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Camp notes: Bears don't want Favre to land in Minnesota

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We're not even going to try to track the Brett Favre saga today, but ESPN has reported that the quarterback has been reinstated by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and is headed to Green Bay today to bring this situation to a head. We'll see if the plane every leaves the ground in Hattiesburg, Miss. Remember, Favre was supposedly making that flight last week and it never happened.

No, this doesn't mean the Bears will have a change of heart and get into negotiations for the Packers in attempt to acquire Favre.

But it could bring Favre one step closer to going to another team, like the Minnesota Vikings. You better believe that possibility has the full attention of the Bears. Heck, they might even want to kick in some coin to boost the Keep Favre Retired Fund the Packers have started. Green Bay is offering to pay him between $20 million and $25 million over the next 10 years, reportedly, to stay retired and be the game's highest-paid ambassador.

The Bears are quietly monitoring the situation and badly want Favre to stay out of Minnesota, which swept the Bears last season with Tarvaris Jackson playing quarterback.

"If [Favre] goes to the Vikings that is a huge deal,'' free safety Mike Brown told the Sun-Times last week. ``That would definitely, I would say, make them the favorite in the NFC. Look at what they already have on offense, they have a lot of weapons. Look at the running back [Adrian Peterson], Bernard [Berrian] as a speed threat, the offensive line is great. The defense is awesome. I think you would have to make them the favorites.''

Stay tuned.

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Solution's simple enough. Bring him to Chicago.

How can we get the Bears to understand that a winning season and maybe a Super Bowl can be had for a Favre. Add my name to any petition.
Lets see (a less than .500 season or 14&2+) which will it be?

Everyone may disagree but I would find it hard to root for the Packs QB, No mater what he will always be the pack QB. I am a Bears fan. - Let him stay with the Pack!
Yes, I know he may bring us a SB, not even a SB is worth Da Bears going with a Packers QB!!! What I have to always remember that we won the SB with a Packers QB?
If Da knew how to draft a QB we wouldn't even be discussing this crap

Bad Rex, Unsure Orton or Favre

weigh those options

I jus wouldnt feel right if he came here.
He's the enemy.

Don't want Favre to go to Minnesota? Then make a serious offer. Simple logic way too complicated for Jerry Angelo. I know, let's make another large financial commitment to another first-round bust.

Mike haven't you heard, Favre is a more talented, hall of fame QB, who is a natural leader, heck his Jersey sales alone would pay his salary and ratings would be even higher for the Bears than they usually are, not to mention Packer fans would be driving to Chicago to jump off buildings. I don't there are any buildings tall enough in GB to get the job done. But the Bears have decided to go in a different direction.

Why would we want a guy who is more talented than every QB the Bears have had the last 20 years combined.

what do you mean better than any QB we had in last 20 years? it shouldve said "better QB than the bears have ever had"!!! i say do whatever it takes to get favre, if we miss out on him and minn. gets him, were done! everone whos knows football knows the bears are mediocre at best on offense, but if we brought favre in he could make the offense good, maybe not great but good. i would say we would be in the top 15 overall. im tired of watching other teams bringing in the great players and the bears standing back watching and saying lets reward our own players. how can you reward players when they didnt even get you to the playoffs? how about we reward a player like favre that led his team to a 13-3 record, now that would make since. sick n tired of watching the bears doing the wrong thing year after year!!! goodluck favre where ever you go

Farve doesn't want to be a BEAR and we don't want him either, he is the enemy and will always be one, the pack have a friendly rivalry with the Vikes, that's why he wants to go there to stick it to the Pack and try again to beat the Bears, I hope they send him to Siberia, I mean the Jets......

Who is going to guarantee that Favre isn't going to bail. And would you really mortagae our future because you're desperate today? He isn't coming here without us giving up a 1st round pick. Who thinks that he is worth it? We've beaten this guy every chance that mattered. He's not indestructible or without flaws. If we can figure out how to beat him with a banged up D who is to say that an extra year wouldn't give everyone else an idea as well. If he was 32 I'd say do it but he's 38 and quitting every other year. And you guys need to remember that we have gone to the playoffs recently. Don't let last year make you forget that. We actually went to the Super bowl and the last time I looked teams with a better QB situation and a better O than we've had in 20 years haven't gone far in the playoffs. Stop whining about what we don't have because there isn't a team that is guaranteed a winning season with what they have. You guys have cried about so much so long that you're crying about things that don't even resemble us. I'd love to see the boards next year if the Bears gave up a 1st round pick and Favre didn't get us to the promise land. The same guys who said we should've pulled the trigger would being crying about how wrong it was.

