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Ex-Bears receiver Monk claimed by Giants

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The defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants have claimed wide receiver Marcus Monk, the seventh-round pick who was placed on waivers by the Bears to get down to the 75-man roster limit.

The Bears are at 74 now following the termination of cornerback Ricky Manning Jr., giving them room to sign offensive tackle Fred Miller if he accepts their offer for the minimum of $830,000.

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Good, they can have him. Given all the dropped passes the Giants' receivers and RBs had during the season (especially against the Redskins), Monk would seem to fit right in.

FRED MILLER whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They must have thought he was Art Monk.

So one year from now, after Marcus has spent some time in an NFL weight training program, and his knee is 100%, I see him as being a solid NFL wide receiver, especially a red zone threat. Once his strength catches up to his size, he will be able to manhandle corners in bump and run, and will have all of his speed and quickness back in his legs. Not saying he is a burner, but he has the talent to be an NFL wide receiver. He may never be a stud, but he will be solid. He just needs to go to a team that has an established, aging WR corps that will need to be rejuvenated over the next 3-4 years. Toomer is 33, Burress is 31 and perpetually injured. Steve Smith has yet to be overly impressive, and Manningham is a smaller receiver. I think this is a good move for both Monk and the Giants, and will pay some dividends down the line.

This was a numbers game for us. We have Hass and Rideau who are healthy, as well as our projected depth chart of (in no particular order since they don't know either) Hester, Davis, Lloyd, Booker, Bradley, and Bennett. There was no room for Monk, and we are more likely to keep Rideau or Hass on the practice squad because a) they are healthy, and b) they have been practicing in this offense for 2 years

Monk will end up on the Giants PS.

Wait let me gety this right, Monk got picked up by the Giants but nobody has touched Benson? HAHAHAHAHAHA, thats awsome.

Joe I think Hass has seen his last days as a Bear, they reduced the amount of players teams can keep on the practice squad this year. Which means more cuts.

It's funny Joe you mention Burress being injured often in a blog about Monk being a great reciever in the future. If he is not hurt all the time like he was in college and puts on weight and strength, and learns how to catch and run routs. Well doesn't that go for just about everyone. If we could all get bigger stronger faster and play a certain position a lot better we could all be in the NFL.

Do the Bears have any receivers with size -- besides Olsen, who they don't throw to anyway? They all seem smallish. In today's game, you need big receivers who can go get the ball. I think Mark Bradley's biggest challenge is he doesn't go get the ball. Haas will go get the ball and hold onto it, but he lacks speed and size. If we had bigger, faster receivers on the outside, Haas might have a place on this team as a possession receiver. Oh well. He will probably find a job with another team.

Hey, with the departure of DMJ that trade of Chris Harris is looking even better right now. Way to go Angelo! Heck, we don't want a big hitter in our defensive secondary.

One thing the Bears need to fix PRONTO is having Greg Olsen blocking as the fullback/tight end or 'H' back. Olsen may be a good blocker in the future, but, right now he couldn't 'crack an egg' with a hit or find the right guy to hit if he was pushed into him.

And, after watching the Bears run a 'delayed' draw (the lineman block out and the tight end comes all the way around the tackle's man to come inside to try and block the linebacker in the 'guard/tackle' gap), they better find a different way of blocking it as it's NOT GOING TO WORK by blocking it that way!

Harry Hiestand (OL coach) WAKE UP!

I gotta think Jerry Angelo was trying to sneak him through the
waiver process by cutting him that early.
A year from now we'll wish we had him back.

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