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Favre to Jets could free up Pennington

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So much for seeing Brett Favre at Soldier Field this season.

His era in Green Bay came to an end when he left there Tuesday after two days of meetings with coach Mike McCarthy.

It looked like the Bears would still get to meet Favre, who drew strong interest from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who visit Sept. 21 in the first home game of the regular season.

But FoxSports is reporting that the future Hall of Famer has been dealt to the New York Jets. This could free up veteran quarterback Chad Pennington, who has led the Jets to the postseason three times. The Jets will likely need to clear some salary-cap room and he would be the obvious choice to go.

Stay tuned because if the 32-year-old Pennington hits the open market perhaps the Bears will have interest. It's hard to say if Pennington, at his age, could be considered a quarterback of the future though.

There is still the possibility Chris Simms will be cut loose in Tampa. The Bucs are carrying five quarterbacks on their 80-man roster.

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I've been looking at the Simms situation for a while, he has gotten some snaps and was starting to show success before he got the busted spleen. I think Gruden knows the kid can play and is trying to buy time while he saves his job using proven Garcia at QB to get to playoffs. Although I'd like to see us pick up simms to battle for playing time, I do not see us getting that lucky. for a flyer what do you think can pry him away via trade, I heard the Cowboys are also sniffing around trying to bring him on board, that's all we need to let them get someone who could possibly help us. Not really interested in Pennington, most bloggers on this site would kill him about his arm the same way they say that Kyle does not have an arm, when compared to Rex not too many QB's do that have played for the Bears...

My thought exactly when I heard that Favre was being acquired. And can we please forget the "weak arm" stuff. Pennington is an extremely accurate passer. The guy is very smart, experienced and knows how to win. His average QB rating is 88.9 and his average completion % is 65%. Both numbers are a significant upgrade to the two QBs on the Bear's roster. If he comes cheap, why not pick him up?

this trade sucks, if only because any pipe dream to add jeff garcia to our roster pretty much just died. chad isn't going to help da bears. i would like to see simms added but i doubt angelo would go for it.

Pennington???? WE STILL DON'T HAVE AN OFFENSIVE LINE!!!! QB is the least of our problems when the Bears say they're waiting on Metcalf to return from injury to start at left guard!

I can't believe people are wanting Pennington already! Why do some Bears fans want every bad teams rejects? Pennington is already 32 years old and doesn't have an arm! The biggest problem is the offensive line! It doesn't matter what QB will be in there. Pennington is not any teams answer!

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