wow creighton you are a fool if you think favre can really help the bears. 1 good year out of the last 3 based almost solely on his knowledge of GB offense + receivers. favre on the bears would not only snap his games played streak due to potentially very weak o-line play (particularly left side) but we already have similar interception machines in rex and/or kyle at a fraction of the cost favre would bring. what in the name of halas is wrong with your simpleton mind that you can't see the simple truth: 38yr old favre unfamiliar with bears offense will magically be the missing link? in particular creighton you speak of jersey sales but does somehow translate into a higher cap that can fit his bloated salary?imbecile. wow all of you fanboys thinking #4 is the answer are really and truly miniature moronotti's. shameful.

speaking of moronotti i wished i fished you out of my rotten uterus years ago when you were mutating inside of me. LOVE MOM. another worthless and illogical sunday article today, congratulations.

any TRUE bears fan would realize that #4 on the packers should make for 2 wins for the bears; lovie has owned green bay since he got here. 6-2 and one was a gimme in 2006.

yes Mom

Correcto mundo! We OWN the pack! We got that!!
Some of you guy's are forgetting where your roots are...did you guys root for the pack in that SB????
It's about loyalty and respect people. I AM A BEAR FAN NOT A PACK FAN!
The pack will retire Favre's jersey one day, count on that (it is deserved he's a great QB). Go to Green Bay if you want to watch Favre! Besides the Vikes will probably kill us this year as well anyway, we haven't shown we have an Oline yet.
I can not believe the fairweather fans on this !@# blog..wanting a pack QB. That is sad. I rooted for DA in the 70's, early 80's and believe you me, I was ridiculed for it as Da was a joke team, but I was a Bear fan and (stood by them), and always will be a Bear fan. Favre is a packer, always will be. Does anyone think Ditka is a Saint??? or a Cowboy???
Sell your loyalty for a SB huh! Is that what it's worth?
Just my own feelings on the subject. Maybe yours are different thats kool it is America after all. Yeop, Go Bears!
-btw Mom please don't call someone a fool that is not right for a Mother, maybe call them something else, please Mom.

Randy and Mom/Mother/Mother%$#@$*,

That quote above is straight from Mike Brown. Who better to know about dangerous teams than an actual player? Brown, like myself, doesn't want the Vikings to have the final piece of the puzzle that will make them an outstanding team. With "T-Jack" leading the way, they can expect a 7-9 season.

Sir William,
Your Highness, that is a rather astute remark. Perhaps this Favre fellow will set his sails and cast off from our great village, err, city in a mere season. Yet try and behold such a tale: our greatest enemy coming here to join our ranks. It will be talked about for years to come! Regards, -mike

It's time for Bear fans to make a decision - Favre, Grossman, or Orton? I VOTE GROSSMAN. Give him his one year to prove himself. At least when he's in the game, you're excited, because with that rocket arm he may catch fire any time. It's unfair to smear Grossman just because he had to play with Cedric. If he can't do it with Matt, then I'll concede your point.

OK Mike that crap was funny the first couple of weeks but it's gotten old and it's not very funny. I didn't even crack a smile. Stick to your opinion about a subject and not so much have opinions about everyone else's opinion.. What makes Chicagoans unfunny and stupid is the way they call out people and call people names because they disagree with them. I would hate to have a bunch of like-minded friends who agreed with me on everything. And I would hate to have an idiot for a friend as well. Whenever I see a person over 16 refer to another teams' name in a play on words I see a childish person. Vikqueens and stuff like that should never be uttered by a man who pays bills. You should grow up and put away boyish things. Everyone should know when they've beaten a dead horse.

Maynard - time to switch your number, Just keeping Farve off the Vikings and Packers will allow the Bears to go to the playoffs, He'll make the team a legit contender again. WHat do you think a Favre could do with the Field position Hester and defense will give him. Give the packers next years first round pick and Ricky Manning Jr and get it done today! Don't cry about the first round pick either because the first theing the Bears will do is waste it again - like on Tebow or some other Cade McNown bust.

