close" to a playoff team. Most of those vets happen to be on the defensive side of the ball. Plus, Lovie, Angelo and Turner are on the clock. If this team doesn't make a dramatic turnaround this year, I would clean house.

Where in hell are the tight ends in our offense?

Why is Mark Bradley still on the Bears roster? He doesn't appear to know how to play wide receiver.

Hey, Hester. If you are worth $40M, then prove it. Big money players make big time catches... like the one Orton put on your hands in the endzone, but you didn't come up with. Yes, a defender was there (actually two), but big money players somehow, someway, come up with the big catches. So, just who are you going to be? Big Money or Big Waste?

I'm sorry but Tait was horrible at LT last year. I remember the Lions pass rush simply pushing him over on their way to nail Griese. He looks just as bad at RT. And yet we call Fred Miller the "human turnstyle."

Terrence Metcalf shouldn't even be metioned as a potential starter.

Kreutz, in all his pro-bowl glory, sure seems to have his issues delivering the snap to his QBs.

And listen up boys and girls, Garza is on the cover of the Spanish version of Madden. You think the Madden curse was bad on superstars, just think of what it would do to a decent to mediocre player.

The only one I found halfway decent was St. Clair, (Hey, he had more TDs last year than some our WRs and RBs!!!) but that was at LG. He had his share of problems Sat. night as well.

Do you guys remember the Redskins game last season? Todd Collins came in and was barely touched. Why? Well Gibbs' offensive scheme uses extra blockers that give the QB tons of time to throw. Why don't we do that? Seriously. Something has to change. Don't the coaches see that?

Creighton...... do you want ALL the offensive rookie to start this year? Sure sounds like it. Whats this talk of Olsen being a bust. I bet you were one of the fans that wanted to see Olsen starting over Dez Clark last year. I can not see your logic in your most recent post. Sounds like you want to trash the offense alltogether.Cut your nose off despite your face. WHY? They wont get any better thats forsure.

The line play this weekend was lousy for sure, but playing in the pre-season is needed to work out the kinks in anyone's system. The o-line is all about coaching, several teams around the league do not have lines full of 1st round picks. Its usually a mixture of late picks, a 1st rounder here or there, and some FA pick-ups, that come together and jell based on a scheme they play. Looks like Hiestand and crew want to use zone blocking techniques, which means large bodies coming off the ball, and the back picking the area to run. When you face teams that want to blitz you have to establish the run first, when Rex was in the game needless to say it did not happen. They still have two weeks to go, and yes someone will probably be brought in of fthe waiver wire to help out, but the QB needs to be able to identify the pressure and go the the hot read, this area is where REX is sub-par and it is why he has problems against pressure systems. Time to put some pressure on Hiestand, he has enough bodies to get this fixed, so the team can be successful, it all starts up front, time for Hiestand to take a stand, and get the line blocking....

13 years ago at the age of 42 Ron Turner had his best season being a offensive coordinator. Erik Kramer set Chicago Bears records and a first in a long time had a QB take all the snaps for the season.

Well Ron Turner you said it the best if Brandon Lloyd cant make it with his old college coach then he probably cant make it at all.

Im thinking that if Turner cant call plays for a Erik Kramer type QB (Kyle Orton) then Ron more then likly wont make it at all.

At 3:04pm central time it was stated that Kyle Orton is the Starting QB (sports radio 670). Like in 1995 the Bears had a QB compition with Walsh and Kramer. Kramer won and started all 16 games and took every snap. Ron Turner knew what he had in Kramer. A smart QB that could see the field. Kramer didnt have a homerun arm, he played what the Defense gave him. Sounds like Orton to me.

Side notes on the 1995 season. Patched line with a mix of young and old. Offensive Rookie of the year Rashan Salaam. With a talented group of WR with Conway and Jeff Graham.

In a nut shell The players need to play but as well the coaches need to know how to utilize the players to the best of their abilitys.

Mike what are you smoking we do not call Fred Miller the "human turnstyle"!! We call him "drive killer Miller". We call St. Clair the "human turnstyle". It's very important to know these names.

All jokes aside I would not compare Joe Gibbs to our coaching staff. Gibbs started working playing for Don Coryell and then later woked with him at San Diego state along with John Madden. That was in the 60's. Then he coached oline for several teams and you probably know the rest after that.

Here is the scary part Joe Gibbs is the guy that took the legendary Air Coryell system and added the power running game that made Gibbs the genius he is. Coryell seemed to create, find and train some of the best coaches in the history of the NFL. Thee ummm Bears actually use this Coryell/Gibbs style offense, it is supposedly Ron Turners specialty. Gibbs tended to focus on line play and thought the offensive line was an important part of the team, Angelo and Lovie seem to have a different idea. Also if you are going to use this system it has to be made the focal point of the team in order to work. In the case of the Bears the offense comes in third in order of importance with Defense and special teams taking priorty over the offense.

