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Camp notes: Line in flux as Metcalf to have knee scope

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Forget the quarterback evaluation for the time being. The team that gets off the bus running has more issues on the offensive line than a rookie who can't seem to get on the field.

While the Bears try to figure out what is making first-round pick Chris Williams' back act up, they will also have to figure out what to do at left guard. At least for the time being.

Veteran Terrence Metcalf is expected to undergo arthroscopic surgery on his right knee and will miss at least a few weeks. If it's a simple procedure like former defensive tackle Ian Scott had two summers ago, he could be back in three or four weeks, in time for the season opener. But that's if it is an easy cleanout.

The top options right now are Josh Beekman and Anthony Oakley. Then there are late-round picks Kirk Barton and Chester Adams and former sixth-round pick Tyler Reed. For the sake of being complete, undrafted rookie free agent Ryan Poles is also on the roster.

Combined the six have a total of zero NFL starts. It's a good thing center Olin Kreutz came back as soon as he did from his Achilles tendon injury.

We'll look into this situation a little further later on today. The lone practice is scheduled for 7 p.m. and hopefully the rain and storms will stay away and they can get all of their work in.

Would not be surprised to learn Williams went to see a specialist. He was nowhere to be seen on campus Monday. Players, even the injured ones, eventually trickle over to the dining hall and he was never spotted. So either he was holed up with some delivery food between the dorm room and training facility, or he was excused to travel off campus.

A reminder, a Mailbag Q & A comes on Wednesday.

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There is a lineman available Bears! Try Bently - at least give the Man a physical! We need someone! !@#$
I do not want to be embarrased at the Colts game AGAIN!
Oh yeah, we need Favre right, like he could do anything with this Oline. It's getting too close for Da to be acting stupid on this....

The left side of this line is a disaster. Is there anything out there on the street that could be a short term solution. I never thought I'd say this, but what about bringing Ruben Brown back? LeCharles Bentley? Anyone? Buehler??

I know JA is banging his head on the wall for not signing any quality OL during the offseason!!!!!

Probably went boating with Cedric Benson -

Weren't there rumours about his back before the draft - and 11 day 'minor, day-to-day, injury'. Time to move the Mich St kid from TE to LT.

It would be nice to see Kirk Barton get a shot, I just have a good feeling about that kid for some reason. I live down in Tampa and last year the Bucs had some injuries to their o-line and some young rookies stepped up and helped Earnest Graham have a great season. Maybe the same will happen for the Bears? Wishful thinking I know.

Yes we should forget the QB situation. No QB could throw without protection from the O-line. The Bears are in trouble!

I figured all off-season that Metcalf was either going to play himself out of the lineup, or get injured yet again, durability has always been a major concern with Metcalf. Now, the player I wanted to get a chance at left guard all along, looks to be getting his shot. Josh Beekman is the player I'm referring to. If Beekman can come in and show the coaching staff he can man the position, this would go a long way in helping the Bears o-line get younger and start the rebuilding process. Beekman coming on at left guard would also help Chris Williams, because it would allow the Bears to keep St.Clair at left tackle a little longer so Williams is not forced into the lineup before he is ready when he returns from the back injury. Beekman did struggle at center a little in camp, but he only played the position in three games while at Boston college. Guard is a position I think Beekman is more suitable for, because this is the position Beekman played for three seasons at Boston college. I figure Beekman can hopefully come in and take over the left guard spot, and Chris Williams can be eased into the left tackle position and the Bears can be on the road to a young and much improved offensive line GO BEARS!!

What a reckless gamble of Angelo, putting so much at stake that Williams would come in and autmatically be successful his rookie year.

Reuben, Reuben and how about Reuben.

Kevin I know you like Beekman but the guy is supposed to be pretty bad. He's worse than an injured Metcalf, I am not sure why you like the guy so much considering none of us has ever seen him play a single down in the NFL.

I said it during the draft that the Bears did not address the Oline properly.

Kevin also during the draft you said Williams could easily start from day one and you also claimed he was the best LT in this class. But now that he is proving to be injured with a so called sore back that has him sidlined for almost two weeks you are talking about easing him into the job and you like the idea of him not starting right away.

I said it before and I'll say it again, Williams is soft. Angelo has once again proved he knows nothing about the offensive line, his history speaks for itself, he sucks at drafting oline, always has, always will.

Our current oline is St. Clair(LT), Oakley(LG), Olin(C), Garza(RG), and Tait(RT). This line does not thrill me, in fact who ever is the QB this year will get the thumbs if he just survives the season. Also look at WR, Bradley is no longer in the running as a starter, and now a week after saying Llyod and Hester were the 1 and 2 the bears are saying they have co-starters Lloyd and Booker at the one and Davis and Hester at the two. How much does anyone want to bet that Booker winds up as the number one and Davis and Hester split time. Heck I bet the Bears try WR by commitee this year. But hey it's not a rebulding year, only have 8 new starters on offense and a couple on defense. Yeah this team looks real exciting like heart attack looks exciting.

