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Caleb Hanie Q&A

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Caleb Hanie talks about earning a spot on the 53-man roster Saturday.


"I'm just really excited to finally make it and be a part of the Bears. Shoot, I don't know what to say. I'm kind of speechless. It's just a dream come true. All the drama can be done with now and I can get to work. I'm just excited.


"I think most teams are looking to put the best squad they can on the field and if that means keeping two quarterbacks and getting a guy on the practice squad, I think most teams would try to do that. I don't know if that was the Bears' plan all along or not. I'm just glad to be here."


"Definitely. I've got to find my opportunities before and after practice to work on my physical game since I am not going to be getting the reps in practice. The mental aspect will be a big learning process for me, to watch the other guys and see how they study film and work to learn defenses. I need to make sure I learn from everything going on this year.''


"I was a Cowboys fan growing up but I haven't had any alliance to Romo in particular. I wouldn't say I am a super fan of his. I respect him."


"He was in the same kind of situation at one time that I am in. From that aspect, yeah. Of course I'd like to be able to do the same kind of thing."

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You and your family and friends will be reading this article (and saving it I am sure :-) )so CONGRATULATIONS!!! You deserve to be in the NFL and many of us Chicago fans will be rooting for you. Never get too high, never get too low. Just know we see your talent and - most of us (some want to see you in there today!) - are more than willing to wait the time it takes for you to develop and become the best you can.

Go get'em my man! We're on your side and hope you can some day make those other 31 teams regret the day they passed on you ... by passing all over them en route to the Super Bowl!

Best Regards,

Now this is a choice that I am certainly happy with. This QB seems to be able to make plays (although yes with the third string), under pressure, and doesn't express any forms of caving in and buckling. I just hope that the Bears Org decides to keep the one-two punch of Orton and Hanie and get rid of Rex. Hopefully there is a speck of light throughout this dark tunnel.

Those of us who followed your career at COlorado State for four years are very proud of you. Go get em Caleb!!!


I wouldn't say I am a super fan of his.

Wow. I really, really, like this guy.

By Mike on August 30, 2008 10:05 PM
I wouldn't say I am a SUPER FAN of his."

Peter Wendt just died a little inside :-(

this is terible! hanie is actualy good. what wil i do with my life now??? al i do is copmplane abot how bad the bears are and how evryone an evrythign need to be fired or cut. i might actualy have to move out of my parents attic and get a job. oh no!

brad, plaese write somethign like fred miller came back or hester was relesed. its ok if you make it up! i just need something to wine about.

guys, say a prayer for youre old buddy crap-ton. i dont now how much longer i have...

Being born in Chicago and a life long Bears fan, living in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex for 30+ years near where Caleb grew up in Forney, TX and now a resident of Fort Collins, CO the last 5 years (home of CSU where Caleb played QB) you cannot begin to imagine how much I have been pulling for Caleb to make the Bears team and how happy I am that he made the 53 man roster. Mel Kiper Jr was right that Caleb had more talent than many of the QBs who were drafted and that he would be another free agent QB who would become a starting NFL QB in a situation similar to Dallas with Tony Romo. I would like nothing more than for Caleb to lead the Bears to a rout over Dallas in 2009 season NFC Championship Game over the Romo led Dallas Cowboys.




The Colorado State University Rams

I got it Joe M. I think this kid is the starter in 2010 year. Grossman long gone and another rookie back up. Will be much like Manning and sorgi. Orton has a good enough career to get a good pick for em in trade. Hard to Believe we have a playmaker on the bears.

By Crap-ton on August 30, 2008 10:52 PM
this is terible! hanie is actualy good. what wil i do with my life now??? al i do is copmplane abot how bad the bears are and how evryone an evrythign need to be fired or cut. i might actualy have to move out of my parents attic and get a job. oh no!

brad, plaese write somethign like fred miller came back or hester was relesed. its ok if you make it up! i just need something to wine about.

guys, say a prayer for youre old buddy crap-ton. i dont now how much longer i have...

Dear Crap-ton,

As much as I appreciate your Sinicism, I have an idea of "what to do with your life", GO BACK TO SCHOOL! Dear God, you need spelling lessons! You may actually have an opportunity to move out of your mom's attic, and get a good $6.00 job, if you learn to spell. Try it, spelling is fun!

Congrats on making the team.
Rules of being a qb in Chicago
1) Don't read your own press
2) Don't read Chicago sports press
3) There have been good qbs in chicago, but only 1 great one.
Here they are:
1) Luckman -The greatest bear qb
2) Mcmahon -Great for a few injured too much and slowly declined
3) Erik Kramer - Was good for a few years....Was on teams with terrible defense
4) Jim MIller -Another good qb who got injured too much
Many people think its just the top two.
4) The key to being a great qb with Ron Turner is to argue with his playbook. Look at the success of Brian Griese in the Phil game with 2 minutes to go when he had to call his own plays

I think I will light a candle at mass this morning to thank the Lord for helping Bear management get something right for once. This kid out performed almost all of the drfated rookie QB's this preseason. I think most teams are apprehensive to draft QB's from smaller programs especially when those teams didnt have winning records. To me I would rather take a chance on a player with talent from a bad program than drfat some prima dona who has been sorrounded by All Americans at every position his entire career ala Matt Leinart (hows that working out for you Cardinal Nation?) These QB's from big programs are sorrounded by huge talent so I think its hard to truly evaluate them and most importantly when they get to the NFL they arent always going to sorrounded by the talent they had in college.

