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Camp notes: Orton to start vs. Chiefs

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The Bears finally unwrapped the mystery that was hidden inside an enigma.

Kyle Orton will start at quarterback Thursday night at Soldier Field.

Rex Grossman will get some work and then he will start the next preseason game Aug. 16 at Seattle.

Lovie Smith said the decision had nothing to do with where the quarterbacks are in their competition almost two weeks into training camp.

"Of course I am excited to play in front of the home crowd," Orton said. "Practice has been going well so we'll go out and get the preseason off to a good start."

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good start? probably not! unless your talking about little pooch passes that dont get anywhere. if any team learns from tape how orton plays, were gonna get spanked!!! all the other team has to do is protect against the run and short passes and theyre good. orton cant go down field to save his ass!!!

True words but remember lovie is a very smart coach. orton starting is a good thing here's why.

now the media has nothing to talk about.

you don't want a negative environment at soldier field so starting orton is less controversial at this point. (remember the boos)

the starters for the first preseason game won't look to sharp so that could effect evaluation

Rex will start the second preseason game on the road which is good because the first 3 games is on the road.

more than likely the first team will look much more crisp for the second preseason game than the first..

last but not least who would want to start the first preseason game with this oline..

Jon, Orton can do more than pooch passes. Check out the last two games of 2007. But with the offensive line we have, rather the one we don't have, the "master of the dump off pass" will reign supreme in this offense.

Anyway I feel bad for Orton and Forte. They're gonna get killed in a preseason game no less.

Why didn't we go after Farve? Instead we go with Orton or Grossman? Gimme a break. Another season in the tank because we don't have a legitimate QB.

This is probably good for Grossman because he's likely to get reps against Kansas City's second string defense.

hopefully the defense can hold down the team until Orton gets out of the game
sorry, but I'm not a Orton fan

I think it's a good move, I like Rex, but Orton can throw the deep pass, look at the last games he played last year and he also threw the deep pass in college. He knows how to dump off, he's good at that as well the Coaches had him throw the short pass as he was inexperienced. Great move by Lovie! (we will see how the Oline holds up)

You know its just like last year when every said that we were going right back to the super bowl and we feel flat on our faces.Every one just assumes we are going to suck just like we assumed the giants were going to suck and they end up champions.Knowing how its impossible to predict the NFL greenbay will finish last in the division because of all of the dissary and forte could have a break out rookie year like AP did, our defense is going to be back to its usual dominance along with the best special teams in the league not to forget probably the best TE tandom Im going to say 10-6. What do you so called bear fans have to say about that? Something negative probably.

Why didn't we go after Farve? Instead we go with Orton or Grossman? Gimme a break. Another season in the tank because we don't have a legitimate QB.

Gee, well:

(1) the Packers would have to decide they wanted to trade Favre to a divisional opponent. They said it would be a last ditch option....

(2) Favre has made it clear he wants to play for a contending team.... we have issues abound on offense so we may very well be contending to be mediocre in 2008...

(3) Our Offense line is a mess right now. They may play well but with so many question mark at RB, WR and O-line Favre probably would choose Chicago as a last resort....

(4) $10 - $12 Million added to the salary cap per season is way too much for the current Bears situation. Angelo would probably have to restructure several veteran's contracts or cut a handful of mid-priced players and get Favre to agree on a restructured deal just to stay under the cap.

The problem I have is that they seem like they are protecting Rex from the fans at home. I think Orton for the first time in his career deserves a legit shot at winning the starting job, but this is a crock. If Rex deserved the job, he would be starting Thursday. He has a higher upside, and more experience than Orton. He is being coddled in his 6th year, protected from the "mean" fans who boo a terrible performance. This tells me he will be riding the bench this season until Orton either gets hurt, or falters, and then they will throw him in (and in doing so, throw our season away).

More and more, the coaching staff astounds me with their transparency, and scares me with their short-sightedness.

I don't dislike neck-beard. In fact the only thing that really bothers me about him is he plays for the Beloved. If we want to be able to used Hester & Forte to their full potential we need Grossman starting. Grossman & Hester will stretch the field thus opening it up for Forte. Then the defense will try to stop Forte & that opens it up for Grossman & Hester. I don't want a pop warner QB (neck beard) & a pop warner offense.

What does it matter if Orton or Grossman starts? The offensive line will be even worse than last season. I feel bad for Forte and both Orton and Grossman. Once again the QB and RB will be the scapegoats while back in reality JA and Lovie should be blamed for not drafting more O-lineman since it was the worst part of the team last year! Some people are saying that Tait should be moved back to LT. He played LT last season and it didn't help the Bears line at all. It's a lose-lose situation!

Actual quote from Lovie regarding Orton starting the preseason opener:

"There's no rhyme or reason why we're doing this in this direction."

Good job Lovie. This quote basically sums up every move he's ever made. No thought process, just stupidity.

Why doesn't he just say what everyone else knows. Orton is starting because without an offensive line, he doesn't want Rex to get killed. This is not an open competition. Rex will start on week 1 in Indi for the sole reason that he is a 1st round pick and Jerry cannot admit to any of his many mistakes in the draft.

Unfortunately, you can add Chris Williams to the long list of draft busts for Jerry:

Garrett Wolfe, Dan Bauzuin, Michael Okwo (nice trade of Thomas Jones, I bet he has a monster year with the Jets)


Until the Bears get new ownership, they will continue to suck!!!

Wise words....
"The problem I have is that they seem like they are protecting Rex from the fans at home." I agree 100% that is exactly why Orton is starting. The Friday night Family Practice night shows where the fans heads are at. You do not want to start the preseason with boos from the stands. Think about what that would do to the entire teams morale. I personally think fans that boo are shallow and not really Bear fans. Support your team or find another. Period.

