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Browns offense, what there is of it, goes right through Bears on opening drive

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So much for the Bears' first-team defense rebounding against Cleveland.

With the Browns missing starting quarterback Derek Anderson, running back Jamal Lewis and wide receiver Braylon Edwards sitting out, Cleveland went through the defense on 11 plays before stalling at the eight-yard line and settling for a Phil Dawson 26-yard field goal.

If backup QB Brady Quinn had not thrown a pass behind tight end Kellen Winslow on third down, the Browns would have been a touchdown.

We'll see if the first team comes out on the next possession.

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This no fluke. I don't care if it is preseason, this defense is not good

i think Kramer nailed it when he says the Bears don't disguise there coverages.

Boy oh Boy against a bad Defense Orton throws a pick, the two starting safties are out for the Browns and he throws a pick. I guess he is not so good when there is actual pressure. Thats right the Browns who have a bad defense shut down Orton, but Rex looks good against the second team just like Kyle has. Hmmmmm I know maybe when we play other teams we can ask them if we can just play are starters against there scrubs. Well Rex looks better this week let the controversey continue. Gosh Kyle sure didn't seem to handle the pressure all that well. I thought you guys said he was great at picking up the blitz. I guess the Browns D is so good he couldn't see it coming.

Did the Poston brothers call KWJ a "soldier" and say he was distracted with "friendly fire"?

And yes, this defense is bad. I'm holding out hope they can recover but it's clear to everyone by now Bob Babich's DC skills are right on par with Wanny's head coaching acumen.

... You know the worst part about being a Packer fan is? Telling your parents your g@y!

I would love to agree with everyone that the defense played poorly, but I'm still waiting for the defense to show up.

This sucks - I picked Da D in my FF Team.....I have no backup D either -
What happened to Coaches like Ryan that understand the Blitz??
With these quick Linebackers we should be all over the other teams QB if Babich would release them.
Everyone knew the Bears Linebackers names under Ryan cuz they were always they lay back and TRY to tackle after the catch...
Another bad year from this Coaching staff and I predict their will be many no shows.

Hey, maybe Caleb Hanie is the next Tony Romo, Mr. Biggs? Give him a couple seasons...he's showing a tremendous amount of talent out of a guy who is an undrafted free agent rookie. I'm not saying he should start, but jeeze...he's a pleasant surprise tonight amidst a sea of mediocricy and disappointment.

Now Peanut and Ogunleye were interviewed on the sidelines and said that that Babich and his people were calling tremendously basic plays. That coupled with the fact that I don't believe the first team defense was playing with heart tonight. I'm not that worried about the Bears D...


Randy our LB's are not really that good at blitzing, outside of Lach. Briggs and Hunter are cover guys that is why they work in a cover two, not much blitzing from LB's in a cover two and in the Bend don't break version Lovie employs are LB's drop further off the line than any other LB's in football, it helps with the short passing game but gets us killed in the run and weakens our pass rush. We should use our safties more in Blitzing but we don't.

People are mad about the D but the first team offense put zero points up against a below average Browns defense and Orton looked Bad. The Oline looker real bad, what do you think Freeney is going to do to St. Clair? It's gonna be Ugly. Well maybe Freeney won't be up to speed yet.

Right now I am all for Bill Cowher and a 3-4 defense. OLB Anderson and Brown Lach and Briggs in the middle and Izzy, Harris and Harrison at NT and DE.

Other Mike, Hanie is something special no doubt. But please don't jinx him by calling him the next Tony Romo. Lord knows we don't need a QB who chokes in the postseason and has very public flings with no talent, air-headed bimbos. The Bears have enough problems as it is.

Anyway, the first string defense looked very good tonight. Forcing three 'n' outs and getting turnovers. Cleveland fans should be pleased! What? Come on, you really don't think I was talking about Chicago do you?

I think the third snap of the game said it all. McGowan collides with the running back, struggling to bring him down, while the rest of the defense simply froze and looked at them like they had never seen something like that before in their life. In fact, McGowan and Idonije have been the only consistent bright spots. Funny how the least well paid have shown the most so far.

Oh, and a shot out to my buddy John St. Clair. He's showing the coaching staff that we don't need Fred Miller to return. St. Clair is just as capable of false starts and missed blocks as Miller.

And isn't it laughable when they show those "One City. One Team." commercials and then return to the game and show our first stringers getting mowed down by the Browns no less? By their backup Brady Quinn? This whole preseason we have been facing backup QBs. Scary...

Mike did he really say Tremendously Basic plays. Hhahahaha, actually both teams were running basic plays. Kramer mentioned it during the Game he said what the Browns were doing was just Basic stuff. I actually would worry about this D, last year teams ran on us and this year teams are running on us. I would watch this defense it's real soft in the middle. Man that wasn't even there first team offense pushing our defense around that was a lot of there second team in the first quarter. Babich also runs a more basic system than Rivera did and Rivera had a good sense of whne to blitz. Babich does not seem inclined to take risks. No I would say his scheme will hurt this team a lot more than it's talent on defense, he also seem to not recognize what the other teams offense is doing. Anyway there is definatly a problem in the middle, there was last year and it seems to have gotten worse this year. Also teams saw what Babich did last year, and it was pretty basic stuff, this year teams seem to be more than ready to run the ball up the gut. This coaching staff is just the pits.

Hanie looks better than Rex or Orton during there rookie preseasons, and he is working with nothing. Most seem to think it would insane to send him to the practice squad and a lot of commentators are wondering why the Bears would go into a season with only 2 QB's and that line.


