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Camp notes: Lovie asks for patience with QB situation

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Nothing will match the quarterback quagmire the Green Bay Packers find themselves in, but face it, if it wasn't for the great Brett Favre showdown the Bears' situation would be as muddled as any in the league.

That point was driven home in the practice Friday night at Soldier Field when the crowd of 24,977 had more than a smattering of boos for Rex Grossman during player introductions. Afterward, coach Lovie Smith more or less asked for patience in a QB derby that figures to run at least another three weeks. The boos intensified when he threw passes away on consecutive plays in the red zone. Never mind no one was open on the plays. Grossman's effort with the first team in the two-minute drill also sputtered short of the 50-yard line.

It wasn't like he went without making any plays. He made a nice play to step up into the pocket and fire a bullet to Mike Hass across the middle for a touchdown. It was Hass who hauled in a 36-yarder from Kyle Orton to set up a 28-yard field goal in the second team's two-minute drive. Orton had a better showing in 7-on-7 as well in one of his best practices of the summer.

"Well you know our quarterbacks have both had their moments,'' Smith said. "Kyle tonight hit quite a few passes. I thought Rex tonight did some good things. We just want to get situations in and each day we'll learn a little bit more about them."

Asked about fan reaction, Smith asked them to believe in the Bears.

"I think we all need to just wait," he said. "We're trying to get ready for the football season. No one is game ready right now. Hopefully they'll be patient with us. In time we'll become better at everything we're doing and they'll be proud of who we have out on the football field."

If only the Bears could welcome back a Favre with open arms.

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I think it's wrong for Bears fans to boo Rex, but either way he's tough and he will not let that bother him I'm sure

so what rex had a bad 2 min. drill, he was going up against the first team. we have a bad ass defense!!! orton done good with the 2nd team, big woopee, he got a field goal!!! ive been reading alot of the QB battle and rex has been doing better than kyle(no suprise), i want a QB whos gonna take over the game not just control it by throwing wimpy 2 yd. passes and hand off every play. im like everyone else, i want the bears to win, but if we lose atleast give me excitement. thats what gives rex the edge. look at favre, hes has the most interceptions, but he brought excitement to the packers every game!!!

One bad thing about Chicago sports - we shouldn't boo our own team no matter what. It happens at Wrigley way to often with the Cubs and Rex is trying people!!! Give the kid a chance - he doesn't need any more pressure from the people that are supposed to support him.

fellas you know what i call those tards booing uncivilized people with no class. it's no wonder they raised ticket pricing i wouldn't want people like that cheering for my team. rex does not deserve what the media and so call fans are given him. the truth is it's only a small majority of people that rex haters. when the season starts the real rex supporters will be there enjoying every bit of our teams success. The haters will just sit quiet and some might even cheer we call those wagon riders.

I guess what I find most ironic is that I bet a solid majority of people who are booing Rex now and rooting for Orton are the same people who booed Orton and gave Rex a standing ovation three years ago against Atlanta when Rex returned from his injury. Irony.

matter what Grossman does, even protecting the ball and throwing it away when no on was open, is viewed negatively by the fans. Had he thrown it into coverage and been picked off, the fans would have had him for lunch. I have been watching the reports for every training camp, and Orton has thrown more interceptions, had as many fumbled snaps, and has checked down more passes when receivers were open deep than Orton has. Even working with the two's and receivers that won't make the team, Rex has had great luck connecting. Terry Bradshaw recognizes that Grossman is the real deal, and once the Bears and the fans have boo'd him out of Chicago, he will land somewhere else and will develop into a great quarterback. Another franchise will
remember that it takes years to develop and will support Grossman as he matures just like Favre and Manning did. By the time we realize what we lost, he will have come into Soldier Field and handed the Bears a good old fashion butt whipping. Then we will all wish we had supported Rex and given him the time that he deserved. It amazes me that we can treat the only quarterback that took us to the Superbowl since 1985 with such disrespect.

"I know it's important, I honestly do but we're talking about practice. We're talking about practice man. We're talking about practice. We're talking about practice. We're not talking about the game. We're talking about practice."

It's obvious during the game who has control of the huddle and who the players respond two "games" of the year last year....

and you're talking about practice?

Kyle is our QB

Don't boo Rex, he's the only one who got the arm to get the ball downfield to Hester, if not than the Bears are going to face 8-9 in the box all year.

Jon have you lost you mind if you want that you should go back to Madden 08 instead, Sharish this is Chicago sports that post was wimpy just like yours i just love sports then watch the olympics Wrecks should have been gone two years ago, to compare a Grossman to Farve is just plain goofy. Farve if he makes a mistake you fear his next possesion Grossman if you are on defense feel confident he will gamble and give it to you over and over again. So for you three Moe, Larry and Curly GROSSMAN IS NOT A NFL QUARTERBACK!! and Farve is a hall of famer. Stick with PlayStation or X-Box where you dreams can come true.

