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Dollars and sense: The Hester extension

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Took a look at Devin Hester's contract extension in Sunday's print/online edition. The numbers are detailed here and this forum will probably be easier to display the information.

The four-year extension includes $40 million in new money and because it's an extension he's under contract for six seasons now with the total value over six years being $40,975,000.

There is $15 million guaranteed and the the base value of the new four new years is $22,036,000. A look at the numbers:


$5 million signing bonus
$445,000 base pay


$5 million roster bonus
$530,000 base pay
$200,000 workout bonus


$5 million roster bonus
$750,000 base pay
$250,000 workout bonus


$250,000 workout bonus


$1,646,000 base pay*
$250,000 workout bonus


$1,857,000 base pay*
$250,000 workout bonus
$10 million de-escalating roster bonus**

* Hester can increase his base pay in 2012 and 2013 in a four-tiered system. The pay would top out at more than $5 million in 2012 and more than $6 million in 2013 and the structure is based on his performance in four categories--receptions, receiving yards, receiving touchdowns and combined touchdowns.

** Hester has a four-tiered roster bonus that starts at $10 million and decreases. The structure is based on his performance in four categories--receptions, receiving yards, receiving touchdowns and combined touchdowns.

Hope that makes sense. The Inside the Bears staff is traveling back to training camp this morning and we'll have Twitter updates from practice starting at noon. We'll see if first-round pick Chris Williams returns 10 days after suffering back spasms.

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So the performance-based clauses only kick in in 2012 and 2013? Hmm. I wonder how much they plan on playing him at receiver THIS season.

The Bears could go 0-16 and fans would still fill the stadium b/c of Hester. A great job by Angelo, Stein etc.

There's nobody like Devin, there never was and there might never be.

thanks for the contract update! much appreciated

Thinka great deal for both sides. If hester is just a return player, it works out to $3.83 mill/year, or a very fair # for the greatest return guy in league.

And "if" he breaks out as a WR, he can earn up to almost $7 mill /year,but on top Wr production so hester is rewarded.

A Rare win/win for team and player that protects team and gives a player rewards for production, wish more contracts were like this.

The only part of the contract that will hold up is the first 3 years were Hester stands to make over 5 million a season. After that if he turns out to be a true number one or two reciever he will probably renegotiate his contract again.

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