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Camp notes: When it comes to Favre sweepstakes, Bears "are what they are"

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Veteran Milwaukee Journal Sentinel scribe Bob McGinn, who has one of the sharpest football minds out there, reports that Green Bay has had contact with Minnesota about a trade even with Brett Favre arriving in Green Bay Sunday. Yes, even with the Packers saying they will have a quarterback competition involving Favre and Aaron Rodgers. You know, kind of like the thing the Bears have going on here.

It's an interesting read and certainly another twist in the story that has to have a few twists left to it, right?

McGinn quotes an unnamed personnel source about the possibility of other NFC North teams vying for Favre's services.

"The Bears say they're not interested,'' the source said. "The Bears just kind of are what they are. I don't see him in Detroit, either. At least the Vikings' offense is what he's used to. Old dogs don't learn new tricks, especially in three weeks.''

Didn't we know that when Denny Green said the Bears "are who we thought they were?"

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Let's just all admit the "NFC Central are who we thought they were!"

Hey Bobby � Thanks for sharing your expert opinion? Ha! You know what they say about opinion�s they're just like ___holes, we all have them and they all stink! So here's mine. Let's see what you say when the BEARS blank the packers and vikings two games each this season with or without Farve! And if history tells us anything, look what happened to Denny since he couldn't back his opinion � his playing drums in his basement just as sloppy as your comments! I hope you have a hobby or something else to fall back on other then writing! GO BEARS!!!

The Bears might win one against the Packers this year, but they aren't going to sweep the Vikings. In came someone failed to notice, we don't seem to have a left side of our o-line yet.

if we can get an extra second for grossman,(not orton, he cant beat the vikings with his 2 yrd passes)he can throw it over the corners heads all night long and spank the vikes. the backfield is the weakest spot for vikes. also, when the bears went up against AP, we only had half our starting D.i cant wait until he meets the number 1 unit of the bears, we have his number, he'll get less than 100 those 2 games.

I say just get it done and call it a day.

For Favre, give the Pack Grossman and a third rounder (second if Favre makes the Pro Bowl).

The Pack will salvage something at least, namely a backup QB and also a high pick they wouldnt have had if Brett stayed retired.

The Bears offense is the same as most others so he can learn it quick.

Hey the pack will take nothing less than a first and 5th for Favre, and I don't blame them, to the right team he goes SB.

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