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Camp notes: An eye toward the Seahawks

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One of the things Lovie Smith mentioned Wednesday night after practice, when discussing the success of camp this summer, was the fact that the team has stayed healthy. With the exception of offensive tackle Chris Williams, the first-round pick, going out with a back injury that could very well have been part of a pre-existing condition, the team has been largely unscathed. The Seattle Seahawks, Saturday's opponent, have not been as fortunate.

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck missed practice on Wednesday and is unlikely to play. Word out of Seattle is Charlie Frye could get the start with Seneca Wallace coming in to replace him. Julius Jones is expected to start at running back with Mo Morris coming in to replace him.

Defensive end Patrick Kerney and center Chris Spencer are expected to miss also. Defensive tackler Rocky Bernard and offensive tackle Sean Locklear could also be out.

Of course, wide receiver Bobby Engram will be out with a broken right shoulder. The Seahawks have real issues at the position. His replacement, Courtney Taylor, has five career receptions. Third wide receiver Ben Obomanu has 12 career grabs. Hey, at least they have the quarterback thing down.

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No Hasselbeck? No starters on D or O line? No #1 WR?

Ok then! Maybe this team will actually have a chance compared to facing a quality team like the Chiefs. You know, talk has already started that Kansas City is SuperBowl bound.

I'm celebrating a whole slew of birthdays including my own on Saturday. It's nice to know we can look forward to a 'W'.

Hanie 4 President!

Of course the team stayed healthy, Lovie has the easiest camp in the NFL, they don't play at full speed and they don't tackle, how guys actually get hurt during his training camps is beyond me. It's glorified flag football out there.

Most teams i nthe NFL have the QB thing down the Bears reamin a mystery of modern science. You would think at some point the odds wuold kick in and they would land a winner?

I'm looking forward in attending the game in Seattle on Saturday. I want to see how the running back situation plays out. As for Lovie, I miss the intensive Mike Ditka running up and down the sidelines. You could place a cardboard cut-out of Lovie out there and no one would notice.

Maybe sometime in the near future we could take a look at Mike Singletary as our head coach. Mike was the most intense player I've ever had the pleasure to watch. He loves the Bears team as much as Ditka. He's at the Niner's now getting some very valuable coaching experience.

Then, the only thing missing would be our cheerleaders. The "Honey Bears" were there in 1985 at Superbowl XX. We need them back if we ever want to win another championship. Go Bears!

Mike dont you see? No QB, no WRs, no O-line...the Bears are simply facing themselves! expect Loser, i'm sorry, Lovie to say some crap about how this team is finaly "turning things around" when they blow seattle out of the water...nevermind their not using the first string and we are- for 3 quarters!!!

Wow - the 'Hawks receivers actually make the Bears' look deep in talent by comparison. That NFC west looks worse than ever this year.

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