I also agree that you should not boo Grossman, but with that being said, I think Orton is getting ready to take the job, especially if last nights performance is any indication. It sounds like Orton is coming on as a passer. Listen to some of the plays Orton made with the first team offense that I read about. Orton connected with Desmond Clark on a deep seam route, rifled a completion to Booker between two defenders on a deep out [by the way, the deep out is one of the hardest passes to complete], and dropped a perfect pass over a defender to Devin Hester, this is called a touch pass, a pass play the Orton of 2005 could not have made. This is why I'm so big on Orton, the way he has developed as a passer. I think that season Orton sat, 2006, was good for Orton. I believe Kyle Orton is transforming into an NFL passer, and right before our very eyes. Some of you guys go on about how all Orton does is throw the short pass, your right, when the big play is not there, Orton will check down and as he should. Yet, another reason I like Orton, ball security, and Orton will check down if the big play is not there, and remember, it isn't always going to be. But when the big play is there, Orton can make it, and will GO BEARS!!

Hey Jersey whats a "Small Majoity"? If you meant small minority would probably be wrong, most people don't like Rex at QB, it's not even close to being the first time he was booed.

Mike Ortons arm is almost as strong as Rex's and more accurate(not that I like Orton either)oh and you do know Hester is not the Fly guy in this offense.

Bill: Bradshaw also liked Mier and Leaf a lot too, he's liked a lot of bad players. Most of us have at some point liked a really bad player that we thought would develop. But Bill comparing Rex to Favre and Manning is nuts there stats after the first 4 years are way better than his and Favre did that with no support either. By season 3 those guys were tearing up the NFL. Only thing Rex ever tore up was his knee.

That said as bad as Rex has been in his career you just don't boo a guy at practice during the preseason. Thats just bush league, wait till the regular season if he still stinks boo him. Heck boo the whole offense if they stink. Rex may be the main cog in a big machine but if all the cogs stink you should boo all of them.

Still Rex has failed to change or elivate his game sense he got here, he does the same stuff he did early in his career. Does not go through his progressions, eye balls his reciever, has happy feet, can't read a D, has bad instincs, thinks his arm is stronger and more accurate than it actually is, he's like Brett Favre without the talent or natural athletic ability and size. He is like Danny Devito to Brett's Arnold in the movie Twins.

I agree that booing one's team is lowbrow. All of us get a bit disgruntled when our team is not doing well and tend to pick scapegoats to blame. Even so, I would not boo a player or team I was rooting for if I were fortunate enough to get to attend the game. Lovie's comment makes the best sense. Let's be patient and see what happens in the quarterback competition.

Good stuff from last night's practice, Orton starting to step into the role which is how QB's develop. He still needs time and some success on the field producing not just managing a game to take the next step. I am siding with most of you regarding the booing of Rex, that is not called for the guy will be on the roster and might play depending on injuries. Part of Rex's problem has been handling the media pressure which is difficult for him because he has been successful everywhere he's been prior to coming to the Bears. We have been in need of success at that position for so long that he was force fed the job, Kyle on the other hand has had to learn his trade, getting spot duty, rush duty, etc. Last year he was able to watch and learn, you combine that with his previous playing experience and you can see where the growth is coming from. Things are improving for us at QB, and its about time...Go BEARS

Yeah, I don't agree with Bears fans booing Rex. This is the time to make mistakes so they can be corrected later. I understand a lot of people don't like Rex, but he's not the one who invited himself to Chicago and said I'm staying no matter what. If you're mad a bout Rex, you should boo the people in charge.

Other mike, I think I saw Orton pass a nice deep ball to Hester in that last game against NO. Yeah, I think I did...

I'm backin' Orton. But if Rex "wins," that's cool to. Whoever's QB has my support. Go Bears!

Do you actually watch pro football games? Favre would have lasted ONE season in Chicago with the fans we have. In fact, the year before last, many of the EXTREMELY supportive Packer fans wanted him to retire. Also, until last year, a good majority of the Giant fans were ready to give up on Manning. The Giants started 0-2 and many in NY wanted both Manning and Coughlin gone. Now you'd be hard pressed to find ANYBODY in NY who hasn't ALWAYS believed in Manning and "had his back from day 1." I think we'll see the same in Chicago with Rex & Lovie! Creighton continues to use statements like "Bradshaw also liked Mier and Leaf a lot too, he's liked a lot of bad players. Most of us have at some point liked a really bad player that we thought would develop. But Bill comparing Rex to Favre and Manning is nuts there stats after the first 4 years are way better than his and Favre did that with no support either. By season 3 those guys were tearing up the NFL. Only thing Rex ever tore up was his knee." None of these statements are based on facts, but on a blog, no one will bother to research them to prove you wrong. Remember, Creighton, not long ago (just before the draft)you were calling for the immediate firing of both Jerry Angelo AND Lovie Smith? Just a hunch, but I honestly believe that, if you did live in NY, you'd have been with the majority of fans hating on Manning. Imagine if you'd have been the Giants GM, though. Guess that's why you aren't!! GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!

