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Camp notes: Ex-Bears QB's shine elsewhere

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While the Bears still sort their way through the quarterback competition, some ex-Bears quarterbacks are doing fine elsewhere.

J.T. O'Sullivan, who did a stint in 2005 on the practice squad, and then was under control of the Bears after the 2006 season is in the lead for the starting job in San Francisco. O'Sullivan never merited much of a look with the Bears but Mike Martz thinks he's the perfect quarterback in his system. O'Sullivan has bounced all over the place, spending time in New Orleans, Green Bay, Detroit, Minnesota, Carolina, New England and in NFL Europe. There may be some other stops sprinkled in there as well.

O'Sullivan had hoped to stick with the Bears after being allocated to Europe by them last year. He was the co-MVP of Europe and was promptly cut by the Bears upon returning on July 6. The club had an agreement with his agent Steve Baker last summer that if O'Sullivan wasn't going to receive a legitimate look that the team would cut him loose.

That's the same Baker who a few years back tried to steer his client Jeff Garcia to the Bears with no success. Count Baker as one of the guys out there who sees a team in need of a passer.

Meanwhile, down in Tampa Bay Brian Griese got off to a fine start too. In the Bucs' 17-6 victory over Miami last week, Griese completed 10-of-14 passes and threw a touchdown. Trade bait Chris Simms was 8-for-10 for 60 yards. The problem with dealing for Simms is his price tag is $2 million for this season and then he will be a free agent after the year. You'd almost have to get an agreement on an extension before making a deal.

It seems there is always an obstacle when it comes to acquiring a quarterback.

*** There were a handful of starters who took the morning practice off, including strong safety Brandon McGowan, who is out with a sprained ankle. No. 3 quarterback Caleb Hanie led a snappy drive in the two-minute drill.

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What is the rumor that I hear about no TAILGATING being allowed at Soldiers Field because of a new NFL policy on fan behavior??

I know that is not what this article is about but I have to know and I am sure somebody out there knows something about this!!!

Lets see how this article goes half way through the season, as far as how all the ex-Bear QB's look?? Myself, I would wait a little longer than one game into the pre-season to say elite players like J.T. O'Sullivan and Griese made it elsewhere. I think Kyle Orton is going to end up as the Bears QB in the end. Don't get me wrong, I like Rex, I just don't think Grossman is durable enough to be an NFL QB. Other than 2006, Rex has been injured every single season he has been in the league, and at the QB position, you simply must be able to stay on the field. If Rex gets the job, I hope he proves me wrong. I think Rex has the potential to be a good NFL QB, but again, he has to be able to stay on the field to do so. If not for all the injuries, I really think Rex could have already developed into a good NFL QB. It has been well documented how Orton & Grossman have looked in practice, as far as the one game we all saw the other night, I liked what I seen from both QB's. Other than the fumble, Orton looked sharp, and really accurate. Rex looks like he is being more safe with the ball, which is a good thing. I think whoever gets the nod at QB will benefit from the improved running back play, Forte look like he is going to be a good one, and Kevin Jones will help out also. Like I stated earlier, "its a little early to hop on the band wagon of some of these young QB's," but with that being said, I like what I saw from rookie Caleb Hanie. Hanie seems to have all the tools to develope into an NFL QB, but I think he is a year away, Hanie could be a good one in the makings GO BEARS!!

Todd fan saftey is an issue during tailgating.I have herd little but what I do know is that the Bears want after game traffic to flow smoothly, cut down fan injurys/fights and the mess afterwards.
What has been said is there will be a time to enjoy the pre game activitys but not during nor after the game.
I understand fully. It cost a team money to police the tailgaters, clean up the trash and the general up keep cost of the parking lots.
Not to mention that when the game is going on the city of Chicago has to fork over more money to have a couple of extra patrole men in the area just in case of an emergency.
On top of all that It cuts down alot on drinking and driving.I will go on saying about 1/2 of the tailgaters drink and out of that 1/2 about a 1/3 get in their car and drink and drive.
Kutos to the NFL and Chicago Bears for not only looking after their fans saftey but also looking out for all the other people on the road as well!

Tailgating has been tradition, you don't stop tradition without repercussions. I would think fewer fans will go to the games as a result.
I THINK they sell beer at the game? hmmmm, maybe to sell more Game Beer??? Get a grip Chicago, no Tailgating is absurd.

Anyway, It will take a few more games to see what QB's can/can't do but Rogers sure looked good - preseason or not he was under alot of pressure and got the job done.

No tailgating will be allowed DURING games. Partying in the Soldier Field parking lots while the game is playing on the field will no longer be allowed.


I agree with you on tailgating. As for Aaron Rodgers you are right he did look good but please note the NFL has not had enough time to find his weakness as a QB. Believe his weakness or weaknesses will be exposed. Once this occurs Green Bay will have two rookies as backups to Aaron. Green Bay made a big mistake losing Favre, but the Bears will benefit as a result.


How did tailgating get into ex-Bear QB's check the other topics and go there with your tailgating. And I keep hearing about Chris Simms he can't play on a weak offensive team like Tampa with a good Qb coach why in the world would we want him? Gruden went out of his way to get Garcia (old) and Simms was #3 on the depth chart (just like Hanie is #3) so why give up on potential(Hanie) for more potential(Simms)? Leftwich is already off the board why not give Culpepper a look at least he won't cost you 2 million and if he doesn't pan out you cut him. Jerry is such a dork when it comes to QB's look at the mess he left in Tampa offensively.

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