You guys think the Bears have problems.

The meltdown continues in Green Bay.

Packer Blogger

May a curse be placed on this shoddy franchise that wasted 16
years not supporting Favre. May the curse be never ending. May they have
Bart Starr type coaches instead of Bart Starr type quarterbacks. May the
ghost of Tagge play every down until the team is removed from Green
Bay. May it be called the Thompson Curse, as they slide into McCarthy Mediocrity. Green Bay
will now re-assume it's rightful place as a laughing stock in the NFL. And I
better not hear them blame Brett Favre.
8/5/2008 3:47:01 PM

Right on Dahli, bring back Ruben and finally get rid of Metcalf once and for all. He's bad when he's healthy and now he's injured again.

It's funny how you could take players like Tait and Garza for granted...

What are the Bears plans now that Terrence Metcalf is having surgery and Chris Williams is still out?

Have they called the University Hawaii and asked for gadget plays?

Will they bring back someone like OT Mark Levoir (Notre Dame) back? Levoir is lost on the St. Louis' depth chart, is familiar with the Bears system, and can be the swing tackle?

Are the Bears looking at the waiver wires and have they called Reuben Brown?

What a mess, it's not going to matter who the QB, RB and WRs are as the O-line isn't any better than last year. And, last year the O-Line stunk.

Also, OG John Welbourn was signed by New England, did the Bears look into signing him?

It seems Angelo would be better off selling boats in Florida as opposed to being the Bears GM.

New phrase for Lovie Smith, "We're going to come off the bus, go 3 and out, and get back on the bus again."

Creighton, when I said, "ease Chris Williams into the starting lineup," I meant, not to force him into the lineup before he is fully healed. John St.Clair can man the position a little longer, allowing Williams a little more time to heal up, no use forcing Williams into the lineup before he is fully healed. If healthy, I think Chris Williams would already be starting for the Bears at left tackle. And yes, I still think Chris Williams is going to be a good left tackle for the Bears.
As far as Josh Beekman, I like him because of what he did at Boston college. Beekman was a three year starter at GUARD and was a dominant guard while at B.C. The fact Beekman is 6-2 and got three starts at center, made a lot of teams view him as strictly a center. So of course he is going to struggle at center, I never read, and I don't think you have either, that he ever struggled at guard. Going into Beekman senior season, Lindy's pro football magazine [to name one] had Beekman as the highest rated guard. I think his height and three starts at center also hurt his draft status, centers are usually not first day picks. Yeah, Beekman is only 6-2, this means nothing. Playing guard is all about getting low and getting good leverage to move the defender in front of you to open up a running lane, or sustain a block for the passing game. I can go on all day naming NFL guards that are the same height as Beekman. I'll name one, LeCharles Bentley, 6-2, and made pro-bowl at guard before being moved to center. Yes Creighton, I haven't seen Beekman play, so I can't fairly say he is going to be dominant. But Creighton, buddy ol pal, YOU HAVEN'T EITHER!! So how do YOU know he sucks???????!!!!! As a matter of fact, I read, that during a one on one blocking drill, Metcalf was getting pushed around by rookie Marcus Harrison, then Beekman came in and got the job done on Harrison. Again, how do you figure Metcalf is better???? Creighton, I still think Beekman is goint to be our left guard, and Chris Williams is going to be the Bears left tackle, and a good one. Again, give the Bears young o-linemen time before saying they already suck GO BEARS!!

Metcalf sucks and now he's worthless.

Easiest fix:
Move Tait back to LT. Williams obviously will not be ready.
Start Barton at RT. The kid is good and RT is much easier to start at as a rookie.
Move St. Clair to LG. He's a turnstyle at tackle but he's a damn good athlete and the best option we got.

This is a link to ESPN story on NFL Oline Rankings, Dude at least the Pack has a freakin Oline! Everyone that knows Football knows the game is won with the Dline/Oline. How could JA not at least draft a OG with a top pick? I can handle Williams pick, I still believe he will have a decent shot this year but every Bears fan saw this one coming, I like the guy's he drafted but we really had to address the Oline this year, with 7th rd. draft picks that was not a good move by a franchise that has historically made bad Offensive drafts..
Did we really need a tight end??? with 2 good ones on the roster already?

I think Beekman will hold his own. We will see sooner than later. I think once Williams gets healthy the Bears will begin to work towards the future and re-build a line of great young players to replace a core of great lineman before them.

Can we stop with all whining and negativity? They haven't even played a preseason game yet. With that said, Williams has to get reps very soon.

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