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Camp notes: Comments from ex-WR Moose droppings to Bears

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They used to call him Father Moose when he was here, at least some of the wide receivers did.

Privately, they may be calling him something differently now.

Muhsin Muhammad told Sports Illustrated's Peter King that Chicago is "where receivers go to die."

Thank goodness Moose escaped with his life. His former teammates and coaches didn't have a lot to say and to a degree the silence was deafening. Position coach Darryl Drake pointed out that Bernard Berrian landed a $42 million contract based on what he did with the Bears.

Quarterback Kyle Orton was approached after practice and asked what Muhammad was like as a teammate.

"No comment," Orton said.

*** Strong safety Brandon McGowan sprained an ankle during special teams drills Monday afternoon. He eventually went to the locker room and did so under his own power with Kevin Payne taking his place. Payne was back after missing two days with a hyperextended left knee. The Bears found out how undermanned or poorly manned they were at the position last season when Payne and Mike Brown both landed on injured reserve after the first four weeks. Adam Archuleta underperformed and it was a disaster.

Archuleta has left and the club drafted LSU's Craig Steltz in the fourth round. McGowan's own injury history--he's torn an Achilles tendon and blown out an ACL (two injuries Brown has had also)--is only overshadowed by Brown's past. It's not believed McGowan's sprain is serious but this position is worth watching. Closely.

*** The offense had another dismal day although both units rallied for field goals in the two-minute drills. Rex Grossman, working with the ones, hit Marty Booker for a 35-yard gain to set up a field goal. Booker got a nice release off the line from Nathan Vasher.

"Need some oxygen," Drake asked Booker on the sideline afterward.

"Hell, yeah I do," Booker responded.

"I think toward the end of team there we kind of lost our focus a little bit,'' tight end Greg Olsen said of the struggles on the field. "We weren't executing as well as we had been earlier. But I think coming back and rallying a little bit in two minute, moving down the field and making some completions, finishing practice that way, was a good sign for us.

"It's a good defense. I think we were doing well earlier in team and that last series of team we had some things. We jumped offsides, missed some different assignments and kind of lost focus there for a minute. We were able to regroup a little and answer back in two minute which was good."

*** Center Olin Kreutz, tight end Desmond Clark and linebacker Lance Briggs had the day off. Linebackers Hunter Hillenmeyer, Mike Okwo and Darrell McClover returned to practice.

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Orton has more class than Moose ever did. When he dropped Orton's pass (one of the last two games last season), it would have been poetic justice for Orton to publicly ream him out as Moose did him. To his credit, Orton didn't.

For Sale: Bear jersey Receiver Died in ......A new 87 Mosse Muhammed jersey is for sale to the highest bidder, perfect for use under a bus, or as a mask for those former teammates who wish to rag on their former mates, while not admitting to their own personal failures as a player....
Fun aside, this is some BS by Moose, and shows that he was here strcikly for himself and not the team, now he is back with the battlin Panthers, soon to be complaining again when he drops passes from Delhomme....I'm sick of all the offense bashing when it comes to the Bears, even people who don't follow the team write this BS and it gets them National coverage.....Leftwich signs in Pitt, the ranks are getting thin for veteran QB's, saw an article today that says Tampa is only looking to get a #5 for Simms....pull the trigger JA, we can afford a 5th round pick on new life at the QB spot, still have time to get him ready for the season, can this deal be done by the end of the week?????....Big week for both Orton and REX in Seattle after this mess and Peter King blowharding about the situation everyone will be watching the game that's for sure...

Eh, can't blame him. Everyone on here complains that the Bears haven't had a decent, stable QB in decades and the last pro-bowler at receiver went 6 years ago. Moose is prolly right.

Speaking of Archuleta, I read he's trying out for the Raiders. Al Davis must really be losing it.

Lastly, I have to bring this up. You all remember Tank Johnson right? Well Mike Freeman with CBS Sports reported the following:

"The former Chicago Bear, Tank "Gatling Gun" Johnson, was tossing the football recently with several other defensive linemen at Dallas' training camp. They were chatting and joking and Johnson's voice boomed loudly. When the topic suddenly turned to Johnson's old teammate, quarterback Rex Grossman, Tank was even less shy.

Johnson didn't seem to care that a journalist and several fans were well within earshot. Johnson called Grossman brittle and, in so many words that can't be repeated, he also called him soft."

Now I know a lot of us are down on Grossman, with some fans offering more scathing criticism of Rex than others, but do you remember when Tank was in prison? Many of his Bears teammates supported him throughout that whole ordeal, some even paying Johnson visits in jail. Rex was one of them.

I mean, you're locked up in the big house, it's all over the news, the whole nation believes your human garbage...and Rex, Rex takes time out of his day to visit you, chat with you, ask how you're doing. He tells reporters that he knows you'll return and be a chanmged man. How does Johnson return the favor?

I'm sorry bu this just about proves to me that "Tank" is one of the lowest pieces of s#*& in the universe. I hope he breaks his neck during the season.

The question isn't weather or not Moose is an A hole we all know the answer to that, the question is, is he wrong?

Tank Johnson was alos hammering Rex today, it's like old home week for the Bears.

At least Hunter is back, I have always wondered why the Bears like Hunter as much as they do, but then I figure when Brown isn't calling the plays, Hunter giving Lach a push in the right direction.