Hey Fly on, just a clue Bill didn't state which Manning he was talking about. As for Favre by his second season starting he was a stud. Payton who I assumed you were talking about sense you put him up there with Favre was kicking butt his second season as well. Oh and you do know Rex tore up his knee in 2004 against the Vikings, you know that righ mister I don't watch football.

You want stats you got emmm.

First what does Farve's play the year before last have to do with the begining of his career, which I actully make a point of stating? Same as I did with Peyton Manning.

Here are ryour facts.

Brett Favre:
1992 Comp Pct 64. yards 3227, TD 18 Int 13, 12 Fumbles 13 Games
1993 Comp Pct 60.9, Yards 3303, TD 19 Int 24, 14 Fumbles 16 Games
1994 Comp Pct 62.4 Yards 3882, TD 33 Int 14, 7 Fumbles 16 games
1995 Comp Pct 63 Yards 4413, 38 TD Int 13, 8 Fumbles 16 Games
Let me also point out with the Fumbles that Bret was an actual Scrambler back in the day, I could put his rushing stats up if you like. 1995 he got his first All Pro selection and 92, 93, 95 was voted to the Pro Bowl, 95 Was also NFL player of the year. You sure Rex compares to him?

Peyton Manning:
1998 Comp Pct 56.7 Yards 3739, 26 TD 28 Int, Fum 3 Games 16
1999 Comp Pct 62.1, Yards 4135, 26 td 15 Int, Fum 6 Games 16
2000 Comp Pct 62.5, yARDS 4413, 33 TD 15 Int, Fum 5 Games 16
2001 Comp Pct 62.7, Yards 4131, 36 td 23 Int, Fum 7 Games 16

99 and 00 All Pro Selection, 99, 00 Pro Bowl Selection,

Sexy Rexy (This should be fun)Let me also remind you Rex has been in the NFL for 5 seasons, you seem to come off thinking he is a rookie.
He only started 3 games his first season so I will skip it.
2004 cOMP pCT 56, yards 607, TD 1 Int 3, Fum 2, Games 3(He was out the rest of the season with a knee injury, you know he tore up his knee like I said. Maybe you should watch a game and you would know this smart guy)
2005 Cop Pct 51.3, 1 TD 2 Int, Yards 259, 2 games, Broke his ankle guess he got hurt again

2006 Comp Pct 54.6, Yards 3192, 23 TD 20 Int, 8 Fum 16 Games. Through the first 7 games Rex looked great but then something happened. Other teams got game film on Rex, nobody really had an idea of how he played until this season. Once they figured it out Rex's season went down hill fast. Including a game with a Zero QB rating.

2007 Comp Pct 54.2, Yards 1411, 4 TD 7 Int, Fum 6

You cannot compare these 3 QB's which is what I said. Rex's numbers are not even close. He is a one trick pony.

As for an Eli comparison lets start with the Super Bowl.
Rex basically cost the Bears the Superbowl and Eli was named MVP of his team. Oh and so you know, most people around here know I am really good with stats and an ELI fan.

Eli has played 57 games to Rexs 31 and ELI did it in a years less time. Eli has 77 TD's and 64 Int's Rex has more interceptions than TD's and a lot fewer TD's than Eli. Eli is also not brittle like Rex and has stayed healthy and is about 10 times tufer than him. He is also good in the clutch which he proved last year, were as Rex tends to choke under pressure. Last and most important Eli has a Super Bowl ring, Rex gave the rings away to the Colts.

Of course NY was hatin' on Manning. Have you seen him play before this season's playoffs? He looked like a complete joke! That 4 interception game gainst the Vikes w/ 2? 3? returned for TDs by the defense? Even GM Reese criticized him.

And before that, he was committing turnovers left and right, panicking in clutch situations, and fumbling snaps before Rex made it popular. Heck, he would have the lost the SB for the Giants had Asante Samuel not let an interception go right through his hands. Btw, good luck with that Eagles!

Fans tend to get upset when a guy sux for four years straight after getting taken 1st overall. It's true.

As for Rex, he's been here 6 years. I don't think it's right to openly boo him in practice, but maybe you can understand why fans are upset after 6 years of not much. He has several more turnovers than scores and has been injured for most of his career. But wait, he lead us to the SB! Right! And he showed that Colts defense just what's up, huh?

