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Camp notes: McGowan expects to be fine in a few days

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The Bears said not to rule Brandon McGowan out for Saturday's game at Seattle, but the strong safety will not practice tonight and agrees it would not be prudent to put him out there against the Seahawks.

McGowan sprained his right ankle in practice Monday when a teammate stepped on him during a special teams drill. He's been hard to find on campus since and said he's primarily holed up in the training room working to get better. The team took precautionary X-rays when it happened and they came back negative.

"It feels pretty good," he said Wednesday when getting off his bicycle in front of the dining hall. "It's just a small sprain, you know a freak accident. It would be kind of foolish to risk making it worse [on Saturday]. I'll be good in a few days."

McGowan and free safety Mike Brown both have lengthy injury histories and without any proven backups in place it's not overreacting to have concern when either one of them has a minor injury.

Tonight's practice begins in about 45 minutes and we'll Twitter a few updates from the field.

*** If anyone had plans on attending Thursday's practice, just a final reminder that it has been closed to the public.

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It's nice to hear Brandon McGowan's injury isn't serious. I was extremely impressed with McGowan's play the other night, McGowan seemed to be everywhere the ball was. I think McGowan is primed for a breakout season. I also noticed improvement from McGowan late last season. I agree that it might be a good idea to let McGowan sit for the upcoming game vs Seattle. This is also going to be a great way to check out Kevin Payne with the first team defense. This will be a great way for the coaching staff to gauge Payne's developement, and see how far along he is. I know there were a lot of injuries for the Bears at the safety position last season, and this might have had something to do with Payne getting into the starting lineup, but this still showed a lot of confidence in Payne to start him, especially as a rookie. Payne is known as a big hitter, can't wait to check him out with the first team defense, hopefully he can bring the Payne to Seattles offense. Other than the opening drive vs the Chiefs, the Bears defense looked good, I think this weeks game vs the Seahawks will be a better indication on how they are going to look this season GO BEARS!!

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