I have been watching every training camp tape I can get my hands on, and Grossman looks really good guys. Except for a few bobbled snaps from Beckman, who every QB has had a problem with, he has been pretty much mistake free and spot on. Very very few interceptions, but some very nice long and touch passes with Hester, Booker, Olsen and others. He throws the ball away when he needs to, scrambles when he has to, and checks down when appropriate. We is maturing everyone....he is growing up and making smart decisions. And, unlike Kyle, Rex does throw the ball deep if the receiver is open, while Kyle does tend to check down more. I think that Orton can manage the game very well, but that makes the Bears too one dimensional. Opposing defenses will play 8 in the box or tight cover 2, and that will shorten up the playing field. Not saying Orton can't throw the deep ball, but he has no confidence in doing so, and lacks the precision that Grossman has. Bottom line, Grossman should start against Indy if trends continue, but understand the "political" move by Lovie due to fan response to Grossman. The fans need to grow up, shut up during game time, and support our team this season. We have a real shot here, just like the Giants, we could be the quiet under dog. We just need to believe, and support the team we have. Favre will end up in Tampa.

Denver Bill,
Interesting analysis. Perception can take on a life of it's own. The perception seems to be that Rex gets preferential treatment. So what? He was a first rounder. First round picks come into the league with volumes of scouting reports, consensus building info, that agree on talent. Yes, there are busts. Don't we know that. However,QBs typically take time. The Bear's signed Griese. He was not better. Drafted Orton. He looks like a lot of QBs the Bear's have had in the past. Grossman does not. The O-line is where I'll be watching carefully. Last year it looked like an upgrade was need in at least two maybe three positions. This is what can be booed. The Bear's staff has had Reed, Oakley, Beekman a couple years now. Are they going to develop a guard, a tackle? Boo! It's possible the answer is no. Boo! The Bear's have to sign another free agent or use their first pick. Boo! Hello Chris Williams!

Mike if I remember right Orton vs. the Pac, he completed all of 8 passes for 101 yards and 1 TD. That does not seem very impressive to me, I think the D and the special teams should probably get a little credit for taht win. As for the Saints game, Orton went 12 OF 27 for 2 TD's and 1 INT. Not that impressive again, the star of that game was again the D and special teams, the Bears have this guy named Hester who seemed to have more to do with winning that game than Orton. But the Saints game makes for a perfect comparison, Rex started against the Saints the year before as well, at home and it was a better Saints team, and he tourched them. So I mean is it the QB's are so great or that the Bears match up well at home against the Saints?

I think the media nailed Rex when they said you eithere get good Rex or bad Rex. We seem to get bad Rex againsts any team with a decent D and Good Rex against any team with a bad D. As for Orton he is nothing special, a second or third string back up who is consistant at that job and can manage a game, but probably will never win a game for you on his own.

I think the same can be said for Lovie as Rex you either get good Lovie the guy who controls himself and runs a tight practice and who is pretty good with his players, or bad Lovie who sticks with his vets too long, can't adjust at half time and tends to ba a little bit to much of a yes man.

Either way I don't think it matters much this year, Turner is a bum, and given how bad the offense looks on paper you can't really throw a lot on Rex or Kyle, Given the fact that the Bears have no left side on the oline and the right side is not that fun to look at either, you have 4 guys starting at two WR spots, an unproven rookie running back playing behind that line, a backup who is injury prone and has declined in speed and ability 3 years straight, Turner and Lovie not udjusting his game plan.

The only game in the preseason that could tell us much about this team is the last one, the Chiefs, Hawks and 9ers are not exactly the apex teams of the NFL.

I look for a solid performance from Orton on Thursday. I see that a lot of you want to see the good Rex, but I don't have the stomach to see the bad Rex again myself, and that is my concern with him getting back in the line-up....A lot of the experts on this blog seem to say Kyle is nothing but a back-up, but they said the same thing about Brady, Romo, and Bulger for the Rams. Fact is no one can say yet how good Kyle is or can become, I've seen people talk about developing a QB, well just how do you do that, do you throw them to the wolves and sink or swim, do you sit them behind a vet, and let them mature into the job, or is it a combination of both. In Kyle's case that is where we are at right now, time to see what he can do and how well the Offensive coaches can coach. The guy was solid at Purdue and played his last year with a bad hip, still put up stats good enough to get drafted.....Bears fans ( Real Bear Fans) get ready to support the man who gets the job, and if it's Kyle get on board, for the rest of you keep on bitching and moaning, but by offering no solutions you are part of the problem.... I want us back in the Playoffs by any means necessary......

Creighton, if I remember correctly the Green Bay game consisted of swirling winds and temperatures below freezing. Favre had thrown for ony 10 or so yards in the first half and we all know how strong his arm is. In that weather, Kyle throwin' for 100+ yards is impressive/ And he didn't even need to use his arm much b/c the game was well in hand.

Against NO, he threw a laser touchdown to Bradley and that 50-sumptin yarder to Hester in double coverage. He can make the throws.

I agree with the concept that the Bear fans should back the starter and not boo by the beginning of the second quarter if things are not going right. It seems that the best quarterback to the fans is the one not starting so the boos begin to cascade down quickly for the starter.

With that said I believe that Rex should start. I think he is now starting to get the message about protecting the ball and going through the reads and progressions. At least he did after he was brought back brom being benched last year.

Watch out with Favre going to Tampa, Sims is most likely fodder for a trade and Bears may go for him.

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