This is so sad....Bears fans pining all their praise on a 3rd QB that didn't get cut...
Biggest Congrats to Hanie but fans need to get a grip, wow the Bears have really dropped for this to be so important. Can you imagine the Colts/Patriots fans cheering so hard cause a 3rd QB didn't get cut?
Of course the Colts used to do the same thing, untill the owner got smart and hired a good mgmt. team.

lol Crap-ton
but hey we all get caught up in mocking the Bears org. it's the only way to survive all these years and remain a fan.

btw, McMahon great for a few years??? hmm, thats no reason to add a disclaimer to the Man's name. Thats pretty durn high praise in Chicago!

Congrats Caleb. I think you have a bright future in front of you. You have grabbed the fans of Da Bears by the facemask. They have taken notice !! Make your own way and you are sure to exceed all of your expectations. Good luck and go Bears. P.S. You also have the greatest fans in the NFL behind you.

Just by reading some of these comments, it's like we Bears fans really feel that change is in the air; that we might actually have the franchise QB we've been missing since Sid Luckman. Hanie showed a lot of talent and he can only go up from where he is. His physical talent is astounding and his attitude is encouraging. Here's looking towards a dominating decade for the Bears in the near future.

By the way Keeneyville Kid, spelling is fun. So far be it from me to tell you how to spell "cynicism" right? You know that advice you gave to Crap-ton? Ok then. You know what you need to do pal.

Ahhh Crap-Ton aka Brando, I see you have once again crawled out of your hole. I guess it's time for me to put you back in your place and watch you slip into the darkness you call your moms basement. Or excuse your mother-wifes basement.

Rather that slap you around as is the norm, I think I will just remind you of how pathetic you are and how every statment you have ever made on this blog is wrong.

Also if you actually paid attention to things a little you would know that me and Da Coach have been big Hanie supporters unlike you who was complaining after the chief pre-season game that he is just a third stringer and thhen you went to talk about how great Rex Grossman was right before he got demoted. Heck certain guys like myself liked Hanie as a pickup, whenever Mel gets that into a player he is usually right.

Do you ever make the write choice or is every single part of your existance a disaster. I'm gonna give you some advice, I call this the Costanza effect. Whenever you make a choice or you think something is a good idea. Do the opposite. Like when you talk about Angelo and you say he is the greatest GM in football and you look at that poster of him above your bed and think your happy thoughts. Don't do that. When you borrow on of your Mother wifes dresses and you put on your make up and you drive over to Halas and wait outside as the players leave in an ettempt to proposition Rex or your personal favorite Metcalf, hoping to get a little slap and tickle time with either. Stop and don't do that either. Whenever you feel the need to pick a fight or start an argument with me. Stop yourself, look at how it always ends for you. Now go take care of your brother sons and make sure you get little Angelo his glasses. How you found a frame for a kid with three eyes is still beyond me.

Hanie welcome to the team, now if you could just bring in someone compitent enough to develop his talent and fix his release.

Season Preview Article on Da, pretty good, doesn't pull any punches though. Tells it like it is.

It's a shame this kid has to ride the bench because he seemed to get better every game. The stats didn't tell the half of it. He's strong, athletic, saavy, and very composed for his age. He made nice decisions and put the ball in sweet spots with excellent touch. While I admit he needs more grooming, because defenses will become much more complicated as the season starts, he showed he has tools to do well in this league. I personally would like to see him play in Europe next year. He's gonna be solid, inside and out.

I agree Peter, NFL teams should look at the smaller schools QB's, as they are not surrounded by all the talent and still develope pretty good because they have the fundamentals/mentality in place already.
I am sure that someone here has the Stats to show which small time QB's have made it in the NFL as opposed to big name schools QB's.
I am not sure why more Arena Players don't get legit shots - I would think the fast passing done in that league would be a bonus.
Here are a few.
Phil Simms - Moorehead State
Doug Williams - Grambling
Dave Kreig - Milton
Kurt Warner - Northern Iowa
Steve McNair - Acorn State

If Kyle stinks or is average and it looks like we'll miss the playoffs in week 10 then we'll see Wrecks Gross-man for 2 weeks, then in comes Haine to light the candle of hope.

My thought is that this will be a 10 win season and we wont see him until Orton gets hurt in the next 1-3 years and loses his job to injury. Hopefully by then Ron Turner is working with his brother to dismantle the chargers, not the Bears.

Go jerry angelo and Ron Turner

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