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Camp notes: Booker, Hester to get long look at start in Seattle

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Quick update before the final evening practice of training camp and the final practice open to the public:

*** Wide receivers coach Darryl Drake wants to get a long look at Marty Booker and Devin Hester at the beginning of the Seattle game Saturday night. The plan was to see more of them last week at Kansas City, but the Chiefs opening 16-play drive that chewed up half of the first quarter made some of the best laid plans go ... well, you know where.

According to Drake, Booker got only 12 snaps in the opener and it's a tricky thing as he is working so many bodies in with the ones.

"I don't need to see a whole lot of them,'' Drake said. "I just need to make sure they are getting in there early and doing some things."

Rashied Davis, Mark Bradley, Brandon Lloyd, Earl Bennett, Mike Hass and Brandon Rideau figure into the mix also. Just like the Bears have to eventually choose a starting quarterback, they need to pick starting receivers too.

*** Running back Kevin Jones made some strong moves in practice Tuesday night but he will not be making any moves on the field Saturday. The plan is for Jones to sit out the game. He could get his first true test Aug. 21 when San Francisco visits.

*** No player looks forward to a flight of more than four hours for a preseason game, but linebacker Lance Briggs sees the plus side of it already.

"I am actually kind of excited because now I'm in first class,'' he said. "It's going to be rough for some of the younger guys because they're going to be three to a [row], but I'm going to enjoy this trip."

Briggs was asked if Pro Bowl trips help you make the move up front where mostly linemen sit.

"That could help. I am going on Year Six now so you're definitely pulling the vet card now so you get comfortable seating,''

*** Ex-Bears cornerback Ade Jimoh, who was placed on injured reserve after six games last season, has been signed by the New England Patriots. He is considered a strong special teams player.

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Marty Booker caught over 100 passes in a season for the Bears. It might even have been 2 years, right before he was traded to the South Beach Perch Palace. He needs exactly one look from the WR coach. He should get a smile, and a handshake. Then Marty should take the WAY OVERPAID Devon Hester to the corner of Boubonnais where no one else is, Like Bishop Mac High School. And tell the million dollar crybaby that in order to be a Pro receiver, you have to RECEIVE passes from Grossman, Orton, or whichever scapegoat the Bears throw out there on Sundays.

Well said. I hope Hester is mature enough to handel the windfall of money and fame; yet humble enough to take valuable advice.
Go Bears,

I think if Lovie uses Hester for high percentage short passes (even
for a Chicago quarterback) instead of trying for the home run ball,
this could turn into a good year for Devin. Just ten yard poppers to get it into his hands beyond the line and let him do the rest. Shear
panic in the secondary!

Lovie, are you listening? I'm here for ya man!

Fred, that is not what he's on the field to do. With Hester's speed Turner and Smith are hoping he can out-run the secondary and catch a bomb for a long score. That is his sole purpose. You don't want the best kick returner in the league getting laid out by a safety because he runa short curl only to gain 10 yards, it's not worth it.

Steve, From your lips to God's ears.. BUT The reality is we have to dance with the girl we came with. The quarterback situation is at best
tenuous. Grossman completes only 54% of his passes and has a high
rate of interceptions. (He ain't no Brady) Hester despite his obvious attributes is just now learning the receiver position (and he ain't no Randy Moss....YET). Should the Bears come out firing on all cylinders you just might be right. But realistically to start a season hoping to burn the opponents with bombs is a low percentage strategy.--I suspect the "BOO Birds" will start circling. To get any yards you first have get it into his hands. To paraphrase Keshon Johnson - just give him the dang ball.

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