Creighton we meet again.. are you a betting man i'm not but i will bet you some money that rex out shines orton hell he has already in camp. please, orton finally hits some wrs infront of a bunch of booing drunk no class crowd with children there which is rude imho and he's the starter. in what world next week when check down charlie starts nickel and diming it we'll see what you have to say.

You will NEVER see Favre in a Bears uni. I repeat, NEVER! Why is that? Because Manny, Moe and Jack (Angelo, Smith and Turner) are not only dillusional, they are just pain stupid to state QBs onboard are good to go. And don't forget the FACT that the McCaskeys are continuing the mindset of arguably the cheapest owner on record, George Halas, by squeezing the nickle until the buffalo jumps off. The Bears are just plain CHEAP! How much is it worth to have a proven QB that can take the team deep into the playoffs? Answer is: Priceless! Before someone says that there are no buffaloes on nickles, I am talking about the nickles from the Halas era.

Bears' fans should have patience with the QB position? Have you officially lost your mind Lovie? I, as well as most fans, have been waiting for over 20 years for a QB to be consistently good and resurrect a historically bad offense. I don't care who does it, but i'm tired of seeing "has been's" or never beens trying to be something they're not....good!!!

You want Favre? Go to Green Bay.

The most disturbing thing about all of this is that Lovie is preaching patience in the competition. That means that they don't have a clear idea of who is in front, and won't make the decision. It almost sounds like they are waiting for an injury of implosion to make the decision for them. If that is the case, bet on Orton to be the starter. He is not far from Rex's ceiling, but his floor is way higher.

Rex is in his 6th season, and still struggles with consistency? He can't manage to duplicate good decision making, and can't get his emotions under control during game play. He still fumbles more than he should, he does not recognize the rush, and has zero escapability in the pocket. He bails straight back under pressure (right into the pass rusher)because stepping up removes his passing lanes because of his height. And he still cannot manage to take the snap without making all of us hold our breath. But the thing that makes me think he will never be a good starting quarterback is that when he starts to think about the pressure, he presses right back. He takes ill-advised deep shots, forces the ball into coverage, and won't look to the checkdown receiver.

After 5 years, you should be comfortable enough in the offense to know your progressions, and stay calm enough to hit your safety valve. And for crying out loud, how do you not recognize the blitz and audible out of the 5 or 7 step drop? He looks right at a blitzing linebacker, and then takes it right in the chin as he comes free. Everyone in the stadium can see him coming except Rex.

The Bears do not have a stud QB on their roster, but they do have an impressive team killer in Rex. Orton has to be the guy this year, or we will be in the running for the kid from Georgia in the draft next year.

Why do people think that QB is the missing piece of the Super bowl puzzle? We need more than just him to get us there. For those who aren't paying attention to things first Favre is tired. The guy has not brought a team back from a deficit in quite a while. They mention that every time his team is behind and no miracles are performed to win games anymore. Him losing to a very banged up Bears' D and then acting like it was a game that didn't matter was more closer to Rex than you'd like to admit. And the constantly mentioning the Bears as cheap went out the window several years ago when they made Urlacher the highest paid LB in the NFL at the time. Them paying top dollar to their own players should've made everyone wise up to the fact that they are always at the salary cap every year. They draft great on D because they had their best player getting paid the best for a long time. Why pay a WR to be your best player on O if you can't get him the ball? Keep working with what you have until you get it right. People keep forgetting that we got it right not two years ago by making it to the Super bowl. It's the pig-headed fans who look at it as an utter failure to go and not win. Maybe the Pats didn't get down on themselves for losing in 85 and were able to build on that. Fans in Chicago don't know how to build on things if it doesn't mean championships right then and there. Maybe we never get anywhere because teams always have to deal with the negatives even when things are going right. A lot of people missed out on the WS in 2005 because they didn't believe in them. Fans have been eating Rex up since 2006. Why would anyone else want to play here if they can't guarantee any championships?

Rex started to see the light last year when he came back from the benching. Grossman's stats are better than Orton's. Many times QB's take some years to develop, Grossman needs this year to show the naysayers here and in the NFL that he can lead the Bears.

Stats Orton Grossman
Completion % 52.0% 54.3%
Yards per game 130.4 184.6
TD's 12 31
Interceptions 15 33
Sacks 32 56
TD% 2.7% 3.4%
Fumbles 14 19
Fumbles Lost 5 10
QB Rating 62.2% 70.9%

Don't boo either QB at least give them a chance to show what they can do this year. Right now both QB's are average at best in the NFL but they might just be starting to get it as a QB's. IT does take some time to develop in the NFL.

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