I'm pretty sure there are a bunch of closet Packer fans as there are Favre fans in Bears' country. Fact of the matter is that Favre is not wanted in Green Bay and if they don't want him why should we? They know what he brings to the table and we can not compare him to what they did here in Chicago with Mike and the Bulls to substantiate his importance to his team. They guy won only one championship in 16 years. What he has done is win a bunch of personal awards that doesn't translate into anything but non-team awards. He retired because they didn't kiss his butt and make him feel wanted. His own mother stated that he didn't get the love from them that he expected. They were honoring his contract but didn't fawn over him like Madden and those guys constantly do. He is a great player but who in this city is going to constantly remind him of that once he has a multi-interception game that we lose. The honeymoon would be over before the first quarter of the season is done. Can you guarantee that he wouldn't quit then? We're talking about a guy who needs constant assurance that he's loved. Yeah I'm sure that Jay and Dave from either paper would love to write a bunch of positive articles on a guy leading a team with multiple losses while he's trying to get hot. And I'm sure that Green Bay putting it out there that he can be had by the enemy is doing nothing but driving our fan base to act like they are doing now. Questioning their support. How many of you guys are over the fact that we gave up a first round pick for Rick Mirer? You can not give up a 1st round pick for a QB who is liable to play one year. If we had a great O line and we were only a QB short of being a great offense then do it. But we would have nothing to show for losing out on the Super bowl this year. At least when we went in 2006 we gave up nothing to get there. No guarantee is not worth a guaranteed headache. Not today but tomorrow. Just say no to Favre.

Sir William,
I'm sorry to hear that. But the important thing is that I find it funny; which I do. Btw, lookin' forward to Rashied Davis tearing up the Vikqueens, Fudge-Packers and Detroit Kittens this season!

mike, excellent point about the Bears squandering the first round pick. Olsen doesn't count cuz he kinda fell to us. So if it's gonna be wasted anyway, why not get Favre for it? Get maybe two, three solid seasons from him. It would be fun.

Let him go to the Vikings. As a true Bears fan I DON'T WANT TO SEE HIM IN A CHICAGO UNIFORM!! He wouldn't fix the problem, as Mom indicated. Also, just as a side note, I've spoken with a few friends who are Vikings fans, and they are unsure if they really want him for the same reasons most of us don't want him - he's the enemy!

I am tired of Rex apologists questioning my love for the Bears just b/c I think differently. Rex IS NOT the answer. LAST YEAR was supposed to be the year that he "gets it". He didn't, a now they want to make more excuses for him and give him more time. It's time for out of the box thinking. And if bringing the cheesehead demi-god in will help the offense score touchdowns and KEEP THE DEFENSE OFF THE FIELD, then so be it. I won't cheer FOR Farve, I will cheer for the jersey he would wear. So just so I could rub in it cheddarhead's faces...

Bears fans have complained about the endless stream of frauds that have come through Soldier Field. Now you have a HOF who had one of his best years last year actually considering the BEARS to come to. That's a good thing.

I want to do whatever's neccessary for the BEARS to succeed even if that means at least trying to get this goof.

Cause,you see, I care about my team.

What's your excuse Rex apologists?


Favre is actually better than any quarterback in Bears history, but if you look at the stats so is Brian Griese.

What the hell, lets just do it the old fashioned Bears way, win it all with a dominating D and special teams. If the offense will just give a little bit of time of possession, with lower sacks and turnovers the Bears will win the division.

The Vikings and Green Bay are overrated. The Bears are under rated just what we want themn to be, so bet on the Bears in Vegas and make some big money this year.

The Bears D and special teams are that good and I agree with another blogger that the Bears will be 11-5 or 10-6 this year.

How can you not give Rex and the team a pass since they had to endure Benson as the feature back? Just add all the excuses from the off-season that he had for doing stupid stuff and acknowledge that he did nothing to help this team. If anyone needs a kick after the season we had it should be Angelo for sleeping on so many things. But I won't do that because I appreciate the job he has done. It hasn't been the greatest but it hasn't been the worst. And I think he would be totally deranged to part with a 1st round pick for Favre knowing that he's only going to do it for a year and we need more than just a QB to get us to the Super bowl. Favre didn't even get a team with a better offense than we have now to the Super bowl how is he going to fit it together for us? The more I think about it the sillier it sounds. I'd rather go 8-8 with what we have and a future first rounder than 12-4 with him and out of the playoffs and no pick next year. He'd be our Hershel Walker. We need that pick to negotiate a better 2nd rounder next year. Teams without 1st round picks are usually more desperate than teams who do. Next year we'd probably draft a guy in the 2nd who'd probably be a 3rd or 4th round talent because of what we won't have.

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