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Camp notes: Grossman sharp in return to Bourbonnais

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Quick little practice synopsis:

*** Rex Grossman had his best practice of camp. He hit pretty much everything in 7-on-7 and team drills and was sharp. Deep balls to Devin Hester and Marty Booker were on the money. It's not like Kyle Orton had a bad day either. He made many nice throws himself and they both picked apart the secondary.

Apparently the offense got a talking to recently ... the group as a whole was told it was time to pick up its play.

*** Top pick Chris Williams (back) would not put a timetable on a return but you can just about rule him out of Thursday's game with Kansas City. Left guard Terrence Metcalf (bruised knee) missed again.

*** Defensive tackle Marcus Harrison was kicked in the shin but should be OK.

*** The offense is still struggling to put together an effective screen package.

*** Tight end Greg Olsen one-handed a ball over his head from Grossman coming across the middle on a crossing route. It was the catch of the day.

*** Rookie Kirk Barton had a real nice block on Harrison on one play, driving him far off the play.

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Snore. There should be a GM battle in training camp. Only reason Jerry still has a job is Devin Hester. He should have to give Hester half of his salary on top of Hester's new deal.

We were getting glowing reports out of camp last year. The Bears had a potent offense in the making, their defense would be good again, so they were primed for another run at the Super Bowl. I'm betting by week 3 in the regular season reality will be showing us a much different picture.

These training camp reports are worthless. Last year Peter King of SI talked breathlessly about how Grossman had improved, Olsen was the second coming of Russ Francis, and he said this offense was just a notch behind Indy and the Patriots. Yeah, right. These 7 on 7 drills mean nothing. When Steve Young and Montana used to run these in 49er camp the ball wouldn't hit the ground all day, but you didn't hear all the hype back then.

Here's my analysis of the offense.

QB - perhaps the worst set of QB's in the entire league (and no interest in hall of famer Favre)

Running Backs - Forte is unproven. If Benson was here in his place I would say they have the worst group of RB's as well. Hopefully Forte can at least pass block or our QB's will get killed (see below)

Receivers - A lethal combination of potential with inexperience (Hester and Olsen), potential that never was reached (Bradley, Lloyd), and an aging WR in Booker whose best days were 5 years ago. Oh and let's not forget that former Arena player Rashied Davis is supposedly the star receiver of this camp. Combine this with horrible QB's and the passing game has to be the worst in the league. But of course Brett Favre wouldn't help these guys out at all.

Offensive Line - What once was a bright spot now features 5 angry, slow old men. If Williams actually makes an appearance in practice it will feature 4 angry old men and an inexperienced young man who makes a lot of money and is probably despised in the locker room considering he got such a big signing bonus and can't even make it through a practice without back pain. I'm sure that pick will turn out real well for the GM who doesn't need Brett Favre.

more detail please... i wonder if orton was as sharp would you guys be so quiet about it. famiy night orton hits a few passes and everyone interviews the guy and writes a whole damn article about it.

yea last year training camp was a bunch of smoke. then again everyone seemed to get hurt or play like crap by week 8 anyway. i still think if injury bug stays away we can win 8-9 games this year. hopefully it will be a repeat of 2005 where defense kicks the !@## out of people.

chris williams is looking like a chump, only 2 practices so far? weak.

Jim you are a clown no Real Bear Fan Wants Greenbays old used up Cry Baby QB so get back on your Packer Backer Web Site and stop embarasing yourself.

I'm telling you rookie tackle Kirk Barton is going to prove to be a 7th round steal...GO BEARS!!

JimH this is a fans blog why don't you go crawl into a brat and cheese. Brett Farve is not God he is a man who can't make up his mind and loves the attention. He cares only about himself, as soon as he saw the cheeseheads were moving on he couldn't stand it, he needs to be the center of attention his ego won't allow him to go away. The whiners want Farve who's to say once away from the system and the familiarity he won't self-destruct or do like most athletes who's time caught up with them in a hurry and just sucks. So JimH. you closet queen/Packer fan have a brat and beer on me and get lost. And to you Grossman apologist how long will it take for you to find out HE IS NOT A NFL QUARTERBACK isn't five years enough?

11-5. Defense is truly that good.

All this tells me is that neither QB is capable of separating from the competition. It's not like Grossman is capable of being a world beater, and more likely is a team killer than anything else. They are going to keep dragging this out through the 3rd preseason game, and then end up choosing one based on practice play. How will they divide up the playing time in the preseason? Alternating drives? Alternating series?

As usual, the coaching staff is doing a disservice to the defense and the entire squad. We all know Grossman is not going to lead us to the playoffs. His new laissez-faire attitude doesn't seem to be translating into significant improvement, so why waste the energy putting him in front of the team. Let Orton have a legitimate shot as the starter, with the entire playbook, and don't have him on a short leash. I think we will be happy with the results...

Bear Keith's comment to Jim says it well. I could not bear to see that arrogant, self-important dork named Favre as a Bear. I would become a Colt fan if the Bears picked him up.

Joe if REX lead us to the Super Bowl two years ago what makes you so sure (Grossman is not going to lead us to the playoff) Didnt watch any games in 2006 ? Dont Know a thing about Football or just all around Fool?? You Let us know

Lets see how these first 2 preseason games go. My assumption is that each QB will start one game. Sure, they can look sharp in practice, but games are a totally different ballgame. Give them each time against the other teams first team defenses and then we may see one of them break away from the other in this "competition".

