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Bears to let go WR Hass

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Wide receiver Mike Hass, the Biletnikoff Award winner, has been informed he will be released. Hass was with the team all last season and dressed for just one game. He spent the 2006 season on the practice squad.

While Hass made some big plays in preseason and training camp last summer, his opportunities dwindled this year with the arrival of third-round pick Earl Bennett. Brandon Rideau also stepped up with some opportunities and Hass, a receiver with terrific hands, never really got a chance. One of his problems was he couldn't find a niche on special teams.

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I would keep Brandon Rideau and cut Marty Booker. Booker is old and deosn't have a role. Rideau is young, faster, and has more of an upside and could be plugged in where he's needed on the offense and special teams.

This guy never got a chance. He will catch on somewhere and come back to haunt us.

Yeah, who needs a guy with great hands and a propensity to make big plays?!? We need Earl Bennet dropping more passes and the 6 catches Mark Bradley will surely contribute this season.

This guy could be a Wes Welker somewhere else.

Maybe Seattle would be the right place for him to go. Lots of injuries. Kansas City would also be a nice place to carve out a living, opposite Dwayne Bowe. Jacksonville always needs receivers, as does Cincinnati all of a sudden.

As much as we liked him in camp and preseason, we will see how well he is valued in the next 72 hours if someone brings him in for a tryout.

I would have cut Bradley, but I guess 6 catches against a second and third team defense will keep you on the team. Bradley can go....should've kept Haas.

@Walter Booker's role is being a veteran that can teach these young chickens a thing or two, not to mention a heck of a possession receiver. Besides that, you're right, he has no role. Goodbye Mark Bradley!

This is a big mistake....Don is right on the money...this guy had "Wes Welker" written all over him. The Bears could use a guy who plays with his heart....but evidently they feel that they want to stick with the "Entitlement" guy. Lovie and Jerry are the worst evaluaters of talent I think I have ever seen.

Yeah Marty Booker can teach these guys how to drop balls and to dog it during practice. Thats the kind of Vet we need.

Mike Hass, good bye and I believe your NFL career is over. Nice hands, no speed. Try the world league you would probably do well there.

Wes Walker wouldn't be Wes Walker without a QB. So how will Hass be anything without a QB like the ones Walker always have? I didn't see him do anything this preseason but drop one pass. I'm sorry guys but he will only help a team who is very desperate for WRs. We just aren't that desperate. He reminds me of Davis but since we already have Davis so it's not going to happen. Bradley got catches against the 2nd team and whoever looks good after the 2nd quarter shouldn't even make the team, right? At least he made those catches. I'm sorry but he was not a hidden gem on our practice squad. I know we love to root for the little guy but he isn't going to make it here and never was. If he doesn't get a try-out in 72 hours does that mean that the Bears do evaluate better than we thought? If he isn't signed in a week are they off the hook and we can never mention his name again? If it came down to him or Hanie I'd be packing Hass' bags myself. Obviously after he played well we have to make room on the roster for players that we might not have kept 3 weeks ago.

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