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Camp notes: Starters could see time into 3rd quarter at Seattle

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The Bears had their final night practice and it was a light workout in shells and shorts as they put in the gameplan for the trip to Seattle. A few nuggets:

*** The Bears mean business when they're talking about playing the starters more in the preseason, at least the ones on offense.

"Last week you know we played quite a bit,'' coach Lovie Smith said. "We plan on playing our starters at least a half, possibly into the third quarter this week."

If they go off the plan from last week against Kansas City, you can expect Kyle Orton to replace Rex Grossman at some point in the second quarter. But nothing is official. Stay tuned.

*** Smith has made it clear in the past he'd prefer to stay at Halas Hall in Lake Forest for the entire summer in preparing for the season. He's a routine guy and likes the routine of being around the facility. He alluded to that in answering a question tonight about the benefit of going away for training camp.

"I don't think training camp, going away, is as important s it used to be when you were away for most of the offseason," he said. "We've been together for the most part since we started offseason work in April. But it is still god to get away from everything and not have any distractions and that is definitely the case down here."

Obviously, the decision on training camp is above the coach. The Bears have already signed up to be here at Olivet Nazarene University next summer.

*** Just like the Bears have been unable to select a starting quarterback, they also have not been able to choose starting wide receivers just yet. They've rotated as many as six different guys in with the ones and Devin Hester and Rashied Davis are listed as co-starters at one spot with Marty Booker and Brandon Lloyd being co-starters at the other spot.

"We have several guys that we go to," Grossman said when asked if they have a No. 1. "It just depends on the pattern. I think that might work itself. We'll see. In this offense, we have several different routes and some guys do things better than others. We'll call their number when that play's called."

*** Once again, the club donated 23 bicycles used by coaches and staff during camp and 23 new helmets to area youth following practice. Guess the coaches will have to hoof it around campus Thursday morning.

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This is the game Lovie is hoping to use to name Rex the starter, Rex has played well against the Seahawks and Lovie will be giving him extra time on the field, my guess is Rex plays the first half and Orton plays the 3rd qt. There also probably hoping the Seahawks 1st team is done before the first half is over.

I would have to agree with you Creighton. They are holding their breath while they wait for Rex's light to come on...Odds are they will turn Viking purple before that happens...Can he get it done is the million dollar question...Against a pressure defense like Seattle, if he comes out without any INTs, I would call it a successful outing. But we also have to get 4 yards a carry out of the starting offense, or we are in big trouble....

I see Rex as a coach killer at this point in his career. hanging your hat on him will either raise your blood pressure so high that your heart explodes, or he will cost you your job. You won't ever get Pro Bowl Rex, and for this many chances, that is what it would take to make this worth it. But so far, our coaching staff and GM have been relatively teflon-laced, so nothing is their fault.

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