I think some of the comments are correct. Our LB's do not blitz well at all. Everything seems oriented towards coverage, and a 4 man rush doesn't always get it done well enough. As far as Babich only calling basic plays in the preseason, are we supposed to believe that suddenly when the season starts the defense will be able to perform in complicated defenses that never got used?

I think I see another problem, although I'm not sure yet. The Bears have paid just about everyone on defense handsomely. I think they just aren't playing hungry. They look fat and happy - and very lazy. I hope I'm wrong.

PRESEASON...PRESEASON....PRESEASON...Wow our defense need to get a clue and stop making excuses. Every week its the same thing, we want to come out and play better this week, but when they dont they say its only PRESEASON. Last time I checked you use PRESEASON to get all the cinks worked out. I think that us bears fans are in for a long season. More or less i agree with everyone now on how we have to have motivation or fire to play the game and that starts with the coaches. I think we need to revanmp the whole organization and start fresh because we aren't getting anywhere with what we got. Its time to go out and beg Mr. Bill C to come out and coach the team. We have the defensive talent, we just need somebody to utilize them they way they should be. NO MORE EXCUSES JUST PLAY THE GAME! GO BEARS!

Creighton is right, get Cowher in here. this bears team is soft. whats the point of spending all that money on our own players if they are over-rated and suck. if our linebackers are so good, big, and fast why cant they blitz the qb, how many times do they blitz and get stuck by the running back and never get to the qb, thats sad. this coaching staff takes it easy on the players and cant develop anyone. name the last player we drafted here, was groomed by this coaching staff and did something. with Cowher, even if they didnt have a winning season, which was rare, they were physical. they beat you up and had mauling offensive lines. i cant stand lovie with his cover 2 (bend but dont brake) passive defense and his "i like our receivers, i like our QB's on this roster". this really needs to be his last season here. i want angelo gone too, but if he makes a big push for Cowher then he can stay. But what am i saying when was the last time Angelo ever took a risk, he just trades down and makes reaches with those later picks. (Wolfe, Baziun, Manning, Okow, and the list goes on and on and on.)


You actually did get me with that, ha first string defense looked good, I was about to Brando you.

As for Miller, you don't need to worry about him replacing St. Clair, cause Miller plays on the other side of the line. Won't that be fun to watch.

Best part of the game was the Manning Oreo commercial, "It's on like Donkey Kong", now thats funny. Even Eli was funny.

I agree with the fact our Safeties should blitz more, you have to mix it up every now and then to put a scare into the QB, a safety running full throttle in his face will do that and our run D is terrible, good analysis - we are soft in the middle, Tank?? We have sure been soft since he left. Dusty needs to play and asap!
First game is against the Colts in my backyard, I do NOT want to hear that crap from my co-workers AGAIN! If the Bears don't have enough !pride! to win this rematch against the Colts then fire all their soft azzez.
The D has not done anything since Babich got here, we will wait for the season to start but, it sure looks bad so far.
This first game will tell us all exactly where this team stands for the rest of the year.

Looking for the reasons behind the first team defense's poor play? Third words: old, tired, and rich

It's pre-season....

Vanilla, basic, soft, what ever you want to call it so be it but it is pre-season. Mostly zone, cover2. The closest thing to the Bears and schemimg last night was moving Manning up from safety.

Bahh, if they look like this against the Colts then I'll jump aboard Creighton's "the Bears suck" bandwagon. Until then I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. The Bears core Defense that was mostly successful in the past is still in place and healthy. I think they will turn it around when the season kicks off for real against the Colts..... Glad to see they rested M. Brown, Tommie and Dusty for the game. No sense on getting them exposed to injury in a worthless game !!

Orton look bad ??
He only attempted (7) passes, completed four of them and that pick was the product of Orton getting hit when throwing the ball kind of like Rex's against the Seahawks. It happens to every QB time and agian. No sense to pnaic about that. He did have the receiver open and was trying to hit him long down the diselines, who knows, if St.Claire makes a better one on one block woth the pass rusher maybe Orton follows through and he finishes 5 of 7 with a TD ???

I think Hanie made the squad.

Hold on B P, I never have said the Bears suck, I said this team sucks and Angelo sucks and the coaching staff sucks and the system sucks. But I never said the Bears suck. Also Orton finished with a QB rating of 40 and played 1 full quater and yes he looked bad under pressure. My point wasn't that Rex was better or worse, my point was everyone was talking about how great Orton looked and how great the oline looked last week and how I had been saying Orton has seen no pressure all pre-season and when he does the offense will suck just like it does with Rex. I was actually sticking up for Rex in my own way. I am not a fan of his but he got hosed in the compitition and if Lovie can't tell the difference between a team blitzing a QB and a defense playing a soft prevent against us, then he should be fired. Freeney is going to eat Orton's lunch, right after St. Clair gets called for holding several times and multiple false starts.

I don't want anyone to hait the beloved, I just am not a fan of the current regime. Saying that the bend don't break D burns out a defense, or that Angelo is horrible at drafting in the first few rounds is not bashing, it's fact. I just tell it like it is man, no one has to agree with me but that doesn't mean I won't make a strong case. Also I rant for fun, none of that stuff is serious most people around here know that.

Now bring on Cowher, his chin alone could fix the offensive line. Besides Cowher tells it like it is and has a crazy good eye for talent, not to mention the 3-4 is an easier defense to assemble and cheaper, we could then send more money to the offense and help fix it.

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