As far as Muhammad....yeah whatever. Now, as far as Rex Grossman, he has an opportunity to prove a lot of people wrong, its all up to him although. Rex needs to come in, be safe with the ball, make the big play when it is there, and stay healthy. If Rex can do all of this, he will be the Bears QB.
Lastly, I sure hope Brandon McGowan is going to be back soon. McGowan looked like the real deal the other night, he seemed to be every where the ball was. GO BEARS!!

if these players like moose and tank are better for not being with the bears, why would they act like second graders and try to berate old teammates?

and tank of all people - the bears organization stood behind him when they should have cut him much earlier. going to jail, visiting him.

that man should be thankful he is still in the nfl.

i guess moose just recently realized that the bears have no quarterback. when he was without a job in 2005, he had no problem jumping on the bears team, regardless of them not having a decent quarterback.

i'm glad he took his moose droppings and went home to his beloved carolina. he can be their problem now.

Moose is acting like a gutless punk and should accept some of the blame. Remeber your first year with Bears? He was about as reliable as a Ford Pinto. Tank is a complete thug for talking like that within earshot of reporters. Another "high character" guy yapping about BS.

That is a very low comment to make about someone needing to break their neck because he spoke ill of a former team mate. You should never say anything like that because the shoe can easily fall on your foot.Saying that makes you worse than Johnson in my eyes. This is a GAME and no matter what goes on in it you are supposed to walk away from it and realize it's just for entertainment. I'm disappointed that fans are that rabid for their team. Even Rex never say anything negative about the people who boo him and I'm sure that it doesn't matter to a few people that Johnson was less than mature. They agree and they are less than thrilled that Rex is still here. Should they all suffer a broken neck because they boo a guy who is throwing a ball in a game that is really meaningless in the real scheme of things? The mental make up to some of these fans make you cringe. I wouldn't use my last name either if I was some of you. Kevin, the was the best response when it comes to former players bad mouthing our team.

Moose, if there was a Pro Bowl for talking then you would win hands down. I could not stand this guy when he was on the Bears because he spent more time talking then catching passes.

One of the most overated free agents ever signed by a Chicago sports team. Take that loser!

Yeah, McGowan seemed to be where the ball was all night. Just three seconds too late. Armstead, I think you are one of the most insightful posters on these blogs, but I have to disagree with you on McGowan. Give me Chris Harris over him any day. However, he is at least not the disaster Danieal Manning is turning into.


I'm not sure what game you were watching but Kevin was dead-on of his assessment. The only time McGowan was "late" was on that pass to Franklin (22 yarder down to the 7) that lead to the touchdown. And if you have the game on your DVR or tivo, go back and watch the replay. The announcers missed it - and the coaches - but McGowan jarred the ball loose and Franklin trapped it on his way down to the turf. It should have been an incompletion.

McGowan was everywhere on the field and making play after play.

Maybe I really do have to write my posts in olde English for you to comprehend them. My comments had nothing to do with football or teammates.

I'm pissed at the fact Johnson could say anything negative about Rex after all the support he offered him during his stint in jail.

I don't care if you went olde english ,bud light or miller genuine draft. Saying someone should break their neck for any reason is... whatever. Visiting someone in jail can be for several reasons; "coach told me to", trying to look like a team player for the obvious cameras that will be there or what about "coach told me to do it, so I can look like a team player since the cameras will be there"? Maybe then I can garner sympathy and a new contract for doing just that. I'm not going to ponder whether or not he should become a lifelong friend because someone showed up to visit while he was in jail. (It was jail, not prison. Or ye olde prison)What do you expect from a dumb jock who wasn't mature at 25 to say and do in the presense of his present team mates who maybe are just as dumb and immature as he is? If you expect ye olde english to come out of any player's mouth you got it worse than I thought. The only way olde english come out of a football player's mouth is if he drooled his drink. Figure it out. Why let stupid people piss you off if they didn't p!$$ on you?


Maybe I do need to go watch the game again, but I guess I'm not interested enough to Tivo it. My interest has been waning over the last year and a half or so, I'm sorry to say. Perhaps I am jumping on McGowan unfairly; I have had a problem with him ever since I heard Mulligan's story about how he was kept and Chris Harris traded because McGowan was Ced's only friend on the team and management wanted to keep Ced happy. Yes, I know I should be mad at JA, and I am, but I can't help it.
And my three second comment could apply to the whole defense. It seemed that under Rivera, the defense was almost always in a position to make a play, based on the turnover ratio in 05 and 06. I think we have some great players on defense, but the Babich/Lovie coaching combo is a disaster. Remember when five defenders would swarm to the ball and gang tackle the carrier? We've not seen that since sometime in the 06 season. Now its one guy trying to make an arm tackle. Maybe three seconds is excessive, so I'll say 1.5, but still way too late. And its not just McGowan; he's definitely a hard hitter but I would just rather see him in position to get an INT, instead of in position to make a killer hit after a receiver has just caught a 20 yard pass. A lot of fans have told me how good the defense looks this year, and I hop they're right, but I just don't see it. Come on, a 16 play TD drive by the chiefs? The only team that may have a worse offense than the Bears?
What's going to happen when they come up against a marginal offense, like Seattle? I hope I'm wrong, but the holes I saw open up and the lack of pursuit angles and the generally sluggish play during that opening drive do not inspire me. Yes, I know the 1st team defense shut them down in the subsequent possessions (like they should have), but on Sept. 7, over the course of 16 plays, an offense like the Colts' could potentially have three of four drives and put up 21 points. And the Colts are not going to make mistakes and penalties like the Chiefs did. I know I may be a minority of one here, but I don't have a lot of hope for the defense this year.

"If you expect ye olde english to come out of any player's mouth you got it worse than I thought. The only way olde english come out of a football player's mouth is if he drooled his drink. Figure it out. Why let stupid people piss you off if they didn't p!$$ on you?"

I really don't know what that means. And you get cranky when I gave you the 'Sir William' treatment! Go figure. Still, the quoted paragraph makes much more sense than backing Tank. And from what I hear, taking his side doesn't seem worth it.

Hint: Ask Rex.

OLD ENGLISH is a malt beer. Like Colt 45. Now do u get it?

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