The fact is this, the Bears don't practice at full speed, they don't tackle in practice and they don't practice full contact blocking. The don't go through Blitz pick up or blitzing because of this. You can't Blitz at half speed and you can't pick up a blitz without blocking. The Bears don't see full contact or full speed until game day. This does not help the team, Lovie thinks it keeps the healthy but sure doesn't seem to help blocking or tackling. This will also not help people like Williams become good at there jobs.

First, I would like to thank Creighton for correcting Mike. I called John St. Clair "the human turnstyle" (turns to everyone else, dons Homer Simpson voice): Patent pending. Patent pending. Patent pending. Fred Miller just plain blows and not in the hot chick in a school girl outfit kind of way.

Second, Kyle Orton will inherit this mess. I said before why I believe Grossman will never be the long-term answer (slow feet and too short - read it before you grill me) and Orton has the skills to competently manage this offense. We will not see Orton "unleashing the dragon" like Rex but at the same time we won't see him overthrowing Wolfe on a screen pass because he simply couldn't see him.

Third - and most important, fire Jerry Angelo. I put together the list of his picks. How about the sacks of magic beans we got last season for Chris Harris and Thomas Jones? Obviously we couldn't have used proven and experienced talent at Safety and Running Back last season!

Angelo's trademark is not only drafting horrendously but then compounding the problem by refusing to release the player or even forcing them into the starting position earned or unearned (see Cedric Benson, Metcalf, Beekman, and Grossman to name just a few), or handicapping the rest of the team by WAITING to see what will happen next (see Marc Columbo, Dustin Lyman, Mark Bradley, and - recently - Chris Williams to name just a few). The man consistenly fails to draft well by either bringing in TERRIBLE talent or players with injury histories. The terrible ones he gives far too long and the injured ones he acts surprised when they .... GET INJURED! I've seen far too much lying and hubris from this human fecal matter to continue to watch him flush season after season.

Does ANYONE think Lovie Smith and\or Harry Hiestand saw SO MUCH from Chris Williams in that half a practice he made it through to keep open a roster spot all season on the slim chance he can 1) return from injury and 2) make a contribution to the team SO significant it's worth sacrificing that spot for at least 10 weeks? There may be 50 guys in the NFL worth keeping a roster spot open for that long and HOPING they can come back, a Rookie who couldn't make it through day one IS NOT one of them!

Lets hope Lovie is setting up the Colts by not letting them see how great our team actually is. It's our only hope.

I saw the game this week and I saw the game last week and you know what the players on the team had a private meeting in the bears locker room and they decided that they were tired of Grossman and you know what so am I. So you know what they did they made Lovie Smith's job easy they let Grossman that we know and love get ripped apart. Standing ovation. Big play ability yes he does for both teams. Orton threw a hell of a pass to hester that hit his hands in double coverage in the endzone how easy was that.Is Orton the second coming of Tom Brady who knows but you know what I do know Orton is a fine player with low risk and high reward. That reminds me of a quarter back last year who wasn't chancy but accurate last year anyone remember David Garrad. In the two minute drill first team defense still out there everyone knows they're passing and usually to the sideline to control the clock most of the time the defense is in zone coverages what I saw was precision throws to get down the field. Why didnt the defense all out blitz b/c Orton handles the pressure better by facing it not running back hoping for the best. Every team knows they can rattle Grossman with the blitz even with a solid line and solid running the guy gets happy feet look back to Superbowl year. We cant afford to give up points to the other team on offense who gives us the best chance to do that. Our line can use some improvement but we have a rookie running back who seems to know what to do if the line misses a block you make them miss. I look forward to seeing success with the new Jones too. Not a fan of our offensive coordinator either but it's pre-season do you want all our plays done right now for preview for the league when it doesn't count. There's no way we can have 3 reasonable tight ends and not be in 2 tight ends sets most of the game. Hester should be slot while booker goes as your possession reciever and hell give Lloyd a number one slot It's our best bet. That gives hester some time to develop as a reciever on 3 reciever sets and opens the middle of the field up to him so his escapablitiy and speed pays dividends and we still have him fresh for punt returns for all those 3 and outs our defense will be getting. This is a game of first downs and thats all we should consider at this time can our quarterback and running backs give us first downs I think they can I think our line will improve and I think that a runningback changes everything and we have two we can lean on b/c Kevin Jones isnt a bad running back and forte's looking good. This is a running team first and foremost and as bad as we may be with the pass blocking I've seen screens work I've seen holes for the running backs I'm satisfied and glad that the players did something to help they're team by throwing Rex under the bus brilliant

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