Also, another thing that may separate the QB battle would be who makes more mistakes in the preseason games working against the opponent's second-team defenses..just a thought

That being said I don't think 9 wins is out of the question. Our first 2 games are against Indy (who may be without Manning) and Carolina (no Steve Smith). Both players are the keys that drive those offenses, so those could be 2 wins that were not thought to be wins.


WOW! Lots of pessimism in here. Why?

Oh yeah. This is why:
1. Williams out with back injury that they don't really know what is the problem. Done an MRI, CT scan, and a diagnostic ultra sound. All they found is that a postural muscle is spasming for apparently no reason. Funny. They need to look at the neck (remember that the back nerve has to get to the brain thru the neck), and remove the nerve interference, and that will be solved...instantaneously.

2. Our QB is either Grossman or Orton. Neither are good. The Packers have 3 QB's right now better than the any the Bears have had since Kramer for one year '95. These 3 are the obvious Favre, and Rodgers, and a guy I wanted them to draft with the 2nd round pick in Brian Brohm. Mark my words today that Brohm (not Rodgers) will be the starter for them next year.

3. Our defense needs to stay healthy, but already Dvoracek, Bazuin, Okwo, and Harrison are out of practice with injuries. The first 3 on this list have "lingering issues". Brown is susceptible to injury, and Vasher had a bad one last year too.

On the bright side, if the defense does stay healthy, then they will be best in the league by far. Maybe wreck the chances of other teams by beating the #(*^#)( out of them physically. If Williams can get healthy (meaning get his nerve interference removed), and be good, then the Oline could be solid. In turn, the offense would be much better. If the QB's could...... never mind..... not gonna happen.

If (always a lot of "if's") all goes well, Bears still only can get to 10-6 with the bad QB's.

Go Bears!

P.S. if this actually goes thru... Biggs. Why do we have to type those letters in the captcha? I can read wha they say, but it doesn't always go thru. What gives? Just saying it hinders my involvement with these blogs, and I enjoy writing in them.

man, what a bunch of fools in here! you guys are crazy for not wanting favre. ohhhh, i get it, lets never improve our team, lets stay where we are. so big friggin deal he's coming from the packers, hes better than ANY and ALL QB's the bears have ever had!!! we also have people crying about rex being our QB now, it was just 2 months ago people were all saying that rex is our best choice, because there wasnt anyone in the draft or free agency better than him, so he was our best hope, and i bet some of you people who were writing that then are dissing hm now. so, if youre a true bears fan stand behind the team and if your not keep posting your pathetic comments!!!

Favre is a Packer Jon - I do not see that changing in the next oh....lifetime! Can't get over that, my loyalty to Da is too strong to root for a pak QB, I would rather go with what we have. Thats just me personnally, btw read the Bible sometime and see what it says about calling someone a fool.
Crazy? no, Loyalty, I can see by your post you do not understand that, and you never will so lets all just try to get along ok? Never mind Da did not draft enough Olinemen that would make any diff. with Favre, (did you think of that?) The man is 38, with our line he will be 58 this year. Besides the Fact we coulda drafted a QB this year, or picked up someone else before training camp and had a real competition.
I don't care if he is BETTER than what we have I don't want a packer qb running Da Bears. Don't forget we have been beating him! Now Manning I'll

Yeah, Ryan I agree the letters are typed right but it says their not, go figure, just retype 3 times and then maybe...I heard it's for spam prevention which is kool but 3 times??

Lot of venom here, not really sure why it's directed at Rex and Kyle (or Favre for that matter...) The problems with the Bears offense begin and end with the O-line, not the QB position. When the O-Line played well the QB's looked good, when the O-Line stunk, the QB's looked like pee-wee league out there. Look at what the Giants pass rush did to the Mighty Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. I'm not saying that the QB position is not important, or that our QB's don't have issues and shortcomings. Because it is and they do. What I'm saying is that a good O-Line is the cornerstone, the foundation to any good offense. You have to start there first. The O-Line in 05 was so good that Orton the third string, rookie, fourth round draft pick was able to get 10 wins. Yeah the defense had a lot to do with that season as well, no doubt, but that O-Line was like the Great Wall of China repelling the Mongol Hordes and Keeping Kyle in one piece. And all you current Rex haters were screaming to have Kyle benched and Rex reinstated for the playoffs that year. See what a couple of years and a bad O-line will do to a fan?

Bring in Tom Brady or Payton Manning or even the dreaded and hated Favre or any other top notch QB to the Bears and they will look horrible if the O-Line doesn't do its job. It's really that simple.

Be worried about Chris Williams back and Terrence Metcalf's knee Josh Beakman being relatively unproven. Because if these guys don't step up and produce, it won't matter who takes the snaps from center.

Jon you disappoint me as you so often have throughout your sad and lonely life. I wish I used the rusty coat hanger on you too. Another fantasy football kid who apparently knows little to nothing about how NFL teams function. The only good thing Favre could accomplish in chicago behind what appears to be a porous offensive line will be the ending of his consecutive games played streak. Hey joHn how about not using multiple exclamation points behind each thoughtless sentence? You continually embarrass me and the rest of our crappy family each time you display your incompetence and infantile garbage that one might call a thought process LOVE MOM

ps Bears 11-5 this year in a rehashing of the '05 season. Please in the name of Halas let Mike Brown stay healthy this year.

Keep working on that screen play.
The screen play is one of the best plays in football.
With Forte here it should be doable.

Rusty or Crusty Coat Hangar?


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